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5 Eliza S. ; b. Sept. 26, 1826. She married, Jan. 1853, at Charleston, S. C., Henry Brittin, of Sumpter, S. C. 6 Sarah M

; b. Mar. -, 1828. Residence, Bath, Me.

(Above children were by first wife.) 7 John AH

1833. He died, Jan. 1, 1852, in Freeport, Me. 8 Gcorge F-

; b. June 30, 1835. Teacher, N. Y. City. 1 Ephraim Augustus Hyde, (see p. 495), born in Freeport, Maine, Aug. 10, 1814, died Apr. 15, 1871. He was educated at Gorham, Me., Exeter, N. H., and Bowdoin College, and graduated at Berkshire Medical College, Pittsfield, Mass., 1841.

He married, Jan. 5, 1843,

2 Susan Hale Coffin, of Newburyport, Mass. He had settled in Freeport, Maine, in 1841.

Children :

3 John A ; born Oct. 8, 1843. A sea-captain ; residence, San Francisco, Cal. He married, May 15, 1876, Anne E. Pharo, of San Francisco.

4 Susan A ; b. Aug. 28, 1845. Teacher; Freeport, Me. 5 C - Hobart;

b. July 17, 1847. A sailor. 6 Ezra ; b. Feb. 23, 1849. He married, Nov. 17, 1879, Ella H. Porter, of Freeport, Maine. Residence, Merrimac, Mass. ; a carriage-maker.

7 Nathan D .; b. Jan. 12, 1851. Physician. Graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Residence, Gorham, New Hampshire.

8 William A ; b. Jan. 12, 1851. Farmer ; Freeport. 9 Abel C- ; Aug. 2, 1855. Clerk ; Freeport. 10 Ephraim Oakes ; Jan. 15, 1858; d. Jan. 15, 1858. 11 Elizabeth A- --- --; Apr. 21, 1860; d. Oct. 22, 1860. 12 Edward C- Sept. 13, 1861. At school ; Freeport.

(08, 07 1)




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North Yarmouth, Sept. 24th, 1821. The Selectmen of North Yarmouth and Cumberland met this

day to divide the Military Stores between the two towns, which consisted of the following articles, viz :300 lbs. Powder.

16 Camp Kettles. 141 Blank Cartridges.

3 Large Chests. 982 Flints.

3 Small Boxes. 850 lbs. Musket & Pistol Balls. 2 Sets Harnesses.

Priming-wires, hammers, drag-ropes, &c., &c. and bare divided the above as follows (the whole number of men bourne on the rolls at the Inspection in the Autumn of 1820 was 330, of which 203 belonged to North Yarmouth and 127 to Cumberland) North Yarmouth.

Cumberland 185 lbs. Powder.

115 lbs. Powder. 89 Blank Cartridges.

52 Blank Cartridges. 611 Flints.

371 Flints. 541 lbs. Musket & Pistol Balls. 309 lbs. Musket & Pistol Balls. 10 Camp Kettles.

6 Camp Kettles. 2 Large Chests.

1 Large Chest. 2 Small Boxes.

1 Small Boxes. 1 Set Harnesses.

1 Set Harnesses. N.B. The above Harnesses &c., were purchased in 1814, jointly by the towns and partly by private subscription.



of EDWARD RUSSELL. N. Yarmouth. Public Property divided between the Towns :To North Yarmouth.


Worth The Pound.

$100,00........$80,00 Two Hearses.


.. 80,00 Two Hearse-houses..

80,00. .60,00 Alms-house (highest bid)..

...210,00 Amount of furniture, barn, &c., sold at auction & private sale

..106.76 Two-thirds of the School-Fund...

. 2135,84 Alms-house property on hand : 200 lbs. beef $9,00?

.....21,00 Gold necklace 4,00) Property in Selectmen's Office:

One Book-case, (cost $11,00,) $10,00
One Table, (cost $5,50).
One Desk....

.83,00) Four Chairs & Chest.


... 21,00



Four Sheep....

..$6,00 Total............ $2720,60. To Cumberland.

Worth One Hearse-house....

$40,00........$30,00 One-third of School-Fund.

..1067,92 Total....


Grand total of property divided, $3818,52 Persons in Cumberland whose origin is in North Yarmouth. David Drinkwater.

Zenas Prince. Reuben Drinkwater.

Pyam Prince. Ruel Drinkwater.

Jonathan Hulet. William Prince.

Ozni Harris. Benjamin Sweetser.

Ozni Harris, Jr. Ammi Prince.

Nicholas Harris. Josiah Harris.

Solomon Loring. J-?nah Harris.

David Loring, Jr. James Moxcey.

Solomon Loring, Jr. Nathaniel Sweetser.

William Loring. Apphia Gray.

Eliphalet Greely. David Gray.

Jeremiah Prince. Sylvanus Drinkwater.

Paul Prince. Benjamin Prince.

John Wyman. Prince Sweetser.

Reuben Loring. Salathiel Sweetser, Jr.

David Chandler. Levi Sweetser.

John Chandler. Levi Sweetser, Jr.

David Chandler, Jr. David Sweetser.

James Hamilton. Josiah Wyman.

Jonathan Hamilton. Lemuel Samuel?] Wyman. Ambrose Hamilton. James Prince.

Charles Hamilton. Benjamin Sweetser, Jr.

John Hamilton, Jr. Joel Prince.

Ebenezer Hill. Asa Greely.

David Hamilton. Jacob Prince.

Samuel Pettengell. Ammi Prince.

William Pettengell. David Prince.

Joseph Ross. Levi Prince.

John Hamilton, 3d. The foregoing in Cumberland, but had their settlement in North Yarmouth. Joshua Blanchard.

Enoch Titcomb. William Blanchard.

Benaiah Titcomb. Sylvanus Blanchard.

Moses Titcomb. Levi Blanchard.

Edmond Titcomb. Lazarus Bates.

Jesse Soule.

Josiah Soule.

Ezra Weeks. Jonathan Soule.

Reuben Maxfield.

Amos Maxfield. The above in North Yarmouth, but had their settlement in Cumberland.

Names of Families living here, 1820, who did not own any real estate, and the amount taxed for personal estate to the State, Town and County. Samuel Cobb.


Parsons. David Small.


Lane. C. C. Mitchell.


Davis. George Cox.

Enos Byram. George Pierce,

$1,22 Mrs

Chase. Nathan Safford, Jr.

Enos Storer. John Babson.

William Thomas. John March

Daniel Bennett. Isabella Cutter.

Sewell Prince. Ephraim Barrows,


Haskell. Samuel Larrabee, Jr.


John Pierce, Jr. Samuel Cutter, Jr.

John Kendrick,

,32 Charles Cutter.

Robert White. John Collins,


Storer. Mrs. Sarah Cutter.

David True, Jr. Mrs. Abraham Cummings. David Cleares.

,32 Total.







Families living within a mile of the Meeting-house, not owning any real-estate, with the sums taxed to them for personal estate to the State, Town & County, for the year 1823. Samuel Cobb.


Chase. David Small.

80,12 Alford Dunham, Levi Chase.

Enos Storer. Samuel Cutter, Jr.

William Thomas. Charles Cutter,

,04 David Melville. John Collins.

Daniel Bennett. Samuel Gilman,

,12 Sewell Prince. Sarah Cutter.


Abraham Cummings.

John Pierce.
John Kendrick,

,32 Joseph Anderson.

Robert White.

Oliver Byram.
John Ross.

,20 Miss Storer. Widow Davis.

Josiah Soule.
Enos Byram.

Joel Brooks.
Total... ..$1,40


,16 ,16

Memorandum of persons not wayed out (that is, persons whose farms are surrounded by the land of others, and have no public road connecting them with the town highways] and not formerly taxed. Persons not wayed out by any town roads, who have settled on farms. Samuel Seabury, Jr.

Homer[?] Mills. John Seabury.

Hannah Baston. Edward Small.

William Young. Richard Parker.

William Harris.

Persons who have not been taxed, but by the new law are Inhabitants. Joseph Anderson.

David Gale. Patten Jackson.

Wallis Foss. John Hull.

David Leonard. William D. Curtis.

Thaddeus Steel. John Duncan.

Stephen Watson.
Jacob Turner.

Zephaniah Mayberry.
John Hopkinson.

(6L. 8 GI SA)






(From the York County Records.)

(Continued from page 499.) Book 12; p. 83 ; 26 June 1727. Thomas Crafts, of Boston, to John Pitson, of Boston, “all that home-lot called Number Five, in North-Yarmouth, as the same was allotted and drawn by me.” “Also Lot No. 101, between lots of Mr. Buxton and Mr. Cooke, 10 acres, to Joseph Calef, Boston.” Ibid, p. 188. Above-said Pitson sells same to said Crafts.


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