Practical Banking

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Page 13 - ... promissory notes, drafts, bills of exchange, and other evidences of debt; receive deposits, buy and sell exchange, coin and bullion; loan money on personal security, issue and circulate its own notes, and make all needful by-laws not inconsistent with the Banking Act.
Page 13 - ... counterfeiting and fraudulent alterations, and shall have printed therefrom, and numbered, such quantity of circulating notes, in blank, of the denominations of five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars, one hundred dollars, five hundred dollars, and one thousand dollars, as may be required to supply the associations entitled to receive the same.
Page 72 - Let no loans be made that are not secured beyond a reasonable contingency. Do nothing to foster and encourage speculation. Give facilities only to legitimate and prudent transactions.
Page 47 - ... of man ; it proceeds from his organization. No person can sit at a Board of Directors without observing that agents who are not directors, are supervised more freely than agents who are directors. A practical admission of this is evinced by some discount boards, who, in deciding on paper offered by directors, vote by a species of ballot, while in other boards, the offered notes are passed under the table, from seat to seat ; and a note is deemed rejected, if, in its transit, some director has...
Page 28 - Correct sentiments beget correct conduct. A banker ought, therefore, to apprehend correctly the objects of banking. They consist in making pecuniary gains for the stockholders, by legal operations. The business is eminently beneficial to society ; but some bankers have deemed the good of society so much more worthy of regard than the private good of stockholders, that they have supposed all loans should be dispensed with direct reference to the beneficial effect of the loans on society, irrespective,...
Page 13 - ' as provides that no circulation shall be withdrawn under the provisions of section six of said Act, until after the fifty-four millions granted in section one of said Act shall have been taken up, is hereby repealed ; and it shall be the duty of the Comptroller of the Currency, under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, to proceed forthwith...
Page 13 - States in payment of taxes, excises, public lands, and all other dues to the United States, except for duties on imports ; and also for all salaries and other debts and demands owing by the United States to individuals, corporations, and associations within the United States, except interest on the public debt, and in redemption of the national currency.
Page 10 - ... more readily make advances to a man of moderate property and good morals, than to a man of large property but of inferior reputation. Thus the establishment of a bank in any place immediately advances the pecuniary value of a good moral character. There are numerous instances of persons having risen from obscurity to wealth only by means of their moral character, and the confidence which that character produced in the mind of their banker. It is not merely by way of loan or discount tha* a banker...
Page 311 - He lived, if not the whole of the year, at least the greater part of the year, at his banking-house ; was punctual to the hours of business, and always to be found at his desk. The fashionable society at the West end of the town, and the amusements of high life, he never dreamed of enjoying...
Page 236 - House; and said member shall be liable in the premises the same as for its own transactions, and its liability in all such cases shall continue until after the completion of the exchanges of the morning next following the receipt of notice of discontinuance of any such agency.

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