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611. HERRICK JAGGER RAYNOR, son of John Raynor (612),

of West Hampton, N. Y. B. at West Hampton,

N. Y., December 8, 1838. (x.) One child, THURSTON HERRICK (613), b. at West

Hampton, December 19, 1874. Herrick J. Raynor (611) is a farmer. He is a member of the Board of Excise of the town of Southampton, an office to which he has been twice elected.

Mrs. M. W. Raynor (585) was several years a pupil at the Franklinville Academy.

John Raynor (612) was a farmer. He was born at West Hampton, N. Y., July 12, 1789. M. at West Hampton, Mehetable Jagger (614), March 5, 1833, dau. of Deacon Enoch Jagger (615), of the same place. He lived all his life at West Hampton, and died there September 12, 1871, aged 82 years. Mehetable (614) was born February 12, 1808.

D. at West Hampton, July 4, 1880, aged 72 years.

Two children. 616. JOHN MORRISON, b. at West Hampton, N. Y., De

cember 19, 1834

HERRICK JAGGER (611). John Morrison Raynor (616) is a manufacturer of fish, oil and guano.

Residence (1881), Greenport, Suffolk County, N. Y.


David Paine (170), (chap. XXXIV). B. Jamesport,
N. Y., September 17, 1807.

M. at Jamesport,
Ferdinand Hildreth, February 26, 1832.
617. FERDINAND HILDRETH, son of John Hildreth (618).
B. at Riverhead, N. Y., April 23, 1809.

D. at Franklin, La., June 15, 1863, aged 54 years. (IX.) Children. Born at Smithtown, N. Y. 619. MARY JANE, b. October 18, 1834. D. at Patterson

ville, La., August 12, 1853, aged 19 years. 620. CHARLES WESLEY, b. December 24, 1836.

D. at Pattersonville, La., August 12, 1853, aged 17 years. 621. HENRY FRANKLIN, b. August 6, 1839. D. December

31, 1862, aged 23 years.


622. JOHN ALBERT, b. May 1, 1841. (Chap. LXXXVII. A.) 623. HANNAH MIRANDA, b. May 16, 1843. (Chap.

LXXXVII. B.) Hannah Rackett Hildreth (218) resides (1881), a widow, at Centreville, St. Mary's Parish, La.

Ferdinand Hildreth (617) was born at the homestead at Red Creek, in the town of Riverhead, Suffolk County, N. Y. He was a carpenter. His mother's maiden name was Ann Genin (624), sister of the late Thomas H. Genin (625), of New York. He removed in 1853 with his family from Smithtown, N. Y., to Centreville, La He built several large sugar houses near the Mississippi River in that locality. He learned his trade under the supervision of Mr. Benjamin Prince (626), of Brooklyn, N. Y. At the time of his marriage he resided at Brooklyn ; immediately thereafter he lived in a house with Sílas W. Payne (203), (chap. Liv.) where he remained two years, after which he removed to Smithtown, N. Y. He was a member of the Methodist Church.

Thomas H. Genin (625), left the greater part of his property to his nephew, John A. Genin (627), who died at New York City, April 30, 1878. His family reside (1881) in the City of New York. His grandmother's name was Ann Fouriner (628).

Mary Jane (619) was a member of the Congregational Church.

Charles Wesley (620), at the time of his death, was pursuing classical studies preparatory to entering upon a theological course. He was visiting relatives at Centreville and vicinity, intending to remain during the winter, and return to the North in the spring to complete his education. He was a member of the Congregational Church.

Henry Franklin (621) was a soldier in the Confederate army under General Bragg. He was a member of

a Company E, Twenty-second Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers. He was offered, but did not accept, the office of Corporal. He was killed at the battle of Murfreesboro. Prior to enlisting he was a dealer in lumber, and at that time was erecting a saw mill.


dinand Hildreth (617); (chap. LXXXVII). B. at Smithtown, N. Y., May 1, 1841. M. at Centreville, La., Lizzie J. Campbell, June 25, 1874. D. at Centreville,

La., November 13, 1879, aged 38 years. 629. LIZZIE JANE CAMPBELL, dau. of Thomas Campbell

(630). B. at Houghton, Canada West, Mar. 29, 1856. (X.) Children. Born at Centreville, La. 631. OLIVE LUCY, þ. June 17, 1875. D. November 15,

1879, aged 4 years. 632. CHARLES FERDINAND, b. November 30, 1876. 633. JOHN ALBERT, b. November 26, 1878.

John Albert (622) was an engineer and manufacturer of lumber. His mill was destroyed by fire in May, 1875. On being rebuilt it was again destroyed September 1, 1879, by a violent storm. Many other buildings, among

. them several churches, were demolished at the same time.

Thomas Campbell (630) has been several years engaged in the practice of medicine at Prescott, Nevada County, Arkansas, his present (1881) residence.

Lizzie J. Hildreth (629), after the death of her husband in 1879, removed to Wheeler, Ind., and subsequently to St. John, Clinton County, Michigan, her present (1881) residence.

[To be continued.]

EASTHAM PEDIGREE. In consequence of the unfortunate and unaccountable loss of the manuscript copy of the Eastham Genealogy intended for this number, the continuation of that family is necesarrily delayed to the next issue, when it will, undoubtedly, be resumed.


. * In the following notes the names of children dying in infancy are generally omitted.

The numbers prefixed to individuals and families correspond to those of the Chart.

Notwithstanding much personal research and a voluminous correspondence, the record of this family is still defective in many particulars, especially as regards the later generations. Notice of errors and additional information are earnestly solicited.

Chart III, in the next number, will continue the family of EDWARD, (No. 15 of Chart I,) the brother of STEPHEN.

CHILDREN OF 16 STEPHEN (V.). 30. STEPHEN (VI.), born March 15, (bap. July 20,) 1755, at

Bolton, Ct.; mar. wid. Susan Washburn; removed
to Lansingburgh, N.Y. Died in camp at Greenbush,
opposite Albany, 1812, æ. 65.

Children; born in E. Windsor, Ct.:
SUSAN, b. 1778; mar. Benj. Carpenter, of Pittstown, N. Y.
SARAH, b. 1780; mar. Caleb Allen, of Lansingburgh.
STEPHEN, b. Jan. 11, 1783; mar. Phebe Carpenter.
NATHANIEL, b. 1785.

b. 1787; mar. Ballard.
ALANSON, Sb. 1787; d. 1826.
Lydia, b. 1790; mar. Elihu Hill; d. 1830.
THEODORUS B., b. 1802; mar. 1 Phebe - 2 Martha Carpenter.
31. RUFUS (VI.), b. Oct. 13, 1757, bap. at Bolton, Ct..

Aug. 6, 1758; mar. Submit Bisbee, who was b. 1753.
He died in Hudson, N. Y., about 1827. His widow
died in Otselic, Chenango Co., N. Y. 1828.

Children :
Rufus, b. 1777; d. in Jerusalem, Yates Co., N. Y., 1837, unmar,
CHESTER, b. 1784; mar. Betsey Geer. Resided in Deerfield, N.Y.
HORACE, b. 1788; mar. Eliza Johnson.
RECTOR, b. 1793: mar. Hannah M. Barton.
Worthy, b. 1798; mar. Susan Ann Anderson.
SEMANTHA, b. ; mar. David Sturgis, of Otselic, N. Y.
32. SOLOMON (VI.), b. Sept. 26, 1760, in Bolton, Ct.; mar.

i Eunice Clark, (b. 1761, and d. 1797,) 2 Mrs. Mary
Loomis Whitney. Removed from Connecticut to
Rootstown, Portage Co., Ohio, in 1821, and d. there
Aug. 17, 1844. His widow d. 1850.

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