Pennsylvania State Reports, Volume 90

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"Containing cases decided by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania." (varies)

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Page 407 - All taxes shall be uniform, upon the same class of subjects, within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax, and shall be levied and collected under general laws...
Page 28 - The essential feature of a public use is that it is not confined to privileged individuals, but is open to the indefinite public. It is this indefinite or unrestricted quality that gives it its public character.
Page 130 - Hope, supra, that in determining what is proximate cause, the true rule is that the injury must be the natural and probable consequence of the negligence — such a consequence as, under the surrounding circumstances of the case, might and ought to have been foreseen by the wrongdoer as likely to flow from his act.
Page 407 - The debt of any county, city, borough, township, school district, or other municipality, or incorporated district, except as herein provided, shall never exceed seven per centum upon the assessed value of the taxable property therein...
Page 411 - All existing charters, or grants of special or exclusive privileges, under which a bona fide organization shall not have taken place and business been commenced in good faith at the time this constitution takes effect, shall -thereafter have no validity.
Page 406 - ... only the troops of Great Britain, but foreign mercenaries, savages and slaves, for the avowed purpose of reducing them to a total and abject submission to the despotic domination of the British parliament (with many other acts of tyranny more fully set forth in the declaration of congress) whereby all allegiance and fealty to the said king and his successors are dissolved and at an end, and all power and authority derived from him ceased in these colonies. And whereas it is absolutely necessary...
Page 118 - If any of the statements or declarations made in the application for this policy, upon the faith of which this policy is issued, shall be found in any respect untrue, then, and in every such case, this policy shall be null and void.
Page 409 - The power to change the venue in civil and criminal cases shall be vested in the courts, to be exercised in such manner as shall be provided by law.
Page 121 - There is only the stipulation that, "if any of the statements or declarations made in the application * * * shall be found in any respect untrue, this policy shall be null and void.
Page 247 - I give and devise to my daughter, Mary Ann Westafer. the farm on which I at present reside, situate In Newton township, containing one hundred and sixty-eight acres, more or less, for and during her natural life, and after her death to her children In fee; and in the event of my said daughter, Mary Ann. dying without Issue, I then, after her death, give and devise said farm,

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