Missile Development and Space Sciences: Hearings Before Committee in Science and Astronautics

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Page 395 - The Congress declares that the general welfare and security of the United States require that adequate provision be made for aeronautical and space activities. The Congress further declares that such activities shall be the responsibility of, and shall be directed by, a civilian agency exercising control over aeronautical and space activities sponsored by the United States, except that activities peculiar to or primarily associated with the development of weapons systems, military operations, or...
Page 198 - I have appreciated this opportunity of appearing before the committee and shall be happy to answer any questions you may have on this bill.
Page 194 - Research (ONR), the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). References: [1] TA Duong, T. Brown, M. Tran, H. Langenbacher, and T. Daud, "Analog VLSI neural network building block chips for hardware-in-the-loop learning,
Page 222 - To organize, train, and equip Army forces for the conduct of prompt and sustained combat operations on land — specifically, forces to defeat enemy land forces and to seize, occupy, and defend land area.
Page 295 - USC 171 a (c), is amended to read as follows: "(c) (1) Within the policy enunciated in section 2, the Secretary of Defense shall take appropriate steps (including the transfer, reassignment, abolition, and consolidation of functions) to provide in the Department of Defense for more effective, efficient, and economical administration and operation and to eliminate duplication.
Page 296 - In the course of exercising full staff functions in his assigned fields, he is authorized to approve, modify, or disapprove programs and projects of the military departments and other Department of Defense agencies to eliminate unpromising or unnecessarily duplicative programs, and to initiate or support promising ones for research and development.
Page 295 - The Director of Defense Research and Engineering is the principal adviser and staff assistant to the Secretary of Defense in the following functional fields : 1.
Page 296 - Logistics) and his staff in a continuous effort to achieve efficient administration of the Department of Defense and to carry out effectively the direction, authority and control of the Secretary of Defense.
Page 296 - Directives 7700.1 and 5158.1) and assistance from the military departments and other Department of Defense agencies as may be necessary to the performance of his assigned functions. B. Other authorities specifically delegated by the Secretary of Defense to the Director of Defense Research and Engineering in other directives will be referenced in an inclosure to this directive.
Page 348 - I have also tried to show you that it is not in the nature of things for any one man to make a sudden violent discovery; science goes step by step, and every man depends on the work of his predecessors. When you hear of a sudden unexpected discovery-a bolt from the blue as it were- you can always be sure that it has grown up by the influence of one man on another, and it is this mutual influence which makes the enormous possibility of scientific advance. Scientists are not dependent on the ideas...

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