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NEW YORK, July 9, 1882. . In my boyhood I resided in Onondaga Hollow (now Valley), and was acquainted with William H. Sabine, the grandfather of Mrs. Ellen E. Dickinson, the author of this book, and well remember his residence, in which the Spaulding manuscript is said to have been kept for some years. I have not read this book myself, as my health will not permit it; but in conversation with Mrs. Dickinson I have become satisfied that she has introduced considerable original material, and has gathered from books already published a large amount of interesting matter relating to the subject of Mormonism.

This seems to be the time to publish a narrative of the early history of Mormonism. The subject is exciting great interest at present; and as no books have been published relating to it for many years, the present generation has slight acquaintance with it.

With my knowledge of Joseph Smith and one of his first followers, Phelps, a Canandaigua printer, it has been for more than half a century the occasion of surprise and regret that such vulgar impostors should have obtained a following, which is even now drawing proselytes by the thousand from Europe.

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