Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen, Volume 26

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Georg Westermann, 1859 - Languages, Modern

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Page 199 - It must not be; there is no power in Venice Can alter a decree established: 'Twill be recorded for a precedent; And many an error, by the same example, Will rush into the state: it cannot be.
Page 199 - I will be bound to pay it ten times o'er, On forfeit of my hands, my head, my heart: If this will not suffice, it must appear That malice bears down truth. And I beseech you, Wrest once the law to your authority: To do a great right, do a little wrong, And curb this cruel devil of his will.
Page 229 - ... mens et animus et consilium et sententia civitatis posita est in legibus. Ut corpora nostra sine mente, sic civitas sine lege suis partibus, ut nervis et sanguine et membris, uti non potest. Legum ministri magistratus, legum interpretes iudices, /legum denique idcirco omnes servi sumus, ut liberi esse possimus.
Page 37 - D'un nouveau personnage inventez-vous l'idée? Qu'en tout avec soi-même il se montre d'accord , Et qu'il soit jusqu'au bout tel qu'on l'a vu d'abord.
Page 417 - Let four captains Bear Hamlet, like a soldier, to the stage ; For he was likely, had he been put on, To have prov'd most royally : and, for his passage, The soldiers' music, and the rites of war, Speak loudly for him.
Page 466 - Mihi est propositum in taberna mori ; Vinum sit appositum morientis ori : Ut dicant, cum venerint, angelorum chori, Deus sit propitius huic potatori.
Page 81 - I spy the cuckoo, the cuckoo, the cuckoo, See where she sitteth, come away, my joy: Come away, I prithee, I do not like the cuckoo Should sing where my Peggy and I kiss and toy.
Page 303 - Die Tragödie ist die dichterische Nachahmung einer zusammenhängenden Reihe von Begebenheiten (einer vollständigen Handlung), welche uns Menschen im Zustande des Leidens zeigt, und zur Absicht hat, unser Mitleid zu erregen.
Page 90 - How now, mad lads, whither away so fast? ist prentice. Whither? Why, to the great new hall, know you not why? The lord mayor hath bidden all the prentices in London to breakfast this morning. All. Oh, brave shoemaker, oh, brave lord of incomprehensible good fellowship!
Page 103 - Darf sich zu ihrem weichen Ohr Die kühne Wahrheit wagen, Und ist sie stolzer, Mensch zu sein, Mit Menschen menschlich sich zu freu'n, Als über sie zu ragen; Noch groß, wenn statt dem Purpurkleid Ein...

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