Hearings ... on Sundry Legislation Affecting the Naval and Military Establishments, Issues 1-85

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Page 29 - EMPLOYMENT ACT OF 1946, AS AMENDED, WITH RELATED LAWS (60 Stat. 23) [PUBLIC LAW 304— 79TH CONGRESS] AN ACT To declare a national policy on employment, production, and purchasing power, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SHORT TITLE SECTION 1 . This Act may be cited as the "Employment Act of 1946".
Page 775 - Corps shall provide detachments and organizations for service on armed vessels of the Navy, shall provide security detachments for the protection of naval property at naval stations and bases, and shall perform such other duties as the President may direct. However, these additional duties may not detract from or interfere with the operations for which the Marine Corps is primarily organized.
Page 895 - The committee met at 10 am, Hon. Carl Vinson (chairman) presiding. The CHAIRMAN. Let the committee come to order. This is a continuation of the hearing on S.
Page 661 - Code, sections 1331-1337 (formerly title III of the Army and Air Force Vitalization and Retirement Equalization Act of 1948...
Page 381 - All claims and demands whatever by the Government of the United States or against it, and all accounts whatever in which the Government of the United States is concerned, either as debtor or creditor, shall be settled and adjusted in the General Accounting Office.
Page 12 - Series 994), as hereinbefore provided, and shall be included within and shall in no way increase the total quantity of water to the use of...
Page 868 - The Marine Corps shall be organized, trained, and equipped to provide fleet marine forces of combined arms, together with supporting air components, for service with the fleet in the seizure or defense of advance naval bases, and for the conduct of such land operations as may be essential to the prosecution of a naval campaign.
Page 30 - President under subsection (b) of this section, then the officer of the United States who is highest on the following list, and who is not under disability to discharge the powers and duties of the office of President shall act as President: Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary...

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