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Page 85 - ... with intent to sell or exchange, or exposes or offers for sale or exchange, adulterated milk, or milk to which water or any foreign substance has been added...
Page 80 - ... a fine of not less than $25 and not more than $500, or by imprisonment in any county jail for a period of not more than six months, or by both fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court.
Page 95 - Convention of the National Association of officials of Bureaus of Labor Statistics in the United States, held at Denver, Colo., May 24-28, 1892.
Page 11 - State, in regard to the location, drainage, water supply, disposal of excreta, heating and ventilation of any public institution or building; they shall from time to time examine and report upon works on the subject of hygiene for the use of the schools of the State; they shall have general oversight and direction of the enforcement of the statutes respecting the preservation of health ; and they shall, in the month of January, make report to the Legislature of their doings.
Page 61 - Children and parents from other houses should be warned ; and, if they needlessly and obstinately persist in coming, they should be driven away. Neither the nurse nor any other person should eat or drink anything in the sick room or anything which has been there. Food which the patient has left should be burned. Cats and dogs should be kept from the sick chamber, or better, out of the house, for their fur can easily carry the infection. These animals, as well as some others, sometimes have diphtheria,...
Page 85 - When milk shall, by the gravimetric analysis be found to contain over eightyeight per cent, of water, it shall be deemed prima facie evidence that said milk has been watered, and when milk by the analysis aforesaid, shall be found to contain less than twelve per cent, of solids, and less than three per cent, of fat, it shall be deemed, prima facie, milk from which cream has been taken...
Page 189 - ... duty, to order the suppression and removal of nuisances and conditions detrimental to life and health found to exist within the limits of its jurisdiction...
Page 83 - In the months of March and October, annually, each and every person who is employed in a paper mill, shall be examined by the local board of health as to whether he or she is successfully and sufficiently protected by vaccination and the local board of health shall in all cases be the judges of the sufficiency of the protection by vaccination.
Page 60 - ... barren ground for their development. Diphtheria is a preventable disease. Proper preventive measures are almost invariably followed by the limitation of the disease to the first case or cases. When diphtheria gets away from the primary cases and makes its escape upon the community, somebody is tO blame. The sooner we accept this as a sanitary maxim, the sooner we shall begin to do our duty as individuals and as communities.
Page 79 - Cholera or other dangerous contagious disease; and for this purpose he may require the person in charge of any vessel or public vehicle other than a railway car to stop such vessel or vehicle at any place, and he may require the conductor of any railway train to stop his train at any station or upon any sidetrack for such time as may be necessary.

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