The Northwestern Reporter, Volume 27

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West Publishing Company, 1886 - Law reports, digests, etc

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Page 227 - Any court in which an action is pending, or a judge thereof may, upon notice, order either party to give to the other, within a specified time, an inspection and copy, or permission to take a copy, of...
Page 46 - Every agreement that, by its terms, is not to be performed within one year from the making thereof; 2.
Page 631 - York, on the day of , 193 , at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard.
Page 121 - Townships, who shall hold his office for one year and until his successor is appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by said Board of Highway Commissioners.
Page 83 - The lessor of a building intended for the occupation of human beings must, in the absence of an agreement to the contrary, put it into a condition fit for such occupation, and repair all subsequent dilapidations thereof, which render it untenantable, except such as are mentioned in section nineteen hundred and twenty-nine.
Page 236 - It is true that rape is a most detestable crime, and therefore ought severely and impartially to be punished with death; but it must be remembered that it is an accusation easily to be made and hard to be proved and harder to be defended by the party accused, though never so innocent.
Page 617 - In any indictment for murder or manslaughter, or for being an accessory to any murder or manslaughter, it shall not be necessary to set forth the manner in which, or the means by which, the death of the deceased was caused, but it shall be sufficient in any indictment for murder to charge that the defendant did feloniously, wilfully, and of his malice aforethought, kill and murder the deceased, and it shall be sufficient in any indictment for manslaughter to charge that the defendant did feloniously...
Page 338 - In all actions where there are several defendants, not united in interest, and making separate defenses by separate answers, and the plaintiff fails to recover judgment against all, the court may award costs to such of the defendants as have judgment in their favor or any of them.
Page 233 - The defendants demurred to the petition on the ground that it did not state a cause of action, and the demurrer was sustained.
Page 524 - The doctrine will apply, which is to be found, I believe, In the laws of all civilized nations, that if a man either by words or by conduct, has intimated that he consents to an act which has been done, and that he will offer no opposition to it, although it could not have been lawfully done without his consent, and he thereby induces others to do that from which they otherwise might have abstained, he cannot question the legality of the act he had so sanctioned, to the prejudice of those who have...

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