Proceedings of the American Forestry Congress ..., Issue 4

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American Forestry Association, 1886 - Forests and forestry

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Page 3 - This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at...
Page 63 - June 30, 1877, and for other purposes," approved August 15, 1876, the Commissioner of Agriculture was required to appoint some man of approved attainments, and practically well acquainted with the methods of statistical inquiry, with a view of ascertaining the annual amount of consumption, importation, and exportation of timber and other forest products ; the probable supply for future wants ; the means best adapted to the preservation and renewal of forests ; the influence of forests upon climate...
Page 9 - ... silence, hardly broken by even the hum of an insect, prevails. But if a storm bursts forth, masses of water suddenly shoot from the mountain heights into the shattered gulfs, waste without irrigating, deluge without refreshing the soil they overflow in their swift descent, and leave it even more seared than it was from want of moisture. Man at last retires from the fearful desert, and I have, the present season, found not a living soul in districts where I remember to have enjoyed hospitality...
Page 76 - If he who makes two blades of grass grow where but one grew before...
Page 60 - The general assembly shall enact laws in order to prevent the destruction of, and to keep in good preservation the forests upon the lands of the State, or upon lands of the public domain, the control of which shall be conferred by congress upon the State.
Page 28 - Muskoka and Nipissing regions ; the eastern townships of Quebec and south shore of the St. Lawrence to the Gulf: the region on the north shore of the St. Lawrence, from the Saguenay down to the Bersimis, and, perhaps, still lower down, as far as Mingan ; and the country watered by the St. John, the Miramichi, the Restigouche, and their tributaries. Those limits, in many places, are scattered and isolated ; they have, with few exceptions (such as the Bersimis at the east, and some...
Page 76 - Holland, but much better; the crust of the earth, a spit's depth, excellent black earth; all wooded with oaks, pines, sassafras, juniper, birch, holly, vines, some ash, walnut; the wood for the most part open and without underwood, fit either to go or ride in.
Page 8 - Greeks adopted a new method, writing their lines alternately from the right to the left, and from the left to the right.
Page 13 - what you would have appear in the nation's life you must introduce into the public schools.
Page 58 - That in clearing the ground, care be taken to leave one acre of trees for every five acres cleared, especially to preserve oak and mulberries for silk and shipping.

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