Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the American Railway Engineering Association, Volume 23

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Committee on Publications of the Association, 1922 - Railroad engineering
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Page 542 - The manufacturer shall afford the inspector, without charge, all reasonable facilities to satisfy him that the material is being furnished in accordance with these specifications. All tests and inspection shall be made at the place of manufacture prior to shipment, unless otherwise specified, and shall be so conducted as not to interfere unnecessarily with the operation of the works.
Page 49 - Let no man dare, when I am dead, to charge me with dishonor; let no man attaint my memory by believing that I could have engaged in any cause but that of my country's liberty and independence...
Page 497 - The purchaser may make the tests to govern the acceptance or rejection of the material in his own laboratory or elsewhere. Such tests, however, shall be made at the expense of the purchaser.
Page 211 - In the case of small or unimportant castings, a test to destruction on three castings from a lot may be substituted for the tension and bend tests. This test shall show the material to be ductile, free from injurious defects, and suitable for the purpose intended- A lot shall consist of all castings from one melt, in the same annealing charge.
Page 511 - For pipes 4-inch to 12-inch, inclusive, one class of special castings shall be furnished, made from Class D pattern. Those having spigot ends shall have outside diameters of spigot ends midway between the two standards of outside diameter as shown by Table No.
Page 533 - ... notice of its intention to terminate. Sixth: The provisions of this agreement shall Inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the successors and assigns of the parties.
Page 43 - Be it further Resolved, That this resolution be spread upon the minutes of this meeting and that certified copies be sent to Hon.
Page 1106 - Howard said he desired to call the attention of the members of the Association to the fact that this was the most representative meeting of the Association ever held.
Page 512 - For smaller sizes of pipes the letters may be 1 inch in length. The weight and the class letter shall be conspicuously painted in white on the inside of each pipe and special casting after the coating has become hard. ALLOWABLE PERCENTAGE OF VARIATION IN WEIGHT. SECTION 7. No pipe shall be accepted the weight of which shall be less than the standard...
Page 471 - Fine aggregate shall consist of sand, stone screenings, or other inert materials with similar characteristics, or a combination thereof, having clean, hard, strong, durable, uncoated grains and free from injurious amounts of dust, lumps, soft or flaky particles, shale, alkali organic matter, loam or other deleterious substances.

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