History of Boone County, Iowa, Volume 1

Front Cover
Pioneer publishing Company, 1914 - Boone County (Iowa)

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Page 42 - ... valued at three times the amount of the loan, exclusive of all buildings and improvements thereon. The interest on these loans is paid into the State Treasury, and becomes the available school fund of the State. The counties are responsible to the State for all money so loaned, and the State is likewise responsible to the school fund for all moneys transferred to the counties. The interest on these loans is apportioned by the State Auditor semi-annually to the several counties of the State, in...
Page 23 - Dodge, of Wisconsin Territory, it was ceded to the United States. The council was held on the banks of the Mississippi, above Davenport, and was the largest assemblage of the kind ever held by the Sacs and Foxes to treat for the sale of lands.
Page 22 - The body was placed in the middle of the grave, in a sitting posture, upon a seat constructed for the purpose. On his left side, the cane, given him by Henry Clay, was placed upright, with his right hand resting upon it. Many of the old warrior's trophies were placed in the grave, and some Indian garments, together with his favorite weapons.
Page 40 - Upon final settlement after restoration of peace, her claims upon the Federal Government were found to be fully equal to the amount of her bonds issued and sold during the war, to provide the means for raising and equipping her troops sent into the field and to meet the inevitable demands upon her treasury in consequence of the war.
Page 180 - Much difficulty and considerable delay occured in fitting these regiments for the field. For the First Infantry a complete outfit (not uniform) of clothing was extemporized — principally by the volunteered labor of loyal women in the different towns — from material of various colors and qualities, obtained within the limits of the State. The same was done in part for the Second Infantry. Meantime, an extra session of the General Assembly had been called by the Governor, to convene on the 15th...
Page 135 - Territory, one equal moiety, in alternate sections, of the public lands, (remaining unsold, and not otherwise disposed of, encumbered or appropriated,) in a strip five miles in width on each side of said river ; to be selected within said Territory by an agent or agents to be appointed by the governor thereof, subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.
Page 23 - River in a direct lino to the second or upper fork of the Des Moines River; thence in a direct line to the lower fork of the Calumet River, and down that river to its junction with the Missouri River.
Page 21 - We did not expect to conquer the whites — they had too many houses, too many men. I took up the hatchet, for my part, to revenge injuries which my people could no longer endure. Had I borne them longer without striking, my people would have said, ' Black Hawk is a woman — he is too old to be a chief — he is no Sac.
Page 37 - I appeal to all loyal citizens to favor, facilitate, and aid this effort to maintain the honor, the integrity, and the existence of our National Union, and the perpetuity of popular government; and to redress wrongs already long enough endured.
Page 34 - It is not imprudent now to remark that, during this passage over hills and prairies, across rivers, through bottom lands and timber, the safes belonging to the several departments contained large sums of money, mostly individual funds, however. Thus, Iowa City ceased to be the capital of the State, after four Territorial Legislatures, six State Legislatures and three Constitutional Conventions had held their sessions there. By the exchange, the old...

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