The Juvenile Delinquent and the Young Men's Christian Association: Addresses, Papers and Resolutions of the Second Annual Conference of the Society for the Promotion of Social Service in the Young Men's Christian Association, Chicago, February 12, 13, 1909, with a Bibliography on Juvenile Delinquency

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Page 16 - This act shall be liberally construed, to the end that its purpose may be carried- out, to wit, that the care, custody and discipline of a ward of the juvenile court, as defined in this act, shall approximate as nearly as may be that which should be given by his parents...
Page 25 - Home life is the highest and finest product of civilization. It is the great molding force of mind and of character. Children should not be deprived of it except for urgent and compelling reasons.
Page 13 - All cases involving the commitment or trial of children, actually or apparently under the age of sixteen years, for any violation of law, in any court shall be heard and determined by such court, at suitable times to be designated therefor by it, separate and apart from the trial of other criminal cases, of which session a separate docket and record shall be kept.
Page 25 - Children of parents of worthy character suffering from temporary misfortune, and children of reasonably efficient and deserving mothers who are without the support of the normal breadwinner should, as a rule, be kept with their parents, such aid being given as may be necessary to maintain suitable homes for the rearing of the children.
Page 13 - No child under restraint or conviction, actually or apparently under the age of sixteen years, shall be placed in any prison or place of confinement, or in any court-room, or in any vehicle for transportation in company with, adults charged with or convicted of crime, except in the presence of a proper official, f Am'd ch.
Page 25 - This aid should be given by such methods and from such sources as may be determined by the general relief policy of each community, preferably in the form of private charity, rather than public relief. Except in unusual circumstances, the home should not be broken up for reasons of poverty...
Page 31 - Boy over or let the executive secretary refer him to one of our physicians. Adenoids and malnutrition are frequent explanations of perversity in a boy. Few boys can be expected to be moral giants when they are physically weak or sick. Bring him around to one of the Boys' Gymnasiums. Often the chief thing a boy needs is a chance to work off his animal spirits. If he doesn't have good wholesome exercise in the "Gym" or playground, he will give vent to it in mischief on the street.
Page 31 - A boy who is worth while will not accept a stranger's ideas until he knows they are worth having. Discover the Boy's Chief Interests. If he loves music or likes mechanical work, encourage his interest and find a chance for him to develop it. Find something for him to do in which you can arouse his Interest — preferably something he can do with his hands. Try to encourage the habit of Reading. Give or lend him a magazine. Spend an evening in his home and carry along a good boy's story to read with...
Page 31 - Secretary. We frequently have calls for boys. Find out where the Boy spends his Evenings. Most of them spend them in the street. It is your business to provide a better place — more attractive — not to you — but to the boy. Have your Physician look the Boy over or let the executive secretary refer him to one of our physicians.
Page 31 - It will perhaps be a new revelation of "home" to him. Invite him to call on you at your office or place of business. He must understand something of your life if you wish him to look on you as a brother. Be interested in a boy's interests. Shooting craps may be the only real amusement he knows. Until you find what he likes about gambling you are in no position to suggest something better that will fit his case. Take him to a ball game with you. There is no better way of "warmingup" to a boy and getting...

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