Annual Report of the Secretary of War

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1878

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Page 441 - The board met pursuant to adjournment. Present: All the members and the recorder. The foregoing proceedings were then read and approved. The board then adjourned.
Page 289 - Ores; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof...
Page 190 - Lylc considere that preference should be given to unbleached linen thread for the manufacture of shot-lines. Great care should be taken that none but the best thread be put in such lines, and that in braiding a continuous line, when the spools are changed, they should not all be changed at the same moment, else a weak spot is the result. Bleaching of any kind is harmful. Hemp is too brittle, and becomes very harsh after a few shots.
Page 291 - Massachusetts, have invented certain improvements in line-throwing apparatus, of which the following is a full, clear, concise, ami exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making a part hereof. My invention is more especially designed for throwing a line from the shore to a wreck or from a wreck to the shore, but is, of course, adapted to other uses. The drawings illustrate a shot having my coil-case applied to it, also one of my hand coil-cases, and also a line-support...
Page 311 - Anchor " with one fluke, to be buried in the earth, sand, or shingle, to which to set up the hawser by means of the tackle purchase. Or in some places where the shore is composed of soft shingle or sand, and where an anchor will not hold, a stout plank...
Page 274 - ... inflamed, a stream of fire darts through the aperture with such force as to perforate the cartridge. The mortar should then instantly be fired, and in order to lessen a difficulty that has often occurred in performing this service, a pistol may be used, having a tin box over the lock, to exclude the effect of wind or rain on the priming ; and the muzzle being cut [obliquely], dilates the inflammation, so as to require but little exactness in the direction of the aim. " We will suppose the communication...
Page ix - Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of providing arms and equipments for the whole body of the militia, either by purchase or manufacture by and on account of the United States.
Page 279 - ... of the greatest utility when formed of proper materials : and they have to add, that on the following day Captain Manby repeated the same experiment with perfect success, projecting the ladder to the distance of 194 yards with the beforementioned charge and elevation. " 6th — In order to show ' a method of affording certain relief to vessels stranded in the darkest night, with an improved mode of rendering the life-rope more distinguishable.
Page 275 - Thirdly, to render the flight of the rope perfectly distinguishable to those who project it, and to the crew on board the vessel, so that they cannot fail of seeing on what part of the rigging it lodges, and consequently may have no difficulty in securing it.
Page 305 - ROCKET. Instructions as to the use of the rocket, together with directions as to the formation of volunteer life brigades, the provision of requisite stores, &c., are issued by the board of trade in the form of a pamphlet, entitled "Instructions in respect of the Hocket and Mortar Apparatus for saving Life from Shipwreck.

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