Merchant Marine Bill, 1939: Hearings...on H.R. 5130...Mar. 29, Apr. 19, 25, May 4, 1939

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Page 148 - Treasury shall pay to the holders the amount thereof, which is hereby authorized to be appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and thereupon to the extent of the amount so paid the Secretary of the Treasury shall succeed to all the rights of the holders of such debentures.
Page 154 - citizen of the United States" include a corporation, partnership, or association only if it is a citizen of the United States within the meaning of section 2 of the Shipping Act, 1916, as amended (USC, title 46, sec.
Page 69 - Act" means any person not included in the term "common carrier by water," carrying on the business of forwarding or furnishing wharfage, dock, warehouse, or other terminal facilities in connection with a common carrier by water.
Page 154 - ... may be exercised, directly or indirectly, in behalf of any person who is not a citizen of the United States...
Page 148 - Commission to the mortgagee from the fund. (c) The debentures issued under this section shall be executed in the name of the fund as obligor, shall be signed by the Chairman of the Commission by either his written or engraved signature, and shall be negotiable. All such debentures shall be dated as of the date foreclosure proceedings were instituted, or the property was otherwise acquired by the mortgagee after default, and shall bear interest from such date at a rate determined by the...
Page 66 - The controlling fact is the power to regulate at all. If that exists, the right to establish the maximum of charge, as one of the means of regulation, is implied. In fact, the common-law rule, which requires the charge to be reasonable, is itself a regulation as to price.
Page 88 - Agent, or executive thereof, directly or indirectly, shall own, operate, or charter any vessel or vessels engaged in the domestic intercoastal or coastwise service, or own any pecuniary interest, directly or indirectly, in any person or concern that owns, charters, or operates any vessel or vessels in the domestic intercoastal or coastwise service, without the written permission of the Commission.
Page 153 - The following persons shall be presumed to have authority from the owner to procure repairs, supplies, towage, use of dry dock or marine railway, and other necessaries for the vessel: The managing owner, ship's husband, master, or any person to whom the management of the vessel at the port of supply is intrusted.
Page 143 - ... citizen of the United States within the meaning of section 2 of the Shipping Act. 1916, as amended (USC. title 46. sec. 802). and with respect to a corporation under title VI of this Act, all directors of the corporation are citizens of the United States...
Page 175 - At any hearing involving a rate, fare, or charge increased after January 1, 1910, or of a rate, fare, or charge, sought to be increased after the passage of this Act, the burden of proof to show that the increased rate, fare, or charge, or proposed increased rate, fare, or charge, is just and reasonable shall be upon the carrier, and the Commission shall give to the hearing and decision of such questions preference over all other questions pending before it and decide the same as speedily as possible.

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