World War Veterans' Legislation

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Page 7 - That all premiums the payment of which when due is waived as above provided shall bear interest at the rate of 5 per centum per annum, compounded annually from the due date of each premium, and if not paid by the insured shall be deducted from the insurance in any settlement thereunder or when the same matures either because of permanent total disability or death...
Page 1 - It was brought into being through the necessity of having some means of promptly paying to the dependent families, ie, mothers, wives, etc., of enlisted men an amount monthly to be deducted from the soldier's pay. Later class E allotments were extended to officers for the same purpose, it being appreciated that in both the case of the officer and enlisted man, especially in foreign service, there would be a great delay in the transmission of funds from the station of the soldier. For instance, it...
Page 1 - That so much of section 210 of the War Risk Insurance Act, as amended by the Act of August 9, 1921 (Forty-second Statutes, page 153), as precludes the recovery of an award of allotment, or allowance, or both, paid to, or on behalf of a person designated as beneficiary of an allotment under the War Risk Insurance Act prior to August 9, 1921, shall hereafter be applicable to allotments paid prior to August 9, 1921, to beneficiaries designated under the Army allotment system by any person who served...
Page 1 - A similar letter has been addressed to the chairman Committee on Military Affairs, United States Senate.

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