Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Volume 17

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Page xix - It shall be the duty of the Secretary, under the direction of the Council, to conduct the correspondence of the Institution ; to attend all meetings of the Institution, and of the Council, and of Committees ; to take minutes of the proceedings of such meetings ; to read the minutes of the preceding...
Page 139 - The uncertainties and treacheries of Bessemer steel, in the form of ship and " boiler plates, are such that it requires all the care which it has bestowed upon it at " L'Orient to avoid failure. The question we have to put to the steel makers is, What " are our prospects of obtaining a material which we can use without such delicate " manipulation, and so much fear and trembling ? We...
Page 65 - ... outside, and thus the boats are made, without either stem or stern, quite round like a shield. They are then entirely filled with straw, and their cargo is put on board, after which they are suffered to float down the stream. Their chief freight is wine, stored in casks made of the wood of the palm tree.
Page xviii - March, shall be made, under the direction of the Council, and, after having been verified and signed by the Auditors, shall be laid before the Annual General Meeting.
Page 173 - ... duty. It is probable that 2, 3, and 4 of the above list are all very nearly proportional to the useful thrust; 6 is probably nearly proportional to the square of the number of revolutions, and thus at least at the lower speeds approximately to the useful thrust; 5 probably remains constant at all speeds, and for convenience it may be regarded as constant though perhaps in strict truth it should be termed "initial friction.
Page 139 - We want a perfectly coherent and " definitely carburized bloom, or ingot, of which the rolls have only to alter the form "in order to make plates with qualities as regular and precise as those of copper and " gun metal, and we look to the manufacturers for it.
Page xix - It shall be the duty of the Council to adopt every possible means of advancing the Institution, to provide for properly conducting its business in all cases of emergency, such as the death or resignation of officers, and to arrange for the publication of the papers read at the Meetings, or of such documents as may be calculated to advance the objects of the Institution.
Page 172 - ... representing them under their more elementary form of force simply. With this view, ever since I have entered into such investigations, I have invariably converted the horse-power term to a force term by simply dividing it by a speed factor, and, as shaping the reduction into its most natural and opposite form, I have adopted as the divisor, the speed of the propeller, expressed, not by its revolutions nakedly, but by its revolutions x its pitch, that is to say, the virtual travel of the force...
Page xviii - Institution, and to regulate and keep order in the proceedings. But in case of the absence of the President and of all the VicePresidents, the Meeting may elect any member of Council, or, in case of their absence, any Corporate Member present, to take the chair at the Meeting.
Page 349 - Architects, a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, a Member of the Institution! of Mechanical Engineers, a Member of the Iron and Steel Institute, and a Member of Council of the Institution of Engineer» and Shipbuilders in Scotland.

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