Child Problems

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Page 250 - The court shall have authority to appoint or designate one or more discreet persons of good character to serve as probation officers during the pleasure of the court; said probation officers to receive no compensation from the public treasury.
Page 355 - Home life is the highest and finest product of civilization. It is the great molding force of mind and of character. Children should not be deprived of it except for urgent and compelling reasons.
Page 246 - ... it shall be the duty of the said probation officer to make such investigation as may be required by the court ; to be present in court in order to represent the interests of the child when the case is heard ; to furnish to the court such information and assistance as the judge may require; and to take such charge of any child before and after trial as may be directed by the court.
Page 357 - Cheap care of children is ultimately enormously expensive, and is unworthy of a strong community. Existing congregate institutions should so classify their inmates and segregate them into groups as to secure as many 'of the benefits of the cottage system as possible, and should look forward to the adoption of the cottage type when new buildings are constructed. The sending of children of any age or class to almshouses is an unqualified evil, and should be forbidden everywhere by law with suitable...
Page 355 - The most important and valuable philanthropic work is not the curative, but the preventive; to check dependency by a thorough study of its causes and by effectively remedying or eradicating them should be the constant aim of society .... "3.
Page 362 - ... able to speak from wide experience and careful observation. One effective means of securing this result would be the establishment of a permanent organization to undertake, in this field, work comparable to that carried on by the National Playground Association, the National Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, the National Child Labor Committee, and other similar organizations in their respective fields. It is our judgment that the establishment of such a permanent voluntary...
Page 356 - As to the children who for sufficient reasons must be removed from their own homes, or who have no homes, it is desirable that, if normal in mind and body, and not requiring special training, they should be cared for in families whenever practicable. The' carefully selected foster home is for the normal child the best substitute for the natural home.
Page 356 - After children are placed hi homes, adequate visitation, with careful consideration of the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual training and development of each child on the part of the responsible home-finding agency, is essential. It is recognized that for many children foster homes without payment for board are not practicable immediately after the children become dependent, and that for children requiring temporary care only the free home is not available. For the temporary, or more or less...
Page 358 - The state should inspect the work of all agencies which care for dependent children 7. Inspection of Educational Work. Educational work of institutions and agencies caring for dependent children should be supervised by state educational authorities 8.

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