I.C.C. Practitioners' Journal, Volume 21, Issue 5

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Association of Interstate Commerce Commission Practitioners., 1954 - Carriers

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Page 403 - ... developing, coordinating, and preserving a national transportation system by water, highway, and rail, as well as other means, adequate to meet the needs of the commerce of the United States, of the Postal Service, and of the national defense. All of the provisions of this Act shall be administered and enforced with a view to carrying out the above declaration of policy.
Page 392 - January, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, it shall be unlawful for any such common carrier to haul or permit to be hauled or used on its line any car used in moving interstate traffic not equipped with couplers coupling automatically by impact, and which can be uncoupled without the necessity of men going between the ends of the cars.
Page 386 - car service' in this Act shall include the use, control, supply, movement, distribution, exchange, interchange, and return of locomotives, cars, and other vehicles used in the transportation of property, including special types of equipment, and the supply of trains, by any carrier by railroad subject to this Act.
Page 393 - SECTION. — One of two or more trains running on the same schedule displaying signals or for which signals are displayed. EXTRA TRAIN. — A train not represented on the Time-table.
Page 424 - For two or more carriers to consolidate or merge their properties or franchises, or any part thereof* into one corporation for the ownership, management, and operation...
Page 426 - It is the sense of the Congress that any work, service, publication, report, document, benefit, privilege, authority, use, franchise, license, permit, certificate, registration, or similar thing of value or utility performed, furnished, provided, granted, prepared, or issued...
Page 386 - There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays, And — every — single — one — of — them — is — right!
Page 395 - ... requirements of safety, what improved appliances or devices are available for use, and what improvements in power brakes and appliances may or should be made, to the end that increased safety in train operation may be obtained.
Page 396 - Commission, it shall be unlawful for any railroad company to use any car in interstate commerce that is not provided with secure grab irons or handholds in the ends and sides of each car for greater security to men in coupling and uncoupling cars.
Page 439 - If any tariff or schedule canceling any through route or joint rate, fare, . charge, or classification, without the consent of all carriers parties thereto or authorization by the Commission, is suspended by the Commission for investigation, the burden of proof shall be upon the carrier or carriers proposing such cancellation to show that it is consistent with the public interest, without regard to the provisions of paragraph (4) of section 15.

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