Publications of the Buffalo Historical Society, Volume 2

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Page 113 - An elegant sufficiency, content, Retirement, rural quiet, friendship, books, Ease and alternate labour, useful life, Progressive virtue, and approving Heaven!
Page 282 - York is not beyond some other States ; is it from other sources of industry additional to her produce? This may be; — or is it a moral superiority? — a sounder calculating mind, as to the most profitable employment of surplus, by improvement of capital, instead of useless consumption ? I should lean to this latter hypothesis, were I disposed to puzzle myself with such investigations ; but at the age of eighty, it would be an idle labor, which I leave to the generation which is to see and feel...
Page 273 - Hudson's river into lake Erie. As yet, my friend, we only crawl along the outer shell of our country. The interior excels the part we inhabit in soil, in climate, in everything. The proudest empire in Europe is but a bauble, compared to what America will be, must be, in the course of two centuries; perhaps of one...
Page 17 - Prompted by these actual observations, I could not help taking a more contemplative and extensive view of the vast inland navigation of these United States, and could not but be struck with the immense diffusion and importance of it, and with the goodness of that Providence which has dealt His favors to us with so profuse a hand. Would to God we may have wisdom enough to improve them.
Page 281 - October last, did recommend that the surplus money in the treasury, over and above such sums as could be applied to the extinguishment of the national debt, be appropriated to the great national objects of opening canals and making turnpike roads. And whereas the state of New York...
Page 298 - ... twelve and a half cents per bushel upon all salt to be manufactured in the western district of this state ; a tax of one dollar upon each steamboat passenger, for each and every trip or voyage such passenger...
Page 282 - here is a canal of a few miles, projected by General Washington, which, if completed, would render this a fine commercial city, which has languished for many years, because the small sum of...
Page 254 - Ocean' had in producing the discovery of America." The resolution introduced into the Assembly by Judge Forman, in 1808, resulted in directing the Surveyor-General to cause a " survey to be made of the rivers, streams and waters in the usual route of communication between the Hudson River and Lake Erie, and such other contemplated route as he may deem proper;" thus leaving the whole matter very much in his discretion: and that Mr.
Page 305 - Among the numerous topics of conversation, to which his prolific mind, and excursive imagination gave birth, was that of improving the means of intercourse with the interior of our state. He then mentioned the project of tapping Lake Erie, as he expressed himself, and leading its waters in an artificial river, directly across the country to the Hudson River.
Page 26 - Therefore, resolved, if the honorable the senate concur herein, that a joint committee be appointed to take into consideration the propriety of exploring and causing an accurate survey to be made of the most eligible and direct route for a canal, to open a communication between the tide waters of the Hudson river and Lake Erie, to the end that Congress may be enabled to appropriate such sums as may be necessary to the accomplishment of that great national object.

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