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INSURANCE. See Constitutional Law, VI, (B), 5; VI, (C), 3;
Taxation, I, 3; War Risk Insurance.

1. Regulation of Business. Power of State. Hartford Co. v.
Nelson Co., 352.

2. Statutory Provisions. Construction. “ Dividend additions”
in Texas statutes means paid-up insurance in addition to the face
of the policy and purchased with dividends. Williams v. Union
Central Co., 170.

3. Policy Provisions. Construction. Provisions which are clear
and definite, and upon which the calculations of the company are
based, should be maintained unimpaired by loose interpretations.

4. Id. Paid-up addition to policy; extended insurance dis-
tinguished. Id.

5. Life Insurance. Accidental Death. Excepted Risks. Insured
held to have been participating in transportation of explosives at
time of death, barring recovery. Travelers Assn. v. Prinsen, 576.

6. Accident Insurance. Cause of Injury. Death from sunstroke
held not effected solely by accidental external means; accidental
result and accidental means distinguished. Landress V. Phoenix
Ins. Co., 491.

7. Dividends. Lapse. Disposition of dividend on lapse of policy
for nonpayment of premium. Williams v. Union Central Co., 170.

8. Surrender Value. Dividend may not be applied, without
agreement with insured, to reduction of advances against surrender
value. Id.



Boundary Rivers Doctrine of Thalweg. See New Jersey v.
Delaware, 361.

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INTERSTATE COMMERCE ACTS. See Antitrust Acts; Consti-

tutional Law, II, 1-2; Federal Trade Commission; Jurisdiction,
1, 2; IV, 2–3.

Inland Waterways Act. Provision empowering Interstate Com-
merce Commission to fix rates provisionally, without notice, when
ordering connecting common carriers to join with water carrier in
through routes, etc., valid; proceeding to enjoin enforcement before
administrative process completed was premature. U.S. v. Illinois
Central R. Co., 457.

INTERSTATE COMMERCE. See Constitutional Law, II.

1. Interstate Character. Cotton stored in warehouse held with-
drawn from transportation and subject to local tax. Federal
Compress Co. v. McLean, 17.

2. Id. Parties can not by descriptive terms of contract convert
local business into interstate business protected by the commerce
clause. Id.

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Retirement. Compensation. Status of retired federal district or
circuit judge; compensation may not be reduced. Booth v. U.S.,

JUDGMENTS. See Antitrust Acts, 1; Jurisdiction, I, 1, 10.

1. Conclusiveness. Effect of judgment as to one neither party
nor privy. Chase Bank v. Norwalk, 431.

2. Id. Decree against mortgagor not binding on mortgagee
whose interest in property was acquired before suit. Id.
JUDICIAL NOTICE. See Constitutional Law, 1, 3; Evidence, 2.
JUDICIARY. See Constitutional Law, I, 10; IV, 4.
JURISDICTION. See Bankruptcy, 1-2; Constitutional Law, I,

7-8; IV; Death; Interstate Commerce Acts; Mandamus; States,
1; Workmen's Compensation Acts.

I. In General, p. 701.
II. Jurisdiction of this Court, p. 702.
III. Jurisdiction of Circuit Courts of Appeals, p. 702.
IV. Jurisdiction of District Courts, p. 702.
References to particular subjects under this title:

Administrative Remedies, I, 7.
Advisory Opinions, I, 1.
Allegations of Complaint, II, 2; IV, 1.
Circuit Courts of Appeals, II, 3-4; III, 1-2.
Complaint, IV, 1.
Declaratory Judgments, I, 1.
District Courts, I, 2–10; III, 2; IV, 1-5.
Diversity of Citizenship, I, 9; IV, 3.
Employers' Liability Act, IV, 2.
Evidence, III, 2.
Federal Questions, I, 2.

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Federal Trade Commission, III, 1.
Findings, I, 4; III, 2.
Injunction, I, 5–8; II, 2.
Judicial Code, I, 5.
Law of United States, IV, 3.
Local Question, I, 3.
Multifariousness, II, 2.
Personal Injuries, IV, 3.
Remand, II, 3-4.
Removal, IV, 5.
Safety Appliance Acts, I, 2; IV, 3.
Scope of Review, III, 1–2.
States, I, 3, 5–9; II, 2, 5-6; IV, 3.

Venue, IV, 2-3.
I. In General.

1. Advisory Opinions and Declaratory Judgments. See Alabama
V. Arizona, 286.

2. Federal Questions arising under Safety Appliance Acts.
Moore v. C. & 0. Ry. Co., 205.
3. Local Question. Meaning of state statute. Hartford Co. v.

Nelson Co., 352.

4. Findings. See U.S. v. Jefferson Electric Co., 386.

5. Injunction. Application of Jud. Code, $ 265, forbidding in-
junction by federal court to stay proceedings in state court. Chase
Bank v. Norwalk, 431.

6. Injunction. State Tax. Jurisdiction of federal court to en-
join imposition and collection of state tax, as affected by statutory
remedy in state court. City Bank Co. v. Schnader, 24.

7. Id. Rule that administrative remedies under state law must
be exhausted before federal court will entertain injunction against
state officers on constitutional grounds, held inapplicable. Id.

8. Id. Bill to restrain imposition and collection of state tax,
though appraisement had not been made, held not premature. Id.

9. Suits to Recover Taxes. Where courts of State permit action
at law to recover tax paid under protest, same remedy may be
pursued in federal court if requisite diversity of citizenship and
amount in controversy are involved. Id.

10. Judgments for Tax Refunds. Not to be dependent on fur-
ther administrative action. U.S. v. Jefferson Electric Co., 386. ,

II. Jurisdiction of this Court.

1. Advisory Opinions and Declaratory Judgments. See Alabama
V. Arizona, 286.

2. Suits Between States. Suit by State to enjoin other States
from enforcing statutes forbidding sale of convict-made goods; suf-
ficiency of allegations; bill held multifarious. Id.

3. Review of Decisions of Circuit Courts of Appeals. Where
Circuit Court of Appeals erroneously reversed judgment for want
of jurisdiction, cause remanded to it for consideration of other
questions presented. Moore v. C. & 0. Ry. Co., 205.

4. Id. Where Circuit Court of Appeals erroneously directed dis-
missal of suit without passing on merits, cause will be remanded
to it for further proceedings. Chase Bank v. Norwalk, 431.

5. Review of Judgments of State Courts. Federal questions
arising under Safety Appliance Acts. Moore v. C. & O. Ry. Co.,

6. Id. Decision of state court as to meaning of state statute is
binding here. Hartford Co. v. Nelson Co., 352.

III. Jurisdiction of Circuit Courts of Appeals.

1. Scope of Review. On appeal from order of Federal Trade
Commission. Federal Trade Comm'n v. Algoma Lumber Co., 67.

2. Id. On appeal from District Court in law case tried without
jury; reëxamination of evidence; adequacy of special findings.
U.S. v. Jefferson Electric Co., 386.
IV. Jurisdiction of District Courts.

1. Allegations of Complaint determine jurisdiction of District
Court. Moore v. C. & 0. Ry. Co., 205.

2. District Where Suit May be Brought. Action under Em-
ployers' Liability Act in connection with Safety Appliance Acts
may be brought in district where carrier is doing business. Id.

3. Id. Action under state statute against carrier for personal
injuries suffered by employee in intrastate commerce and caused by
violation of Federal Safety Appliance Acts was not action under
laws of United States; and, diversity of citizenship being present,
could be brought in district of plaintiff's residence. Id.

4. Conditional Judgment. U.S. v. Jefferson Electric Co., 386.

5. Removal from State Court. See Mandamus.
JURY. See Constitutional Law, VI, (B), 11.
LABORERS. See Constitutional Law, VI, (B), 7.


As to validity of California Alien Land Law, see Morrison v.
California, 82.

1. Lease. Covenants. Effect of covenant to indemnify landlord
for loss of rent upon bankruptcy of tenant. Manhattan Properties
v. Irving Trust Co., 320.

2. Rights of Landlord. Claim of landlord for future rent not
provable debt in bankruptcy. Id.

LEASE. See Landlord and Tenant.


Effect of in construction of statute. Manhattan Properties v.
Irving Trust Co., 320.

LEGISLATIVE POWER. See Constitutional Law.

Delegation. See U.S. v. Illinois Central R. Co., 457.

LIBERTY OF CONTRACT. See Constitutional Law, VI, (B), 6-7.

LICENSE. See Constitutional Law, I, 5.

LIENS. See Bankruptcy, 4.

LIMITATIONS. See Aliens, 3-4; Contractors' Bonds; Taxation,

I, 10–12.

LUMBER. See Federal Trade Commission, 4, 6, 8–10.


1. Mandamus at instance of trustee in bankruptcy to compel
District Court to take jurisdiction on removal of suit in state
court, denied. Ex parte Baldwin, 610.

2. Public Officers. Mandamus lies to compel payment of public
money where duty plainly imposed by Acts of Congress. Miguel v.
McCarl, 442.

MARRIAGE. See Evidence, 7-9.


1. Safety Devices. Duty of railroad company to protect em-
ployee engaged in intrastate commerce by use of appliances pre-
scribed by Federal Safety Appliance Acts. Moore v. C. & 0.
Ry. Co., 205.

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