Norwegian Immigrant Contributions to America's Making

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Harry Sundby-Hansen
International Press, 1921 - Norwegians - 170 pages

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Page 126 - The northern states try in every Congress to get the slave trade abolished in the southern states; but as the latter always oppose these efforts, and appeal to their right to settle their internal affairs themselves, there will in all likelihood come either a separation between the northern and southern states, or else bloody civil disputes.
Page 126 - An ugly contrast to this freedom and equality which justly constitute the pride of the Americans is the infamous slave traffic, which is tolerated and still flourishes in the southern states. In these states is found a race of black people, with wooly hair on their heads, who are called negroes, and who are brought here from Africa, which is their native country; these poor beings are bought and sold just as other property, and are driven to work with a whip or scourge like horses or oxen.
Page 13 - This volume was conceived by the general committee of the Norwegian group of the America's making exhibit and festival in New York, October 29 to November 12, 1921, and is designed to serve an educational purpose.
Page 94 - ... Catalog Statement Since 1882 the catalogs of Luther College in English have contained the following statement of the aim of the school: "The institution owes its origin to the growing demand for educated men who could preach the Word of Life to the rapidly increasing Norwegian population of this country. The chief aim of the College is to provide a liberal and thorough education for the young men who intend later to enter the ministry; but it welcomes any youth who desires to avail himself of...
Page 151 - Hektoen is professor and head of the department of pathology and bacteriology in the University of Chicago and director of the Memorial Institution for Infectious Diseases.
Page 3 - The committee was a most brilliant one. In it were found James Russell Lowell, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Thomas S. Appleton, Prof. EN Horsford, the Governor of Massachusetts, the Mayor of Boston and many other distinguished people. Funds were rapidly raised, and America's most distinguished sculptress, Miss Anne Whitney,* was engaged to produce in bronze a statue of Leif Erikson in heroic size. In due time the statue was...
Page 155 - His ancestors on his father's side participated in the Revolutionary war, the War of 1812, and the Mexican war.
Page 155 - ... raise the Regiment to the maximum, although I have no doubt of its being filled. All hail, Norsemen, descendants of the Vikings, let your hordes as in days of old, sweep down upon the south, crushing as with Thor's Hammer the southron who meets you on the field of battle.

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