The Brisbane Post Office Directory and Country Guide

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Watson and Ferguson, 1885 - Queensland

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Page 473 - ... or a line drawn through any report article or paragraph therein the printed title of such newspaper the printed names occupations and places of business of the printer publisher and vendor thereof the name occupation and address of the person to whom it is sent and the...
Page 498 - ... 0 Upon any transfer in whole or in part of any such mortgage...
Page 472 - Packets containing Returns of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths may be transmitted unstamped, the postage being paid on delivery, if marked as containing such Returns only, and signed by the Clergyman or the District Registrar transmitting them. Packets open at each end, containing Printed Reports of the Proceedings of any Benevolent, Religious, or Charitable...
Page 473 - Word or Communication printed on the Paper after its Publication, or upon the Cover thereof, nor any Writing or Marks upon it or upon the Cover of it, except the Name and Address of the Person to whom sent.
Page 484 - Collect," when the sender is known to the officer in charge of the despatching station, and guarantees, in writing, that in the event of the message not being paid for on delivery, it will be paid for on demand by the sender. In all such messages, the word " Collect " must be written by the sender as the last word of the message to be despatched, (r.
Page 498 - ... fraction of 50 which shall be due upon the security of such mortgage at the time of the transfer a further sum...
Page 497 - Passengers' cabin furniture and baggage, and passengers' personal effects (not including vehicles, musical instruments, glassware, chinaware, silver and gold plate, and plated goods, and furniture other than cabin furniture, which are imported with and by passengers bond fide, for their own personal use, and not imported for the purpose of sale).
Page 474 - There shall be no letter, either .closed or open, nor any enclosure, sealed or otherwise closed against inspection, sent in or with any such packet, nor shall there be any letter or any communication in the nature of a letter written or printed on the cover or envelope of any such packet.
Page 473 - Act to be posted, nor to bear postage stamps, but those sent by railway must,; to avoid being taken for ordinary letters, have, besides the words ' ' Consignees: Letter," the name and address of the sender legibly written or printed on the face thereof.
Page 474 - Should a packet be posted unpaid, or with a pre-payment of less than a single rate, or be enclosed in a cover not open at the ends or sides, or should it exceed the dimensions or weight specified, such packet will be sent to the Dead Letter Office, and returned to the writer.

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