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the other cases in conformity with its action in this single case. There may be, however, cases where the facts are substantially similar that might not come to the board's attention until presented by the department or the individual concerned.

Just for the information of the committee, under an interpretation of the Comptroller General, expressed in his letter answering the board's discussion of his original interpretation of the Welch Act, his view is that the board does not have the authority to consider the allocation of a position-it once having been allocated—unless the department or the employee himself brings it to the board's attention in the form of an appeal or request. If we were to follow that point of view, referring to your question, if an employee performing a certain kind of work in one department should appeal and the board should decide that that kind of work merited a higher grade, it could not go into another department and take the same kind of position there and advance it to a higher grade.

Mr. CRAMTON. I want to ask this one further question. You say that you have acted on nearly 6,000 cases and acted favorably on 40 per cent of them. In other words, about 2,400 individuals have had their salary status improved through appeals. I would like to know whether the number of persons who have had their status as to salary improved by those decisions was limited to 2,400 or whether by the action of those 2,400 cases several hundred more have likewise benefited, or do those other several hundred have to come in and give you an opportunity to act on their cases?

Mr. MOFFETT. Ordinarily I would say that they would have to come in.

Mr. FRENCH. Would not the bureau chiefs and the heads of departments regard the decision made as controlling over the many similar cases that would come up? Of course, as to a case that has already been passed upon, your answer would be correct, but as to the future, it would certainly be controlling, would it not?

Mr. MOFFETT. Yes; but it would have no effect until the action had been taken with respect to the particular position in each case. The action of the board on a particular request might put the bureau chief or the division chief on notice as to what the board's ruling would be in that kind of case, and would lead him on his own motion to present these other cases for the board's consideration. But in another department they might not know anything about it.

Mr. CRAMTON. But he could not of his own authority take care of those cases, he would have to bring them to you; that is the question ?

Mr. MOFFETT. Yes, sir.

Mr. FRENCH. Would not the department itself have authority to reconsider the case where the employee might feel himself aggrieved and yet feel that his case was on all fours with a case upon which you had passed, and request that a reconsideration be given to his case ? Would not that be done?

Mr. MOFFETT. Yes; the department is free to present that case to the board. It does not have the power of decision in itself.

Mr. Wood. That would only be a formal matter.

Mr. CRAMTON. You would dispose of it formally, but it would count in the number of cases disposed of.

Mr. MOFFETT. Yes, sir.
The CHAIRMAN. We are very much obliged to you, gentlemen.




Washington, January 24, 1929. MY DEAR MR. ANTHONY: Referring to your favor of December 5, 1928, with regard to the supplemental amounts which would be required in 1929 to meet the increases in compensation under the act of May 28, 1928 (Welch Act), I am sending you herewith statements containing the information which you desired for the use of your committee in connection with the consideration of the estimates. I send you my kind personal regards and best of wishes. Sincerely yours,

H. M. LORD, Director. Hon. D. R. ANTHONY, Jr., Chairman, Committee on Appropriations,

House of Representatives.

Supplemental estimate of appropriations required for the fiscal year 1929 to meet

the provisions of the act of May 28, 1928, amending the classification act of 1923

[blocks in formation]


7, 530.00

Executive Office:



Executive Mansion

$7, 530.00

7, 530.00

1, 754.00

12, 816.00

14. 570.00


7, 530.00


900.00 7,100.00 27, 450.00 17,780.00

900.00 7, 100.00 27, 450.00 17,780.00

0.00 7,100.00


27,000.00 17, 780.00




20, 680.00

20,680.00 20,680.00

1, 208.00

1, 208.00

1, 208.00

69, 088.00

20. 680,00

69, 088.00

American Battle Monuments Commission.
Board of Mediation, salaries and expenses.
Board of Tax Appeals, salaries and expenses.
Bureau of Efficiency, salaries and expenses.
Civil Service Commission:

Salaries, Civil Service Commission
Salaries, field force, Civil Service Commis-

Salaries and expenses, presidential post-
master examinations.

Commission of Fine Arts, salaries..
Employees' Compensation Commission, sal-

aries and expenses
Federal Board for Vocational Education:

Salaries and expenses.
Salaries and expenses, vocational rehabili-
tation of persons disabled in industry..


48, 408.00




22, 740.00 11,400.00 34, 140.00 34, 140.00
13, 600.00

13, 600.00

13, 600.00


4, 300.00


17, 900.00


17, 900.00


Supplemental estimate of appropriations required for the fiscal year 1929 to meet

the provisions of the act of May 28, 1928, amending the classification act of 1923-Continued

[blocks in formation]


85, 109.00

85, 109.00 1,000.00 84, 109.00 Tariff Commission, salaries and expenses.

51, 600.00

51, 600.00 600.00 51,000.00 U. S. Geographic Board...


100.00 U. S. Shipping Board, salaries and expenses. 7, 744, 00

7, 744.00 7,744.00 U.S. Veterans' Bureau, salaries and expenses... 539, 340.00 2,904,142.00 3,443,482.00 949, 330.00 2,494,152.00

Total, Executive Office and independ-
ent establishments.

1,751,000.00 3,096, 192.00 4,847,192.00 1,025,337.00 3,821,855,00


[blocks in formation]

Salaries, office of the Secretary

62, 599.00 4,800.00 67, 399.00 Compensation, mechanical shops and power plant.

22, 980.00

22, 980.00 Salaries and expenses, Office of Information 26, 229, 00

26, 229.00 Salaries and expenses, library

5, 580.00

5, 580.00 Salaries and expenses, Office of Experiment Stations,

9, 309.95 8, 694. 17 18, 004. 12 Salaries and expenses, Extension Service.

36, 260.00 3, 035.00 39, 295, 00 Salaries and expenses, Weather Bureau.

37, 340.00 123, 250.00 160, 590.00 Salaries and expenses, Bureau of Animal Industry

59, 347.00 186, 184.00 245, 531.00 Meat inspection, Bureau of Animal Industry 8, 540.00 367, 240.00 375, 780.00 Experiments and demonstrations in livestock production in the southern United States.

840.00 840.00 Eradication of foot-and-mouth and other contagious diesases of animals

2, 450.00 2, 450.00 Salaries and expenses, Bureau of Dairy Industry. 21, 390.00 3, 910.00 25, 300.00 Salaries and expenses, Bureau of Plant Industry. 115,573.00 70, 848, 00 192. 421.00 Salaries and expenses, Forest Service..

33, 412.00 346, 209.00 379, 621.00 Forest-fire cooperation.

2, 420.00 8, 482, 00 10, 902.00 Cooperative distribution of forest planting stock.


480.00 Acquisition of additional forest lands.

1, 610.00 7, 562.00 9, 202.00 Forest roads and trails.

3,300.00 49, 073.00 52, 373.00 Cooperative work, Forest Service.

5, 203.00 5, 203.00


2, 450.00 5,000.00 20, 300.00 35,000.00 157, 421,00 2, 100, 00 377, 521.00 1, 100.00 9, 802.00


9, 202.00 52, 373.00 5, 203.00

Supplemental estimate of appropriations required for the fiscal year 1929 to meet

the provisions of the act of May 28, 1928, amending the classification act of 1923_Continued

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Roads and trails for States..
Salaries and expenses, Bureau of Chemistry and

Salaries and expenses, Bureau of Entomology.
Salaries and expenses, Bureau of Biological Sur-

l'pper Mississippi River Wild Life Refuge.
Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.
Salaries and expenses, Bureau of Public Roads..
Cooperative construction of rural post roads.
Salaries and expenses, Bureau of Agricultural

Enforcement of the United States cotton futures

act and loited States cotton standards act. Enforcement of the United States grain stand

ards act. Administration of the United States warehouse

Enforcement of the standard container, hamper,

and produce agency acts.
Salaries and expenses, wool division
Operation of Center Market, Washington, D. C.
Salaries and expenses, Bureau of liome Eco-

Salaries and expenses, Plant Quarantine and

Control Administration.
Enforcement of the grain futures act.
Salaries and expenses, food, drug, and insecti-

cide administration.
Experiments in dairying and livestock produc-

tion in western United States. Salaries and expenses, seed loan office. European corn-borer control, special research,

1927-1929.. Investigation of mushroom diseases and insects..

Total, Agricultural Department...

Office of the Secretary: Salaries.
Radio division: Enforcement of wireless com-

munication laws... Aeronautics branch:

Aircraft in commerce
Air navigation facilities.

Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce:

Promoting commerce in Europe and other

Promoting commerce in Latin America.
Promoting commerce in the Far East.
Pro ting commerce in Africa
District and cooperative office service, De-

partment of Commerce..
Enforcement of the China trade act
Export industries, Department of Com-

merce.. Domestic commerce, Department of Com

merce. Compiling foreign trade statistics, Depart

ment of Commerce Lists of foreign buyers. Investigation of foreign trade restrictions...


[blocks in formation]

· This figure represents an increase of $7,900 over that given in the preliminary estimates and is made necessary by the reason that employees paid from this appropriation but working at the Bureau of Standards and Coast and Geodetic Survey were not included in the preliminary estimates.

Supplemental estimate of appropriations required for the fiscal year 1929 to meet

the provisions of the act of May 28, 1928, amending the classification act of 1923—Continued

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Bureau of Navigation:

Admeasurement of vessels.
Enforcement of navigation laws..
Salaries, shipping commissioners
('lerk hire, shipping service.
('ontingent expenses, shipping service.

Total, bureau.

Total, field.
Bureau of Standards:

Improvement and care of grounds
Testing structural materials.
Testing machines
Investigation of fire-resisting properties
Investigation of public utility standards
Testing miscellaneous inaterials.
Radio research.
(olor standardization.
Investigation of clay products.
Standardizing mechanical appliances.
Investigation of optical and other types of

Investigation of textiles.
Sugar standardization..
Gauge standardization..
Investigation of mine scales and cars.
Metallurgical research
High temperature investigations.
Sound investigation...
Industrial research.
Testing railroad track and other scales
Standardization of equipment.
Standard materials.
Investigation of radioactive substances

and X rays..
Utilization of waste products from the land.
Investigation of automotive engines.
Investigation of dental materials.

Bureau of Lighthouses:

General expenses, Lighthouse Service.
Salaries, keepers of lighthouses.
Salaries, lighthouse vessels.
Salaries, Lighthouse Service


56, 146.00

1, 431.00 18, 158.00 3, 003.00 2, 113.00 7, 297.00 3, 125.00 5, 972.00

950.00 2, 370,00 1,877.00

! 1, 900.00 3, 444,00 5, 067.00 2, 393.00

888.00 3, 474.00


S89.00 14, 527.00

2,085.00 13, 123.00


1,900.00 3, 441.00 5, 067, 00 2, 393. 00

888.00 3, 474.00


889.00 14, 527, 00

1, 909.00 13, 123.00


[blocks in formation]



[blocks in formation]
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