Public Documents of Massachusetts, Volume 1

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Page 49 - ... not to join or become a member of any labor organization, as a condition of such person or persons securing employment, or continuing in the employment of any such person or persons, employer or employers, corporation or corporations, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
Page 92 - State for the support of common schools, shall be applied to, and expended in, no other schools than those which are conducted according to law, under the order and superintendence of the authorities of the town or city in which the money is to be expended ; and such moneys shall never be appropriated to any religious sect for the maintenance, exclusively, of its own school.
Page 87 - When a medical examiner has notice that there has been found, or is lying within his county, the dead body of a person who is supposed to have come to his death by violence, he shall forthwith repair to the place where such body lies, and take charge of the same; and if, on view thereof and personal inquiry into the cause and manner of the death, he deems a further examination necessary, he shall...
Page 54 - Gas companies and electric light companies, whether such companies are organized under general laws or under special charters, and however authorized to issue capital stock and bonds, shall hereafter issue only such amounts of stock and bonds, as may from time to time, upon investigation by the board of gas and electric light commissioners be deemed and be voted by them to be reasonably requisite for the purposes for which such issue of stock or bonds has been authorized.
Page 595 - ... and the same shall be paid by the city or town into the treasury of the Commonwealth at the time required for the payment and as a part of its state tax.
Page 181 - If there has been any former application for a requisition for the same person growing out of the same transaction, it must be so stated, with an explanation of the reasons for a second request, together with the date of such application, as near as may be.
Page 62 - A city by ordinance, and a town by vote, may require the school committee annually to appoint a superintendent, who, under the direction and control of said committee, shall have the care and supervision of the public schools...
Page 92 - All moneys raised by taxation in the towns and cities for the support of public schools, and all moneys which may be appropriated by the commonwealth for the support of common schools shall be applied to, and expended in, no other schools than those which are...
Page 594 - Before the expiration of said term of five years, and every five years thereafter, the commissioners then appointed under said section eight of said act shall, in the manner directed in said act, determine the proportion in which each of the cities and towns of said district shall annually pay money into the treasury of the Commonwealth as aforesaid, for the ensuing term of five years, and shall return their award into said court ; and when said award shall have been accepted by said court the same...
Page 36 - The event or change of circumstances on which a law may be made to take effect must be such as in the judgment of the legislature affects the question of the expediency of the law, — an event on which the expediency of the law, in the judgment of the law-makers, depends. On this question of expediency, the legislature must exercise its own judgment definitively and finally.

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