The State Department Reports of the State of New York, Volume 17, Issues 97-102

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Decisions of the Public Service Commissions, Board of Claims, and Education Department; opinions of the Attorney-General; rulings of the Secretary of State, Comptroller, State Engineer, Commissioner of Agriculture, Superintendent of Banks, Superintendent of Insurance, Civil Service Commission, Conservation Commission, Commissioner of Excise and State Tax Commissioners, etc., etc.; and messages of the Governor.

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Page 570 - It is sufficient to say that an injury -is received 'in the course of' the employment when it comes while the workman is doing the duty which he is employed to perform. It arises ' out of ' the employment, when there is apparent to the rational mind upon consideration of all the circumstances, a causal connection between the conditions under which the work is required to be performed and the resulting injury.
Page 106 - That there is an element of value in an assembled and established plant, doing business and earning money, over one not thus advanced, is self-evident. This element of value is a property right, and should be considered in determining the value of the property, upon which the owner has a right to make a fair return when the same is privately owned although dedicated to public use.
Page 510 - Such reservoirs shall be constructed, owned and controlled by the state, but such work shall not be undertaken until after the boundaries and high flow lines thereof shall have been accurately surveyed and fixed, and after public notice, hearing and determination that such lands are required for such public use.
Page 567 - The lands of the State, now owned or hereafter acquired, constituting the forest preserve as now fixed by law, shall be forever kept as wild forest lands. They shall not be leased, sold or exchanged, or be taken by any corporation, public or private, nor shall the timber thereon be sold, removed or destroyed.
Page 403 - ... with due regard among other things to a reasonable average return upon the value of the property actually used in the public service and to the necessity of making reservation out of income for surplus and contingencies...
Page 291 - ... 12. Have power to require every gas corporation, electrical corporation and municipality to file with the commission and to print and keep open to public inspection schedules showing all rates and charges made, established or enforced or to be charged or enforced, all forms of contract or agreement and all rules and regulations relating to rates, charges or service used or to be used, and all general privileges and facilities granted or allowed by such gas corporation, electrical corporation...
Page 654 - An award or decision of the commission shall be final and conclusive upon all questions within its jurisdiction, as against the state fund or between the parties, unless within...
Page 107 - going value" for rate purposes as involved in this case to be the amount equal to the deficiency of net earnings below a fair return on the actual investment due solely to the time and expenditures reasonably necessary and proper to the development of the business and property to its present stage, and not comprised in the valuation of the physical property.
Page 123 - ... for the acquisition of property, or for the construction, completion, extension or improvement of its facilities, or for the improvement or maintenance of its service, or for the discharge or lawful refunding of its obligations...
Page 100 - The cost of reproduction less accrued depreciation rule seems to be the one generally employed in rate cases. But it is merely a rule of convenience and must be applied with reason.

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