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§ 65. Transfer of inmates to state hospital.— Any soldier or sailor regularly admitted into the home found to be insane, may be transferred by an order of the president and secretary of the board of trustees and the superintendent of the home to any state hospital for the insane, there to remain at the expense of the home until legally discharged, and such expense shall be paid out of the maintenance fund of the home, at the same rate as is charged for the support of the county insane.

§ 66. Annual report.— Such board shall, annually, on or before January fifteenth, make to the legislature a detailed report of all its receipts and expenditures and of all its proceedings for the previous year, with full estimates for the coming year verified by the president and treasurer.


$ 80. Fire protection of public buildings.— It shall be the duty of each superintendent or chief executive officer of each of the public institutions of the state, supported wholly or partly by the funds of the state, to provide that the following regulations for the protection of the inmates of said buildings and the buildings be complied with: There shall be provided a sufficient number of stand-pipes, with connections or outlets on each floor, to which a length of fire hose shall be attached, to properly proteci the entire floor surface. All fire hose must be tested at least once in three months under the direction of the engineer, and employees must be trained in its use. Not less than six portable fireextinguishers for each floor of each building, hand grenades and fire-pails kept constantly filled with water and used for no other purpose shall be provided. Bathtubs shall be kept filled with water during the night and pails ready for use placed near them. Suitable steps must be provided under windows used as exits to fire-escapes and all fire-escapes must be properly inclosed with wire netting. Wards of the state, if physically and mentally able, must be required to occasionally go up and down the outside iron stairways, which must be provided, in order to become accustomed to their use. If gas is used, the

pressure shall be regulated by governor that the flow may be as nearly uniform as possible. All swinging gas jets in closets, clothes-rooms, employees' rooms and in rooms occupied by wards of the state must be protected by wire screens. Gas stoves must be used only when absolutely necessary, and if used must be suitably inclosed with metal. Kerosene oil must not be used for lighting purposes unless the institution is not fully provided with gas or electric lights; and if such oil is used it must be of the highest fire test commercially obtainable. Candles must be used only in an emergency, and on the express authorization of the superintendent or chief executive officer. None but safety matches, or those which can be used only on a specially prepared surface, must be allowed in or about the institution, and, so far as possible, matches should be dispensed with and electric torches be supplied. All lanterns must be kept outside the buildings used for sleeping purposes, in charge of one person, who must regularly clean, replenish and distribute them. Painters' supplies and inflammable liquids of all kinds must not be stored in buildings occupied by wards of the state or employees. When oil or other inflammable substance is applied to floors, it must be applied only by persons ekilled in its application, and all articles used in applying such inflammable material must be carefully destroyed after use. All attics and basements must be constantly kept free from rubbish or articles not necessary to the proper conduct of the institution, and must be regularly swept, cleaned and all broken or needless articles promptly removed.

The moneys necessary to carry out the provisions of this section shall be supplied from the moneys annually appropriated for the maintenance of the above described institutions.


AN ACT to provide for the management of the Eastern New

York State Custodial Asylum, to be known hereafter as the “Letchworth Village," and for the admission and control of inmates therein.

Chapter 446, Laws of 1909. Section 1. The Eastern New York State Custodial Asylum, established by chapter three hundred and thirty-one of the laws of nineteen hundred and seven, as amended by chapter two hundren and ninety-two of the laws of nineteen hundred and eight, is hereby continued by the name and title of " Letchworth Village,in honor of William Prior Letchworth of Portage, New York, whose efficient public service in behalf of the feeble-minded, epileptic and other dependent unfortunates the state desires to commemorate.

§ 2. Appointment and terms of managers.—The Letchworth Village shall be under the control of a board of seven managers, to be appointed by the governor by and with the advice and consent of the senate. All such members shall be residents of this state. The terms of the managers appointed after the first seven shall be seven years, except that managers appointed to fill vacancies shall hold office for the unexpired terms of the managers whom they succeed. The term of office of one such manager shall expire on the first Tuesday in February in each year, and in the appointment of the first members of the board the governor shall designate one to serve one year, one to serve two years, one to serve three years, one to serve four years, one to serve five years, one to serve six years, and one to serve seven years. The governor may remove any manager at any time for cause, on giving to such manager. an opportunity to be heard. Such managers shall receive no compensation for their time or services, but the actual expenses necessarily incurred by them in the performance of their duties shall be paid in the same manner as the other expenses

of the village.

$ 3. General powers and duties of the managers.— The board of managers shall:

1. Have the general superintendence, management and control of the institution over which it is appointed, of the grounds and buildings, officers and employees thereof, of the inmates therein, and of all matters relating to the government and discipline, and shall make such rules and regulations as may seem to it necessary for carrying out the purposes of such institution.

2. Maintain an effective inspection of the affairs and manage ment of the village, for which purpose the board shall meet once in every month at the institution, and at such other times as may be prescribed in the by-laws, but the annual meeting of the board shall be held on the second Wednesday of October.

3. Keep in a book provided for that purpose a full and fair record of its doings which shall be open at all times for the inspec tion of the members and officers of the state board of charities, the fiscal supervior of state charities or any person or persons appointed by the governor or either branch of the legislature to examine the same, and shall forward monthly minutes of the meetings of the board and reports of its inspections, to the governor, the state board of charities and the fiscal supervisor, such reports to be signed by the managers present at the meetings.

4. Appoint from among its members a president, secretary and treasurer. The board shall also appoint a superintendent who shall hold office during the pleasure of the board, residing at the institution, and shall, subject to the provisions of the state finance law and the appropriations made annually by the legislature, fix the compensation of the officers and employees of the institution.

§ 4. Annual report.-- The board of managers shall make to the legislature in January of each year a detailed report with suitable suggestions and such other matter as may be required of them for the year ending on the thirtieth day of September preceding the date of such report.

§ 5. Temporary care of grounds and buildings.— Until the appointment of the managers in accordance with the provisions of this act, the commission appointed by the governor to select a site for the Eastern New York State Custodial Asylum under the provisions of chapter three hundred and thirty-one of the laws of nineteen hundred and seven, as amended by chapter two hundred and ninety-two of the laws of nineteen hundred and eight, shall be continued as a commission to care for and improve the lands, buildings and other properties of the Letchworth Village, and shall exercise to this extent all the powers of the board of managers for the purpose of preserving, protecting and developing the property and making the necessary arrangements for the opening of the institution at the earliest possible date.

§ 6. Transfer of functions.-Upon the appointment and organization of the board of managers provided for by section two of this act, the powers vested in the commission appointed to select the site in accordance with the provisions of said chapter three hundred and thirty-one of the laws of nineteen hundred and seven, as amended by chapter two hundred and ninety-two of the laws of nineteen hundred and eight, shall cease and determine, and the further work contemplated in such chapters three hundred and thirty-one of the laws of nineteen hundred and seven and two hundred and ninety-two of the laws of nineteen hundred and eight, shall be performed by the board of managers. provided for herein, and the said board of managers shall exercise all the powers conferred upon such commission in accordance with the terms of said acts.

§ 7. Buildings and improvements.—The board of managers of the Letchworth Village are authorized, empowered and required to proceed with the construction and equipment of all necessary and suitable buildings, including the heating, lighting, plumbing, laundry fixtures, and water supply, and of the sewage disposal plant therefor, as soon as appropriations are made for such purposes by the legislature, but the plans for all such buildings an: improvements shall be made by the state architect and the contracts for the erection of the said buildings and improvements shall be subject to the provisions of section forty-nine of the state charities law, constituting chapter fifty-seven of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine. The board of managers shall put the buildings and grounds of the village into proper condition for the reception of patients as rapidly as possible and shall utilize such of the existing buildings as it may deem suitable for the reception of inmates, and employ such inmates in work suited to their physical and mental condition so far as in the judgment of said board the same shall be feasible.

$ 8. General powers of the superintendent. The superintendent shall be the chief executive officer of the Letchworth Village, and subject to the by-laws, rules and regulations thereof and powers of the board of managers, shall:

1. Have control of the internal affairs and shall maintain discipline therein and enforce compliance with and obedience to all rules, by-laws, regulations and ordinances adopted by the said

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