Course of Ancient Geography: Arranged with Special Reference to Convenience of Recitation

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Page 318 - With Questions and Answers, and an Imitative ExerciM on each Chapter. With Notes by EA JOHNSON, Professor of Latin, in University of New York. New edition, enlarged, with a Lexicon, Historical and Geographical Index, etc.
Page 313 - Embracing the most recent Discoveries in the various Branches of Physics, and exhibiting the Application of Scientific Principles in Every-day Life. Adapted to use with or without Apparatus, and accompanied with Practical Exercises and numerous Illustrations, izmo.
Page 313 - REVISED, in view of recent discoveries in Physics, and the general acceptance of new theories respecting Heat, Light, and Electricity, the Correlation and Conservation of Forces, etc. The present Edition is in all respects an accurate exponent of the present state of science. Huxley and Youmans's Physiology.. The Elements of Physiology and Hygiene. A Text-Book for Educational Institutions. By THOMAS H. HUXLEY, FRS, and WILLIAM JAY YOUMANS, MD i2mo.
Page 317 - AND INSTITUTIONS OF ANCIENT AND MODERN NA TIONS. By THOMAS DEW, late President of the College of William and Mary. 8vo. Cloth, $2.00. No pains have been spared by the author to secure accuracy in facts and figures ; and in doubtful cases references are given in parentheses, so that the student can readily satisfy himself by going to original sources. The department of Modern History, too often neglected in works of this kind, has received special care and attention.
Page 317 - On examination, it will be found that more than ordinary labor hni been expended upon this work, and that the author has proceeded upon higher principles, and has had higher aims in view than historical compilers ordinarily propose to themselves. Instead of being a mere catalogue of events, chronologically arranged, it is a careful, laborious, and instructive digest of the laws, customs, manners, institutions, and civi lization of the ancient and modern nations.
Page 313 - Astronomy, accompanied with numerous Illustrations, a Colored representation of the Solar, Stellar, and Nebular Spectra, and Celestial Charts of the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.
Page 313 - Wrage's German Grammar: based on the Natural Method — Language before Grammar. Teaches German rapidly, pleasantly, and thoroughly. i2mo. 350 pages. Krusi's New Series of Drawing-Books : Teacher's Manual, and Synthetic Series of Inventive Drawing (4 Nos.), now ready. Something new and excellent — one of the most valuable and efficient of educational agencies. Send, for Catalogues and further information, to D. APPLETON & CO., 549 & 551 Broadway, NY D.
Page 316 - ... highest of all grammatical authority —has created for itself. 6. Topics which require extended illustration are first presented in their completeness in general outline, before the separate points are discussed in detail.
Page 317 - Events of minor importance are made to embarrass the memory by the confused method of their presentation to the mind ; history is studied by pages and not by subjects. In the wilderness of events through which the student is groping his way, he soon becomes lost and perplexed. The past is as obscure as the future. His lesson soon becomes an irksome task.
Page 319 - The characteristics of this volume are : precision, condensation, and luminous arrangement. It is precisely what it pretends to be — a manual, a sure and conscientious guide for the student through the crooks and tangles of Mediaeval History. All the great principles of this extensive period are carefully laid down, and the most important facts skilfully grouped around them.

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