Law Providing Aid to Dependent Children (Mothers' Pension Law) with the Opinions of the Attorney General Thereon and Statement of Expenditures

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Page 25 - This aid should be given by such methods and from such sources as may be determined by the general relief policy of each community, preferably in the form of private charity rather than of public relief. Except in unusual circumstances, the home should not be broken up for reasons of poverty, but only for considerations of inefficiency or immorality.
Page 55 - For the purposes of this act the words dependent child and neglected child shall mean any child who for any reason is destitute or homeless or abandoned; or dependent upon the public for support; or has not proper parental care or guardianship; or who habitually begs or receives alms; or who is found living in any house of...
Page 25 - Home life is the highest and finest product of civilization. It is the great moulding force of mind and character. Children should not be deprived of it except for urgent and compelling reasons.
Page 40 - ... association willing to receive it, embracing in its objects the purpose of caring for, or obtaining homes for dependent or neglected children, which association shall have been accredited as hereinafter provided.
Page 32 - The county board of each county shall annually appropriate a sum of money sufficient to carry out the provisions of sections 49.20 to 49.40, taking into account the money expected to be received during the ensuing year as state and federal aid.
Page 40 - When any child under the age of sixteen years shall be found to be dependent or neglected, within the meaning of this act, the court may make an order committing...
Page 53 - ... the custody of such children to properly care for the children and shall not exceed fifteen dollars per month for the first child...
Page 30 - The county board of each county which establishes an old age pension system shall annually appropriate a sum of money sufficient to carry out the provisions of this act.
Page 59 - Within ten days after such determination the county clerk of each county shall certify to the clerk of and charge to each such town, village and city the amount so advanced.
Page 12 - Ch. 113, said, in respect to statutes, the rule of construction seems to be that the word "may" means must or shall only in cases where the public interests and rights are concerned, and where the public or third persons have a claim, de jure, that the power shall be exercised.

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