A System of Geography, Popular and Scientific: Or A Physical, Political, and Statistical Account of the World and Its Various Divisions, Volume 6

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A. Fullarton and Company, 1832 - Geography

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Page 550 - An ordinance for ascertaining the mode of disposing of lands in the Western Territory...
Page 256 - The bete rouge lays the foundation of a tremendous ulcer. In a moment you are covered with ticks. Chigoes bury themselves in your flesh, and hatch a large colony of young Chigoes in a few hours. They will not live together, but every Chigoe sets up a separate ulcer, and has his own private portion of pus. Flies get entry into your mouth, into your eyes, into your nose ; you eat flies, drink flies, and breathe flies. Lizards, Cockroaches, and Snakes get into the bed; Ants eat up the books ; Scorpions...
Page 258 - ... that of the campanero and the pi-pi-yo ; it is then that, oppressed by the solar heat, the birds retire to the thickest shade, and wait for the refreshing cool of evening, ' At sundown the vampires, bats, and goat-suckers dart from their lonely retreat, and skim along the trees on the river's bank. The different kinds of frogs almost stun the ear with their hoarse and hollow sounding croaking, while the owls and goat-suckers lament and mourn all night long.
Page 258 - The different kinds of frogs almost stun the ear with their hoarse and hollow-sounding croaking, while the owls and goatsuckers lament and mourn all night long. About two hours before daybreak, you will hear the red monkey moaning as though in deep distress ; the houtou, a solitary bird, and only found in the thickest recesses of the forest, distinctly articulates,
Page 363 - The existence of these conical craters led us to conclude, that the boiling caldron of lava before us did not form the focus of the volcano; that this mass of melted lava was comparatively shallow; and that the basin in which it was contained was separated, by a stratum of solid matter, from the great volcanic abyss, which constantly poured out its melted contents through these numerous craters into this upper reservoir.
Page 228 - As soon as they discover him, they remove the coil of the lasso from behind them, and grasping it in the left hand, prepare the noose in the right, and dash off at full gallop, each swinging his lasso round his head. The first who comes within reach aims at the bull's horns, and when he sees, which he does in an instant, that the lasso will take effect, he stops his horse, and turns it half round, the bull continuing his course, till the whole cord has run out from the guasso's hand.
Page 321 - ... like a bird, and yet hops on its tail ; where the mole lays eggs, and has a duck's bill ; where there is a bird with a broom in its mouth instead of a tongue ; where there is a fish...
Page 257 - Meriam. An insect with eleven legs is swimming in your teacup, a nondescript with nine wings is struggling in the small beer, or a caterpillar with several dozen eyes in his belly is hastening over the bread and butter ! All nature is alive, and seems to be gathering all her entomological hosts to eat yon up, as you are standing, out of your coat, waistcoat, and breeches.
Page 363 - After walking some distance over the sunken plain, which in several places sounded hollow under our feet, we at length came to the edge of the great crater, where a spectacle, sublime and even appalling, presented itself before us —

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