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Page 4 - Rolleston, whilst questioning the propriety of this step, is forced to conclude that " there are organisms which at one period of their life exhibit an aggregate of phenomena such as to justify us in speaking of them as animals, whilst at another they appear to be as distinctly vegetable.
Page 42 - The sponge represents a kind of subaqueous city, where the people are arranged about the streets and roads in such a manner that each can easily appropriate his food from the water as it passes along.
Page 147 - Abdomen, without limbs, but carrying terminal appendages concerned in reproduction. which are usually more or less freely movable upon one another, and which never carry locomotive limbs, as is so commonly the case in the Crustacea. The extremity of the abdomen is, however, often furnished with appendages which are primarily connected with reproduction, but which are often converted into weapons of offence and defence. Of this nature are the " ovipositors " of ichneumons, the stings of bees and wasps,...

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