The Journal of the Alumni Association of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Volumes 11-12

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The Association, 1908 - Medical colleges

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Page 91 - The President of the American Gynecological Society has appointed a committee to report at the next annual meeting in Washington, on the present status of obstetrical teaching in Europe and America, and to recommend improvements in the scope and character of the teaching of obstetrics in America.
Page 36 - And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered but rather grew worse, 27 When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.
Page 30 - ... the bottom of a glass vessel). Under normal conditions the beadstring appears after one or two days. It is then rinsed in cold water and examined. If digestion is normal we find that catgut, meat and potato (except the skin) disappear entirely, thymus and fat almost entirely, whereas the fish-bone usually disappears, but occasionally it may be present. The nuclei of the thymus always disappear. In pathological conditions deviations from the normal are observed, not only in regard to the time...
Page 45 - Nation can not afford to lag behind in the world-wide battle now being waged by all civilized people with the microscopic foes of mankind, nor ought we longer to ignore the reproach that this government takes more pains to protect the lives of hogs and of cattle than of human beings.
Page 30 - A NEW METHOD OF TESTING THE FUNCTIONS OF THE DIGESTIVE APPARATUS. Einhorn (Therapeutic Gazette, January, 1908) submits a method for investigating the functions of the intestinal tract, the principle of which is the administration of test substances with the food and observation of the effects of the digestive fluids upon these substances. Practically this test is made as follows: Patients are given in a gelatin capsule a string of beads with the following substances attached thereto: catgut, flsh-bone,...
Page 92 - It emphasizes, too, the futility of trusting to chance that the extract of a crude drug contains what the practitioner supposes it to contain and what it ought to contain. It is a healthy sign that manufacturers of medicines — some of them at least — are giving serious thought to this matter of standardization. It is cause for gratulation that the largest producers of medicinal products in the world consider the subject of sufficient importance to make it the basis of an expensive promotion campaign....
Page 124 - Trade is occupation for the joy of the result; profession is occupation for joy in the process. Trade is occupation where anybody may enter; profession is occupation where only those who are prepared may enter. Trade is occupation taken up temporarily until something better offers; profession is occupation with which one is identified for life. Trade makes one the rival of any other trader; profession makes one the co-operator with all his colleagues. Trade knows only the ethics of success; profession...
Page 29 - smoke shall vex his eyes, their voices break his rest; He shall go forth till south is north, sullen and dispossessed; He shall desire loneliness and his desire shall bring Hard on his heels, a thousand wheels, a people and a king. "He shall come back on his own track, and by his scarce cool camp, There shall he meet the roaring street, the derrick and the stamp; For he must blaze a nation's way with hatchet and with brand, Till on his last won wilderness an empire's bulwarks stand.
Page 92 - Two specimens of fluid extract of digitalis, for example, may look precisely alike. One, upon administration, may exhibit a wholly satisfactory therapeutic action; the other, given under precisely the same conditions, may prove to be practically inert. Lack of uniformity in the crude drug, and absence on the other hand of an adequate method of assay, account for the singular discrepancy. And this serves to show the necessity of standardized remedial agents if we would proceed in the treatment of...
Page 29 - VOORTREKKER The gull shall whistle in his wake, the blind wave break in fire. He shall fulfil God's utmost will, unknowing his desire. And he shall see old planets change and alien stars arise, And give the gale his seaworn sail in shadow of new skies, Strong lust of gear shall drive him forth and hunger arm his hand, To win his food from the desert rude, his pittance from the sand. His neighbours' smoke shall vex his eyes, their voices break his rest.

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