Exposition O. Tassaert au bénéfice de l'Association des artistes peintres, sculpteurs, graveurs, etc: ouverture: le mardi 29 décembre 1885

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Impr. Vve. Renou et Maulde, 1849 - 37 pages

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Page 217 - Jeffreidos,' on a battle between him and a turkey cock ; and in 1638 was published a very small book, called
Page 39 - George: these four to be painted with the finest oyle colours, in the richest, finest and freshest clothings that may be made of fine Gold, Azure of fine purpure, of fine white and other finest colours necessary, garnished, bordered and poudered in the finest and curiousest wise...
Page 239 - In June, 1614, I bargained with Sir Walter Butler for to make a tomb for the Earl of Ormond, and to set it up in Ireland ; for the which I had well paid me £100 in hand and £300 when the work was set up at Kilkenny, Ireland.
Page 314 - They really increase in proportion to the size of the canvas on which they are to be displayed. His superiority is not seen in easel pictures, nor even in detached parts of his greater works ; which are seldom eminently beautiful. It does not lie in an attitude, or in any peculiar expression, but in the general effect, in the genius which pervades and illuminates the whole.
Page 39 - Image, perfectly made and layd, and all the ornaments, in good order, besides the cost of the said workmen to Warwick, and working there to lay the Image, and besides the cost of the carriages, all which are to be born by the said executors, in total xl. li.
Page 163 - My onley hopes was in this goodly tree, Which I did plant in love, bring up in care But all in vaine, for now to late I see The shales be mine, the kernels others are My musique may be plaintes, my musique teares, If this be all the fruite my love-tree bcares.
Page 85 - Imitations of original Drawings by Hans Holbein, in the Collection of His Majesty, for the Portraits of Illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry VIII. with biographical Tracts. Published by John Chamberlaine, Keeper of the King's Drawings and Medals.
Page 250 - Here lyeth ye body of Mr. Robert Smithson, Gent., Architecter and Surveyor unto the most worthy House of Wollaton, with diverse others of great account.
Page 81 - A portrait by Holbein ; admirable for its truth and precision, and extremely well coloured. The blue flat ground which is behind the head gives a general effect of dryness to the picture : had the ground been varied, and made to harmonise more with the figure, this portrait might have stood in competition with the works of the best portrait painters.
Page 88 - Holbein has placed his own head in one corner of the picture. Vertue has engraved it. This picture, it is believed, was not completed by Holbein, both he and the king dying immediately after the donation.

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