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Page 15 - That whenever there are already two or more members of a family in the public service in the grades covered by this act, no other member of such family shall be eligible to appointment to any of said grades.
Page 29 - Statutes provides that persons honorably discharged from the military or naval service by reason of disability resulting from wounds or sickness incurred in the line of duty shall be preferred for appointments to the civil offices, provided they are found to possess the business capacity necessary for the proper discharge of the duties of such offices.
Page 47 - This treaty shall be ratified by the President of the United States of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof; and by the President of the Mexican republic, with the previous approbation of its general Congress ; and the ratifications shall be exchanged in the city of Washington, or at the seat of government of Mexico, in four months from the date of the signature hereof, or sooner if practicable.
Page 47 - The private property of all citizens or subjects of the signatory Powers, with the exception of contraband of war, shall be exempt from capture or seizure on the high seas, or elsewhere by the armed vessels or by the military forces of any of the said signatory Powers. But nothing herein contained shall extend exemption from seizure to vessels and their cargoes which may attempt to enter a port blockaded by the naval forces of any of the said Powers.
Page 17 - This subject will embrace problems in fundamental rules, fractions, percentage (interest and discount), and analysis. [NB — In solving problems the processes should be not merely indicated, but all the figures necessary in solving each problem should be given in full. The answer to each problem should be indicated by writing
Page 3 - In making removals or reductions, or in imposing penalties for delinquency or misconduct, in the state service or city service penalties like in character shall be imposed for like offenses and action thereon shall be taken irrespective of the political opinions or affiliations of the offenders.
Page 67 - Spelling. Spelling is dictated by the examiner. The words are written by the competitor in the blank spaces indicated on the first sheet of the examination. All words should be commenced with capital letters. The examiner pronounces each word and gives its definition as printed below.
Page 43 - Heads of departments, bureaus, and all other public officers having any duty connected therewith, will be expected to enforce the Civil Service law fully and without evasion. Beyond this obvious duty I hope to do something more to advance the reform of the Civil Service.
Page 90 - First-grade subjects.— 1. SPELLING: Twenty words of mo,re than average difficulty. 2. ARITHMETIC: Fundamental rules, fractions, percentage, interest, discount, analysis, and statement of simple accounts. 3. PENMANSHIP: Rated on legibility, rapidity, neatness, and general appearance. 4. REPORT WRITING: Test in writing in letter form a report not more than 200 words in length, summarizing and arranging in logical order a series of facts included in a given statement of 400 or 500 words. 5. COPYING...
Page 43 - ... officer, and I shall expect those whom I may appoint to justify their selection by a conspicuous efficiency in the discharge of their duties. Honorable party service will certainly not be esteemed by me a disqualification for public office, but it will in no case be allowed to serve as a shield of official negligence, incompetency, or delinquency. It is entirely creditable to seek public office by proper methods and with proper motives, and all applicants will be treated with consideration ;...

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