Highways of Commerce: The Ocean Lines, Railways, Canals, and Other Trade Routes of Foreign Countries

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1899 - Trade routes - 990 pages

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Page 7 - That the value of foreign coins, as expressed in the money of account of the United States, shall be that of the pure metal of such coin of standard value," and that "the value of the standard coins in circulation of the various nations of the world shall be estimated annually by the Director of the Mint, and be proclaimed on the 1st day of January by the Secretary of the Treasury.
Page 15 - Decimeter (Mo meter) equals 3.937 inches. Meter equals 39.37 inches. Decameter (10 meters) equals 393.7 inches. Hectometer (100 meters) equals 328 feet 1 inch.
Page 7 - United States gold, and a smaller number of grains in proportion. When a country has the double standard, but keeps its full legal-tender silver coins at par with gold, the coins of both gold and silver are calculated on the basis of the gold value. "The value of the standard coins of countries with the single silver standard is calculated to be that of the average market value of the pure metal they contained during the three months preceding the date of the proclamation of their value in United...
Page 7 - VALUES OF FOREIGN COINS AND CURRENCIES. The following statements show the valuation of foreign coins, as given by the Director of the United States Mint and published by the Secretary of the Treasury, in compliance with the first section of the act of March 3...
Page 15 - Deciliter (-[*,, liter) equals 6.1022 cubic inches. Liter equals 0.908 quart. Decaliter (10 liters) equals 9.08 quarts. Hectoliter (100 liters) equals 2.838 bushels. Kiloliter (1,000 liters) equals 1.308 cubic yards. Metric liquid measures.
Page 21 - There were at the same period lines of a total length of 1,996 miles in course of construction, and 3,000 miles more had been surveyed, and concessions granted by the Government. Partly included in the latter class...
Page 15 - Decigram (-fa gram) equals 1.5432 grains. Gram equals 15.432 grains. Decagram (10 grams) equals 0.3527 ounce. Hectogram (100 grams) equals 3.5274 ounces. Kilogram (1,000 grams) equals 2.2046 pounds. Myriagram (10,000 grams) equals 22.046 pounds. Quintal (100,000 grams) equals 220.46 pounds. Millier or tonnea — ton (1,000,000 grams) equals 2,204.6 pounds. Metric dry measures. Milliliter (y^Vtf liter) equals 0.061 cubic inch. Centiliter (yJ-B liter) equals 0.6102 cubic inch. Deciliter (^ liter) equals...
Page 165 - Where a consignment of milk is less than 12 gallons, the Company shall be entitled to charge as for 12 gallons, and where a consignment of perishable merchandise comprised in Divisions II. or III. is less than one hundredweight, the Company shall be entitled to charge as for one hundredweight, with a minimum charge of Is.
Page 545 - ... the burden of proving that such lower charge or difference in treatment does not amount to an undue preference shall lie on the railway company.
Page 819 - President is hereby authorized through said commission to employ in said service any of the engineers of the United States army at his discretion, and likewise to employ any engineers in civil life, at his discretion, and any other persons necessary for the proper and expeditious prosecution of said work.

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