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International Labor Conference..

The National Industrial Conference.

Office of the Secretary....

The Division of Conciliation.

Administration of dispute in the copper industry-California

oil settlement The New York Harbor situation, Jurisdic-

tional disputes in building trades—Textile strikes, Lowell,

Mass., and Manchester, N. H.-Bridge shops, St. Louis,

Mo.-Magnolia Petroleum Co., Beaumont, Tex.-McEwen

Manufacturing Co., Tulsa, Okla.—Mooresville Cotton Mills,

Mooresville, N. C.-Milk drivers, Chicago, Ill.-Kelleys

Island Lime & Transport Co. settlement-Rath Packing

Co., Waterloo, Iowa.-Machinists, Niagara Falls, N. Y.,

Tonawanda, N. Y., and Bradford, Pa.—Bakersfield & Kern

Electric Railway Co.-Building trades, Memphis, Tenn.-

Georgia Railway & Power Co., Atlanta, Ga.-Cleveland

building trades-Nordyke & Marmon Co., Indianapolis,

Ind.-Dubuque Boat & Boiler Co., Dubuque, Iowa-

Building trades, Sharon, Pa.--Steacy-Schmidt Manufac-

turing Co., York, Pa.—Building trades, tri-cities Textile

workers, Passaic, N. J.-Mahoning & Shenango Railway &

Light Co.-Pittsburgh Street Railway Co.-British Ministry

of Food in the United States v. Chicago Egg Inspertors'

Union.-Restaurant and theater employees, Washington,

D. C.-Meat-packing industry in Chicago.--Summary.


War Labor Administration...

National War Labor Board..

Origin and functions—Disposition of cases—Analysis of the

work of the board by monthsExecutive sessions of the

board-Scope of board's awards—Origin of cases Execution

of awards—Hearings by board and examiners Special

field representatives-Administration of awardsOrganiza-

tion of staff-Special reports and archives-Discontinuance

of the board.

Division of Negro Economics...

Origin and functions Method of organization-Conferences

and field organization-Report on Negro Migration, 1916–17

-Samples of work accomplished.

War Labor Policies Board..

Origin and functions—Elimination of labor turnover-Adop-

tion of uniform standards—Industrial exemptions—Wage

stabilization-Profiteering—Employment of women-Plant

surveys-Abolition of the board.



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