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Office of the Secretary-Continued.
War Labor Administration-Continued.

Woman in Industry Service.....

Origin and functions.

Activities during the war, July 16 to November 11, 1918......,

Council on Women in Industry— Recruiting women for new

occupations-Standards governing the employment of

women in industry-Hazardous occupations—The problem

of night work-State labor laws during the war,

-Wages and

industrial relations—Training relations with employers and

workers-Public interest in women's work-Lack of statis-

tics concerning women in the war industries.

Activities after the signing of the armistice on November 11......

Labor legislation-Wages after the war—The Federal Gov-

ernment as an employer of women-Negro women in in-

dustry-Displacement of women workers-Home work in

Bridgeport-Public interest--Permanent status for Women's


Investigation and Inspection Service..

Origin and functions.

United States Training Service..

Origin and functions-Organization-Activities of the service.

Information and Education Service...

Origin and functions-Organization.

War period.......

Educational Division-Method of distribution-Extent of

distribution-Information Division--Conference of speakers

-Motion pictures-Industrial Plants Division-Division of

Economics-Poster Division.


Effect upon building-Employers' Industrial Commission-

Conference of governors and mayors.

Bureau of Industrial Housing and Transportation....

Organization-Purpose-Utilization of existing facilities-

Commandeering of vacant houses-Assistance in private

construction of houses--Solving the problem through trans-

portation-Measures preceding house construction-Ac-

quisition of land-Planning the house and environs-Letting

of contracts—Field organization and procurement of ma-

terialsEffect of the armistice on the housing program-

Rental policy.

Statistics of operation...

Disposition of materials—Reduction of personnel—Cancella-

tion and modification of contracts-Adjustment of claims.

Preparation of the final report....

Disposal of the records of the Housing Corporation.

Commission on Living Conditions..

Origin and functions-History-Special work in Washington,

The Community Service-Postwar activities Finances.

Working Condition Service...

Origin and functions.

War work....


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