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PLYMOUTH, Dec. 22, 1834.


Sır: In obedience to a vote of the Trustees of the Pilgrim Society, I have the pleasure to make the following communication:

At a meeting of the Trustees of the Pilgrim Society, holden in Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1834,

· VOTED, That the thanks of the Trustees be presented to the Rev. GEORGE W. BLAGDEN, for his interesting and eloquent Discourse, delivered this dayand that a copy be requested for publication.'

With great esteem and regard,

I am, Sir,

Very respectfully,

JNO. B. THOMAS, Cor. Sec. Pil. Soc.


THE occasion on which I speak is not scanty of materials for an address like this. It is impossible for any one, acquainted with the history of New England, to stand on this rock, and look on these scenes, unmoved. The greatest difficulty arises from the multitude of thoughts and feelings which crowd in upon the mind, and render it hard to meet the interest already excited ;-a difficulty increased by the fact, that some of the first intellects in our land have devoted to this subject their noblest contemplations.

It is a characteristic feature in the history of man, that great effects frequently, I may say generally,—proceed from comparatively slight causes. The fame of the most renowned individual may be the result, principally, of a single act of his life, performed in a few moments, though the whole period of his past existence may have been an unconscious preparation for that hour. The glory of the most celebrated nations of the world may be often traced, not so much to a long series of brilliant achievements, as to some isolated acts clearly and gloriously exhibiting the influence of great principles. On this account, a thing may be intrinsically small, but relatively magnificent,-as the centre of a circle is but a point, while the sweep of its circumference may include the in

finite of space.

It is in this light that I am fond of contemplating the landing of the Pilgrim fathers. The transaction was, in itself, compared with other events in the diversified history of man, of little moment. A few wearied men and women, wanderers from their country, and kindred, and father's house ; with circumscribed

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