The Reminiscences of an Old Traveller Throughout Different Parts of Europe

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Page 123 - Where the bleak Swiss their stormy mansion tread, And force a churlish soil for scanty bread; No product here the barren hills afford, But man and steel, the soldier and his sword...
Page 136 - After he came of age, and took the reins of government into his own hands, he accompanied Turenne to the siege of Arras, where Conde was defeated.
Page 235 - Ropsha early in the present century, and saw the room and furniture in the same state they were in at the time of the horrid tragedy I have described.
Page 70 - L'Eglise Romaine avoit detruit, autant qu'il est possible, les principes de justice que la nature a mis dans tous les homines. Ce seul dogme, qu'au Pape appartient la souverainete de tous les empires, renversoit les fondemens de toute societe, de toute vertue politique.
Page 50 - D' erbe novelle e di novelli amori ; Tu torni ben , ma teco Non tornano i sereni E fortunati di delle mie gioie : Tu torni ben , tu torni ; Ma teco altro non torna , Che del perduto mio caro tesoro La rimembranza misera e dolente...
Page 280 - ... sands, as Zembla's snows ; Glows in the tiger's den, the serpent's nest, On every form of varied life imprest. The social tribes its choicest influence hail : — And when the drum beats briskly in the gale, The war-worn courser charges at the sound, And with young vigour wheels the pasture round.
Page 62 - This towering edifice is constructed of three different arches, and terminated by a range of pillars : the first is of the Doric order, the second Ionic, and the two last Corinthian.
Page 43 - Burger had thus painted the ghostly career : " Und hurre, hurre, hop, hop, hop, Gings fort in sausendem Galopp, Dass Ross und Reiter schnoben, Und Kies und Funken stoben.
Page 234 - The seventh day after our accession to the throne of all the Russias, we received information that the late emperor, Peter III., by means of a disorder to which he was subject, was attacked with a most violent griping cholic.
Page 241 - Towards the end of the Emperor's reign two English travellers of some pretension arrived in the capital. Dr Clarke and his companion, Mr Cripps, the...

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