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London & North-Western Ry

Co v Keighlnv act Womersley v Whitehead act Spenoe v Da Bedat act

(Deo 1)

Conolan v Leyland act (Liverpool)

Caradus v Parker act (arose

exam on affidavits Snowdon v Richardson aot Taylor v Peel act Mackintosh v Chalmers act

(not 10) Gray v Dixon issue Bell T Hundred of Hoo By Co


Corbett v Bowers act

In re Hall, deed Watmongh

v Smith act Monarch Investment Bldg Soo

T Peace aot Whitfield v New Quay Local

Board (Cornwall) act Smith v North Staffordshire

Ry Co act Carpenter v Stevens aot Griffiths v The Silicate Paint

Co act Stevenson v Hooper ad sums

with wits by order In the Carriage Co-operative

Supply Association motn

with wits by order Herring v Erie Ry Co (1881—

H—337) act Hutohins v Butler motn to be

treated as trial of act with

wits by order In re J. Reed pet with wits

by order May v Thompson act Clarke v Fox not Butler v Butler act Indemnity Fire Office lim d v

Cousins act

Bowen v Fraser ait
Snowdon Slate Quarries Co

limd v Griffith act ft m f j
Bnss v Rlobardson aot
Wilson v Lavingtou act
Bertram v Garbntt act
Prowac v Marks aot oross-exm

on affidavits Wooler v North Eastern Ry.

Co act Walker v Cooke act Macon v Eimber aot Press v Reeve ast Grey v Burn aot In re Taylor, deed. Jones v

Edwards act Thomas v Foster act Bird v Johns act Watts v Millburn act Shirley v Fisher act Moody v Phipps act Eyre V Stanley act Fiehburn v Smith act Brockhill v Elphick ant Ware v L. B. & S. C. Ry. Co.


Evershed v Evershed act
Harwood v Whincop act
In re William Hall, deod. Ball

v Hall act v Overton act
Dale v Purnell act
In re Cowper, deod. Souohon

v Cowper act Wyatt v Caygill act Warner v Jacobs act Monaell v Brooks act Brill v Maple aot & m f j United States Rolling Stock

Co v Bisohofftheim act Ransome v Graham act Pay ton v Craven Bank lmd. act

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In re The General Credit and Discount Co, limd, and Wesson & V & P Aet adj sums

In re Vaughan's Estate Armstrong v Purvis adj Bums

Lever v B»*h act

Bradley v Tindal act

In re John Hodgson & ors (Trade Marks Registration Act.) adj sums

In re Caapu an's Estate Chapman, Oakes & Co-'s claim adj sums

In re John Brown's Estate (Vicker's claim) adj rami

In re Trevelyan, deod Perceval v Trevelyan aot

HixUll v Harvey aot

In re Sparling, deed Sparling v Jones sp o & m f j

In re Walker, deed Anderson v Piokard act

In re Rusaell, deed Russell v Chell question of law

Tennant v Bechervaise adj sums

In re Henry Smith's Charity,

Hartlepool adj sums In re Bannister & Co adj

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N.B.—The above Liat contains Csnses set down to Tuesday,

Ootober 25th, inclusive.

For Argument.

Middlesex, Nowcll v Williams (part beard. May 15, », 17. and S,

laaO), boforo Lord Coleridge, and Grove and Lopes, JJ

Lord Uoleridse, CJ

Liverpool, Starr and another v'Bollond stands over Field, J Middlesex, Taylor, trading, Ac v Hodgkinson and anr part heart

stands for arrangement Lopes, J

Official Referee, H. W. Verey, Esq., The Midland Railway Co v
Powis and Co (motn for judgt) stands over until order niai to
set aside official referee's report is argued
London, Kecius v Copelin Stephen, J

Middlesex, Ashman v Strong Lmdler, J

London, Goodwin v Leckio Williams, J

London, Judklns and ore v Pallon and anr Denman, J

Middlesex, Nordberg, trading, Ac v Trade Auxiliary Co, Id tStnWik


Middlesex, Hand and anr, executrix, Ao v Quinn

London, Howlett v Garnham

Middlesex, Soear v Cohon and anr

Middlesex, Hicks v Faulkner

Middlesex, Muspratt v Hussev

London, Simpson v Moon ami Co

Middlesex, White v Hill

Middlcaex, Clark v Worthington

Middleact, Leo v London and South-Western Ry Co

London, London and County Banking Co, Id v Card

Middlcaex, Barrow v Smith

Middlesex, Wyatt v Partridge

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Middlesex, Austin, junr, v Bowerman
Middlesex, Smith v Marquis of Huntly
Middlesex, Adams v Reeve and ore
Middlesex, Gunning and anr v Tanner, clerk
Middlesex, Umfriville v Lee
Middlesex, Gibbs v Clark
Middlesex, j Hfckisson and anr v Bond |

Field, J Lindley, J Lindlov, J Field, J Lindloy, J Lindley, J

\ Bond v Hickisson and anr ( Lindley, J

Essex, Visct Ranelagh and anr, trustees, &c, r Waller Denman, J Middlesex, Prudential Assurance Co, Id v Western Provident Association, ana another Field, J Middlesex, Langton v Earl of Ashburnham Field, J Middlesex, Ratcliff v Mole Lindley, J Kent, Lcage and anr v Higgins and ors Bramwoll, LJ Chester, Littler and Wife v London and North-Western Ry Co

Baggallay, LJ

Middlesex, Clarke v Bradlaugh Grove, J

SPECIAL PAPER. Davis v Prosser Dem to statement of defence stands ovor until

issues in fact are tried
Levite v Fowler Dem to statement of claim

Burke v Rooney (before two judges) SC
Brown v Palmer and others Dem to statement of defonce
Cook v Gooch and ors Dem of deft Mauley to statement of claim
Van den Bok v Rcid Dem to statement of defence
King and Co v Mayor, Aldermen, &c, of the borough of Leamington
■ (before two judges) SO
Kogers v Gerrish Dem to par 9 of statement of claim
•<*orbett v Palmer Dem to lirst six pars of statement of claim
Beckett and Co v Addyman Dem to statement of claim
Brown v Great Western Ry Co (before two judges) SC
Austin v Pcrcival and anr Dem to statement of claim
Heachcroft and anr v Fanshawe Dem to statement of claim
Foster v Heniington Derar to statement of claim
Sturge and ors v Tophata and ors Demr of defendant Moseley to

statement of claim Jjognn and or*» v Great Northern and London and North-Western

Joint Committee (before two judges) SC Powell and anr v Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co, Id (before two

judges) SC Dreyfuss v Khrcnbacher Dem to plaintiff's reply Gibbs v Guild Dem to sub-pars A, B, C, D, B, and F of the

second par of the plaintiff's reply Dainton and ors v Rimcll Demr to statement of defence JBoper v The Universities Co-operative Association, Id Demr to

plaintiff's amended statement of claim Cory and Sons v Bure (before two judges) SC <iibbs v Guild Dem to 3 pars of def t's rejoinder or special rejoinder Towns v Robinson Dem to statement of claim Gregory v Wilson and anr Dem of statement of defence The County of Gloucester Bank, Id v Athawes Dem to st of defence Kitchin v Mycock (before two judges) SC Williams v Harper Dem to notice in lieu of statement of claim and

writ of summons

Mersey Steel and Iron Co v Naylor and Co Dem to six pars of

plaintiff's defence to counter-claim Mayor, &c, of Portsmouth v Smith and ors Dem to statement of


5?ame v Moody Dem to 3rd par of statement of defence Barrett v Hart and anr. executors, &o Dem to amended claim Hemmings v London, Brighton, and South Coast Ry Co Dem to

statement of defence Hale and anr v Bonstead and anr,trading, &c Demtostmtof claim Fonwick v North-Eastern Ry Co Dem to statement of defence Milner v Morgan (before two judges) SC Jtose v Awsworth Iron Co (before two judges) SC Sargant and anr v Levick (before two judges) SC



The Queen v T. N. Fonnereau, Esq, lord of manor of Christchnrch

In the Matter of W. H. Brown, a Solicitor

The Queen v The Wimbledon Local Board

In the Matter of F. C. Moojen, a Solicitor

The Queen v N. F. Barclay, Esq, and anr, Jj's

The Queen v F. Lushington, Esq, Met Police Magistrate

The Queen v The Recorder of Manchester

The Queen v The Recorder of Manchester

The Queen v The Inhabitants of Dorset

The Queen v The Rev. W. E. Cory and others

Solomon, trading, &c v Cooke

The Queen v The Churchwardens and Vestry of Lee

Motions Stan Ding Fob Judgment,

Percival v Hughes

Foster and others v The Great Western Ry Co

.Harris v King and Brown
Bolland v Busby
Pauntney v Clayton
Phillimore v Northbrook and ors
Lee v Huntley
"Willetv Hemmings
McQueen v Turner and Wife
Roddick v Hart and others
Hase and anr v Nathan and anr
.Stephenson, Clark and Co v Lever
Bowen v Hall and Co
Phillimore v Lake
Davies v Andrews and others
Wright y Seeard

In re Benjamin Hope, a Solicitor*
White v Hay and Co
Roddick v Hart and others

Hawkins v Gathercolo ... ..

Stewart v Mattison and others
Dalrymplo v Leslie

The Queen v The Justices of Essex (ex parte East Ham Local Bd)
Haddon v Grant

Swinton v The Imperial Union Life Assuranco Company

Dondney v Kittley

In re Ruven, gentleman, one, &c

Harrap v Canton

Levi and Co v Bilbrough and Co

Sullivan v Metcalfe

Provand v Dobson

Provand v Dobson

Bullock v Graham

In re Johnson, gentleman, one, &c

Scown v Litoun

Hunt v Tubbs and Lewis

King v Morris

Norman v Bolt and anr

The Queen v The Justices of Deal

Paine v Procktor

Thompson and others v Swann

Griffiths v Parker

Bell v Davidson

Morris v Scott Ker

Howard v Stuchbary

Compagnie Financiere ot Commercial dn Pacifique v The Peruvian Guano Company, limd nughson v Need Davenport v Kendrick, jun Hatch v McManns

In the matter of E. D. Lewis, a Solicitor

Morris v Spaull

Miller v Pilling

Harris v King and Brown

Somerville v Calder

In the matter of Dodd and anothor, and in an action (Dodd and another v Waite)

Stephenson, Clark and Co v Lever Lever v Stephenson, Clark and


Jones v Carrall

Warren v Parry stands over until 4th day of sittings

O'Neill, P.O., &c v Strausky (Union Bank garnishee) stands over

until Jth day of sittings Davies v Witty and others

Croww Side.


Foe JuDGHEirT. The Queen v The Mayor, &c, of Maidenhead Foe Abguhkxt.

The Queen r The Belper Local Board

The Queen v The Duke of Bedford

The Queen v The Overseers of Manchester


Smith v Ellis

Verlander v Eddolls *

Morris v Williams and others

Hart, Brothers v Atkins and another

King v Spurr

Jackson v Reeve

Pearce v Saunders

Lloyd v Overseers of Llandogo

Symington and Co v Bragg

Royce v Charlton

White v Colson

Wright v Scarf Booth, claimant)
Woollett v Woollett and another

Mayor, Ac, of Peterboro' v Churchwardens, &c, of Thurlby and ora

Piercy v Pope

Miles v Doran

Gould and another v Usher

Simcox v Handsworth Local Board

Hum by v Billinghurst

Swanwick v "Varney

Smith v Grattidge and others

Monmouth, &c, Highway Board v Monmouth Steam Saw Mills Co

Guardians of Poor of Sunderland Union v Clerk of Peace for Sussex

Barker r Palmer

Watson v Huleatt

Short v Bastard

Evans v Barker, Boom and Co

Turner v Duckworth

Gaylor v Crooks

Robbins v Cubitt and Sons

Walker v Matthews

Templeman v Trafford

Corin v Thomas

Tordoff and Sons v Whitaker

Gordon v The Great Western Railway Co

Cohen v Wilkinson

Graham v Orrell

Meek v Chamberlain and Wife

Berks v Ranger

Davies v Evans

Curtis Fuller

Galloway v Maries

The Pickering Lythe East Highway Board v Barry
'l he Raglan and Trelleck Highway Board v Reynolds
The Same v The Monmouth Steam Saw Mills Co
Smith and another v Hammick

Morgan, junr, v London and North-Western Railway Co

Lugard v Biggs
Laws v Eltringham
Richards v Mc Bride
Moyle v Jenkins

REVENUE PAPER Cause By Exglish Inforuatioit. Attorney-Gen., Informant, and the Met District Ry Co and George

Hop wood. Defendants Cases Stated pursuant to the "Customs and Inland Revenue Act,

1874," and *' The Taxes Management Act, 1830.'* Dodson, surveyor, Ac, v Walker and Maude Keen, surveyor, Ac. v Farlow

The Great Western Railway Co v Musgrave, surveyor, &c

Martin, surveyor, 4c, v Trustees of Congregational Memorial Hall

Improved Industrial Dwellings Co v Last, surveyor. Sea

Stokes v Abbott, surveyor, &c

Whitwell, surve3*or, &c v Manby

The Justices, &c, of the County of Worwick v Thiift, surveyor, Ac

The City Bank v Last, surveyor, Ac

Jowett, surveyor, Ac, v Moss (for Justices of Lancashire

Midland tty Co v Blake, surveyor, Ao

Last, surveyor, Ac, v The London Assurance Corporation

Bowers, surveyor, Ac, v The Justices of the Peaco for Cumberland

Cottell, inspector, Ac, v The Justices of the County of Momouth

Wooten v Rolfe, surveyor, Ac

Victoria Chambers Co. Id v Musgrave, surveyor, Ac
The Justices of Kentv Lamarque, surveyor, Ac
The Mayor, Ac, of Manchester v Applegate, surveyor, Ac
Roberts, surveyor, Ac, The Justices of parts of Holland in Lincoln
The Bank of South Australia v Last, surveyor, Ac
Blake, surveyor, Ac v Imperial Brazilian, Natal and Nova Cruz Ry
Co, limd

The British and Foreign Marine Insurance Co, limd v Whitworth,
Burvoyor, Ac

Tho Burial Board of Paddin^ton v The Commrs of Inland Revenue The Alexandria Water Co, Id v Musgrave, surveyor, Ac


Mr. Edward Hakry Adcock, solicitor, of Palmerstonhuildings, Old Broad-street. London, and Croydon-road, Penge, has been appointed a Commissioner of the Supreme Conrt of Newfoundland.

Mr. Thomas Marriott Davenport, solicitor and notary, of Oxford, has been appointed by the Duke or Marlborongb, Lord-Lientenant of Oxfordshire, to tbe office of Clerk of the Peace for that connty, on the resignation of his father. Mr. John Marriott Davenport is an M.A. of Pembroke College, Oxford. He was admitted a solicitor in 1867, and is also under-sheriff for the county, and secretary to the Bishop of Oxford.

Mr. William Robert Collter, barrister, has been appointed Queen's Advocate lor the Island ol Cyprus. Mr. Collyer is the second son of the late Mr. John Collyer, many years a judge of connty courts. He was educated at Rugby and at Cains College, Cambridge, where he graduated in the second class of tbe classical tripos in 18C5, and he was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1869, and he is a member of the South-Eittem Circuit. Ho was for some time one of tbe staff of the Weeklt Reporter.

Mr. Morris Charles Jones, F.S.A., who was in practice as a solicitor in Liverpool for nearly forty years, and Tetired from business a year ago, has been placed on the Commis-ion of the Peace for Montgomeryshire, and qualified at the Montgomeryshire Q inner Sessions held at Welshpool on the 20th inst.

Mr. Edward Orford Smith, solicitor, town clerk of Birmingham, has been appointed Solicitor to tbe Birmingham, Tame, and Kea District Drainage Board. Mr. Smith wag admitted a solicitor in 1863.

Mr. Tindal Arthur Pearson, barrister, of Calcutta, has been appointed to act as Official Trustee of Bengal. Mr. Pearson was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1872.

Mr. John Whitiiam, solicitor, of Ripon, has been appointed Chapter-Clerk of liipon Cathedral, and Clerk to the Ripon Hospitals. Mi. Whitham was admitted a solicitor in 1876, and was recently appointed registrar of the Ripon County Conrt, All three appointments were held by bis partner, Mr. John Frederick Augustus Coppin.

Mr. John Brend Winterbothak, solicitor (of tbe firm of Winterbotham, Bell, & Wiuterbotham), of Cheltenham, has been elected an Alderman for that borough. Mr. VVinterbotham is the son of the late Mr. John Brend Winterbotham, solicitor. He is an LL.B. of thn University of London, and he was admitted a solicitor in 1851.


Charles Brat Hodgson, and Francis Joseph Haioh, 13, Waterloo-street, Birmingham, solicitors. (C. B. Hodgson & Haigb). August 11. [Gazette, Oct 21, 1881.]



Tbe fourth ordinary meeting of the antumn session of the Birmingham Lvw Students' Society was holden at the Law Library, Bennett's-hill, Birmingham, on Tuesday, tbe S5th of October, W. S. Rogers, Esq., M.A., LL.M., in tbe chair. Tbe following moot point was discussed:—" By deed of gift a husband assigned to his wife a policy of assurance on hi* life, without expressing it to be for her separate use, acl gsve notice to the insurance company of such as-ijnmenL On the husband's death iutestate, can the wife cosnpel pirment from the insurance company without taking out letters of administration?" Mr. Vines opened tbe debate on the affirmative side of the question, and was followed by Messrs. A. L. J. Brown, O'Connor, and G. Muggins; Messrs. Davis, Restall, Whi'aker, and G. C. Rogers argued for the negative. The chairman having summed up, put the question to the meeting, when it was decided in the negative by a majority of five. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded, tha meeting.


Oet. 31.—Mr. Arthur Jackson, at the White Hart Ian,

Enfield Highway, at 6 for 7 p.m., Freehold Estate (see ad

vertisment, Oct 12, p. 3.) Nov. 1.—Messrs. C. & F. Rtttlet, at the Mart, at 2 p.n»..

Freehold Property and Ground Rents (see adveniteou-nt,

this week, p. 4). Nov. 2 —Messrs. Hbrbbrt Bban & Burnett, at the Mart,

Freehold Ground Rsnts (see adverti-wmeut, 0;'. 22, p. 3). Nov. 4.—Messrs. Norton, Trist, Watnbt, & Co , at tke

Mart, at 2 p.m. Freehold Properties, Gaa Shares, Policies

&c. (see advertisement, Oct. 22, p. 3).

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Bankrupts. FaroiT, Oct. 21,1881. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Cicojrnoni, Joseph Alexander, Gt Winchester st, of no occnpaticc.

1'et Oct 4. Hazlitt. Nov 4 at 12 Dumas, E , Vardour st, Bono, Confectioner. Pet Oct 19. naa':^. Nov 2 at 12

Milter, Owen Lloyd, Wellington mews, Besborongh place. Pat

Aug 27. Brougham. Nov 2 at 1 Northmore, John Raxford, Coulston tor, Pockham Rtt\ Do acre

nation. Pet Oct 19. Hazlitt. Nov 0 at 12 Simmonds, Judah Lee, Fish st bill. Commission Merchant, Pet

Uct 18. Pepys. Nor 9 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. Bath, William, Mabc, Cornwall, Cattle Pet Oct BL

Ctiilcott. Truro, Nov 2 at 12 Brookes, David, Leek, Stafford, Silk Manufacturer. Pes Oct JS.

Mair. Macclesfield, Nov 3 at 11

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 1881.
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1968.

Creditors most forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.
To Surrender in London.
Andrews, Sidgmund Martin, Distaff lane, Furrier. Pet Oct SO.

Pepys. Nov 11 at 11.30 Corner, Edward W , Wobarn pi, Medical Student. Pet Oct 20.

Pepys. Nov 11 at 12 Taylor, Edwin Henrv, Rushmore rd, Clapton, Builder. Pet Sept

22. Hazlitt. Nov 9 at 12.30

To Surrender in the Country. Bownas, William, Warrington, Grocer. Pet Oct 20. Nicholson.

Warrington, Nov 9 at 3 Chandler, George, Sutton, Surrey, Builder. Pet Oct 21. Rowland

Croydon, Nov 8 at 2 Masterman, Henry, Seward st, Goswell rd, Rug Manufacturer.

Pet Oct 21 Hazlttt. Nov Oat 11.30 Nermann, Philip William, and Isaiah Alfred Newmann, Birmingham, Jewellers. Pet Oct 20. Parry. Birmingham, Nov 11 at 2 Hilton, William, Lees, Lancaster, Marine Store Dealer. Pet Oct. 17.

Had. Ash ton-under-Lyne, Nov 3 at 11 Hutchinson, George, Newcastle-uprn-Tyne, Oil Merchant. Pet Oct

18 Ingledow- Newcastle, Nov 1 at 11 Shaw, Hugh, Bur-lem, Stafford, Grocer. Pet Oct 10. Tennant.

Hanley, Nov 4 at 11 Tommas, Robert, Birmingham, Coal and Coko Merchant. Pot Oct

18. Cole. Birmingham, Nov 3 at 2

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. Peidat, Oct. 21, 1881. Ferranti, Caesar, Liverpool, Photographer. Oct 17 Turner, Charles Henry, Upper Hamilton ter, St John's Wood.

Ocl 13

Liquidations by Arrangement.


Travelling Draper.


Alderson, Christopher Thomas, Manchester,

Nov 7 at 11 at Wellington Hotel, High st,

and Co, nuddersfield AnthTton, John, Hollingwood, Oldham, Lancaster, Stone Flagger.

Nov 4 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral gates, Manchester. Jones.


Anderton, Samuel, Shaftesbury st. Hoxton, Carman. Nov 10 at 3 at offices of Hollo way, Ball's pond rd. Cooper and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Avent, William, Jonson's pi, Harrow rd, Builder. Nov 7 at 12 at offices of Plunkett and Leader, St Paul's churchyard

Baker, Edmund, Newhaven, Susses, Builder. Nov 4 at 3 at Bear Hotel, Lewes. Hendriks, Newhaven

Barns, Charles, and Mary Furneaux Barns, Buckfastleigh, Devon, Paper Manufacturers. , Nov 4 at 12 at Town Clerk's Offices, South at, Totnes. Presswell and Son, Totnes

Barton, William, and Harry Barton, Westmoreland bldgs, Alderspate st. Mantle Manufacturers. Nov 8 at 1 at Inns of Court Hotel, High Hollwrn. Tyrrell, Raymond buildings, Gray's inn

Bately, Stephen Samuel, Ormesby Saint Margaret. Norfolk, Farmer Nov 3 at H at offices of Worship and Rising, South quay, Great Yarmouth

■Beacham, Clara Catherine, Pontypool. Monmouth, Hotel Keeper. Nov 4 at 11 at offices of Williams and Co, Dock st, Newport

JJew, Arthur Tom, Lamborno, Berks, Upholsterer. Nov 2 at 3 at Bacon Arms Hotel, Speenhamland, Newbury. Barnes, Lamborne

Blake, Walter, Walworth rd, Batcher. Nov 6 at 2 at offices of Armstrong, Chancery lane Bligh, Joseph Robert, Eastchurch, Kent, Builder. Nov 8 at 10 at * offices of Gibson, West st, Sittingbourne

Bouchier, Margaret Elinor, Liverpool, Boot Dealer. Nov 6 at 11 at offices of Harris, Harrington st, Liverpool

Bowden, Robert, and William Scott, Burslcm, Stafford, Joiners. Nov 2 at 3 at offices of Bennett, Piccadilly bldgs, Hanley

Bradbeer, George Frederick, Prince of Wales' crescent, Haverstock hill. Grocer. Nov 9 at 2 at offices of Taylor and Taj lor, Metropolitan chbrs, New Broad st

Brook, George, Oarlinghow, Batley, York, Nurseryman. Nov 4 at at 10.15 at offices of Scholesand Son, Wakefield rd, Dewsbury

Broughton, William, Leicester, out of business, Nov 9 at 3 at offices of Buckby, Gal low tree gate, Leicester

Brown, John, Southampton, Fishmonger. Oct gl at 3 at offices of Harlow, Southampton bldgs, Chancory lane. Shutte, Southampton

Burton, William Henry, Nelson st, Greenwich, Tobacconist. Nov 11

ut 3 at Mason's Hall Tavern, Mason's avenue. Fowler and Co,

Borough High st Cartwright, Martha, Tunstall, Stafford, Milliner. Oct 31 at 3 at

offices of Llewellyn and Ackrill, Piccadilly st, Tunstall Catt, Frank Vidlcr, Deptford, Grocer. Nov 3 at 10 at offices of

Howard, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane Chambers, Richard, Knottingley, York, Grocer. Nov 3 at 12 at

North Eastern Hotel, Castleford Charlesworth, Frederick Isaiah, Oldham, Lancaster, Painter. Nov

2 a*. 3 at offices of Watson, Church lane, Oldham ■Chidgey, (icorge, Bedminster, Bristol, Licensed Victualler. Nov 2

at 2 at offices of Sibly, Exchange West Cleghorn, Joseph Crane, Southport, Lancaster, Court Milliner.

Nov 8 at 3 at offices of Holder, Cheapside Clement, Thomas Edward, Market pi, Hendon, Oilman. Nov 10 at 2

at offices of Purser, Fenchurch st Collinge, Samuel, Leeds, Solicitor. Nov 3 at 3 at offices of Lodge

and Rhodes, Park row, Leeds Currell, George, Port Vale, Hertford, Hay Dealer. Nov 5 at 1 at

offices of Armstrong, Fjre st, Hertford Da vies, William Hier, Castletown, Monmouth, Grocer. Nov 10 at 1

at offices of Warriner and Cross, Dashwood House, Broad street.

Lloyd, Newport

Dicken, Charles, Litchurch, Derby, Grocer. Nov 3 at 11 at office of

Heath, Amen alley, Derby Ellison, William, and John Ellison, Liverpool, Wine Merchants.

Nov 4 at 2 at offices of Dixon and Syors, Lord st, Liverpool Enoch, Thomas, Rachel Enoch, and John Enoch, Castellgeifr, Llanarth, Cardigan, Farmers. Nov 2 at 12 at offices of Hughes, Alban sq. Aberavon Errington, William Miller, Smethwick, Stafford, out of business.

Nov 4 at 11 at offices of Shakespeare, Church Bt, Oldbury Evers, Thomas, Oldfleld ter, Uxbridge rd, Builder. Nov 1 at 3 at

62, Chancery lane. Marshall Ferris, Rachel Caiinie, Lyncombc, Bath. Nov 3 at 3 at offices of

Dyer, Queen sq, Bath. Fischer, Edwin George, Holly st, Dalston, Mineral Water Manufacturer. Nov 10 at 2 at offices of Lockyer, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st

Friend, Morris, Church st, Shoroditch, Merchant Tailor. Nov 7 at 3"

at offices of Goldberg and Langdon, West st, Finabury circus Gale, Walter Henry, Braishfield, Hants, Carpenter. Nov 3 at 3 at

offices of Bell and Taylor, Portland st, Southampton Garrett, William Thoma?, Walworth rd. Cheesemonger. Nov 2 at 2 at Creditors' Association, Arthur st East, London Bridge. May and Co, Adelaide pi

George, William Alfred, Wolverhampton, Butcher. Nov 3 at

11 at offices of Rhodes, Queen st, Wolverhampton Gooch, George Betts, Thetford, Norfolk, Boot and Shoa Dealer. Oct 31 at 12 at offices of Bavin and Dayncs, Exchange st, Norwich

Gretham, William Edward, Scarborough, York, Seedsman. Nov 1 at 3 at offices of Appleyard, Nowborough st, Scarborough

Grunuiovv, George Michael, Wellington rd, Camborwcll, Builder.

Oct 31 at 3 at offices of Kisch and Co, Chancery lane Hammond, Harry Hunting Oulton, Norfolk, Grocer. Nov 1 at 11

at offices of Kent, St Andrew's Hall Plain, Norwich Harman, Thomas, Chatham, Kent, Builder. Nov 7 at 3 at King's

head Hotel, High st, Rochester. Shakespeare, Nowgato st Harris, Charles, West Stockwith, Nottingham, Labourer. Nov 3 at

11 at offices of Plaskitt and Robbs, Gainsborough Heilbroun, Lehmann, Grove rd, Mile End rd, out of business.

Nov 3 at 3 at offices of Cattlin, Wormwood st, Old Broad sr Hird, William Henry, Manninghazn, Bradford, (York, Ucerhouso Keeper. Nov 7 at 11 at offices of Hutchinson and Son. l'iccrdilly chmhrs

Hodges, James Thomas, Cyprus st, Bethnal Green, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Oct 29 at 10.30 at 49, Bromtey st, Commercial rd. East. Archer, Bayard rd, Peckham

Horder, Frederick Henry, Oornwall rd, Notting hill, Grocer. Nov 1 at 12 at offices of Bridger and Co, King William st

Horlor, Joseph, Old Oak ter, Harlesden, Grocer. Nov 1 at 3 at offices of Philp, Walbrook

Horsfield, William, Hulme, nr Manchester, Plumber. Nov 3 at 12 at offices of Wi!liams, Barton arcade, Manchester. Barron, Manchester

Howland, Charles, High Wycombe, Buckingham, Boot and Shoo Maker. Nov 7 at 2 at tho Crown Hotel, Aylesbury. Clarko, High Wycombe

Hughes, Robert, Holyhead, Anglesea, Pork Butcher, Nov 4 at 1.30 at the British Hotel, Bangor. Jones, High st, Carnarvon

numpage, Charles Cecil, St Philip's bridgo, Bristol, out of business. Nov 2 at 12 at offices of Sibly, Exchange West, Bristol

Ives, James Thomas Bostock, Wigmore st, Upholsterer. Nov 0 at 2 at 21, Little Portland st, Regent st. Underwood and Co, Holies st, Cavendish sq

,1 James, William Henry, Gordon ter, North Woolwich rd, Boorhouse Keeper. Nov 8at 12 at offices of Shearer, Basinghall st. Harte, Moorgate st

Jones, Stephen Thomas, Hopest, Hackney rd, Saw Mill Proprietor. Oct 31 ai 3 at offices of Cooper and Co, Lincolu'-inn-fields

Kirby, Henry R wdock, Bixteth st, Liverpool, General Broker. Nov 4 at 3 at offices of Bartlett, Dale st, Liverpool

Levy, Isaac Abraham, Tavistock pi, Tavistock sq, Secretary. Nov •i at 3 at offices of Chandler, Finsbury pavement

Litt, John, Matthew Litt, and William Litt, Sol way Mill, Whitehaven, Thread Manufacturers. Nov 4 at 12 at office of Mason and Thompson, Duke st, Whitehaven

Lowry, Frederick, Sutton-le-Marsn, nr Alford, Lincoln, Architect. Nov 14 at 11 at offices of Grange and Wintringham, St Mary's chbrs, West St Mary's gale, Great Grimsby

Maddams. Joseph John, Birmingham, Fish Dealer. Nov 1 at 3 at offices of Buller and Biokley, Bennett's hill, Birmingham

Marples, William, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. Nov 7 at 3 at offices of Gibson and Holland, South John st, Liverpool. Dodge and Phipps, Liverpool

Marshall, William, and William Shaw Rae, Bishopsgate avenue, Camomile st, Boot Upper Manufacturers, Nov 7 at 3 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Emanuel and Simmonds, Finsbury circus

Morris, John, Bethnal Green rd. Grocer. Nov 1 at 4 at office of Canwarden, Old Jewry

Muller, Frederick John Herman. Manchester, Leather Factor. Nov 0 at 3 at Mitre Hotel. Cathedral yd, Manchester. Stevenson, Manchester

Oddy, William Atkinson, Rochdale, Dyer. Nov 3 at 11 at offices of Staudring and Taylor, King st, Rochdale

Oppenheimer, Joseph Mcnco, Tuniham Green, Tocacconisi, Nov 2 at offices of Foster, Brunswick sq, Bloomsbury

Pettitt, David, Cambridge, Builder. Nov 3 at 11 at offices of Fetch and JeiTold, St Andrews st, Cambridge

Pilkington, Samuel, Wood borough, Nottingham, Farmer. Nov 7 at 12 nt offices of Brittle, St Peter's chmbrs, St Peter's gate, Nottingham

Price, Charles, Carshalton, Surrey, Farmer, Nov 4 at 3 at Public Hall, High st, Carshalton. Smith, Denbigh st, Pimlico

Priddle, John, Lough ton, Contractor. Nov 9 at 12 at Crown Hotel Loughton. Whitwell, Finsbury sq bldgs, Chiswell st

Reeves, Thomas, Hartham rd, Tottenham, Builder. Nov 3 at 3 at offices of Aird, Eastcbeap

Bhodes, James Brace, Stourbridge, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Nov 3 at 3 at offices of Homfray and Holberton, High stf Brierley Hill

Boberts, John, Hafodygarreg, Llanycil. Merioneth, Farmer. Nov 5 at 12 at County Court bldgs, Egerton at, Wrexham. James, Corwen

Boberts, John, Welsh Bicknor, Hereford, Bailiff. Nov 4 at II at offices of Williams, Gloucester rd, Ross

Russell, James, Carthew rd, Hammersmith, Licensed Victualler. Nov 3 at 3 at offices of Nash and Field, Queen st, Cheapsido

Sanders, Charles, Handsworth, Stafford, out of business. Nov 1 at 11 at offices of Burton, Union passage, Birmingham

Sawyer, James, Tilnoy rd, Forest gate. Stonemason. Nov 1 at 4 at Masons' Hall Tavern, Basinghall st. Gregory, Cannon st

Sermon, William Brown, Scarborough, York, Stationer. Nov 4 at 3 at offices of Drawbridge and Rowntrce, Nowborough st, Scarborough

Shcadd, William Robert, Croydon, Surrey, Plumber. Nov 1 at 11 at Green Dragon Hotel, High st, Croydon. Dennis, Croydon

Sims, AVilliam Wood, Codnor Park, Derby, Slater. Nov 8 at 2 at at offices Of Robotham, Derby

Smith, Thomas, Liverpool, Builder. Nov 4 at 2 at offices of Harris, Harrington st, Liverpool

Snow, Thomas, Lofthouse, York, Frnitercr. Oct 31 at 3 at offices of Draper, Finkle st, Stockton-on-Tees

Spooner, Richard Lechmere Wilberforce, Weston-super-Mare, Gentleman. Nov 3 at 2 at Railway Hotel, Weston-super-Mare. Rodbard Bean

Springall, John, Beaconsfleld terrace, Fulham, Bnildcr. Nov 4 at 3 at Inns of Court Hotel, HighHolborn. Finnis and Wylio, Surrey st, Strand

Strong, George, Bottlesford, near Marlborough, Wilts, Grocer. Nov 2

at 10.30 at Castle Hotel, Devizes. Lucas, Newbury Sutherland, Thomas Charles, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Corn Dealer.

Nov 2 at 2 at offices of Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Tavernor, Robert, Eye, Northampton, Auctioneer's Clerk. Nov 3 at

12 at offices of Gaelics, Cathedral gateway, Peterborough Taylor, Thomas, Elton, nr Bury, Lancaster, Firmer. Nov 2 at 3 at

officesof Haslam, Market st, Bury. Hushini, Market st, Bury Thorans, John, Haverfordwest, Saddler. Nov 5 at lit.30 at offices of

Eaton-Evans and Williams, High st, Haverfordwest Thorne, William, King William st, London bdg, Haberdasher. Oct 29

at 11 at offices of Norman, Gt Marlborougb st. Regent st Thornton, Joseph, Pudsey, York, Auctioneer. Nov 3 at 11 at offices

of Tunnicliffe, Markot st, Bradford Tidy, William, Little Corlton, uerr Newark-nnrm-Trent, Cottager.

Nov 7 at 11 at offices of Foottit, Markot pi, Newark-upon-Trent Tilly, John, jun, Washington, Durham, Grocer. Oct 31 at 2 at offices

of Aitcheson, Collingwood tt, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Wain, Thomas, Swannington, Leicester, Farmer. Nov 7 at 4 at

the Queen's Head Inn, Market st, Ashby de la Zouch. Wright,


Walker, John, Bolton, Lancaster, Bricklayer. Nov 2 at 11 at the

Mechanics' Institute, Mawdsley st, Bolton. Walker, Bolton Watson, Edward, Blyth, Nottingham, Farmer. Nov 8 at 11 at offices

of Bescoby, Grove st, East Retford Weymouth, James, Lancefield st, Harrow rd. Builder. Oct 31 at 3

at Masons' Hall Tavern, Basinghall st Wheeler, Frederick, Kidderminster, Worcester, out of business.

Nov 2 at 3 at offices of Thursfleld, Swan st, Kidderminster White, Frederick William, Winchcombe, Gloucester, Baker. Nov 3

at 12 at George Hotel, Winchcombe. Eades and Son, Evesham Williams, Anthony, jun, Saint Agnes, Cornwall, Farmer. Nov 3 at

12 at offices of Paige and Co, Redruth Wright, William, Oak pi, Stratford, Paper Bag Maker. Nov 4 at 11

at offices of Best, New Bridge st Yates, Marmaduke, Killinghall, near Ripley, York,. Joiner. Nov 1

at 12 at offices of Kirby and Son, Harrogate

Tuesdat, Oct 25, 1881.

Adams, William Bridges Place, Belsizo sq, Gent. Nov 0 at 2 at otllces of Whitehead, Chancery lano

Aid red, Abraham, Banbury, nr Tarporley, Chester, Timber Merchant. Nov 8 at 3 at Royal Hotel, Nantwich rd, Crewe. Roberts Crewe

Armstrong, Patrick, and Isaac Worthington, Slaters, Manchester.

Nov 11 at 3 at Dog and Partridge Hotel, Fennoll st, Corporation

st, Manchester, Brett and Craven, Manchester Ball, Joseph, St Helen's, Labourer. Nov 7 at 11 at offices of Smith,

Harrington st, Liverpool Benlham, James Cooper, and James Bentham, Livcrpoo,! Joiners.

Nov 4 at 3 at offices of Banner and Co, Cook st, Liverpool. Pem

berton and Co, Liverpool Betts, George, Langham, Rutland, Farmer. Nov 12 at 3 at George

Hotel, Oakham. Attor. Melton Mowbray Bignell, William, Carisbrooke, Isle of White, Brickmakcr. Nov 7

at 11 at Langley st, Newport Box, Edwin, Eynsham, Oxford, Draper. Nov 8 at 11 at offices of

Mallara. High st, Oxford Boys, William Henry, Fareham, Hants, Carpenter. Nov 11 at 3 aa

Rod Lion Hotel, Fareham. King, Portsca Brodoriek, Anthony, Oldham, Collector of Rates* Nov 0 at 3 at

offices of Ascroft, Clegg st, Oldham Barnurd, Edward Charles Daniel, Holywell lane, Shoreditch,

Milk Can Maker. Nov 14 at 3 at offices of Shearer, Basinghall

st. Procter and Andrews Callow, Thomas Isaac, Bow Common lane, Brass Founder. Nov 11

at 3 at offices of Cooper and Co, Lincoln'g-inn-nelds Cameron, Charles. Bedale, York, Grocer. Nov 7 at 11 at Golden

Lion Hotel, Northallerton. Calvert, Mashum Caple, Alfred, Clevedon, Somerset, Builder, Nov 3 at 12 at offices

of Brittan and Co, Small st, Bristol Challenor, Benjamin, Stockton, Durham, Merchant. Nov 3 at 11

at offices of Ward, Albert rd, Middlesbrough Charlesworth, William, Barnsley, York, Auctioneer. Nov 5 at 11

at otllces of Gray, Eastgate, Barnsley Christian, Robert, Cossington and Kirby Bellars, Leicester,

Fanner. Nov IS at 11 at offices of Wright, Belvoir st,


Crampton, William, Leeds, Temperance Hotel Keeper, Wool and Waste Dealer. Nov 6 at 12 at offices of Last and Belts, B ond st,


Cross, Elizabeth, and John William Cross, Oxford, Corn Factors. Nov 8 at 12 at offices of Swoarso and Thompson, Corn Market st, Oxford

Crouch, William Thomas, Shoreditch, Licensed Victualler. Nov 3

at 3 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Widdicomhc, Walbmok Culliford, Edwin, Gloucester, Brick and Tile Manufacturer. Nov *

at 11 at officesof Nurse, Corn st, Bristol Davies, Thomas.Calne, Tailor. Nov 5 at 12 at Queen's Hotel, Swia

don Station. Mailings and Co, Wootton Basset* Davis, Henry, Nottingham, Stonemason. Nov 11 at 3 at offices cf

Fraser, Middlo chbrs, Wheelergate, Nottingham Dean, Samuel, Deddington, Oxford, Licensed Victualler. Nov II at

3 at offices of Faulkner and Coggins, Deddington Dobson, John Isaac, Langworth, Lincoln, Veterinary Surgeon.

Nov 6 at 11 at offices of Chambers, King st, Market Rasen Eaves, William, Ipswich, Whitesmith. Nov 14 at 11 at Working

Mens'College, Ipswich. Vulliamy. Ipswich Ede, Edwayd Lee, Lower Moira pi, Southampton, Gentleman.

Nov 5 at 12 at South Western Hotel, Southampton. Kill by, Sooth


Elliott, James Goodman, Kilby, Leicester, Grazier. Nov 7 at 12 tz.

offices of Harris, Friar lane, Leicester Elliott, John Hutchinson, Jarrow-on-Tyne, Iron Manufacturer.

Nov 4 at 3 at offices of Stanford, Collingwood st, Newcastle-txpr-ti


Ellis, Benjamin James, Saint John, Worcester, Woolstcplcr, Nov 7

at 11 at offices of Tree and Son, High st, Worcester Ellis, Robert, Nottingham, Toy Dealer. Nov 10 at 4 at offices of

Cockayne, Fletcher gate, Nottingham Evatt, John Green, Coalville, Leicester, Tile Manufacturer. Nov 4 at

2 at offices of Haxby, Belvoir st, Leicester Gough, George, Westbromwich, Stafford, Retail Brewer. Nor 7 at II

at offices of Jackson and Sharpe, High st, Westbromwich Green, Henry, Union st, Borough, Printer's Engineer. Nov i at i

at offices of Hicklin and Washington, Trinity sq, Southwark Hargreaves, Allen, Huddersfleld, Dealer in Pictures. Nor 10 at 3

at offices of Ramsden and Co, John William st, Hudders&ekl Harris, Charles Pcggs, Addison tor, Notting hill. Dairyman. Nov 3

at 3 at offices of Fox, St Mary's sn, Paddington Harsuett, Ann, Liverpool, Boot Dealer. Nov 7 at 2 at offices

Bowers, North John st, Liverpool Haskell, Samuel, Finsbury pk bldgs, Station rd. Pianoforte Manufacturer. Nov 3 at 3 at 32, Argyl st, Regent st. Willis, St MartuV*

ct, Leicester sq

Hayhoe, Henry, Bury St Edmunds, Grocer. Nov 7 at 12 at SalUbury Hotel. Fleet st. Leach and Son.

Hesseltine, Thomas Whitton, South Bank, nr Middles bor-iufirh, of business. Nov 10.30at 3 at offices of Dobson, Gosford si. Middlesborough

Hcaley, Thomas Sheard, Hanging Heaton, York, CommisRii:i

Agent. Nov at 11 at offices of Truswell, Bank chbrs, Commercial

st, Batley. Parker Hirst, Enos, Cudworth, nr Barnsley, York, Farmer. Nov 7 at 2.1- it

Royal Hotel, Barnsley. Burton, Wakefield Hulme, Robert Steele, Hanley, Stafford, Hosier. Nov 8 at 2 a:

offices of Sword, Cheapside , Humphrey, Moses, Cowfold, Sussex, Grocer. Nov 11 at 12 at King'*

Hoad Hotel, Horsham. Modwin and Co, Horsham Hutchens, Thomas Samuel, Stonehaven, Kempshoit rd, StreathaT.

Builder. Nov 10 at 11 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham at. Wrigi:.

and Co, Adelaido bldgs, London bdg Jones, Kyffin, Leeswood, nr Mold, Flint, Tailor. Nor 10 at 12 a;

Green Dragon Hotel, Eastgate st, Chester. Williams, Flint Kelly, William, Salford, Lancaster, Boot Dealer. Nov 7 at3 at office*

of Tremewen, Ward's bldgs, Deansgate, Manchester King, Thomas Todd, Henry st, St John's Wood, Boot Dealer. Nov !•>

at 3 at offices of Harte, Moorgato st Lamb, John, Whitley, Northumberland, Confectioner. Nov 7 at 3

at offices of Stanford, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Lees, James, Alfrcton, Derby, Surveyor. Nov 11 at 11 ax offices of

Heath, Amen-alley, Derby Leyland, Rebecca, Wigan, Dealer in Glass. Nov 10 at 3 at oSces -f

Barlow, King st, Wigan Lindsay. William, A1 tofts, nr Normanton, York, Greengrocer.

Nov 4 at 11 at offices of Lake and Lake, Sonthgatc, WakefieM Mahony, John Robert, Butts, Brentford, Doctors Assista:.t, Nov 1

at 12 at offices of Lay, Town Hall, Brentford Morris, John, Newland, Gloucester, Licensed Victualler. Nov ♦

at 3 at Lion Hotel, Cindcrford. Jackson, Gloucester Palmer, Joseph, Cavcrsfleld. Oxford, Former. Nov 8 at 12 at

Kings Arms Hotel, Bicester Palmer, Joseph, sonr, New Church row, CamberwsU, Traveller.

Nov 16 at 12 at offices of Morris, Mitre crt. Temple Parker, William, Chapel rd, Notting Hill, Gardener. Nov 1 at 12 1:

offices of Sampson, Marylobone rd Parkinson, William, Crown rd, Fnlham Builder. Nov 14 aft 3 at

Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Wilkins, Kings Arms yrd Parr, Edwin, Brentwood, Essex, Ironmonger. Nor 6 at 1 at office*

of Postans and Landons, New Broad st Parrott, Henry, Oving, Buckinghamshire, Pig Dealer. Nov 17 ai 15

at offices of Fell, Aylesbury Pemberton, Enoch, Church, nrAccrington,Lancaster,Oil Mcrchir.t,

Nov 8 at 11 at Law Association Rooms, Cook st, Liverpool. Bad*

clifTo, Blackburn" Penlington, Thomas, St. Helcn*s, Lancaster, Grocer. Nor 8 as V

at office of Tabernacle, Market st St Helen's. Nordon, Liverp^ -I Peppercorn, James, Oakfield rd, Aneriey, Butcher. Nor 7 aft 3 at

offices of Barnard, St Andrew's hill, Doctors* Commons Phillips, James Apbn, Axminster, Devon, Baker. Nov 7 at 12 st

George Hotel, Axminster. Forward, Axminster Place, Joseph, Salford, Commission Agent. Not 11 at 9 at offices

of Hankinson, Queen's Chambers, John Dalton st, Mascheeter Platts, Jonathan, Burn lev. Lancaster, Ale and Porter Merchant.

Nor 8 at 3 at New Red Lion Hotel, Burnley. Hodgson, fionky

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