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APPEAL. Y. O. Bacon.
7. C. BACON. V.C. Hallo

V.O. HALL, Monday, Oct. 31 Mr. Merivale Mr. Pemberton Mr. Leach Tuesday, Nov. 1


Latham Wednesday.... 2 Merivale Pemberton Leach Thursday .... 3 King


Latham Friday ...... 4 Merivale Pemberton Leach Saturday...... 5


Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

CHITTY, Monday, Oet. 31 Mr. Cobby Mr. Clowes Mr. Farrer Tuesday, Nov. 1 Jackson Koe

Teesdale Wednesday.... 2 Cobby


Farrer Thursday .... 3 Jackson Koo

Teesdale Friday ...... 4 Cobby

Clowes Farrer Saturday...... 5 Jackson Koo





Satrdy, ....

sums., & gen. pa,

Thursdy, Dec.1 apps.

Monday.... 7 Appeals.


19 i sums., & gen. pa.


At Westminster.

App. mots, ex pte (App.motns.ex pte

apps. from orders Wednes. Noy2 apps. from orders Wednday.. 30mada on intermade on interloc

locutory mots., & utory motns.

other apps. At Lincoln's-inn and Westminster

Bkcy, apps. & or Thursday .. 3 Bkcy, apps. & or apps.

Friday Friday ...

Saturday .. 3 Anneala Satrday...

Mopday ....


Tuesday .... 6) Tuesday.... 8)

(App, mots. ex pte. (App. mots. ex pte,

apps. from orders apps. from orders | Wednsdy .. 7{ made on interloWednesday 9{made on interlo

cutory mots, & or cutory moins., &

apps. (other apps.

Thursday .. 8 Bkey apps and or Thursday ..10 Bkcy, apps. & or.

Friday...... Friday ....11

Saturday ..10 Saturday ..12

Monday....12 Appeals,

Tuesday ....13) Tuesday...,15)

App.motns.ex pte App. motns.ex pta

apps, from ordrs apps. from orders Wednesday 14 made on interloc. Wednesday. 16 made on interloc

utory motions & d'ory motions &

(other apps. (other apps.

Thursday.. 13 Bkcy. apps. & othr Thurs, ....17 Bkcy. apps. &othr

apps. apps.

Friday,...... 16 Friday.... 18

Saturday ..171 Baturday ..19

Monday ....19 Appeals.

Tuesday....20 Tuesday....22

App. mtns. ex pte, App.motns,ex pte

apps from orders apps. from orders Wednesday. 21 made on interloWednesday..23 made on interlo

cutory moins, & cutory morns, &

other apps Lother apps.

Lupa oy petitions will be taken Thursday .,24

Bkcy apps and or evo ry Saturday during the Sit( apps

tiag. Friday, ....25 Saturday ..26

Monday ....14 Appeals.

Friday......16 Motns. adj. sum.

(Sht. causes, pets Friday...... & gen. ps.

Friday......11 adj. sumos., & Saturday ..17 & gen. ps. ( Pets., sbt. caus.

(en pap.

Adj.sans, & sea, Monday ....19..In Bankruptcy.

Saturday ..27 Tuesday....20..General paper. Monday.... 14) Wednesday, 21 & gen. pa.. Motns., adj. sums. Tuesday ....15 General paper.

Wednesday..16) Further Considerations will be

Thursday ..17 Mots. adj. sumns, taken as part of the General

" & gen. pa. Paper in priority to Original

isht, caus., pats., Causes which have not already Friday ....18 {adj. sumos., & appeared in the Paper Any cause intended to be

Saturday ..19 | Adj, eums. & ges. heard as a short cause must be so marked in the cause book at Monday....21 least one clear day before the Tuesday....22 General paper. same can be put in the paper to Wednesda be 80 heard, and the neces.

Thursd.... 94 Mote adj. samas. sary papers must be left in

& gen. pt. court with the judge's officer

Sht. causea, pet the day before the cause is to Friday, ....25 adj. sumns, & be put into the paper.


Saturday ..25 Ad), sums. & gens At Westmins er.

Monday ....28) Wednes.Nov.2..Motions.

Tuesday...,29 General paper. At Lincoln's-inn.

Wedneday..30) Thursday., 3..General pap er.

Thurs, Dec, 1 Motns, ad). sumns Friday......4.. Pets, & gen. pa.

1 & gen. pa. Sht. caus., adj.

Short canses, peti

3 adj. samns, Monday ....

gen. pa. Tuesday.... 8 General papar

Saturday.. 3 Adj. sums & gen. Wednesday. 9 Thursday ..10..Mots, & gen. pa.

Monday.... 5 Friday ...,11.. Pets. & gen. pa.

Tuesday.... 6 General paper.

Wednesday 7) Saturday ..12 Sht. causes, adj "lo sums. & gen. pa.

Thursday .. 8 Mots, adj. somas, Monday....14)

& gen. pa. Tuesday....15 General paper.

( Sht. caus. petns, Wednesday.16)

Friday .... 9 adj. sumns, Thurs. ....17. Mots. & gen. pa. Friday ....18..Petns. & gon: pa.

Saturday ..10 | Adj, sums. & gen. gondeo 19 Sht. caus., adj.

Monday ....12) Monday .. 21)

Tuesday....13 General paper. Tuesday.... 22 General peper.

Wednesday..14) Wednes, .. 23)

Thursday ..15

Motns, adj. sans Thursday ..24.. Mtns. & gen. pa. Friday, ....25.. Pets. & Gen. pa.

(Sht. causes, Petu Saturday.. 26 Sht. caus., adj Friday ....16 adj, suns. & gen. saturday. 2° (sums. & gen. pa.

lpa. Monday....28)

Adj.sums, & gen. Tuesdy .... 29 General paper,

Saturday ..17 pa Wednsdy ..30)

Monday ....19 General paper
Thurg, Dec. 1.. Motns, & gen. pl. Tuesday....20
Friday .... 2.. Pins, & gen. pa. Wednesday 1 Motas, adj. sams.
Saturday .. 3

Shs. caus., adj.
sums., & gen. pa.

Causes in which Witnesses are to Monday.... 5

be examined before the Coat, Tuesday .. 6 General paper.

will be taken on Monday, Wednesday, 7)

Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Thursday .. 8..Motns, & gen. pa.

and Causes without Witnesses Friday .... 9... Pets, & gen. pa.

and Further Considerations will

be taken on Thursdays, Dr. Saturday ..10 Short caus., ad. suns, & gen. pa.

days and Saturdays. Monday ....12

Any cause intended to be Tuesday....13 General paper.

heard as a short cause must be so Wednesday, 14 )

marked in the cause book at Thursday.. 15..Mots. & gen. pa, least one clear day before the Friday ....16.. Pets. & gen. pa. same can be put in the paper Saturday Sht. caus., ad. to be so heard, and the neces

" sums, & gen. pa. sary papers must be left is Monday....19

court with the judge's atteer Tuesday....20 General paper.

the day before the cause is to Wednesday..21..Motns, & gen. pa be put into the paper. Further Considerations will be taken As part of the General

A. JUSTICK KAY. Paper in priority to Original

At Lincoln's-inn. Causes which have not already In consequence of lr. Justing appeared in the Paper

Kay taking part in the Aulaan Any cause intended to be heard as Circuit. His Lordship will not

& Short Cause must be so sit in the Chancery Division be marked in the Cause Book at fore the 21st November or the least one clear day before the conclusion of the Circuit, wluab. same can be put in the paper to lever shall be the later. be so heard, and the necessary Mundy, Nov.21 papers must be left in court with the judge's officer the day before

Wednesday. 23 General pupar. the cause is to be put into the Thursday ..24 paper.

Friday, ....25

Saturday ..26

Monday .....28
At Westminster.

Wednes, Nov.2.. Motions.

Wednesday ,30 General paper. At Lincoln's-inn.

Thurs. Dec. 1 Thursday .. 3.. General paper.

Friday..... 2 (Sat, caus., plos.

Saturday .. 3 Friday .... 4 {adj. sumos. and

( gen. pa.

Tuesday .. 6
Adj, sums, & gen

Tharsday .. 8 General P .

Friday .... 9
Tuesday.... 8 General paper. Saturday ..10)
Wednesday. 9)
Thursday ..10 Motns. adj. sam.

& gen. pa.

Wednes lay. 21 and gen. ps.

Monday ....21 Appeals.





Friday, ....25

Thursday .. 3 Adj. sums.

& gen. pa.


V.C. SIR JAMBS BACON. 1 Tuesday....22)
At Westminster.

Wednesday, 23 General paper. Wednes, Nov.2..Mctions.

At Lincoln's-inn.

....95 Motos, adj. sums Friday .... 4)

Saturday.. 26 Petns, sht. cans.

& gen pa. Sarrdy,.... 5 Petns, sbt. causes, & gen. pa.

Monday.... 23..In Bankruptey. Monday.... 7..Io Bankruptcy.

"Tuesday....29) Tuesday.... 8

Wedosdy ..30 General paper. Wednesday 9 General paper.

Thurs., Dec. 1) Thurs......10 )

Motns, adj. sums. Friday ....(Notns, adj. sums. & gen. pa.

Saturday ... 3 & gen. pa.

Pets., sht causes, Sat., ..... 12 Pets, shi, causes, & gen. pa.

Monday.... 5.. In Bankruptcy. Monday....14.. In Bankruptey.

Tuesday.... 6 Tuesday .. 15)

Wednesday. 7 General paper. Wedsdy ...16 General paper. Thursd .... 8) Thursday..17)


....9 Mts. adj. sums. &

... Motns., adj. sms.

"Gen på Friday ...18 & gen. ps.

Satarday ..10 & gen. pa.

1 Pets, sht. causes Saturday ..19 Petns, sht. causes, Saturday & gen. pa.

Monday ....12..In Bankruptcy. Monday ....21..In Bankruptcy. Tuesday, ..13)

Weddesday..14 General paper.
Thursday ..15)

Friday .... 2

& gen pa.

Satrdy, .... 5 pa.

Wednesday. 7 General paper

Monday ....12

Petns, sht causes, Cross Credit Co limd app of defts VCH-May 20 Tuesday .. .13


adj, simvs., and Smith v Taylor app of defts VCB-May 24 Wednesday..14

gen. p.

Bagot v Easton app of deft Bagot VCB-May 26 Thursday ..15 > General paper.

For cons., dems.,

Monday .... 5 Friday

Brown v Smart app of plt Fry, J-Mav 27 ....16

1 & non wit causes Saturday ..17 Tuesday.....6

Turner v Turner app of E. &. Taroor Kay, J--May 28 Monday....19 Wednesday. 7 General paper.

(Security ordered July 16) Tuesday....20 General paper. Thursday ..

Great Eastern Ry Co v Norwich & Spalding Ry Co app of Wednsday..21) Friday .... 9..Motns. & gen. på.

plts V C BẠMay 30.

Pets., sht. ca us.,

Couldery v Bartrum app of defty MR-May 31
Saturday ...10 / adj. sums.
At Westminstur.


Bengeti v Hay app of deft Fry, J-June 3
Wednes, Nov.2..Motions.

gen. pa.
Fur. cons., dems.

Otto v Linford app of plt VC B-June 13
At the Rolls House. Monday....12 {

** & non wit causes Giles y Williams app of plt MR-June 14 Thursday .. 3..Caus without wits.

Waddinghem v Wells Wells v Waddingham app of plt. Friday .... 4., :... 4..Motns. & gen. pa. Wednesday 14 General paper. (Pets.,sht. causes,

Waddingham VCH-June 18
Thorsday ..15
Saturdy,.-.. 53 adj. sums., and Friday .... 16 ..motns., & gen pa.

Shardlow v Cotterell app of plt Kay, J-June 20
gen. pa.

Perns. sht. caus.

Denoon v Northway app of deft VCB-June 25
Monday .... 7}
Fur, cons, dems.

Sat., ...... 17 Adj. sums. & gen. Tucker v Barker app of deft V CB-June 28
& non wit causes


Jourdan v Baoin app of E Bacon & anr from order on far Tuesday.... 8

(Fur. cons., dems., Wednesday.. 9 Caus without wits Monday ....192

conson VCH-July 16 Thursday ..10

Banner v Berridge app of deft R Berridge Kay, J-Jaly 26
Tuesday ....20..General paper,
Friday .......11..Mtns. & gen, pa.

Bell v Stenteford app of plte Kay, J- July 30
Wednesday, 21.. Motny & gen pa.
(Pets., sht. caur. Causes and actions in which wit-

Budd v Hitchins app of plts VCB-Aug 1
Saturday ..12 adj. sums. & gen.

nesses are to be examined be

Brewer v Yorke app of 'd-ft C F Yorke and cross notice of pa.

fore the court will be taken on _plt Fry, J-Aug 5 W Mon., ......14

Fur. cons., dems., luesdays, Do,

Wednesdays, and | Festing v Ellery app of deft from order on fur con MR& non wit cau ses Thursday, and causes and acTuesday....15

Ang 5 tions without witnesses will be Wedsdy.....16 General paper.

W Slack & Son, Id v Midland Ry Co app of defts Fry, J

taken on Mondays; but when Thursday ..17) the list of causes and actions

Aug 9 Friday, ....18.. Motns. & gen pa. without witnesses is exhausted,

Snow v Bolton app of plts Fry, J-Aug 9 | Pets, sht. caus., causes and actions with wit Sanders v Fox app of defc A Fox Kay, J-Aug 9 Saturday ... 19 adj. sums. & gen. nesses will be taken on Mondays Wheeler v Le Marchant app of plt VC B-Aug 19 (pa. also.

Moir v Oppenheimer Oppenheimer v Moir app of RM Moir Monday Fur. cons., dems. Further Considerations will be

| vc B-Sept 28 & non wit causes taken as part of the General Tuesday....22

Paper in priority to Original

| Thomas v Hounsell app of deft Fry, J-Sept 30 Wednesy ....23 General paper

Causes which have not already Joicey v Dickinson Dickinson v Joicey app of deft M R -. Thursday ..24 ) appeared in the paper.

Oct 5 Friday, ....25.. Motns. & gen. pa. | Any cause intended to be heard Turner v Hancock app of defte V CB-Oct 21 (Pets, sht, causes,

as a short cause must be Saturday ..26 adj. sumns, and

Briggs v Massey app of plt Fry, J-Oct 24
so marked in the cause-book at
(gen. Pa.

least one clear day before the Monday ....28 For. cor s., dems., same can be put in the paper

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the **20 & non wit causes to be so heard, and the nec

Chancery Division. Taesday ....29)

essary papers must be left in Wednsday..30 General paper. court with the judge's officer

1881. Thurs., Dec. 1)

the day before the cause is to Friday...... 2.. Motns, & gen, pa ! be put in the paper.

In re Gardner, deod Mein v Gardner app of deft G J Gardner
In re Gardner, decd Mein v Gardn-r app of deft J G Gardner

Fry, J-May 20 (not before Nov 8)

Sephton v Quillian app of J Mactaggart VCH-M4y 26 COURT OF APPEAL.

Winter v Sykes app of deft V CH-June 22 (Securi'y


In re Hopkins, decd Dowd v Hawtin app of plts VC BAPPEALS FROM THE CHANCERY DIVISION. July 4 1880.

Collyer v Isaacs app of plt V CH—July 5 (Security ordered Samuel v Samuel app of plt MR-June 7

July 13) Keen v Laws & Co app of defts VCB-Aug 9

Emden v D'Oyly Carte app of F C Tudor Fry. J—July 19 Emma Silver Mining Co limd v Grant app of deft MR Maynard v Gibson app of plt V CB-July 27 Aug 21

In re Langley, decd Scevens v Morson app of W. C. Keith 1881.

V CH-July 27 Attorney-Gen v Humphrey app of defts Fry, J-Feb 5 In re Tayleur, decd Tayleur v Tayleur app of deft C W Attorney-Gen v Dorking Union app of Informant V CH Tayleur MR-July 30 Feb 8

Schyott v Schyott app of defts VCB-Aug 1 Gt Eastern Ry Co v Norwich & Spalding Ry Co app of Mid Davis v Midland Ry Co. app of deft Co V H -Aug 4

land & Eastern Ry Cos V CB-Feb 11 (not before Nov 15) Bright v Campbell' app of doft W Betts VCB-Aug 6 Halsey v Brotherhood app of plts MR-Feb 14

Cony beare v Lewis app of Jao Lindon and apr MR-Aug & Llanoyer v Homfray Phillips v Llanover app of Lady In re Liberia Coff se Co, limd app of Co MR-Aug 9 Llanover VCH-Feb 25

Heatley v Newton app of plts 'MR--Aug 9 Serff v Luff app of deft Luff VCB-Mar 3

Cross v The Credit Co app of pltı VCH-Aug 9 In re Robson, decd, Emley v Davidson app of Attorney-Gen in re Morewood, decd Errington v Morewood app of W and G | Y C BẠMar 4

Morewood VCM-Aug 10 The Plating Co v Farquharson app of defts VCB-Mar 11 In re Leathes, decd Leathes v Leathes app of plts Fry J Johnstone v Cox app of deft Thos Naylor VCB-Mar 17 Aug 10 In re Combes, decd, Hoyland y Waite app of plcs VCM Hardwick v Colebrook app of plts VCB-Aug 11 Mar 23

In re Catubert, deod Cuthbert ý Cathbert app of s Cuthbert Jackson v Bridge app of plt MR-Mar 23

V CH-Aug 13 Harphem v Shacklock and Co app of B Denison VCM In re Barton, decd, Barton v Wells app of defts Wells and Mar 24

Barton MR-Aug 16 Sotheran v Dening app of plt MR-Apr 13

In re Manchester and Milford Ry Co app of petnrs VCHIo re Roberts, decd, Repington v Roberts-Gawen app of Chris Aug 16 tian Knowledge Society VCH-Apr 14

Walker v Mottram app of plte MR-Aug 18 Marshall v Berridge app of deft Fry, J-Apr 14

Warner v Mossey App of deft V CB-Aug 18 In re Wakeling decd Castle v. O'Sullivan app of deft Tarner In re Cape Breton Co app of Twycross and aor Fry, J-Aug V CB-April 25 (Security ordered May 4)

18 Halifax Joint Stock Banking Co. v. Sowerby Bridge Town In re Coltman, deed Coltman v Coltman app of Robingon and Hall Co app of defts VCH-April 26.

anr Fry, J-Aug 20 Redgrave v Hurd app of deft W. Hurd Fry, J-May 2 In re Lawer, deed Lawes v Lawes app of deft S Lawes Fry, Freeman v Hunt app of plt Kay, J-May 9;

J-Aug 20 Curtius v Caledonian Fire & Life Insurance Co app of defts v Societe Generale d'Electricite app of deft SoMR-May 12.

ciete from order overruling demr VCB-Aug 22 In re Baker, decd Collins v Rhodes In re Seaman, decd W-rderman v The Société Générale d'Electricité app of deft

Rhodes v 'Wish app of Rhodes and anr Kay, J-May 16 Société from refusal VCB-Aug 22 Sanders v Sanders app of deft V CM-May 17

In re The Manchester and Milford Rail way Bill (Devil's Bridge Rolt v Rolt app of plts VCB-May 17

Branch) app of J J Barrow VCH-Aug 23 Roberts v Richards app of plts VC'H-May 18

Winbuch v Stephens app of deft VCB-Aug 25



To re The English and French Bank, limd app of the Bank on app on case stated by Liverpool Income Tax Commrs VC B-Aug 25

-May 23 Taylor v Taylor & S E Act, 1877 app of plt from order dig. Hutley v Marshall app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice missing petition VCH-Aug 26

Mathew at trial in Middlesex-May 25 In re The Silkstone and Dodworth Coal and Iron Co limd and Rayne v Keevil app of deft from judgt of Baron Pollock after

Co's Acts app of Benjamin Whitworth Fry, J-Aug 27 trial-May 26 " do re Wilkinson, decd Wilkinson v Baird app of pit from Fleming v The Mayor &c of Manchester argument of rule nisi order on summons to vary Fry, J - Aug 30

for new trial granted by Court of Appeal on application of Pavey v Pavey app of Ann Pavey and org VCH-Sept 2 deft (eet down with final appls by order)-May 26 In re Spencer, decd Spencer v Hart app of plt from order Fleming v The Mayor &c of Manchester app of deft from allowing demr VC of County Palatine-Sept 6

judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial-May 26 -Sallivan v Anthony app of plts' Williams J for V CH-Sept West of England and South Wales District Bank v Gidley

app of deft from judgt of Justices Mathew and Cave on specia) Eaton v Hunt app of plt Williams, J for MR-Sept 16

caso-May 31 In re The Yarmouth and Gorleston Tramways Co limd app of Wainwrigot v Wilson app of deft from judgt of A. Wills, Herbert Gonde and ore Cave, J, for MR-Sept 19

Erq, Q C, at trial at Worcester-June 9 In re Wmn Levett & Co limd app of Robert Stony, a Creditor The Law Society v Waterlow and ore apo of dofta from indot Cave, J-Sept 21

of Mr Justice Grove at trial in Middlesex Jude 11 In re Eldridge, deod Hawtin v Wyatt app of deft Kay, J Hallett & Co v Lumsden app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Oct 5

Mathew at trial June 13** do re Chatterton, a Solicitor app of M E Charlton and ors Wilkinson and anr v Coulson App of dett Coulson from judgt Kay, J-Oct 14

of Baron Pollock at trial at Newcastle June 16

The Earl of Dartmouth v Mundy app of deft from jadgt of

Justices Field and Stephen on special case June 23
For Hearing.

The Board of Works of the Hackney District « The Great

Eastern Ry Co (Q B. Crown side) app of Hackney Board 1880.

from judgt of Lord Coleridge, L C'J, and Mr Justice Manisty In re Charles M Roche, gentn. one &o app of Mr Roche from on app from Inferior Court June 25 order of Lord Coleridge, L CJ, and Mr. Justice Grove | Worsley Bros v London, Brighton, and South Coast Ry Co April 27

app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Field at trial Jude 28 Greenway & org v Atkinson & anr app of deft Atkinson from

The Queen v Charles Listar (Q B-Crown side) app of deft judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial hd Mar 22 by Lord

I from judgt of Baron Huddleston and Sir H Hawkins on Chancellor and Lords Justices Bramwell and Baggallay re

demr to pless on criminal information June 28 ferred to sp ref for report to this court-restored by order

MacGillivray v West of England Fire and Life Insuranse Co, Wilcockson v Powell app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice limd app of plt from jadgt of Baron Huddleston at trial at Stephen at trial in Middlesex-Apr 14 (security ordered

Westminster July 1 May 18)

Lawe v Berridge app of plt from judgt of Justices Grove, Bulteel and anr v Curteis app of deft from judgt and discharge

Lindley, and Stephen, setting aside verdict and judgt.--cof rule nisi by Mr Justice Denman and Baron Pollock-Apr

tion tried by Mr Justice Mathew, London, July 2

York Trams Co, lind, v Willows app of deft from jaigt of Cooke and org v Sheard app of plts from judge of Baron Pol Mr Justice Mathew at trial at Westminster July 7 lock and Mr Justice Stephen on special case-Apr 14

Ide and aor v Crichton app of deft from judgt of Baron F Cooke and ors v Sheard app of pits from role nisi for new

look at trial in London -July 7 trial discharged by Justices Deoman and Cave and Baron

Suffell o Governor and Co of the Bank of England app of Pollock action tried at Liverpool by Mr Justice Manisty

defts from judgt of Lord Coleridge, LC J, at trial in London The Mayor, &c, of Rochdale v The Justices of Lancashire app

-July 16 of plt from judgt of Justices Williams and Mathew on special

Whitecross Wire and Iron Co limd v Savill and ors app of case-Apr 23

defts from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial in London-July H Young and Co v The Mayor and Corporation of Royal

12 Leamington Spa app of plis from judgt of Justicos Wil Newton and Co v Sanders Bros app of plts from judgt of Mr lians and Mathew on special case-Apr 26

Justice Lopes at trial at Westminster-July 12 Young v The Sonora Co and org app of plt from judgt of Hill v Sansom and anr app of plt from judgi of Baron Pullock Lord Coleridge, L CJ, at trial - Apr 26 .

at trial at Westminster -July 15 Young » The Sonora Có and ors app of plt from rule nisi Adams v Finch and ors app of Geo Hulme (4th party) from discharged by Mr Justice Denmaa and Baron Pollock judgt of Mr Justice Cave at trial at Westminster -July 15 Apr 26

Loathes v Casebourn and anr app of deft from judgt of Mr At:orney-Gen v Noyes (Q B Revenue Side) app. of Attorney Justice Lopes at trial at Carlisle-July 21

Gen from decree of Mc Justice Grove, Mr Justice Liadley Berlin Phosphate Sewage and Manure Co limd v Combe and differing—April 26

unr app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Denman at trial Markwick v Redford (decd since action) and ors app of defts in London-July 21 from judgt of Mr Justica Mathaw at trial-April 27

Harris v Truman, Hanbury and Co app of pltf from Jastices "The Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co ld v Han Field, Manisty' and Bowen, directing entry of jadgt for

cock and anr app of plt from judgt of J. P. Marphy, Esq, deft with costs-July 22 Q.C., at trial - April 28

Reffell v Fowell app of pltf from judgt of Lord Coleridge, The Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Cold v Han LCJ, at trial at Kingston-July 25

cock and anr app of plt from rule nisi discharged by Justices In re George Johnson, Gent, a solr of the Supreme Court agst Grove and Lindley-April 28

Mary Paine Edwards app of Geo Johnson from order of De Bernales v The Britannia Home and Colonial Fire A880 Lord Cole,idge, LC J, Baron Pollock and Mr Jastico

ciation ld app of deft from judgt of Lord Coleridge, LOJ, Manisty-July 25 after trial in London-May 3

The Prison Commissioners v Clerk of the Peace for Middlesex Erichsen, representative of London Agency of Great Northern app of deft from judgment of Lord Coleridge, L CJ, at trial

Telegraph Co of Copenhagen v Last (Q B Revenue side) At Westminste app of Erichsen from order of Justices Lindley, Willia ns Austin v Percivall and apr app of defendant Percivall from and Mathew on app case stated by lacome Tax Commis judgt of Mr Justice Mathew at trial at Stafford July 26 sioners for City of London-May 10

Saxby and apr v Gloucester Wagon Co, limd app of plts from The Safety Oil Co limd v Borrowman, Phillips, and Co app of judgt of Lord Coleridge L CJ, and Jastices Magisty, Field,

deft from judgt of Mr Justice Manisty at trial-May 11" and Bowea upon findings and report of official referee July Sir Edmd GoHoroby, Kot v Cardwell (F B Hanbury third party)

app of third party from order of Lord Coleridge, LCJ, and Penfold v Pagham Harbour Reclamation Co app of desta Mr Justice Field overraliog demr-My 14

from judgt of Mr Justice Liadley at trial at Westmiaster Haywood v The Brunswisk Permanent Benefit Building Society ! Aug 3

app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen after trial at | Negus v Forster app of plt from judgt of Baron Haddleston & Manchester-May 17

trial at Westminster Aag 6 The Yorksbire Fire and Life Insurance Co. v Clayton (Q B Peat (Trustee in liquidation) v Jones and Co app of defts from

Revenge Side) app of Insurance Co from judgt of Justices Justices Grove and Lindley setting aside verdiot and direst-
Grove and Lindley on case stated by Conmrs of lababited ing judgt for the plt. Aug 8
House Daties for Kingston-upon-Hull-May 19

Turner and anr v Furness Ry Co app of plts from julgt of The Law Society of the United Kingdom v Shaw and another L J Bramwell at trial at Liverpool Aug 10%

app of deits from judgt of Mr Justice Grove at trial in Middle Ashdown v Ingamells app of doft from judgt of Sir H Har. sex—May 21

kins at trial Aug 12 The Mersey Docks and Harbour Board v Lucas (QB Revenue | Rosenberg v Cook app of deft from jadgt of Mr Jastioe Lind

Side) app of Lucas from order of Justices Grove and Lindley 1 ley at trial without a jury Aug 16


Chittick v Harris and anr app of deft Burchell, the younger, of rule nisi for new trial granted July 20 by Court of Appeal

from Juntices Grove and Lindley dismissing app from Mr July 20 Justice Mathew-Aug 18

Pitman & apr v Universal Marine Insurance Co app of plto Johnson v Wilson app of plt from Justices Williams and Cave from Mr. Justice Lindley referring to arbitration to ascertain

dismiesiog app from Mr Justice Cave setting aside order for damages—July 23 judgment-Sept 19

In re Arbitration between Owen Rice and Robert Rodgers & Gantes Bros. & Co v Leyland & Co and ors app of dfts from Co app of Owen Rice from rule nisi (to set aside award) dis

judgt of Mr Justice Field, directg pon-suit w costs-Oct 12 charged by Mr Justice Grove and Baron Huddleston-July 28 Quilter v Mapleson app of dit from judgt of Lord Coleridge, Maisey v McLay (Wilson & ors, claimants) app of plt from LCJ at Westminster without a jary-Oct 24

Mr Justice Field and Baron Huddleston confirming order of Silcock y Farmer app of dit from indgt of Lord Jnet

Baron Pollock-Aug 10 well at trial-Oct 25

China Transpacific steam Ship Co limd v Coramercial Union

Assurance Co app of pltf from order of Justices Grove and From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Queen's

Lindley for affidavit as to documents-Aug 10
Bench Division.

Goodman v Layborn app of defts from Justices Grove and

Lindley confirming report of Off Ror-Aug 12 1881.

Roberts, Judgt Dr v Deatb, Judgt Cr (Robert Castle garnishee, Grant v Holland app of plt from rule nisi discharged by

Mr and Mrs Wells claimants) app of judgt debtor and Justices Williams & Maibew- April 6 (Appeal diemissed

claimants from Justices Grove and Field confirming order of unless Order for Security complied with by Nov 1, 1881)

Mr Justice Mathew-Sept 16 Mitchell v Mitchell app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice

Goodwin v Ashton app of deft from Justices Cave and Kay Williams on interpleader issue at triul at Liverpool —

varying Master's order giving leave to detend-Sept 16 June 8

Chambers v The Managers of the Metropolitan Asyloms Board Evads v Carte app of deft from rule nisi discharged by Lord app of defts from Justices Cave and Kay restraining (until Coleridge LC J, and Mr Justice Bowen-action tried in

hearing) reception of patients beyond radius of one mileMiddlesex by Mr Justice Bowen - June 8

Sept 20 Christopher v 'The Voited Kiogdom Electric Telegraph Co app of plt from rule nisi discharged by Justices Lopes and


DIVISION. Eddington and apr v Palmer, trustee, &c app of plts from rule

For Hearing. nisi discharged by Justices Lopes and Stephen-Jone 13

Admiralty. May v Head and org app of plt from order of Baron Pollock and Mr Justice Stephen dismissing motn to set aside judgt

1881. June 13

Ship Marina (Liverpool District Registry) C F Cregreen v Griffiths v Halloway app of plt from order of Justices Lopes R Alexander and unr app of defts from judgt of Sir RJ and Stepben for new trial-June 14

Phillimoro with assessorg-Apr 25 Griffiths v Steel app of plt from order of Justices Lopes and Ships Odessa and Murton (cons actns) Owners of the Murton Siepben for new trial-June 14

v Owners of the Odessa Norwood and org y Owners of the Iles, H W v Assessment Committee of West Ham Union and Murton app of Owners of the Murton from judgt of Sir RJ

aor (Q B Crown eide) app of WH Iles from Baron Huddle Phillimore with assessor 8—May 3 ston and Sir Henry Hawking-June 15

Ships Gertrude and Carbon (cons actas) Owners of Carbon v Smith v Litile app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew

Van Ommeren and ors Dawson and ors v Owners of Carbon on interpl-ader issue at trial in London-June 16

and freight app of Owners of Gertrude from judgt of Sir R Adams v G E Ry Co app of deft from rule pisi discharged by

J Phillimore with asee sorg-June 8 Justices Grove. Lindley and Lopeg-act tried at Liverpool by Ship Amoor and other Vessels Swanston v Lishman app or Mr Justice Williams-Jupe 23

plts from interlocutory order of Sir R J Phillimore-July 12 London & N Wand G W Ry Cos v Aman app of plts from ord

Ship Farnley Hall (salvage) Laws, Surtees and Co v Owners of Mr Justice Field on demr-June 23

of Farnley Hall app of plts from judgt of Sir R J PhilliShaw v Earl of Jersey app of plt from ord of Justices Lopes

more-Aug 9 and Stephen on sp C-June 23

Ship Cito Tollefsen sen and ors v Owners of Cito, cargo and Fode v Swan & ors app of deft Swan from Baron Pollock and freight app of Owners of Cito from interlocatory order of Mr Justice Manisty setting aside order giving leave to defend

Sir R J Phillimore-Aug 10 -June 25 Clarke v Bradlaugh app of deft from ord of Justices Depman

FROM THE LONDON BANKRUPTCY COURT. and Williams overruling demr to re-amended claim-June 25

For Judgment. Hartmont v Foster app of plt from ord of Justices Depman In re Young

Ex parte Young (heard Aug 4 and Willian.8 as to costs on interpleader issue:-June 27

by Lord Chancellor and Lds Wratten v Brown app of plt froun Justices Denman and Williams

Justices Brett and Cotton) refusing to set aside disml w costs-June 29

For Hearing. Solomon v Bitton app of deft from ord of Justices Grove, In re Bower

Ex parte Briggs Lindley and Lopes für new trial-act tried by Mr Justice Linda In re Spindler

Ex parte Rolph loy-June 29

In re Read

Ex parte Nicolson Bowles v Drake and Co app of defts from order of Baron la re Salisbury

Ex parte Banks Pollock and Mr Justice Lindley for new trial action tried In re Mellison and aor

Ex parte Dash by Westmr County Court judge-- June 30

In re Latham and Son

Ex parte Glegg and ors Tbe Queen on the prosecution of the Mayor, &o of Sheffield v In re Eccles

Ex parte Heslop The Justices of the West Riding of County of York (Q B In re Tudner

Es parte W R Banking Co Crown side) app of defts from rule of Justices Denman and In re Lawrie

Ex parte Lawrie Williams for mands—July 1

In re Rees

Ex parte Hughes Chamberlaine v Barnwell app of pltf from order of Justices In re Sadler

Ex parte Davies Grove, Denman and Lindley for new trial action tried by In re Spencer

Ex parte Clare Field, 'J, at Westminster-July 2

In re Harris

Ex parte Graves Moore v Woolley app of deft from rule nisi discharged by IQ re Gardner

Ex parte Berridge Justices Grove and Lindley action tried in Middlesex by In re Morris

Ex parte Streeter Lindley, J—July 4

In re Hawes

Ex parte Sadler Webber v London, Brighton and South Coast Ry Co app of In re King

Ex parte Beyfus plif from order of Lord Coleridge, LC J, Baron Pollock and In re Moir

Ex parte Church Justice Manisty for new trial otried in Middlesex by Den

N.B.-The above list contains final and interlocutory appeals man, J-July 4 Mortensen v Cohen app of deft from role nisi discharged by

set down to Tuesday, October 25, inclusive. Lord Coleridge, L CJ and Mr Justice Manisty-July 5 Coben v Hughes app of plt from order of Justices Grove,

Lindley and Lopes, for new trial conditional on payment of HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE-CHANCERY DIVISION. costs of first trial - July 5

LIST OF CAUSES FOR MICHAELMAS SITTINGS, 1881. Sheffield & anr v Heath, sved, &o app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes upon questions of law subject to reference

Before Vice-Chancellor BACON. July 8

Causes for Trial. In re Arbitration between Mayor, &o of Dudley and Trustees

gagcs act

Oliver v Watkins act, wits of the late Earl of Dudley app of Mayor, &c of Dudley | Ormath waite v The Kingston, Furbər v King act, wits from order of Justices Deoman and Williams on special case &c., Ry Co act, wits Furber v Kiog act, wits - July 12

Ross v Fenwick act, wits Isaacson v Arthur act Lodgers' Act, 34 & 35 Vict o 79 Morton v Palmer argument Jackson v Haigh act, wits.

Transferred from the M.R., by Order of March 14, 1881. Warburton v Hewitt act Williams v Brisco act Warner v Moses act, cross- Matthias v Yette act, wits

Spedding v Dyk 29 act & mij lo re Luckie Nixon Lackie exemn Kalt-nbach, Fischert & Co v

In re Wood Clatton v Woou act Starkey v Blank act wits Lewis and Peat act, wits act & mij

Stewart v Thompson adja Kirkman y Prescott act wits Pierce v Williams act

Courtnay v Bennett act

gumns Cadman v Draper act wits (pt In re l'earson Pearson v Le

In re The Land Credit Co. ld. In re Hall Parkinson v Hall hd) Rossignol fc adjd sums

act Nicoll v Fending act wits Harvey y Abbott act

Forbes v Jackson epo & mfj In re British Guardian Life Cooke v Woolam8 act wits In re Palmer Vinall v Lam

Nichols v Mitford spo

Assurance Co &o adjd suas Burrow v Scammell act wit bert fo

National Prov. Bank v Evans In re the Great Britain Matuak Buoney v Wartoaby not wits In re Benton Smith v Smith

Life Assurance Socy Sp C Morgan v Miller act wits op c&m fj

Vosper v Holmes act

In re the Commercial Bank, Id Swann v Cheal act wits. Browne v Fryer spc &mfj

The Scottish Widows Fandy &c ad sums Turnogr v Owen mfj In re Wilkinson Moore v

Craig mfj

In re W & J Garforth, &c ad Todd v Lesiter act wits

Wilkinson fc
Barrett v Barrett mij

sums Ryder v Fletcher act wits Jones v Branson act

Irving v Smyib m fj lo re Humphred Humphrey (Sept 20) Peterson v Young fc

In re Le Petit Goodali v Le v Humphrey ad sums Tulloch v Lambert act & Havers v Fleming mfj

Petit act

Wooldridge v'Wooldridge act mfj Godfrav v Tinsley act, wits

In re Saxon Saxon v Taylor Lovell v Kemp ad sums In re Rawlings Rawlings v In re Blow Blow v Blow act


Hawkes v Holland act
Phillips act wits
Hoyland v O'Donaghue act,

In re Paul Morris v Saweard Beaven v Tod-Heatly act In rə Booth Brooks v Rounce wits


Longley v Garney mfj In re Hillewell Halle well v

Downs v Bird Act act wits

Alexander v Constable sot The United Ports and General Benthum fc

Higgins & Hitchman, &c, In re Watkin Price v Palmer Insurance Co v Curtis act, Schilizzi v Webster act, wits

ndjd sumns

mfj Ionides v Webster ac', wits

In re Michelmore wits

Michel. Kuhleger v Bailey act Perry v Williams act Lovering v H-nnen act, wits

more v Bowden act & mfj In re Lambs Herbert v Lambs Bannister v Tomkins act, wits

Allwod v Bloomer act

act &mfi

In re Lamb Bailes v Lamb Williams v Wiiliams act Before Vice-Chancellor HALL.


In re Richardson Wigan y Causes for Trial (with Wito9-res).

In re Gold Co of Southern Scallymfj Humphreya v Brown act Coleman v Kircaldy act.

India, &c adjd sums Butler v Watsua mfj Maguth y Elkins act The Devon &c Rý v Jewell

Killick v Gray act & mij Ryder y Avent act &mfj Molloy v Kilby act

act wits

Whitehorn v Whitehorn Bpc Hodges v Newport act (brisMartin v Tollemache act Marley v Stephenson act

West v Rashleigh act

toll Dixon v McDonnell act R088 v Semple act In re Todd's Estate

Holland & London Land C', Adams v Madox act (RamsTodd v Semple v Ross act

&c adjd sums

gate DR Todd adjd sumns Marley v Jacques act

| Ia re Caballero's Estate Lesh- Hardiog v Wyndhan act Spencelaugh v Taylor act Cathbertson v Palmer act

ley v Smith adjd sams In re Cooper Brown Cooper Tobin v Saunders act Rollioge y London Scottish

Dopisthorpe v Donisthorpe epc &mfj Bulteel v Grepe act & mij &c Society act

fc & sums to vary

In re Swanzy Mottrany Palmer v Fawcett act Watson v Harward act and

In se Hawthorne Hawthorne Swadzy act Galmoyev Brown act mfj

v Kennedy ic & sums to Woulveu v Morey mfi Stephens v Danger act Robinson v Robiason act


Errington v Metroplitaa DR Waite v Bingley act

lo re Pryer Pryer v Pryer In re Kynaston Kynaston v mfj Greaves v Weatherill act aot

Seddon act

In re Rencastle Niebolson Phillips v Manchester, &c Ry Window v Abbott act

In re Burnet Burnet v Bur Thompson act
Co act
In re Matton Mutton v Mut-

net adjd sucos

Macdonald v Patersoa act Gill v Young act

ton act

In re City of London, &c, Wilson v Parkinson act Jones v Boll act

Assn adjd sums
Oliver v Buttorell aet

Jones v Jeffreyes act
Owen v Jackson act
In re Woods Cowley v Ault

Further Considerations.
Attorney-Gen v Earl of Dar act
ham act
Uppleby v Horberry act &

Donisthorpe v Donisthorpe fc Siller v Mackey fc & sanns. Leigh v Rathbone aot & m mfj

& suws to yary

to vary fjudgt Rock Portland Cement Co v

In re Hawthorne Hawthorne la re Cruttenden Davey v In re Anglo-Frunch Co-opera Wilson a & mfj

v Kennedy fc & sumns to Laosdale fo tive Society Expte Liquida Hills v Reevag act


In re Green G een v Green fe tor adjd sumns Williams v Price act

In re Munns Dinn v Aldridge In re Wentworth Sims v HalParker v Greaves act In re Coxon Gregory v Older


dane fo Isaacs v Digby act

abaw a & mij

In re Eagle Newman v Pen. In re Nesbitt Ravizzitti v Jones v Ellis act La Fargue v Miles act

gam fc

Harmer fc
The Credit Co v Association of Gregory v Seaton act

In re Taylor Shaw v Pogson Wilder v Pigot fe
Land Finances act
Roche v Roche act

fur con

lo re Little Mathers Radly Ball y Bertram act Groves y Robnison act Pheysey v Pheysey fc

fo Ball y Dawson act Hickman v Saya & mfi

In re Davies Davies v Atkins in re Hayes Hayes v Hayes In re Bridge Cape v Bridge Warren v Le Marchant act


fc (short) act Knowles v Clark act

In re Hewett Hewett v Hit. In re Horne Horne Horne fc Young v White act Winter v Sykes act

chins fc

Logrouille v Godhew fe Motion v King ect Davies y Davieg act

In re Cooper Cooper v Newsom Lilhogston v Pares fo Butcher v Stephenson act In re Turner Turner v Barwel

fc Schofield v Clegg act act

Before Mr. Justice FRY. Collias v Forman act

Causes for Trial (with Witnesses). Causes for trial without witnesses). The Scottish Widows’ Fund y la re The Same v Expte Ry. Nicholas v Nicholas act & 2 Watts v Meers act (for trial Craig dem Co. a jd sums sums

only) Witwick v James dem

In re The Same adjd sums Pugh Johnson v Cambrian Price v Torrens aet The Surrey Hampshire Capal April 7

Ry Co Act (for trial only) Hewitt v London, Tilbary, & Corpn v Wilkinson dem Skinner v Le Merchante act Thom 18 v Prosser act (for Ry act Republic 5f Peru v Ruzo mta Dawson v Le Marchante act trial only)

In re Cross Harston y Tenii decree

Pailpot v Partridge act Hale v Eirí de la Warr act son act The Tea Co v Carter act In re Richards Coldcott v (fur trial oply)

Riddell v Dydde not In re Horner Pomfret V Best 80 & mfj (pt bd) Tregear v Wells act (for trial Williams v Bawden act Graham Act In re Evans Welsh v Chandell only)

Lawes y Carter set Lemaitre v Davies act

act &mfj

Power v Ingall act (for trist Curling • Thorp set
Watson v Young act
Lsach v Fleming mfj


Skinner v Todd act De Palikao v Butterfield act In re Riland Phillips v Robin- Champitt v Paine act (for Green v Coates act &mfj son mfj

trixi only)

Whitbread German act In re Cornwall Minerals Ry Co Heron Maxwell v Stopford Mitchell Henry act (for Hughes v Morris act Co. &c. v Ex pte Ry Co adjd Blair adjd sums

trial only)

In re Jobson Golden
Heron Maxwell v Stopford Hedley v Eccl Commrs act Gillam act
Blair adjd sums

(for trial only)

Robinson v Townend wat


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