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term "consolidation" is properly confined to those cases in which the right to redeem is refused to a mortgagor, except upon condition of his performing some duty other than discharging the whole of the sums secured upon the land comprised iu his mortgage. What Mr. Wolstenholme calls "tacking of debts" comes within this last principle in a manner closely analogous to that in which what he calls "consolidation of mortgages" comes within it. Upon what principle of good faith does he make the mere fact that he likes to use one kind of language, while we like to use another, a ground for pretending that we did not know what we were talking about when we used our own language P

(2.) As to Mr. Wolstenholme's remarks about " Paper No. 2, p. 871," we said that, on a refusal to reconvey, the mortgagee ought to hare been declared by the Act a trustee, and the court empowered to effect the transfer by a vesting order. Mr. Wolstenholme now says, in effect, that this power does exist. There is not a word about it in the Act, and we could hardly desire stronger evidence that the power ought, as we said, to have been expressly given by tho Act, instead of being, at this late hour, established solely by Mr. ■Wolstenholme's ipse dixit.

(3.) We are always happy to disseminate information; and it gives us great pleasure to tell Mr. Wolstenholme, at his request, the meaning of "going into possession pro formd." It means, going into possession, not for the purpose of acting as mortgagee in possession, but only formally and for the purpose of acquiring the immunity thereby to be acquired by virtue of section 15, sub-section (2). Our readers will remember our suggestion that section 15, sub-section (1), might be evaded if the mortgage deed contained a stipulation that the mortgagee should be allowed to go into possession and immediately go out again. They may then wonder how Mr. Wolstenholme's inquiry about the consequences of going out of possession without content of the owners of the equity of redemption, has anything to do with the matter. The very object of our proposed stipulation would, of course, be to secure the needful consent.

(4.) The most marvellous part of Mr. Wolstenholme's criticisms is his remarks upon " Paper No. 3, p. 885," which culminate in the observation—" He [i.e., the purchaser of an equitable fee] can get the legal fee by conveyance from tbo person in whom it is outstanding. This person and the executor can make a complete title now." Are we seriously to understand that, on a contract for the sale of an equitable fee, if the vendor should die before completion, Mr. Wolstenholme would advise a client to accept a conveyance from the trustee of the legal estate and the executor, as the law stands now, without making the heir-at-law a party? We confess that we should not be prepared to advise in this sense; and Mr. Dart seems to be somewhat of the same opinion. "It has be»u held," he says, "that where the vendor of an equitable estate dies before completion, his heirs are necessary parties to the conveyance" (V. & P. 25G).

We fear Mr. Wolstenholme must bring himself to "go " a good deal "further," if he wishes the public to believe that he has demolished our criticisms. He has convicted us of nothing but one trifling verbal confusion, not in the slightest degree affecting our argument. And Bince, in his own letter, he has obviously confused "mortgagor" with " mortgagee," we may hope that he does not look upon such slips, to which all of us are liable, as mortal sins. He will find by the letter which we print elsewhere, that, so far from our "misleading" our readers, a correspondent who was reduced to outer darkness by the study of Mr. Wolstenholme's legislative compositions, has, by our efforts, been brought to a knowledge of the truth.—Ed. S. «/.].

[To the Editor of the Solicitors'' Journal.']

Sir,—Although at the last meeting of the Court of Common Council the notice of motion standing in my name relating to this matter was unexpectedly reached and withdrawn in consequence of my not having received all the statistics with which I expect to be furnished, yet, on the same day, I gave notice of a resolution in similar terms, which I shall move at the meeting to be held next week, unless the court should determine to deal with the important question of the Fish Supply of the Metropolis, which cannot be postponed.

I have no intention whatever of allowing the matter to drop, and, indeed, the evidence which I have already received of the serious difficulties which some sheriffs' officers place in the way of the recovery of moneys received by them is so serious and extraordinary, that I could not, if I would, abandon the matter, notwithstanding the pressure which in some quarters has been put upon me to do so.

One eminent firm of City solicitors informs me that in the country it is the rule rather than the exception for the officer to detain the plaintiff's moneys, or, worse still, to arrange with debtors without authority. They add that in one case the officer detained the proceeds of a

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STAMP DUTY. [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] Sir,—I shall be glad if one of your readers oan inform me what is the correct ctamp duty payable in the following cases:—

(a.) A marriage settlement in the form of a covenant by the intended husband, the settlor, to pay to the' tees £5.000 at the expiration of one month solemnization of the marriage, to be held upon' of the settlement.

(6.) A marriage settlement consisting of a covenant by the settlor to lay out £1,000 in the purchase of household furniture, within one year from the eolemniz irioa of the marriage, such furniture, when purobaied, to become thereupon subject to the trusts of the settlement.

(c.) A settlement similar to (i.), except that the covenant is that the furniture, when purchased, shall assigned to the trustees upon the trusts of the settlement.

October 24.


[To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.]

Sir,—The Incorporated Law Society will have a prominent voice iu fixing the scale of fees to be allowed under this Act. As the members of the couucil are chiefly partners in large firms dealing principally with matters involving heavy amounts, iu which a small per.

centage will pay extremely well, may I venture to remind them that there are many general practitioners whose business consists of matters involving Bmall amounts, and to trust that the percentage fixed shall bo such as will render these small matters at least remunerative. Nemo.

CHANGE OF NAME. [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] Sir,—I should feel much obliged if any of your readers can inform me what the necessary steps are incidental to changing a person's name by deed poll, and where I can find a form of such a deed. Sfero. October 22.


Married WomanTenant Fob LifeConveyanceDispensing With Husband's Concurrence-receipt Op Pdkchase-monbyFines And Recoveries Act (3 & 4 Will. 4, o. 74), s. 91.—In a case of In re Piper, before Cave and Kay, JJ., sitting as a divisional court, on the 22nd in=t., an application was made uoder section 91 of the Fines and Recoveries Act (3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 74), by Mrs. Piper, a married woman, for an order dispensing with her husband's concurrence in the conveyance of certain freehold land of wliich she was tenant for life. By the will of her father, who died in 1862, the property had been devised to hi r for life, with remainder to ber children. In 1866 Mrs, Piper was deserted by her husband, and she was now living apart from him. A contract having been entered inm for the tale of the fee simple of the property by Mrs. Piper and her children, Mrs. Piper moved to have her husband's concurrence in the conveyance of her life estate dispensed with under the above section, which provides that, if a husband shall be living apart from his wife from any caus", it shall be lawful for the Court of Common Pleas (now merged in the Queen's Bench Division), upon the application of the wife, to dispense with the concurrence of the husband in any case in which his concurrence is required by the Act. Evidence in support of the motion having been read, the Court made the order as asked, observing that Mrs. Piper would be entitled to receive and Rive a discharge for the purchase money in respect of her life estate.—Solicitors, Uoiij/iton <y Byfield.

Practice—Appeal From MasterTime For EnlargeMent Of—Rules Of Court, 1875, Ord. 54, R. 4 ; Ord. 57, B. 6 — In an action of Dennett v. Bull, also before Cave and Kay, J J., sitting as a divisional court, on the 22nd inst., a motion was made by the plaintiff to set aside an order made in chambers by Kay, J., dismissing a summons for appeal from an order by Master Sir F. Pollock. The plaintiff was a sub-contractor under the defendants, Messrs. Boll, the contractors for building the Royal Courts of Justice, and the action was to recover the amount of the sab-contract. An order having been made by the master at chambers on September 13 last, an appeal summons to the judge under Rules of Court, 1S75, ord. 54, r. 4, was taken out by the plaintiff on the 17th. but was not heard until the 22nd, the day for which it wai made returnable. It appeared that the summons might have been taken out immediately after the decision, and heard by the judge on the 14th. The counsel for the plaintiff submitted that as the appeal summons had been taken out before the expiration of the four days from the dato of the master's decision, under ord. 54, r. 4, the fact of its not being returnable until after the expiration of the four days was immaterial: Gibbons v. The London Financial Association (L. R. 4 C. P. D. 263); Collins v. Vestry of Taddmgtoii (L. R. 5 Q. B. D. 368); that the rule should not be applied strictly, and that the court had power to enlarge the time, under ord. 57, r. 6. The Court said that the rule required the appeal not only to be brought, but to be heard within the four days, unless good ground were shown for relief. The decision having been given on September 13, the appeal summons might have been put into the paper for hearing on the 14th, so that- there

was no real ground for the plaintiffs delay. If the court were to relax the rule in this case, it would be cited as a preoedent for relaxing it in other cases of the same kind, accordingly the appeal was dismissed with costs.— Solicitors, Taylor, Hoare, $ Taylor; Stotken $ Jupp.

PracticeAccidentAction For Damages—ParTicular-.Manager Of BusinessOrder For Further And Better Particulars.—In an action of Varney and, Wife v. The North Metropolitan Tramtcays Company, also before Cave and Kay, JJ., sitting as a divisional court, on the 22nd inst., which was an action for damages through an accident to the female plaintiff on the defendants' line, an order had been mado by Master Sir F. Pollock, upon the defendants' application for particulars, "that the plaintiff "Varney do deliver to the defendants an account of the particulars of the losses mentioned in the statement of claim." The first particular was for the expenses of nursing and medical expenses, £7 17s. 6d., which was not disputed. Another wes, "damages for pain and suffering of Mrs. Varney," and loss consequent ut on her being incapacitated by the accident from following her avocation as manageress of her husband's business, which was that of a grocer; but no sum was stated, and the defendants submitted that some estimate should be inserted, so that they might judge of the reasonableness of the claim. An application for farther and belter particulate having been refused by the master, the defendants appealed to Kay, J., in chambers, who refused to vary the master's order. The defendants then appealed to the Divisional Court. The Court said the defendants were entitled to have further and better particulars of the losses alleged to have arisen from the incapacity of the female pluintiff to act as manageress of her husband's business There could be no difficulty in stating suoh particulars, as, for instance, the actual losses in the business, or the extra expenses incurred in consequence of the plaintiff beinir deprived of his wife's services. The appeal was therefore allowed.—Solicitors, H. C. Godfray; C. F. B. Birchall.

PracticeInspection Of Books, Order ForInspecTion By Nomineb Of Both PAr.TiES.—In a case of Head v. Willey, also before Cave and Kay, JJ., sitting as a divisional court, on the 22nd inst., Kay, J., bad made an order in chambers giving the plaintiff leave to inspect the defendant's books "by a person to be agreed upon by the parties, or, if not agreed upon, then by a person to be appointed by the master." The plaintiff then moved to vary the order by striking out the words quoted, on the ground that he should have liberty to inspect by himself or by his own accountant or nominee, with whom be could consult, and that otherwise the order for inspection would be useless to him. The Court expressed itself unable to see how any reasonable objection could be made to the order as it stood. It would be unreasonable for the plaintiff to send down an accountant or other nominee of bis own to inspect the defendant's books without giving the defendant the opportunity of objecting to the person who might be sent. The motion was therefore dismissed with costs.—Solicitors, Clarke <fc Son ; Layton § Jaques.

JurisdictionLord Mayor's Court—Conflicting EvidenceProhibition.—Tn an action of Druif v. Wood, also before Cave and Kay, JJ., sitting as a divisional court, on the 22ad inst., which was lor the recovery of a sum of £8, being the value of goods sold by the plaintiff to the defendant, the main question in dispute hetweeu the parties was as to which of them was liable for the carriage of the goods, and upon this point conflicting affidavits had been filed. Williams, J., having, upon the application of the defendant, granted a prohibition against proceeding with the action in the Lord Mayor's Court, the plaintiff moved before the Divisional Court to set aside the order. The Court held that there was jurisdiction in the Lord Mayor's Court to decide upan the evidence which was absolutely conflicting, and that jurisdiction could not be interfered with. The appeal was therefore allowed, and the order of prohibition set aside.—Solicitors, B. JJ. Myers; Wriyht <fc POIey.


MR. WILLIAM SALE. Mr. William Sale, solicitor, the senior partner of tlie firm of Sale, Seddon, Hilton, & Lord, of Manchester, died at Brighton on the 13th inst. Mr. Sale was born at Atherstone, in Warwickshire, in the year 1808. His father, Mr. George Sale, was a wholesale draper there, and was well known in Manchester, to which fact no doubt his son's settlement in that city, after his admission, was largely due. It was abont tbe year 1831 that Mr. Sale commenced practice there, and he soon acquired an extensive business. In 1839 he took Mr. Edward Worthington into partnership, and in 1846 Mr. II. M. Shlpman, both of whom are now dead. It was as a commercial lawyer that Mr. Sale became chiefly known. H« was remarkable for acuteness and rapid perception, and enjoyed a reputation which was not confined to Manchester and the neighbouring districts, or even to England; and he was remarkable for the tact with which he settled disputes without resort to courts of law. Tbe important position of legal adviser to the Anti-Corn Law League during its prolonged agitation was held by him. and the duties of theonVe were discharged in a manner which tended materially to help the cause for which the League existed. Tbe extension of the county franchise by the purchase ot freehold properties, and the sub-division of the same into freehold interests of not less than forty shillings per annum, with the object of controlling tbe connty elections, was a suggestion of Mr. Sale's, which was adopted by the League and was advocated with great ability by his brother-in-law, the late Mr. Richard Cobden, and was extensively acted upon, and the votes thus created, though their validity was questioned at the time, were sastaintd in the revision courts, and in the Conrt of C mmon Pleas on appeal. For many years Mr. Sale acted as legal adviser to the Liberal candidates for the city of Manchester, and for the Southern Division of the county of Lancaster, and was ab!e in that capacity to render valuable aid to the Liberal ptrty. He was also solicitor to several of the largest banking houses in Manchester. A severe illness which he had in 1876, when he was in his sixty-eighth year, led to his retiring from the more onerous duties of his praotice, and he had lived at Brighton since the early part of 1878. Shortly before he left Manchester Mr. Sale's numerous friends invited him to sit for his portrait to the celebrated artist, Mr. Ouless. The portrait is one of the most successful products of that artist's ensel, and largely contributed to establish bis reputation. The picture hangs in the Clarendon Club, Manchester, with which Mr. Sale was connected, and of which lie was president up to tbe time of his death. Being considered one of Mr. Order's best works, it was sent to the Phhs Exhibition of 1878 by special request of the Prinoe of Wales. Mr. Sale was twice married. His wife who survives him, was the sister of Mr. Richard Cobden. Mr. Sale's conspicuous talents and unfailing kindness attached his clients to him with bonds of personal regard and affection. He was esteemed by all more as a friend than aa a lawyer, and bis death has caused universal regret in Manchester and the neighbourhood, and amongst a numerous circle who, to use the words of an eminent London solicitor, looked upon him as one of the landmarks of the profession.



LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Bowfteld, John, Crawley, Chardstock, Dorsot, Wheelwright. Nov

14. Clarke and Lukin, Chard Chabltox, Michael, York, Gent. Nov 10. Holtby, York Cranbb, Thomas, Fillongley, Warwick, Gent. Nov 10. Twiat and

Bona, Coventry

Eaton, Hrxby, Radcbffe, Lancaster, Surveyor. Nov 8. Holden and Holden, Bolton

Gaunt, John, Hampotcad rd, Pork Bntcher. Dec 1. Child, Paul's Bakehouse ct. Doctors* commons

OtmHouse, Jambs, Leominster, Hereford, Saddler. Nov 4. Woodhouse, Leominster

Haxfobd, Josrph, Studlcy rd, Clapham rd, Gent. Nov 17. Champion and Co, Ironmonger lano

Haxdfoetit, Leer, Cheadle, Manchester. Nov 30, Ward, Willenhall, nr Wolverhampton

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Jeffrry, Gnoses, Penge, Surrey. Gent. Nov 5. Cooper tad Walker, BilUterst

Mcbtox, Geobgb, Lytham, Lancaster, Bleacher. Not 8. Holdrc

and Holden, Bolton Noecliffb, Henby, Langton Hall, York, Gent. Not IS. Newton

and Co, York

Nohcliffe, Hugh, Langton Hall, York, Esq. Nov 12. Newton and Co, York

Nott, Johjt, Henwick, Worcester, Gent. Not 8. Spencer Thorn, Worcester

Fbabcb, John Alfred, Chantry, Avcton Gifford, Devon, Esq. Nov

6. Andrews, Modbury
Phipp, Charles Henby, Kempsford, Gloucester, Farmer.

Wilmot, Fairford
Ratcliffe, Fbedbbice William, Blackheath, Kent, Gent

Bolton and Co, Temple gdns. Temple
Rid Path. Geobgb, Finchley New rd, Hatnpstcad, Esq

Ridpnth, Finchley New rd
Smith, Hknby, Dover st, Southwark, Saddler. Jan 11.

Essex st, Strand

Smith, Maby Ann, High st, Islington. Nov 10. Sawbridge, SDlx

st, Cheapside

Tasebb, Matthias, TJpholland, nr Wigan, Lancaster, Former. Nor 6. Barrow and Cook, St Helen's

Taylor, George, Marple, Chester, Music Seller. Nov 22. Button and Elliott, Manchester

Thobxhll, William Rolph, Stand on, Hertford. Nov 26. Richardsons and Foxwell, Great Hadham

Whitehead, Thomas, Burnley, Lancaster, Plumber. Dec £. Haworth and Broughton, Accrington

[Gazette. Oct. 11.]

Abbott, William Joitw, Great College st, Camden Town, Iroa

monger. Dec 1. Underwood, Chancery lane Bakko.v, Eliza, St. Leonard's on-Sea. Nov 15. Stubbs, John

Bedford row

Beckett, Geobgb, Moston, Chester, Farmer. Jan 1. Bygofe, Middlewich

Borrixghah, Lucy, Louth, Lincoln. Dec 14. Bell and Ingoldby, Townhall, Louth

BorLDBN, John Toxge, Townshend rd, Marylebone, Gent. Nov2§.

Fisher and Carter, Old Jewry chmbrs Cass, Thomas, Laurel villas, Tottenham, Builder. Nov 25. Mi"«

and Co, Brunswick pi, City rd Chandler, Edward Henry, Albany st. Regent's park, Esq. Dc;

1. Burtcn and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Claydon, Ann, Aldernoy st, Pimlico. Nov 28. Abrahams and Cc,

Bedford row

Cowpee, Geobgb, Windsor. Nov 10. Cooper and Walker, Bioiic st

Estbidgb, Rev. John Julius, Puncknoll, Dorset. Nov H. Jones, Trowbridge

Farhall, Harrietts Price, Maidenhead, Berks. Nov 12. Jarris

and Triscott, Chancery lane Fell, Groroe, Paulton's square, Chelsea, Gent. Not 21. Fell,

Gray's inn rd

Hbpworth, Joseph, Batley, York, Yeoman. Oct 29. Law, BatW Johnstone, Elizabeth, Heavitree, nr Exeter. Dec 6. Bursr"

and Co, Oxford st. Johnstone, William, Honiton, Esq. Doc 6. Burgoynes and Co,

Oxford st

Lewis, Charlkk Terrell, Djsley, Exeter, Esq. Dec 31. Syms ani

Son, Furnival's inn Marsh, Jane, Cheustow, Monmouth. Nov 12. Wragge and Co,


Marsh, John Fitchbtt, Chep3tow, Monmouth, Gent. Nor. 12.

Wragge and Co, Birmingham Parker, Georgb John, Sydney, New South Wales, Surgeon. Xcr

12. DonniLhorno and Ewer, Grocechurcb st Patrice, Edwin, Oxford, Builder. Nov 2tf. Hazel and Baines,


Robsox, John, South Shields, Block Maker. Nov 12. Adamao,

North Shields

Rome, Richard, Skipton, York, Tea Dealer. Not 1. Cmgg,


Seymour, George, Montpelicr rd, Pockham. Not 25. Mills, Ci:y rd

Smith, Caroline, Ramsbury, Wilts. Nov 17. Rowland, Raxsbury

Upplbby, Maby Ann, Scarborough, Nov 27. Moody nod Co, Scarborough [Gazette. Oct 14 ■

Chamberlain, Henry Taylor, Bristol, Merchant. Nov ti.

Hammonds, Bristol Cookh, Groroe, the elder, Snaith, York, Farmer. Dec IS. Clarke,


Davey, Chablottb Estheb, Canterbury, Newspaper Proprietor. Dec 10. Plummerand Fielding, Canterbury

DnxisTHOBPE, Elizabeth, Prince's Park, LiverpooL Dec 14. Stone and Co, Liverpool

Dtuell, Robert, Bungav, Suffolk, Gent. Dec 15. Smith, Bxmcmv

Gabein, William, Wellington, Salop, General Dealer. Nor L Carrane, Wellington

Hambling, Thomas, East Dereham, Norfolk, Gent. Nor 14. Hunnybun and Sons, Huntingdon

Inge, Rev George, Thorpe Constantino, Stafford. Not 12. ley and Co, Birmingham

Less, Edward, Waterloo Crosby, nr Liverpool, Gent. Dec 21 and Co, Manchester

Lovatt, Georob H\rrt, New Cross rd. Hop Merchant, Ncva. Allen and Edwards, Old Jewry

Lucas, Isaac, Presbury, Chester, Auctioneer. Oct 30. Lucas, Alexandra rd, Hill, Southampton

Maliv, Sophia Lydia, Banbury, Oxford. Nov 15. Birch, Tha-rr

Morris, John, Lambeth rd, Gent. Nov 10. Lewis and Sons, Wilmington sq, Clerkonwell

Noble, Bexjamix, Brighouse, York, Silk Spinner. Dec 15. hers and Chambers, Brighouse

Packer, Charles, Streatham, Surrey. Nov IB. Lawrance and Co,

-Old Jewry chmbrs Pitt, Joseph, Brixton rd. Nov 7. Parker, Bedford row Robson, John, South Shields, Block and Mast Makor. Nov 12.

Adamaon, North Shields Bvyland, Jane, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Dec 12. Sanders and

Co, Birmingham

Sawbsy, John, Broughton in Furness, Lancaster, J.P., D.L. Nov

■15. Bowlings and Co, Essex st. Strand Sill, Nicholas, Southport, Lancashire, Gent. Nov 19. Jevons and

Co, Liverpool

Smith, Ann, Cambridge st, Pimlico. Nov 17. Fallows and Brown,

Lancaster pi. Strand Smyth, William Richabd, Earl Soham, Grocer's Clerk. Dec 1.

Ling, Framlingham Stead, Edmund, Manston Hall, nr Leeds, Esq. Dec 1. Simpson

and Bun-ell, Leeds Ttaylob, Jo Hit, Derby, Hotel Keeper. Nov 30. Bennett and Co, ■Buxton

"waddington, Joshua, Brighouse, York, Esq. Dec 15. Chambers

and Chambers, Brighouse "WniTSHBAD, Ajtsl, Owlerton, Sheffield. Nov 1. Broomhead and

Co, Sheffield

V/ckmax, Elizabeth Janb Pethbbice, Buxton, Derby. Dec 1.

Newman, Liverpool Winter, William Wakefobd, North Bersted, Sussex, Farmer.

Deo 1. Harvie, Bognor "wilson, John William, Stoneville, Greenville, Washington County,

JJ.S. Dec 31. Jones and Middleton, Chesterfield

[Gazette, Oct. 18.J Aoae, John, Bristol, Gent. Nov 19. Perham, Bristol Arundel, Richabd, Stanley, Wakefield, York, Innkeeper, Dec 1.

Barratt and Senior, Wakefield Ashwobth, Joseph, Stansfiald, Halifax, York, Yeoman. Nov 14.

Jubb and Booth, Halifax .atkinson, Thomas, Millom, Cumberland, Yeoman. Nov H. Butler,

B rou ghton -in-Furness Casson, Ann, Broughton in Furness. Nov 14, Butler, Broughton

in Furness

Dbinkwater, Elizabeth Maria, Wallington, Surrey. Nov 1.

Woodrooffe, New sq, Lincoln's inn Dunn, Robert, Potovens, nr Wakefield, Rope Manufacturer. Dec

1. Barratt and Senior, Wakefield Exley, Geobgb, Worsbrough Dale, nr Barnsley, York, Saddler.

Nov 22. Horsfield, Barnsley •gbay, Daniel, Ely pi, Southwark, Organ Builder. Nov 22. Castle

Gant, Walbrook

Greet, Fanny, Leamington, Warwickshire, Milliner. Nov 21.

Wright and Haseall, Leamington Haes, Sabah, Golborne rd, Ladbroke grove rd. Nov 17. Roscoe ■ and Co, King st, Finsbury sq

Eamnbtt, William, Little Hulton, Lancaster, Farmer. Nov 14.

Marlow and Dixon, Manchester Hawkins, Thomas, Bristol, Surgeon. Nov 30. Salt and Parnell,


Haynes, Richabd, Tredington, Worcester, Shoemaker. Nov 19. Hancock and Hiron, Shipston on Stour

May, Herbert Henry, Market Harborough, Leicester, Draper. Oct 4. Cave, Market Harborough

Nicholson, John, Newcastle upon Tyne, Retired Licensed Victualler. Nov 30. Allan and Davies, Newcastle upon Tyne

Pbnfold, Anna Maria, Preston, nr Brighton. Nov 22. Barker and Son, Bedford row

Pullek, Alfred, King st, West Hammersmith, Licensed Victualler. Nov 10. Marshal, Hammersmith

Roberts, Elizabeth, Rodcliffe gdus. South Kensington. Dec 0. Wansey, Bristol

Sogers, Alexandeb Tallknts, Penge, Surrey, Esq. Nov 30.

Plaskitt, Lincoln's inn fields Ross, Alteed Barker, Westgate on Sea, Kent, Gent. Dec 1. Merri'fman, King's Bench walk, Temple .

Rothwell, Betty, Tottington, nr Bury, Lancaster. Nov 10. Dodds, Bury

Salter, Rev Frederick, Hethe, Oxford, Clerk. Nov 19. Every, Honiton

Seaman, Lambbbt, Clapham rd, Gent. Nov 30. Plaskitt, Lincoln's inn fields

Simkins, Thomas, Sunninghill, Berks, Grocer. Nov 20. Brooks

and Co, Godliinan st, Doctor's commons Sowter, Emma, Derby. Nov 19. Gadsby, Derby Swaby, Jakes Sutton-, Somers Town. Nov 21. Sutton and

Ommanney, Great Winchester st Swaby, William Sutton, Japan. Nov 21. Sutton and Ommanney,

Great Winchester st Winder, John, Pennington, nr TJTverston, Lancaster, Gent. Dec 1. * Sartlett and Atkinson, Liverpool

Wynniatt, Reginald, Dymock Grange, Gloucester, Esq. Dec 1,

Warry and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Ysasi, Victoeiaho Gregorio Db, Water lane, Great Tower st.

Merchant. Deo 17. Robins and Peters, Guildhall chmbrs, Bssing


[Gazette, Oct 21.]

Bowatse, JoHir, Blakenhall, Wolverhampton. Jan 1, Riley, Wolverhampton

Boweb, Agxes, Hall st. City rd. Dec 5. Mills and Co, Brunswick pi, City rd

Bowse, Jony, King st, Clerkenwell, Engineer. Dec 5. Mills and

Co, Brunswick pi, City rd Bbadshaw, Geobgb Mills, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer. Nov

30. Brads haw, Nottingham Beuxnbe, Michael Frederick, Hyde pk terrace, Esq. Dec 1.

Bruxner, Red Lion sq <3owabd, Eleanob Frances, Beckenham, Kent. Dec 20. Cooke

and Jonas, Serjeant's inn, Chancery lane Cbowe, John1, Norwich, Upholsterer. Dec 9. Bignold, Norwich Emphon, John- Henry, Hare ct, Inner Temple, Barrister at Law.

Nov 22. Walters and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn ,

Houghton, Charlbs Jambs, Hastings, Sussex, Carpenter. Dec 1.

Ingle and Co, Threadneedlost Johnson, John, York, Gent. Dec 23. Atlay Shaftoe, York Lawton, Thomas, Aston, nr Birmingham, Brass Founder. Dec 20.

Jclf, Birmingham Leach, John, Leverington, Cambridge, Gent. Dec 10. Fraser and

Wright, Wisbech

Love, Johit, Copthill, nrBanstead, Surrey, Gent. Dec 21. [Clayo

and Son, Manchester Mobris, Heitry William, Rock Island, Skibborcen, Cork, Gent,

Jan 1. Minshalls and Parry Jones, Oswestry Mozlby, Charles, Granville pi, Portman sq, Esq. Dec 20. Mozley,

Philpot lane

Nelson-, John*, Wallsend, Northumberland, Gent. Nov 19.

Mabane and Graham, South Shields Ormeeod, David, the elder, Elland, Halifax, Flock Dealer. Nov

27. Foster and Co, Halifax

Rains, Stephen Waltee, Sydenham, Retired Commissary. Dec 1. Chenery, Fish st hill, London

Riches, Samuel, TJxbridge rd. Shepherd's Bash. Licensed Victualler. Dec 1. Stollard and Whittmg, South Molton st

Roberts, Israel, Stanningley, nr Leeds, Cloth Manufacturer. Nov

28. Booth and Co, Leeds

Robinson, Paul, Sedgley, Stafford, Coal Master. Dec 1. Manby

and Son, Wolverhampton Sheppahd, Samuel, Birmingham, Brass Founder. Duel. Hawkins*

Smith, Susanna, Flixton, Lancaster. Nov 22. Wood and Co, Man*


Swanw[ck, Sarah, Chester. Nov 30. Darbishire and Tatham, Manchester

Taylor, Johk, Oldham, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner. Nov 8. Mel lor, Oldham

Thompson, Chables, Park sq East, Regent's pk. Nov 6. Lumloy and Lumley, Conduit st, Bond st

Tufpt, Ann, Brompton rd. Doc 1. Manby and Son, Wolverhampton

Vidlee, Charles, Milton next Gravesend, Kent, Gent. Dec 31.

Chester, Newingfcon Butts Watson, Sarah, Over Wallop, Southampton. Nov 31. Hatchett

Jones, Mark lane Wilson, Elizabeth, Southsea, Southampton. Dec 1. Edgcombfr

and Co, Portsea

Withington, Henby, Bury, Lancaster, Tailor. Nov 20. Grundy, Bury

[.Gazette, Oct. 25.]


Joint Stock Companies,

Limited In Chancery.
General Mineral Water Supply Association", Limited.—By an

order made by Kay, J, dated Oct 12, it was ordered that the

association be wound up. Hare, Pinncr'a court, Old. Broad st,

solicitor for the petitioners Improved Air Gas Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up,

presented Oct 10, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C. on Isov 4.

Bower and Cotton, Chancery lane, agents for Bunting and Co,

Manchester, solicitors for the petitioners.

[Gazette, Oct. 21.]

Argus Newspaper Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Oct 19, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C, on Nov 4. Turner, Serjeants' inn. Chancery lane, solicitor for the petitioner.

General Printing And Publishing Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Oct 17, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Nov 6. Flowor and Nussoy, Great Winchester st, agents for Killick and Co, Bradford, solicitors for the petitioner

Oil Varnish Manufacturing Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Oct 15, directed to be heard before Bacon, V.C.j on Nov 5. Jenkinson and Co, Frederick's pi, Old Jewry, solicitors for the petitioners

Swiss Unswebtenkd Pure Mile Company, Limited.—By an order made by the Vacation Judge, dated Oct 13, it was ordered that the* company be wound up. Talbot. Bonnet's hill, Doctor's commons solicitor for the petitioner

County Palatine Of Lancaster.

Universities Co-opkkative Association, Limited.—By an order made by the Vacation Judge, dated Oct 19, it was ordered that the company be wound up, Blagden, Fenchurch avenue, solicitor for the petitioner

Higher Eanam Brewery Company, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before Nov 14, to send their names and addresses, aud the particulars of their debts or claims, to Henry Bolland, 10, South John st, Liverpool. Thursday, Dec 1, at 11, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

[Gazette, Oct. 25.] Friendly Societies Dissolved. Rose Of England Protestant Benefit Society, Cocoa Rooms, Gt Homer st, Liverpool. Oct 21

[Gazette, Oct. 25.]

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,g ( Motns. adj. sum.

I ft gen. pa.

Q.>nrA.« ,,( Pets., sht. cans.
Satnrday ..17 } fc ^ p,

Monday ....19..In Bankruptcy.
Tuesday....20..General paper.

Wednesday. 21 jM^-^-"-

Farther Considerations will be taken as part ot the General Paper in priority to Original Causss which hare not already appeared in the Paper.

Any cause intended to be heard as a short cause must ba ao marked in the cause book at least one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be so heard, and the necessary papers mast be left in court with the Judge's officer the day before the causa is to be pot into the paper.

At Westmins'er.
Wed nc j.Nov.2.. Motions.

At Llncoln's-inn.
Thursday.. 3..General paoer.
Friday 4..Pets, ft gen. pa.

Satrdy, .... 5fSnt- T"" >dJ.
/' ,lmau., fcgen. pa.
Monday,... 7 1
Tuesday.... 8 {• General papsr.
Wednesday. 1* J

Thursday ..10. .Mots, ft gen. pa.
Friday ft gen. pa.

12 | Sht. causes, adj

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Saturday .
Tuesday.... IS f. General paper.
Wednesday. I (i)

Thurs 17..Mots, ft gen. pa.

rrlday ....It..Petns. ft gon. pa.

Slit, caus., adj.

gen. pa.

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Monday Tuesday.. Wednes, . Thursday . Friday, ...


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Saturday ..10 geQ. pa_

Monday ....12 i
Tuesday.. ..13) General paper.
Wednesday. 14 )

Thursday.. IS..Mots. &
Friday ....16..Pets, ft gen. pa.

Saturday ...t[*^»£.£


WcJnei>day..2l..Motns. & gen. pa Further Considerations will be uken as part of the General Fa^er In priority to Origin*. Causes whi:li have not alresdy appeared in the Paptr. Any cause intended tot>e heard as a Short Cause must be ao marked in the Cause Bosk at leist one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be ao heard, and the necenaary papers must be left in eourt with the Judge's omcertue day before the cause is w bo pat into tue

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