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satisfied that a charge bad been made within Lord remainderman, maintains a tenant for life, if he is lessee, Hatherley's meaning. If there was no charge of debts, the and maintains the legsor, or vice verså-pay, if a man bag vendor bad no title on which a requisition could be made a contingent interest only in such a case as that-if he within the meaning of the conaitions of sale. The otber choose to advance money, it is not maintenanoe ; and it point was more difficult. It was impossible to read the bas also been beld in some cases that if a person is a case of Sabin v. Heape without feeling a doubt as to whether commoner, and there are other persons wbo are com. it was correctly decided, but as he had already decided moners, or persons interested in a right of way, and one of tbat there was no charge of debte, it was unnecessary those persons brings an action for the parpose of estabto enter into tbat case, although he should probably have lisbing a right to the common, or right of way, that other felt bimself bonnd to follow the decision of the late Master | persons who are go interested may, without being exposed of the Rolla. His lordship then made a deolaration that the to any penalty at all, assist and take part in the action for title was too doubtful to be forced on a purchaser. Costs the parpose of establishing the right. It appears to me, to be paid by the vendors.-SOLICITORS, Parish, Daintrey, if that is so, that the interest in this case is greater ; f Hickson; Murray, Hutchins, & Stirling.

becange I canoot conceive any greater interest that a person can pogsibly have than in ascertaining whether or not

the decision or the resolation which was come to by the BOW STREET POLICE COURT.

House of Commons at the first onset of the cage was right Sept. 20.-Bradlaugh v. Newdegate and another. or not-than that the matter should be submitted to & The following is a shorthand report of the judgment of court of law, and that the court of law should be asked to Mr. VAUGHAN in this case :

pronounce its opinion as to whether or not the law was as I am of opinion that in this case the complainant bas not suggested by the resolution of the House of Com nong. I that the maintenance of which he complains falls shown

cannot conceive myself that there can be any greater within the purview of the statutes to which attention has been interest; it affects members of Parliament, it affects the called. In the first place, it may be observed, this is a pro

constituency of Northampton, it affects Mr. Bradlaogh ceeding which appears to be entirely new to the criminal | | himself, and every person. law, at least practically so, because, although the statute of Now, that being the case, what better mode could be Richard II., which bas been referred to, and the subsequent taken for ascertaining whether or not Mr. Bradlaugh was later statute of Henry VIII., do undoubtedly refer to fines right and the House of Commons wrong? because, of and imprisonment, it is most singalar that no indictment course, a penalty could not be recovered unless, in point can be found wbich has been framed for the violation of of fact, the law was that Mr. Bradlaugh had committed an those statutes. Therefore, to my mind, this is an obsolete offence for which he was liable. Unless it had teen held proceeding, and it seems to me that the criminal law ought to be so, Mr. Bradlaagh would bave gone back to the Hoase not to be invoked for a purpose of this kind when it is open of Commons with the judgment of the court of common law to a complainant, if he has sustained a wrong, to apply to in his hand, and have said, This is the judgment of a superior the common law courts for redress. Supposing that Mr. court of law. Now, after that, can you refuse to allow me Bradlaugh liad himself sustained any damage or injury, it to take my seat? Now, therefore, I say, not only was it a was open to him to have proceeded in a court of law, public matter, but Mr. Bradlaugh himself must be greatly and to have obtained the judgment of a superior court, by interested in baving the matter settled. I can quite under. which he might have been recouped any loss or costs he stand why Mr. Newdegate should have taken the course which bad sustained. That course has not been adopted, but he did ; I dare say it would not be an agreeable thing for these old statntes bave been searched out in order that Mr. Newdegate, sitting in the same House, to have his name proceedings- which I cannot help thinking have been taken appear as the plaintiff in the action, and, therefore, I can for the purpose of gratifying a very unfriendly spirit on Mr. quite understand that rather than take that course he would Bradlaugb's part-might be instituted in the hope that the gay to some other person, “ You take the proceedings, let defendants might he committed for trial. Supposing the | us have this matter tested, and see whether Mr. Bradlaugh circumstances of this case had rendered it necessary for me is right or not in his claim to sit in the House of Commons." to have taken that course, undoubtedly I should have dis As regards the question of costs, of course, there is the charged my duty, supposing I considered I was bound to do agreement which has been put in, and that agreement appears 80. But having heard the argument on both sides of this to bave been drawn for the purpose of enabliog Mr. Bradquestion, and having, moreover, myself looked into the laugh to recover his costs. It is true he could not at the authorities, I have come to the conclusion that, in this case, present time assume the benefit of that agreement to him. there is no such disturbance of common law or of common self, but it is also true, as the matter now stands, that if the right, and no such case of oppression, made out costs were not paid, and Mr. Bradlaugh gacceeded, he would as brings it within the operation of the statutes. Now bave an action against Mr. Newdegate, and tbe facts of the maintenance has been defined by several of the old writers case would then be brought out even if they had not been upon the subject, and Comyn in his Digest says that main brought out here. Under those circumstances I confess, for my tenance is wbere a man maintains a suit or a quarrel to the own part, I have no hesitation in coming to the conclusion disturbance or injury of right. In Hawkins' * Pleas of the that these summonsos must be dismissed, anĆ I come to that Crown" it is stated as being an “unlawful taking in hand, conclusion with the greater freedom from hesitation beor upholding of quarrels or sides, to the disturbance or hipd. cause if there has been any injury or damage sustained by rance of common right.” And then, further, I find it | Mr. Bradlaugh in this matter it will still be competent for stated in Burn's “ Justice of the Peace" that it is pro | him to bring an action in one of the courts of law, and have hibited by common law as having a tendency to op- the question argaed and discussed, and settled, supposing be pression. Now, if one turns to the statute one sees is advised to take that course. what is meant by that, and it is this, that The summonses will, therefore, be dismissed. people who were in possession of land should not be turned out of possession by means of fraud ; that force and violence should not be resort d to for the purpose of turnjag them out, and that if persons choose to act in

OBITUARY. that way tbey should be punished; and the common law which protected persons in possession was still further

MR. WILLIAM DADLEY. Banctioned and confirmed by those statutes for the protec Mr. Williain Dadley, solicitor (of the firm of Marson & tion of right and justice and innocence. That being the Dadley), of 1, Southwark-bridge-road, who was one of the case, I confess I cannot see that any authority has been oldest solicitors in South London, died at his residence, 41, cited before me which calls upon me to hold in this case, Lansdowne-gardens, South Lambeth, on the 21st alt, at the looking to the facts of tbe case, that there has been a age of eigbty-four. Mr. Dadley was born in 1798, and was maintenance within the proper construction of the statates; admitted a solicitor about the year 18:21. He had a very but there is this further thing to be said, that it has not extensive private business, and had for many years prio been shown to my mind that the defendants were nottised in Southwark-bridge-road in partnership with Mr. interested in the matter.

Thomas Marson. He had been for many years a member of Now, in Hawkins' “ Pleas of the Crown" there are the Pewterers' Company, and since 1841 he has been clerk several exceptions to the laws of maintenance, and amongst to that body. Mr. Dadley was buried at Nunhead Cemetery others it is stated that if a person, being a reversioner or l on the 24th ult.

clerk of the Authority, and be advertised in the Bristol SOCIETIES.


The resolutions were forwarded to the clerk to the

Authority, and were advertised. On the 9th of June the BRISTOL INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. Sanitary Authority obtained an ex parte injunction from Lord The following is the report of the council:

Coleridge (the Vacation Judge) restraining the ten solicitors The following important Acts of Parliament affecting

referred to in the third resolution from attending the sale the administration of the law in England were passed in the

for tbe purpose of drawing attention to the resolutions, from session of 1881.

repeating the advertisements, and from doing any act to dis

paråge the plaintiffs' title. The council caused an appearAn Act for simplifying and improving the practice of

ance to be entered for the several defendants, and retained Conveyancing, and for vesting in trustees, mortgagees, and

counsel. However, on the 16th of June, the plaintiffs gave otberg various powers commonly conferred by provisions inserted iu settlements, mortgages, wills, and other instru

notice to discontinue the action-thus preventing any arguments ; and for amending in various particulars the Law of

meot or discussion taking place in court on the subject of Properiy, and for other purposes.

their conditions or on the merits of the action. The deAn Act for making better provision respecting the Re

fendants' costs were taxed and have been paid by the plainmuneration of Solicitors in Conveyancing and other non

tiffs. It is understood that the question of altering the concontentious business.

ditions of sale of salvages is under consideration of a subAn Act to amend the Law of Newspaper Libel, and to

committee, appointed by the Streets Improvement Committee provide for the Registration of Newspaper Proprietors,

of the Sanitary Authority. An Act to amend the Sapreme Court of Judicature Acts,

A few weeks since the council received a communication and for other purposes.

from the Gloucestershire Law Society on the subject of The council are glad to observe that the Solicitors' Re.

solicitors' fees on auction sales of real property and the muneration Act, as passed, provides for the president of the

stringent conditions under which such sales are frequently Incorporated Law Society and the president of one of the

beld. Reference was made to the annual report of toe In. provincial law societies (to be selected by the Lord Chan.

corporated Law Society in 1878, wherein the council of the cellor) being associated with the Lord Chancellor, the

chief society expressed their opinion that conditions of sale Lord Chief Justice of England, and the Master of the Rolls

under which a purchaser is compelled to make any payment in making a general order for regulating remuneration.

to the vendor's solicitor are open to grave objeotions; and it In the annual report presented last year reference was

was stated that in 1879 the Gloucestershire Law Society made to certain resolutions passed by the council on July 5,

adopted the report of their committee, advising the discon1880, on the practice of the Bristol Sanitary Authority of

tinuance of the practice of cbargiug such fees in the district selling their salvages under conditions excluding purohasers

over which that society extended. At the recent annual from requiring any abstract of or covenants for title; and

meeting of the Gloucestershire Society, attention was called at the last annual meeting a resolution was passed that a

to the fact that the system of charging contract fees prespecial meeting of the profession practising in this city be

vailed in the city and neigbourhood of Bristol, and a convened to consider the refusal of the Sanitary Authority

resolution was passed that a communication should be to alter their conditions excluding purchasers from requiring

opened with this society, in the bope that they may any abstract of or covenant for title. In December last,

take such action as may be thought best to bring the attention having been called to & sale of salvages by the

practice of the solicitors in Bristol into accord with that Authority subject to the same restrictive conditions, and it

recommended by the Incorporated Law Society, and adopted appearing that the Corporation of Sheffield on sale of salvages

by the Gloucestershire Society. The attention of the latter gave an absolute covenant for title to purchasers, the coun.

society had also been drawn to the stringent conditions of sale cil inquired if the Authority would adopt the same practice.

commonly used at sales in which Bristol solicitors were conA letter in reply to the inquiry was received stating that,

cerned, and reference was made to a certain common form of acting under counsel's advice, the Authority were selling

conditions settled by the Gloucestersbire Society with a view under the printed conditions of sale already issued. Another

| to the adoption of fair and reasonable conditions. The sale of salvages having been announced to be beld on the 10th

council have had the communication from the Gloucesterof June last under the same conditions, the council con vened

shire Society under their careful consideration, and decided a meeting of the solicitors practising in this city, to con

that the question of the abolition or retention of auction fees

should be referred to the annual general meeting of the society. sider the refusal of the Sanitary Authority to adduce any title, or to enter into any covenant for title or production of

With regard to the alleged stringency of Bristol conditions, indentures on their salvage sales, and to take such steps in

the council are not prepared to admit that conditions of sale relation thereto as may be determined at the meeting so con

conducted by Bristol solicitors are as a general rule othervened and held on the 3rd of June, the following resolutions

wise than usual.

During the past year about ninety candidates have were unanimously passed :1. “That, in the opinion of this meeting, the practice

attended the preliminary examination ia the library. wbich is now adopted by the Bristol Sanitary Authority of providing, on sales of their salvages, that their title is to be accepted without investigation, and that the purchaser is not to have any title deeds handed to him or any covenant whatever for title or for production of deeds, should be abandoned for the following (amongst other) reasons :

Mr. HENRY THOMAS BROWN, solicitor, of Chester, has been a. "The whole risk of a defective title is thereby thrown

appointed a Magistrate for that city. on the purchaser ;

Mr. ROBERT GRIFFIN, barrister, bas been appointed b. “In case of any action of ejectment or any claims being Assistant Registrar to the Irish Land Commission. made against him, whether weil founded or otherwise, he

Mr. MORRIS P. JONES, solicitor (of the firm of Jones, has no means of supporting his title ;

Paterson, Jones, & Paterson), of Liverpool, has been C.“ Trustees are precluded from lending their trust funds appointed & Perpetual Commissioner for taking the by way of mortgage on such property as this, to which no

Acknowledgments of Deeds to be executed by Married title is or can be shown.

Women for the County of Lancaster. 2. “ That, in the opinion of this meeting, if the Bristol Sanitary Authority do not see fit to adopt the usual practice of furnishing an abstract, they should accept the responsibility of the titles which they refuse to disclose by giving

COMPANIES. an absolute covenant for the protection of the purchaser. 3. “That the president and vice-presidents of the Bristol

WINDING-UP NOTICES. Incorporated Law Society, Mr. Bedell, Mr. Chilton, Mr.

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. W. H. Clarke, Mr. Henry Cooke, Mr. Pope, Mr. Swann,


ARTS PROMOTION SOCIETY, LIMITED.-Kay, J., has fired Tuesday, and Mr. Vassall, be requested to attend the sale of salvages Oct 4, at 12, at the chambers of Chitty, J., Rolls yard, Chancery on the 10th inst., and draw public attention to the resolu lane, for the appointment of an official liquidator. By an order tions passed this day.

made by Kay, J., dated Sept 14, it was ordered that the above

society be wound up. Tibbits and Son, Field ct, Gray's inn, 4. "That the foregoipg resolations be forwarded to the solicitors for the petitioners.



CARTA PARA GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Sept 21, directed to be heard before the Vacation

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. Judge, Rolls yd, Chancery lane, on Oct 5. Beall and Co, Queen Victoria st, solicitors for the petitioners.

BIRTHS. COMEDY OPERA COMPANY, LIMITED,-Caye, J., has, by an order dated Aug 23, appointed Frederick Bertram Smart, 53, Cannon st,

BALFOUR.-Sept. 21, at 14, Great Stuart-street, Edinburgh, the to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, on or before Oct

I wife of John Blair Balfour, M.P., Lord Advocate for Scotland, 24, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their of a son. debts or claims, to the above. Thursday, Nov 17, at 12, is GOODMAN.-Sept. 27, at Camden Lodge, Belvedere, Kent, the appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims. wife of W. Meigh Goodman, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. JOSEPT WRIGHT AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by

POPE.-Sept, 22, at South Walk House, Dorchester, Dorset, Kay, J., dated Sept 7, it was ordered that the voluntary winding

the wife of Alfred Pope, solicitor, of a son. up of the company should be continued. Warmington, Gresham bidgs, agent for Warmington and Thompson, Dudley, solicitors

MARRIAGES. for the petitioners.


Aogove, Serjeants'-inn, Temple, solicitor, to Susannab, an order of Kay, J., dated Sept 14, it was ordered that the volun

daughter of the late George Street, Southampton. tary winding up of the company be continuod. Pilgrim and

MacLay-Robson.-Sept. 22, at Christ Churcb, High HorroPhillips, Coleman st, agents for Watson and Co, Sheffield.

[Gazette, Sept. 23.]

gate, David Thompson Maclay, solicitor, Glasgow, to Mariappe CARTA PARA GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for wind

Swindells, daughter of R. Robson, Belle Vue House, Darbau. ing up, presented Sept 24, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, at the court of the M. R., or Chitty, J, Rolls yd, Chancery lane, on Oct 12. Gush and Phillips, Finsbury circus, solici. tors for the petitioner


Bankrupts. made by the V.C., dated Sept 14, it was ordered that the voluntary

FRIDAY, Sept. 23, 1881. winding up of the company be continued. Houghton and Myers,

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Preston, solicitors for the petitioner.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. [Gazette, Sept. 23.]

To Surrender in London.

Carter, Frederick John, King st, Tower hill, Fishmonger. Pet Sept COBLEY FRIENDLY SOCIETY, School Room, Cubley, Derby. Sept 21


Lowes, Christopher John, Walbrook. Pet Sept 19. Hazlitt. Oct 5 st, Highbridge, Somerset. Sept 21

at 11.30 JUNIOR FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Abbots Bromley, Stafford. Sept 19

Sichel, Silvester Alfred, Golden Cross Hotel, Charing Cross. Pe

Sept 21. Hazlitt. Oct 5 at 12

[Gazette, Sept. BARKING FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Barking, Essex. Sept 22

Sturman, Edward Alfred, Upper Tollington Park, South Hornsey, BIBLE CLASS BENEFIT SOCIETY, Union Chapel, Weston Turville,

Ph.D. Pet Sept 17. Brougham. Oct 4 at 12 Bucks. Sept 22


Cooke, Catherine Maria, Tysoe, Warwick. Pet Sept 21. Fortescue. Red Lion Inn, Shawforth, Rochdale, Lancaster. Sept 24

Banbury, Oct 7 at 3 UNITED BROTHERS' BENEFIT SOCIETY, Tile Kiln, Tuilerie

Dyson, Sam, Huddersfield, Leather Currier. Pet Sept 19. Hird. ney rd. Sept 22

Huddersfield, Oct 15 at 11

Findlay, James, Salisbury, Draper. Pet Sept 10. Wilson. Salis. SUSPENSION FOR THREE MONTIS.

bury, Oct 7 at 1 AGRICULTURAL UNITED FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Artichoke Inn, Chris- | Foster. Edward, Nottingham, Joiner. Pet Sept 21. Patchitt. tow, Devon, from Sept 23

Nottingham, Oct 8 at 10 Antony Union SOCIETY, Antony, Torpoint, Cornwall, from Sept | Howells, John, and William Woods Howells, Cardiff, Timber 23

Merchants. Pet Sept 19. Langley. Cardiff, Oct 6 at 11 BENEVOLENT BROTHERS BENEFIT SOCIETY, Dog and Pot Inn, West | Last, Alfred, Bury St Edmunds, Music Seller. Pet Sept 20. End, Stoke Poges, Bucks, from Sept 23

Collins. Bury St Edmunds, Oct 8 at 11
Bovey TRACEY BENEFIT SOCIETY, Dolphin Inn, Bovey Tracey,
Devon, from Sept. 23

TUESDAY, Sept. 27, 1881.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Chudleigh, Devon, from Sept 23

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. KING WILLIAM First FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Bell Inn, Moreton

To Surrender in London, Hampstead, Devon, from Sept 23

Cook, John, Lever st, St Luke's, Boot Manufacturer. Pet Sept 26 PHILANTHROPIC AssOCIATION, BRITISH UNITY SOCIETY, Temper.

Hazlitt. Oct 12 at 12 ance Hall, Liskeard, Cornwall, from Sept 23

Cross, Edward, Lismore rd, Haverstock hill, Builder. Pet Sept 23. [Gazette, Sept. 27.]

Hazlitt. Oct 12 at 12
Debnam, Albert, West sg, Lambeth, Licensed Victualler. Pet Sent

21. Hazlitt. Oct 12 at 1.30
Longrigg, Dean, Market terrace, Fulham New Town, Surgeon. Pest

Sept 22. Hazlitt. Oct 7 at 11
Reynolds, Ledru Rollin, Esworthy rd, Primrose Hill, Secretary of a
Company. Pet Sept 24. Hazlitt. Oct 11 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. Mr. Justice Watkin Williams bas fixed the followiog dates Garrack, Robert, jun, South Shields, Joiner. Pet Sept 21. Ingledew. for holding the Autumn Assizes on the Western Circuit

Newcastle. Oct 17 at 12

Liddicoat, Richard, Salisbury, Wilts, Cattle Dealer. Pet Sepxt 21. viz., Bristol, Saturday, Ootober 22 ; Exeter and City, Satur. Edmonds. East Stonehouse, Oct 11 at 12 day, October 29; Winchester, Saturday, November 5. Rigby, James, Frodsham, Chester, Innkeeper. Pet Sept 21. NicholPrisoners only will be tried.

son. Warrington, Oct 8 at 11 Mr. M'Connell, revising barrister at Liverpool, gave his

Stroud, William, High st, Wandsworth, Greengrocer. Pet Sept 2).

Willoughby. Wandsworth, Oct 21 at 11 decision on Saturday in a case in which the claimant of the Temperley, Christian Ker, Aycliffe Station. Durhat. Station fraochise was Mr. William Simpson, who claimed in respect Master. Pet Sept 24. Ingledew. Newcastle, Oct 10 at 11 of a counting-house, 13, Sheffield-buildings, Victoria-street,

Westover, John, Beckenham, Kent, Grocer. Pot Sept 23. Rowland.

Croydon, Oct 14 at 2, in succession from a dwelling-house, 28, Earl-street. Mr. Collins, the other reyising barrister, was also on the bench.

Liquidations by Arrangement. Mr. M'Connell said he had a strong impression as to the case

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. when it first came before him, but he was anxious to consolt

FRIDAY, Sept. 23, 1881. his colleague. Mr. Simpson's own evidence went to show Armstrong, George, Hexham, Northumberland, Shoemaker. Oet 5 that as a dwelling. house he bad not occupied the premises in

at 12 at offices of Macdonald, Mosloy st, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Pruddah, Hexham Ear)-street at all. The room wbich be called his own be Barton, Edward, Borough High st, Hop Merchant. Oct 8 at 1 st only used occasionally, and be bad never spent a night or Chapman, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st dwelt there within the meaning of the dwelling-house qualifi

Bennett, Matthew Henry,' Mars-in-Liversidge, York, Dry Suap

Maker. Oct 5 at 11 at offices of Curry, Cleckheaton cation. Then the question was, could he claim as an occu

Bird, Isaac, St George, Gloucester, Grocer. Oct 5 at 3 st offices of pier in reference to the house he had let off entirely, with the Sibly, Exchange West, Bristol exception of one room in which he did not dwell, and that Brinn, William, Boyson rd, Camberwell, of no occupation. Oet 11

at 3 at offices of Harrison, Chancery lane room not being of sufficient value to entitle him to a vote

Brittan, Samuel, Bristol, Licensed Víctualler. Oct 1 at 11 at Corn under the old £10 qualification of the Reform Act relating to st, Bristol the use of a separate room, studio, or counting-house ? He i Brooke, James, Huddersfield, Ironmonger. Oct 10 at 11 at the thought it could not be under the old qualification nor under

Queen Hotel, Market st, Huddersfield. Bottomley, Haddersfield

Brookes, Thomas, West Bromwich, Stafford, Grocer. Oct 5 at 11 st the new that he could occupy for that. He decided—and

offices of Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury his friend Mr. Collins agreed with him--that there was not in Brooking, Lewis, and Richard O'Leary, Berner's st, Oxford st, that qualification a sufficient occupation to constitute him a

Costume Manufacturers. Oct 5 at 12 at offices of Leslie and Co, voter. Therefore, the vote of Mr. Simpson would be dis.

Coleman st. Herbert, Vigo st

Brown, Jane, Weobly, Hereford, out of business. Oct 6 at 10.15 st allowed.

offices of Corner, High Town, Hereford


Brown, William, Manchester, Soap Manufacturer. Oct 12 at 11 at Oliver, Thomas, Ombersley, Worcester, out of business. Oct 5 at 11 offices of Parker and Co. Norfolk st, Manchester

at offices of Tree and Son, High st, Worcester Cameron, Thomas Frough, Fulham rd, Wine Merchant's Manager. Pooley, Alfred, Liverpool, out of business, Oct 10 at 3 at offices of

Sept 30 at 3 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Vernede, New Copeman, Dale st, Liverpool
Broad st

Reay, Thomas. South Shields, General Draper. Oct 7 at 2 at offices Carden, Thomas, Leicester, Fruiterer. Oct 7 at 3 at offices of Owston of Benning, Northumberland ct, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Co, Friar lane, Leicester

Reece, Edward Owen, Electro Plate Manufacturor. Oct 3 at 3 at Carter, George Lyle, Birmingham, Jeweller. Oct 15 at 3 at offices offices of Hawkes and Weekes, Temple st, Birmingham of Barlow and Co, Waterloost, Birmingham

Robinson, Henry, jun, Wolverhampton, Lock Maker. Oct 5 at 3 at Carter, William Weldon, West Hartlepool, Durham, Hosier. Oct 1 offices of Rhodes, Queen st, Wolverhampton 2 at 145, Ceeapside. Dodds and Co, Stockton on Tees

Roiley, Henry. Berwick st, Westminster, Pork Butcher. Oct 6 at 2 Chapman, Henry, Needham Market, Suffolk, Carpenter. Oct 12 at at offices of Guscotte and Co, Essex st, Strand

2 at offices of Eastern Counties Traders' Association, Post Office Rooke, Arthur William, Stockport, Chester, Hotel Proprietor. Oct chmbrs, Ipswich. Gooding, Ipswich

12 at 3 at offices of Sutton and Elliott, Fountain st, Manchester Cooke, John, Barnsley, York, Corn Miller. Oct 12 at 3 at offices of Rowand, John, Roman rd, Old Ford, Cheesemonger. Oct 4 at ll at Horsneld, Church st, Barnsley

Crown Hotel, Grove rd, Victoria Park. Hicks, Grove rd Davies, Charles, Maesteg, Glamorgan, Boot Maker. Oct 7 at 2 at Rushforth, James, Barnsley, Grocer. Oct 6 at 3 at Royal Hotel,

the Grand Hotel, Broad st, Bristol, Stockwood, jun., Bridgend Barnsley. Lister, Wakefield Davies, David, Maesteg, Glamorgan, Grocer. Oct 11 at 2 at offices Seyde, Francis Napier. Bilston, Stafford, Varnish Manufacturer. of Jenkins, Philharmonic chmbrs, Cardiff. Stockwood, jun.. Oct 5 at 12 at offices of Hall and son, Lichfield st, Bilston Bridgend

Shafner, William, and Robert Shafner, Southampton rd, Haverstock Davies, John, Towyn, Merioneth, Innkeeper. Oct 10 at 11 at offices of hiil, Picture Dealers. Oct 4 at 11 at offices of Howard, South. Davies, Dolgelly

hampton bldgs, Chancery lane Davison, Henry, Guisborough, York, Miner. Sept 30 at 2 at offices Shaw, William Edward, Warwick, Boot Dealer. Oct 6 at 3 at offices of Teale, Albert rd, Middlesborough

of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham Dawson, James Robert, Scarborough, York, Cabinet Maker. Oct Shingler, William, Chester, Bricklayer. Oct 5 at il at offices of 5 at 3 at office of Appleyard, Newborough st, Scarborough

Mason, Bridge st row, East Edge, William, Market Drayton, Salop, Wheelwright. Oct 6 at 11 Simpson, Samuel Thomas, Southport, China Dealer. Oct 6 at 3 at at offices of Pearson, Westbury House, Market Drayton

offices of Threlfall, London st, Southport Elphick, John, East Peckham, Kent, Farmer. Oct 5 at 1 at Rail Smith, William Gregory, Weybridge, Surrey, of no occupation. way Hotel, Staplehurst. Hinds and Son, Goudhurst

Oct 17 at 3 at Mullen's Hotel, Ironmonger lane. Wild and Co, Flack, John, Burwell, Cambridge. Farmer. Oct 5 at 12 at the Ironmonger lane Gnildhall, Bury Saint Edmunds. Salmon and Son, Bury Saint Stone, George, Luton, Bedford, Straw Hat Manufacturer. Oct 1 at Edmunds

11 at offices of Ewen and Roberts, Park st West, Luton Foat, George, Margate, General Draper. Oct 12 at 12 at Guildhall Taylor, Edwin Henry, Arkwright rd, Hampstead, Builder. Oct 17 Tavern, Guildhall. Parry, Ramsgate

at 2 at Guildhall Coffee House, Gresham st. Hindson and Co, Folkard, Ernest William, and Alfred James Newman, Eastbourne, Moorgate st General Dealers. Oct 5 at 11 at offices of Guillaume and Sons, Thorpe, Thomas, Pateley-bridge, York, Printer. Oct 5 at 12 at Fleet st

offices of Bateson and Hutchinson, Harrogate Goldstein, Sucher, Backchurch lane. Commercial rd East, General Varvel, William, Norwich, Butcher.' Oct 7 at 12 at offices of Sadd

Dealer. Oct 12 at 2 at offices of Fenner and Co, Gresham bldgs, and Linay, Theatre st, Norwich
Basinghall st. Woulfe and Son, Lincoln's inn fields

Wall, William Henry, Barbourne, Worcester, Innkeeper. Oct 7 at 11 Graham, Thomas, Norham, Northumberland. Saddler. Oct 5 at at offices of Allen and Beauchamp, Sansome pl, Worcester 12 at offices of Dunlop, Quay walls, Berwick-upon-Tweed

White, George, Leeds, Tea Dealer. Oct 5 at 1 at offices of Rooke Green, William Henry, Halifax, Grocer. Oct 5 at 3 at offices of Berry and Midgley, White Horse st, Boar lane, Leeds and Robinson, Charles st, Bradford

Wood, Edwin Holmes, Thornbury, York, Grocer. Oct 8 at 11 at Hakes, Thomas, Gresham House, Commission Agent. Oct 14 at offices of Last and Betts, Bond st, Bradford

12 at offices of Robinson, Vestry house, Christ Church passage, Wood, William Everard, Vilnwood rd, Herne Hill, Builder. Oct 7 Newgate st

at 3 at 88, Aldersgate st. Houlders, Barbican Harry, David, Llangennech, Carmarthen, Farmer. Oct 7 at 11 at offices of Howell, Stepney st, Llanelly

TUESDAY, Sept. 27, 1881. Harvey, William, Birmingham, Milliner. Oct 4 at 3 at offices of Ahlborn, Louis, Birkenhead, Wholesale Haberdasher. Oct 10 at 3 Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham

at offices of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead Haslam, William, Mansfield, Nottingham, of no occupation, Oct Baker, William, Birkdale, Lancaster, Beerseller. Oct 11 at 3 at 11 at 4 at offices of Barlow, Saint Peter's Church walk, Notting. offices of Walton and Smith, Devonshire bldgs, South port

Barker, William, Oldham, Monumental Mason, Oct 11 at 3 at Hinton, Annie Maria, Northwich, Baker and Grocer. Oct 6 at 11 at Grosvenor Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester, Blackburne and Smyth offices of Green and Dixon, Castle chmbrs, Northwich

Oldham Hodgkins, Cornelious, Salford, Lancaster, Grocer. Oct 13 at 11 at Bennett, Richard, Rougham, Suffolk, Grocer. Oct 14 at 12 at Guild26, Chapel st, Salford, Ambler, Salford

hall, Bury St Edmunds. Gross Hore, the Right Honourable Walter James, Baron Ruthven, Aliving. Bradshaw, William, Preston, Builder, Oct 10 at 3 at offices of For. ton, Devon. Oct 7 at 12 at offices of Pawle, New inn, Strand. shaw and Parker, Cannon st, Preston Thorne, Barnstaple

Brown, Charles, Lewisham, Grocer. Oct 7 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern, Hosgood, Samuel, Cardiff, Engineer. Oct 7 at 11.30 at offices of Gresham st. Howard and Shelton, Threadneedle st Morgan and Scott, High st, Cardiff

Butterfield, Edward Alfred, and Herbert Butterfield, Wool Exchange Hyde, Lees, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Coleman st, General Merchants. Oct 17 at 12 at 145, Cheapside,

Oct 6 at 3 at Boar's Head Hotel, Old Cross, Ashton-under-Lyne. Robinson, Christchurch passage, Newgate st
Toy and Broadbent, Ashton-under-Lyne

Cameron, Donald Meint, Hythe, Hants, Gent. Oct 7 at 3 at offices of Irwin, Richard, Sheerness, Eogineer in the Royal Navy. Oct 5 at Shutte, Portland st, Southampton 3 at 32, High'st, Mile Town, Sheerness

Chambers, William Henry, Wolverhampton, Grocer. Oct 8 at 11 at James, Charles Henry, Birmingham, out of business. Oct 3 at 10.15 27, Queen st, Wolverhampton Fellows, Dudley at offices of East, Temple st, Birmingham

Channing, James, Dorking, Surrey, Grocer. Oct 12 at 4 at offices Jarvis, William, Luton, Bedford, Horse Dealer. Oct 7 at 3 at offices of Hanson, King st, Cheapside. Wetherfield, Queen st, Cheap. of Miller and Co, John st, Luton

side Jones, Johanna, Birkdale, Lancaster, Milliner. Oct 6 at 2 at offices Constable, William, Milnthorpe, Westmorland, out of business. Oct of Welsby and Co, Lord st, Southport

15 at 11 at offices of Fearenside and Son, Burton Jones, John, Dyserth, near Rhyl, Flint, Butcher. Oct 8 at 2 at Bee Cookson, William, Kirkham, Lancaster, Joiner. Oct 12 at 3 at Hotel, Bodfor st, Rhyl. Roberts, Rhyl

offices of Dodd, Lune st, Preston Jones, Thomas Awstin, Bangor, Carnarvon, Bookseller. Oct 11 at Cooper, John, Wistaston green, nr Nantwich, Chester, Farmer. Oct 1 at Queen's Hotel, Chester. Owen, Bangor

13 at 3 at Albert chmbrs, Church side, Crewe. Pointon Kemp, Samuel Edward, Leicester, Carpenter. Oct 10 at 12 at offices Clark, Joseph Porter, Sandon, Hertford, Farmer. Oct 7 at 12.30 at of Wright, 18, Gallowtree gate, Leicester

offices of Acklands and Nockolds, Bishops Stortford. Ackland Langton, George, Cambridge rd, Mile end, Boot and Shoe Manufac. and Son, Saffron Walden

turer. Oct 7 at 12 at Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons' avenue, | Davies, Anne, Aberdovey, Merioneth, Grocer, Oct 5 at 11.30 at Basinghall st. Fulcher, Horton rd, Hackney

offices of Hughes and Sons, Aberystwith Levitt, Edward, Waterbeach, Cambridge, Tailor. Oct 6 at 12 at Day, Samuel, Bilston, Stafford, Coalmaster. Oct 8 at 11 at Globe offices of Lyon, St Andrew's st, Cambridge

Hotel, Mount Pleasant, Bilston. Bowen, Mount Pleasant, Bilston Long, William, Dead Mill, nr Bath, Somerset, Miller. Sept 30 at 12 Dyer, Francis Vincent, New Kent rd, Coffee house keeper. Oct 7 at offices of Broad, 3, Small st, Bristol

at 10 at Wood's Hotel, Portugal st. King, Cheapside Malpass, Henry, Tunstall, Stafford, Grocer. Oct 7 at 3 at offices of Goddard, Walter, Old Kent rd, Butcher. Oct 6 at 3 at offices of Salt and Alcock, Market st, Tunstall

Fowler and Co, Borough High st, Southwark Mason, West Angel Honorable Depthaney, Dudley, Worcester, Goldthorpe, Joah, Dean Kirkburton, York, General Dealer, Oct 13

General Dealer. Oct 4 at 11 at offices of Burn and Co, 23, Wolver at 3 at offices of Robinson, Queen st, Huddersfield hampton st, Dudley

Griffin. Charles, West Bromwich, Stafford, Builder. Oct 7 at 11 at Matthews, Thomas Ringer, Carbrooke, Norfolk, Farmer. Oct 6 at offices of Jackson and Sharpe, High st, West Bromwich 2.30 at offices of Grigson and Robinson, Watton

Guilford, Thomas James, Bishopsgate st, Licensed Victualler. Miller, Samuel Henry, Station rd, Redhill. Watchmaker. Oct 5 at Oct 7 at 2 at offices of Moore and Son, Crosby sq. Myers, Gresham 2 at offices of Wright and Co, 11, Queen Victoria st

bldgs, Guildhall Moon, John Thomas, Dawes rd, Walham Green, Builder. Oct 12 at | Hall, John Thomas, Blackburn, Lancaster, out of business. Oct 11 at 12 at offices of Culpeper and Co, 3, Brabant ct, Philpot lane

at 11 at offices of Needham, Exchange st, Blackburn Morling, Nathaniel Togo, Brighton, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Hart, Benjamin, Lye, Oldswinford, Worcester, Beerhouse Keeper. Oct 6 at 3 at 12. Serieants' inn, Fleet st. Nye

Oct 12 at 3.30 at offices of Waldron, High st, Brierley-bill Murray, James, North Shields. Tailor. Oct 6 at 12 at offices of Hayman, Samuel John, Bristol, Tailor, Oct 6 at 12 at offices of Kewney, 112, Norfolk st, North Shields

Buckingham, Albion chmbrs, Broad st, Bristol Norbury, William, Bradford, Pork Butcher. Oct 5 at 10 at offices of Hill, Robert William, Sheffield, Cigar Dealer. Oct 10 at 3 at offices Crouther, Parkinson's chbrs, Market st, Bradford

of Binney and Co, Queen st chm brs, Sheffield North, William George Thomas, Upper Norwood, Cheesemonger,

Hooper, Joseph, Landewednack, Cornwall, Shoemaker, Oct 15 at Oct 13 at 3 at offices of Rae, Mincing lane

11 at offices of Dale, Helston





Horton, Andrew, Sittingbourne, Kent, Beer Retailer. Oct 13 at 11 Wooster, Henry, Billingsgate Market, Fish Dealer. Oct 10 et 3 at at offices of Gibson, West st, Sittingbourne

offices of Brocklesby and Brockleshy, Water lane, Great Tower Johnson, Richard, Itchingfield, Sussex, Farmer. Oct 10 at 12 at st offices of Medwin and Co, London rd, Horsham

Wright, George, Horninglow, Burton on Trent, Rope Maker. Oet 12 Joyce, Henry, Boston, Lincoln, Seedsman. Oct 6 at 11 at offices of L at 2 at High st, Burton on Trent. Drewry

Thomas, Emery lane, Boston
Keber, Sebastian, Norland rd, Notting hill, Baker. Oct 13 at 2 at

offices of Armstrong, Chancery lane
Lattimer, James. Wigton, Cumberland, Wine Merchant. Oct 8 at
11.30 at offices of Rigg, Kingst, Wigton

Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. Long, Harry Allan, Abington Piggotts, Cambridge, Farmer. Oct 14 Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocos of the Finest Quality, with the at 12 at offices of Palmer and Bennett, Saint Andrew's st, Cam.

excess of fat extracted. bridge

The Faculty pronounoe it “the most nutritious, perfectly digestible Mackay, John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Woollen Draper. Oct 7 at 11

beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for at offices of Keenlyside and Co, St John's chambers, Grainger st

Irvalids and Children." West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Highly commended by the entire Medica 1Press. Manders, James, Green st, Bethnal Green, Boot Manufacturer.

Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture. it snits all Oct 7 at 11 at 49, Bromley st, Commercial rd East. Archer, Bavard Jeeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocok rd, Peckham

TRICKENED yet wBAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHLAFER Margrett, William, and Benjamin Callaway, Gloucester, Timber Mer.

than such Mixtures. chants. Sept 30 at the Bell Hotel, Gloncester, in lieu of the place

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break. originally named

tast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny. Marolda, Emilio, Margaret st, Regent st, Artist, Oct 7 at 3 at offices

COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest of Lumley and Lumley, Conduit st, Bond st

Map:lla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is pro Masters, John Thomas, Lucey rd, Bermondsey, Cement Manufac.

hibited. turer. Oct 13 at 3 at offices of Hilbery, Billiter st

Io tin packets at 18. 60., 38., 5s. 68., &c., by Chemists and Grocer. Meadowcroft, David, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Fishmonger. Oct 7 at

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietor, 11 at offices of Griffith, Lad lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme

H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. Messenger, John Farnham, Wardenry, nr Salisbury, Clerk in Holy

Orders. Oct 22 at 4.30 at Red Lion inn, Salisbury. Capel, Upper
Woburn pl
Middlewood, George, Moss Side, nr Manchester, Builder. Oct 11 at

2 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral Gates, Manchester. Barron, Man.

chester Horris, Thomas, West Ham, Essex, Builder, Oct 13 at 3 at offices of

A PURE, SPARKLING, BEFRESHING BEVERAGE, Blewitt and Tyler, Gracechurch st

TONIC, AND NON-ALCOHOLIC. Newburn, Thomas, Ellesden rd, Tottenham, Builder. Oct 10 at 3 at offices of Aird, Eastcheap

RECOMMENDED BY THE HIGHEST MEDICAL AUTHORITY. Newnham, Benjamin Thomas, Bath, Coach Builder's Manager. Oct N.B.-Where any difficulty arises in obtaining the ORIGINAL

10 at 2 at the Queen's Hotel, Stephenson place, Birmingham, HEDOZONE, a sample case containing Six Dozen half-bottles will Clark, Bath

be sent, carriage paid, on receipt of 36s. Nicholes, Henry, Birmingham, Grocer. Oct 10 at 3 at offices of Jacques, Temple row, Birmingham

Page, Henry, Birmingham, out of business. Oct 16 at 11 at offices of

Harris, Moor st, Birmingham
Parkins, Thomas, and William Gibson, Huggin lane, Queen Victoria

st, Stationers. Oct 10 at 11 at offices of May and Co, Adelaide pl,
London Bridge


MAKERS Patten, Joseph, jun, Codsall, nr Wolverhampton, Grocer. Oct 10 at ll at offices of Smith, Lich Gates, Wolverhampton

BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT, Peck, William Pateman, Birmingham, Confectioner. Oct 10 at 11 at | To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the whole of thy Judicial Beach

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the whole of the offices of Taylor, Colmore row, Birmingham

Corporation of London, &c. Perry, Charles, Colchester, Essex, Licensed Victualler. Oct 11 at 11

SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GOWNS. at offices of Goody and Son, North Hill, Colchester Portbury, John Henry, Exeter, Engineer. Oct 7 at 11 at the Queen's

BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNSBL'S DITTO, Hotel, Queen st, Exeter. Ford, Exeter

CORPORATION ROBES UNIVERSITY I CLERGY GOWNS, Rasbley, Frederick, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, Lodging-house keeper.

Oct 10 at 11 at offices of Joyce, Newport
Raworth, William, Nottingham, Plumber. Oct 10 at 12 at offices of

Brittle, St Peter's chmbrs, St Peter's gate, Nottingham
Richardson, John William, Horncastle, Lincoln, Boot Manufacturer. D AMPTON & SONS make NO CHARGB for
Oct 12 at 1 at offices of Rooke and Midgley, White Horse st, Boar

inserting particulars in their FREE MONTHLY REGISTER lane, Leeds

of ESTATES. TOWN and COUNTRY HOUSES, Furnished or Riding, John, Rishton, Lancaster, Auctioneer. Oct 11 at 3 at offices Unfurnished, or for Sale, to be had GRATIS at their Offices, or of Whalley, Whalley rd, Accrington

post-free for two stamps. Published on the lst of the month, and Rowe, Thomas William, Hartlepool, Grocer. Oct 10 at 3 at offices of particulars for insertion should be sent not later than five days Bell and Son, Church st, West Hartlepool

previous to end of preceding month. Rynn, John, Bury, Provision Dealer. Oct 12 at 3 at offices of Ander Valuations for Probate and Transfer. Surveys. ton and Donnelly, Garden st, Bury

Estate and Auction Offices, 8, Pall Mall East, S.W. Salt, William Henry, Dilhorn, Stafford, out of business. Oct 10 a

12 at Copeland Arms, Stoke-on-Trent. Holtham, Stone Sanders. William, Exeter, Builder. Oct 8 at 10 at offices of Toby,

C 22,000 and £80,000 to be Lent on First-class FreeCastle st, Exeter

D hold Estate of ample value at 31 per cent., also £180,000 to Savage. Thomas John. Wimbledon. Licensed Victualler. Oct 10 at lend on Mortgage of Borough, Poor, or County Rates at 6 per cent. 3 at offices of Beard and Sons, Basinghall st

-Apply to A. WOOLLETT & RAYNER, 7, Red Lion-square, London, Scaife, John, Middlesborough, out of business. Oct 10 at 11 at offices

w.c. of King, Wilson st, Middlesborough

I AW.-Succession to ao Established Practice within Scriven. Richard Henry, Briealay Hill, Haulier. Oct 12 at 3 at office

U of Waldron, High st, Brierly hill

20 miles of London, producing, on an average of many years Sheldon, Joseph, Oldbury, Worcester, Beerhouse Keeper. Oct 7 at

past, upwards of £1,500 a year clear. The Incomer should be a 12 at offices of Hartill, Birmingham st, Oldbury

sound and experienced Conveyancer and a skilled Advocate, with a Sheldrake, Henry William, Chelmsford, Essex, Innkeeper.

good knowledge of Country practice. He must be energetic and in.

Oct 13 at 11 at White Hart Hotel, Chelmsford. Smoothy, Braintree

dustrious, and a Churchman will do better than a Dissenter. Stevens, John Rees, Ludlow, Salop, l ailor. Oct 12 at 3 at offices of

Character must be without reproach. Consideration for purchase, Weyman, Lid st, Ludlow

an Annuity of £500 on a life now aged 58 years, secured by investSummers, James, Strood, Kent, Salesman. Oct 11 at 3 at offices of

ment of £4,000 payable to Vendor on default. An able Managing Bassett, Eastgate, Rochester

Clerk, thoroughly acquainted with clients, could remain on STAL E. Tabrah, John, Bradford, York, Hosier. Oct 10 at 10 at offices of Peel

ment for Articles.--Apply, in the first instance (letters will not be and Co, Chapel lane, Bradford

answered), to Mr. CORNFORD), Solicitor, Devereux-buildings, Temple Thompson, William, Sheffield, Builder. Oct 10 at 2 at Law Society's Rooms, High st, Sheffield. Allen, Sheffield

I AW.-Conveyancing or Managing Clerkship in Tipping, John Robert, Abbots Moreton, Worcester, Iunkeeper. Oct U town or country wanted by a Solicitor, age 36 (Prizemna 7 at 3 at offices of New and Co, Alcester

Incorporated Law Society), experienced in most branches. Coald Tong. Edmund, Lincoln, Agricultural Implement Maker. Oct 10 at undertake advocacy. Highest references. Salary moderate.- Ad11.30 at offices of Burton and ('o, Lincoln

dress, ALPHA, 27, Baker-street, London, W. Watson. Thomas, Norfolk, Solicitor. Oct 7 at 11 at offices of Coaks and Co, Bank Plain, Norwich

To SOLICITORS, BARRISTERS, and OthersWebh, Osborn William, Treelaw, Glamorgan, Grocer. Oct 7 at 12 at offices of Morgan, Millst, Pontypridd

Chancery-lane, 57 and 58 (New Courts Chambers), Offices or Williams, George, Spencer pl, Clerkenwell, Juvenile Publisher. Oct

Residential Chambers in convenient suites of Rooms in these new 11 at 12 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Price, Walbrook

and commanding stone-built premises.-Apply ExQPIRY OFFICE ON Williams, George, Kinver, Stafford, Grocer. Oct 11 at 11 at offices

the premises. of Collis, I'mon chmbrs, Stourbridge Wilson, John, West Hartlepool, Durham, Solicitor. Oct 12 at 3 at 25, FUICES or CHAMBERS.-THREE quiet and Church st, West Hartlepool. Moore

convenient ground - floor ROOMS, suitable for a firm af Wooden, Richard Wiggins, Lowestoft, Shipwright. Oct 10 at 3 at | Solicitors, to be LET, at once.--Apply on the premises ut & otlices of Nicholson, Old Nelson st, Lowestoft

HODGKINSOX & Sox, 161, New Bond-street, W.

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