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HIGINBOTIAM, Thomas, Melbourne, Victoria, Civil Engineer. Aug

26. Dutton, Drapers' gardens
LETIBBY, ELIZABETH, Sussex pl, Regent's pk. Sept 20. Vickery,

Church court chambers, Old Jewry
LINDSAY, WILLIAM JAMES, Edith villas, West Kensington, Gent.
Sept 29. Roy and Cartwright, Lothbury

NEWNIAM, URSULA COBHAM, Seaton, Devon, Oct 1. Tweedie,
Lincoln's inn fields

FRIDAY, Aug. 26, 1881.
PERKINS, JOSIAH, Trowbridge, Wilts, Carpenter. Sept 30. Mann

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. and Rodway, Trowbridge Pitt, WILLIAM, Eccles, nr Manchester, House Steward. Nov 1.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Peacock and Gracie, Manchester

To Surrender in London. PULLEN, MARY, Tenterden, Kent. Sept 16. Mace, Tenterden

Davies, James Penrose Hart, New Bridge st, Blackfriars. Pet Jung SEYMOUR, WELLINGTON Ross, Grove end rd, St John's Wood, Wino 28. Murray. Sept 6 at 12 Merchant. Sept 26. Ridsdale and Son, Gray's inn sg

Ferris, Andrew, Buckingham Palace rd, Pimlico, Chemist. Pat Ang iGazette, Aug. 19.] 23. Brougham, Sept 9 at 12

Hattemore, Charles, Green st, Bethnal green, Provision Dealer's

Assistant. Pet Aug 23. Brougham. Sept 12 at 12
Grellet, Albert, John Kupli, and Robert de Meuron, Fenchurch st,
Merchants. Pet Aug 23. Brougham. Sept 14 at 11

To Surrender in the Country.
Brunning, Richard Taylor, Gt Yarmouth, Butcher. Pet Aug 23

Worlledgo. Gt Yarmouth, Sept 14 at 11

Foat, Robert, Margate, Kent, Bathing Machine Proprietor. Pet Aug.

19. Farley. Canterbury, Sept 9 at 2 AUG. 25.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

Lewis, Charles, Worthing, Sussex, Licensed Victaaller. Pot Ang 33. Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday (Wales), News.

Jones. Brighton, Sept 16 at 12"

Park, William, Stainland, Halifax, Beerhouse Keeper. Pet Aug 22. papers (Law of Libel), India Office Auditors (Superannda

Rankin. Halifax, Sept 12 at 11 tion), Regulation of the Forces, Highways and Locomotives Trace, Frank, Moreton Hampstead, Dovon, Gardener. Pet Aug 24. Amendment, Army Acts Consolidation.

Daw. Exeter, Sept 15 at 11

TURSDAY, August 30, 1881.
Irish Church Act Amendment, Highways and Locomo-

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. tives Amendment, Army Aots Consolidation.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

To Surrender in London.

Driver, Henry, Wyvill rd, Lambeth, Builder. Pot Aug 2. Bronghan, Solent Navigation, Highways and Locomotives Amend.

Sept 16 at 1 ment, Army Acts Consolidation.

Keene, Edward, New Bond st, Chemist's Manager. Pet Ang $.

Brougham. Sept 13 at 1

Laxton, Henry, Bedford row, Gentleman. Pet Aug 25. Broughsm. Consolidated Fand Appropriation.

Sept 13 at 12 AUG. 26.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

Marshall, Thomas, Sunny Bank, Hornsey, Buildor. Pet Aug 27.

Brougham. Sept 15 at 11 Solent Navigation, Irish Church Act Amendment, Con. | Miller, Owen Lloyd, Wellington mews, Bessborough pl. Pet Ang 27. solidated Fand Appropriation.

Brougham. Sept 15 at 12

Noble, James Alexander, Commercial rd East, Bookseller. Pet Aug BILL IN COMMITTEE.

26. Murray, Sept 14 at 11 Consolidated Fund Appropriation.

To Surrender in the Country.

Atkinson, Charles Fanshawe, and Froderick Butcher, Sheffield, Consolidated Fand Appropriation.

Steel and File Manufacturers. Pet Aug 28. Wake. Sheffield,

Sept 12 at 12

Aylwin, George Allen, Bushy New Town, Hertford, Merchant's The Royal Asseat was given by Commission to the

Clerk Pet Aug 11. Edwards. St Albans, Oct 5 at 3

Easterbrook, Henry Roebuck, Sheffield, Corn Factor, Pet Aug 2 following Bills :-Leases for Sohools (Ireland); Statute Wake. Sheffield, Sept 12 at 11 Law Revision and Civil Procedure ; Veterinary Surgeons ; Hopper, William, Rochester, Builder Pet Aug 25. Haywar Expiring Laws Continuanoe; Central Criminal Court

Rochester, Sept 16 at 2

Penna, Samuel Thomas, Truro, Cornwall, Grocer, Pet Ang 95. (Prisons) ; Regulation of the Forces; Sapreme Court of

Chilcott. Truro, Sept 10 at 11 Judicature; India Office Auditors (Superannuation); Pollen | Pittaway, Henry, Dudley, Worcester, Builder. Pet Aug 24. Walker. Fishery (Ireland); Newspapers (Law of Libel) ; Fagitive

Dudley, Sept 8 at 12 Offenders ; Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday (Wales);

Tooth, Robert, Brighton. Pet Aug 25. Jones. Brighton, Sept 27

at 12 Irish Church Act Amendment ; Highways and Locomotives

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. Amendment; Petroleum Hawkers ; Solent Navigation ;

FRIDAY, Aug. 26, 1881. Erne Lough and River.

Shearman, William, Bootle, Lancaster, Book-keeper. Ang 19

TUESDAY, August 30, 1881,

Slater, Robert W , Leeds, Tailor. Aug 24

Slator, Robert Whiteley, Leods, General Outfitter. Aug 24

Liquidations by Arrangement.
Supreme Court of Judicature, Consolidated Fund Appro-


FRIDAY, Aug. 26, 1881.
Adams, Richard, Derby, Grocor. Sept 13 at 3 at offices of Moods

Corn Market, Derby

Bailey, George, Birmingham, Retail Brewer. Sept 10 at 11 at office BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. of Huggins and Mallard, Newhall chmbre, Newhall st, Birining.


Barnes, Isaac, Jackson od, Holloway, Tea Dealer. Sept 3 at 11 at BIRTH.

Sardinia st, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Archer, Bruyard rd, Peckham ATKINSON.- Aug. 25, at 20, De Grey-terrace, Leeds, the wife

Bradley, Richard Graham, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. Sept 13 of E, Tindal Atkinson, barrister-at-law, of a son.

at 2 at ofllcos of Field and Weightman, Fenwick st, Liverpool MARRIAGES.

Brown, Henry, Liverpool, Lodging-house Keeper, Sept 14 at 13 BIRD-MCCALLUM.-Aug. 23, at Leckhampton, Gloucester,

offices of Carruthers, Lord st, Liverpool

Butler, John, and Henry Joseph Moreton, Darlaston, Stafford, Bolo E. Sumner Bird, barrister-at-law, to Éva, daughter of

and Nut Manufacturers. Sept 7 at 11 at offices of Sheldon, Highst, Major-General c. Campbell McCallum, of Linden House,

Wednesbury Cheltenham.

Chilton, Samuel, sen., New Slenford, Lincoln. Greengrocer. Sept 8 EMMOTT–BRAITHWAITE.-Aug. 24, at the Friends' Meeting at 11 at offices of Holditch, West Gate, New Sleaford

House, Westminster, George Henry Emmott, B.A., LL.B., Clayton, Robert, Kingston-upon-Hall, Bricklayer. Sont 13 at 3 st of 4, St. James'-equare, Manchester, barrister-at-law, to

oifices of Jordeson and Whiteing, County bldgs, Kingston-upon

Hull Elizabetb, daughter of J. B. Braithwaite, of 3, New-square, Coates, Henry, Newbold, Derby, Architect. Sopt 6 at 3 offices of Lincoln's-ind.

Busby and Son, Gluman gate, Chesterfield WALKER — MACLAUGHLIN. - Aug. 17, at Doone Church, Coles, George, Gloucester, Painter. Sept 14 at 2 at offices of Jones, Samuel Walker, Q.C., Rutland-square, Dublin, to Ellie,

Eldon chinbrs, Berkeley st, Gloucester daughter of the Rev. Alexander MacLaughlin, rector of Doone,

Coulthard, William, Workington, Cumberland, Joiner, Sept 8 a

11.30 at offices of Milburn, Nook st. Workington conaty Limerick.

Daniels, Benjamin, Middlesborough, Fruiterer. Sept7 at 3 at oblices

of Bainbridge and Barnloy, Albert rd, Middlesborough Dickenson, Henry William, Bishops Stortford. Hertfori. Brick maker. Sept 7 at 12 at offices of Baker and Thorneycroft, Bishop Stortford

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Dodd, Richard, Chester, Grocer. Sept 9 at 11 at offices of Mason, Rossi, Annie Elizabeth, the Common, Upper Clapton, School. Bridge st row East, Chester

mistress. Sept 3 at 11 at offices of Hutchinson, Vauxhall Bridge Doughty, John, Fleetwood, Lancaster, Butcher. Sept 9 at 3 at the rd

residence of the debtor, West st, Fleetwood. Blackhurst, Preston Ruddle, George, Hawkhurst, Kent, Grocer. Sept 9 at 11.30 at the Dougill, William Ingleby, Leeds, General Dealer. Sept 7 at 3 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Stenning, Tonbridgo Commercial Inn, Albion st, Leeds. Senior, Wakefield

Rushbrooke, Alban, Scoulton, Norfolk, Farmer. Sopt 7 at 12 at Douglass, George, Bishopswearmouth, Durham, Joiner. Sept 6 at offices of Emerson, Rampant Horse Rt, Norwich 11 at offices of Tilloy, West Sunnisida, Sunderland

Sea, William Cutforth, Rural grove, Kennington, Livery Stable Drummond, Sarah Annie, Sheffield, Dyer. Sept I at 3 at offices of Keeper. Sept 8 at 3 at offices of Davies, Old Jewry chmbre Burdekin and Co, Norfolk st, Sheffield

Stribbling, Charles Henry, Lowther Arcade, Strand, Fancy Goods Emmett, Alfred, Biadford, York, Beer Seller. Sept 6 at 3 at offices Dealer. Sept 5 at 2 at offices of Spyor and Son, Winchester house, of Neill, Kirkgate, Bradford

Old Broad st Emms, John Sidney, Bedminster, Bristol, Baker. Sept 6 at 2 at Sharman, John Edward, Robinhood ct, Bishopsgate st Without offices of Sibly, Exchange West, Bristol

Builder. Sept 16 at 3 at offices of Cooper and Co, Lincoln's-inn Evans, George, Madley, Hereford, Farmer. Sept 7 at 11 at offices flelds of James and Boddenham, St Peters st. Hereford

Smith, Richard, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Baker. Sopt 13 at Farmer, Charles Walter, Great Dover st, Southwark, Haberdasher. | 11 at Imperia Hotel, Cornwallis st, Barrow-in-Furness, Thompson, Sept 16 at 11 at Cannon st Hotel, Ward, Walbrook

Barrow-in-Furness Farnell, George, Nuneaton, Warwick, Butcher. Sept 13 at 11 at Stewart, Thomas, Thornhill Lees, nr Dewsbury, York, Greenofllces of Bland, Bridge st, Nuneaton

grocer. Sept 5 at 3 at Wellington Hotel, Dewsbury. Shaw Field, Charlotte Eliza, Manchester st, Manchester sq. Sopt 7 at 2 at Storey, James, Manchester, Skirt and Mantle Manufacturer. offices of Vallance and Vallance, Essex st, Strand

Sept 14 at 3 at offices of Ritson and Grundy, Princes st, Manchesrborough, Joseph Morris, Cosby, Leicester, Shoemaker. Sept 14 at 3 at offices of Hincks, Bowling Green st, Leicester

Strange. Josiah Caleb, Wotton Bassett, Wilts, Outfitter, Sept 5 at Glazebrook, Thomas, Halesowen, Worcester, Ironfounder, Sept 9 11 at Regent st, New Swindon. Baker, Stratton at 12 at offices of Hartill, Birmingham st, Oldbury

Sturman, Edward Albert, Upper Tollington-park, South Hornsey, Goddard, Caleb, Motcombe, Dorset, Farmer. Sept7 at 10.30 at oflices Doctor of Philosophy. Sept 6 at 2 at Masons'-hall Tavern, Masons of Rutter and Son, Bell st, Shaftesbury

avenue, Coleman st. Noton Greenwood, Robert, Thurston, Suffolk, Licensed Victualler. Sept 7 Taylor, Robert, Kingston-upon-Hull, Dentist. Sept 7 at 2 at offices

at 11 at the Angel Hotel, Bury St Edmunds. Walpole, Beyton of Middlemiss and Pearce, Parliament st. Kingston upon Hull Lodge, near Bury St Edmunds

Teasdale, Joseph, Bury, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. Sept 9 at 3 Greig, Joseph William, Coal Depot, King's Cross, Coal Merchant. at offices of Anderton and Donnelly, Garden st, Bury Sept 19 at 2 at offices of Halso and Co, Cheapside

Templar, Charles Rowland, Old Kent-road, Ham and Beef Shop Hall, Walter William Patten, Bristol, Beer Retailer. Sept 3 at 11 at Keeper. Sept 6 at 12 at Masons hall Tavern, Masons' avenuo, ofllces of Nicholas, Corn st, Bristol

Basinghall st. Fulcher, Horton rd, Hackney Hampson, Thomas, and David Hampson, Darlaston, Stafford, Conch Thorley, Henry, Fenton, Stafford. Retail Draper. Sept 8 at 11 at

Spring Manufacturers, Sept 12 at 11 at offices of Topham, High offices of Kent, Chancery lane, Longton st, West Bromwich

Townsend, John, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Baker. Sept 8 at 11 at Harrod, Adelaide, Birmingham, Stationer. Sept 8 at 12 at ofices of offices of Clark, Regent st, Cheltenham Haigh, Waterloo st, Birmingham

Treweek, Mary Palmer, Redruth, Cornwall. Berlin Wool Dealer. Higginson, George, Bowdon, Cheshire, Photographic Artist. Sept Sept 3 at 11 at offices of Peter, Townhall, Redruth 9 at 3 at offices of Burton, King st, Manchester

Waterhouse, Samuel, Egremont, Cumberland. Draper, Sept 14 at Iles, James, Newtown, Bristol, Grocer. Sept 5 at 12 at offices of 11 at offices of Atkinson and Collins, Union Hall, Whitehavon Collins, Broad st, Bristol, Brown, Bristol

Williams, James, Holme, Manchester, Drapor, Sopt 6 at 3 at offices Irving, James, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester, Builder, Sept of Eltoft, Kingst, Manchester 7 at 3 at offices of Eltoft, King st, Manchester

Wills, Samuel Reed, Dorset st, Baker. Sept 13 at 12 at offices of Jefferies, John, and James Jefferies, Oldland Common, Bitton, Sampson, Marylebone rd Gloucester, Hatters. Sept 3 at 11 at offices of Nurse, Corn st, Wilson, James, West Hartlepool, Durham, Clothier. Sept 12 at 3 at Bristol

offices of Edgar, Town wall, Hartlepool Jefferson, John, Haxby, York, Farmer. Sept 10 at 12 at offices of

Winter, Samuel Henry, Vicarage park, Plumstead, Schoolmaster. Dyson, Coney st, York

Sept 8 at 3 at offices of Sutherland, Thomas st, Woolwich Lane, Thomas, Wolverhampton, Bicycle Manufacturer. Sept 9 at

Wood, Martha, Westgate, Elland, York, Grocer, Sept 9 at 3 at 12 at offices of Underhill, Darlington st, Wolverhampton

offices of Foster and Co, Townhall chmbrs, Halifax Lecomte, Pierre, Aldershot, Hants, Confectioner. Sept 19 at 2 at

Wright, Thomas Poyntz, East Ridgeford, Nottingham, Surgeon. Royal Exchange Hotel, High st, Aldershot. Rymer, Rochester

Sept 14 at 12 at offices of Hunt and Williams, Weekday cross, row, Westminster

Nottingham Lister, George, Keighley, York, Stuff Manufacturer. Sept 8 at 11

TUESDAY, August 30, 1881. at offices of Terry and Co, Market st, Bradford London, Thomas, Leeds, Schoolmaster. Sept 7 at 3.30 at offices of

Alt, William, Archer st, Notting Hill, Corn Dealer, Sept 15 at 3 at Dalton, Albion st, Leeds

offices of Holmes. Eastcheap Lord, Grace, Heywood, Lancaster, Sept 7 at 2.30 at 32, Market pl,

Atwood, Levi Lincoln, and Biron Levi Atwood, Goswell rd, Black, Heywood. Weston and Co, Manchester

ing Manufacturers. Sept 8 at 2 at offices of Foster, Birchin lano Lowes, William, South Shields, Joiner. Sept 9 at 3 at offices of

Bakewell, William, jun, Guildford, Surrey, Fishmonger. Sept 14 at Smith, Camden st, North Shields

3 at the County and Borough Hall, Guildford. Geach, Guildford Lumley, Stephen, Durham, Tailor. Sept 9 at 12 at offices of Oliver,

Bamlett, Thomas Western, and Robert Whittaker McAll Bamlett, Market pl, Durham

Sunderland, Durham, Painters. Sept 9 at 11 at offices of Newton Lyall, Alexander, Sunderland, Durham, Wholesale Potato Dealer.

and Watson, Fawcett st, Sunderland. Routledge, Sunderland Sept 12 at 1 at offices of Asher, Manor pl, Sunderland

Bartlett, Henry, Totnes, Devon, Tailor. Sept 12 at 12 at the PlyMarshall, Frederick Miles, Southam st, Westbourno park, Grocer.

mouth Inn, High st, Totnes. Edmonds and Son, Totnes Sept 6 at 3 at offices of Pain, Marylebone rd

Bean, Robert, Bradford, York, Grocer. Sept 14 at 3.30 at offices of Matthews, Matthew, Gt Dover st, Borough, Draper. Sept 8 at 2 at

Last and Betts, Bond st, Bradford offices of Pittman, Guildhall chbrs, Basinghall st

Bedford. James, Coal Merchant, Leeds. Sept 13 at 11 at offices of May, John, Bodmin, Cornwall, Innkeeper. Sept 14 at 3 at offices of

Saville, East parade, Leeds Collins, Fore st, Bodmin

Bishop. Bradford, York, Hosier. Sept 15 at 11 at offices of Yowdell

and Son, Henrietta st, Covent Garden Mayer, William Lewin, Shifnal, Salop, Surgeon. Sept 8 at 2.30 al Bold, Samuel Spencer, Hanley, Stafford, Hatter. Sept 9 at 2 at offices of Phillips and Co, New st, Shifnal

offices of Sword, Cheapside, Hanley Minns, Jesse, High st, South Norwood, Dyor. Sept 3 at 11 at

Brooking, Lewis, and Richard O'Leary, Berners st, Oxford st, Co the Green Dragon Hotel, High st. Croydon. Dennis, Croydon

tume Manufacturers, Sept 12 at 12 at offices of Leslie and Co, Mills, Thomas, Bishop Auckland, Tobacconist. Sopt 9 at 11.30 at

Coleman st. Herbert, Vigo st, Regent st offices of Edgar, Silver st, Bishop Auckland

Brooks, Benjamin, Stafford, Grocer. Sept 9 at 12 at offices of Pad. Mitchinson, John George, Penzance, Seedsman. Sept 8 at 11 at

dock and Sons. 1, Old Hall st, Hanley the Law Institution, Chancery lane. Trythall and Bodilly, Pen.

Bruckshaw, Mary Ann. Market Drayton, Salop, Horse Shoe Manuzance

facturer. Sept 12 at 2 at the Star Inn, Stafford st, Market DrayMosbery, Alfred, Sloane st, Chelsea, Jeweller. Sept 9 at 11 at offices ton. Tennant and Co, Hanley of Pooley, Sloane st, Chelsea

Burton, Robert Edward Lingen, Shrawardino, Salop, Farmer. Sept Mustard, Alexander, North Shields, Printer. Sept 7 at 3 at offices of 12 at 12 at the Raven Hotel, Shrewsbury. Clark and Co, Ludlow Whitehorn. Camden st, North Shields

Bury, James, Sale, Chester, Steam Packing Manufacturer. Sept 14 Norrish, Thomas, Torquay, Devon, Boot Maker. Sept 7 at 12 at Half L at 3 at offices of Gardner, 1, Cooper st, Manchester Moon Hotel, Exeter. Lindop, Torquay

Chandler, Charles, Croydon, Builder. Sept 19 at 3 at the Station Potty, Joseph, Wyko, near Bradford, out of business. Sept 7 at Hotel, Station yard, East Croydon, Gowing and Co, Finsbury

4.30 at the Fleeco Inn, Manchester rd, Bradford. Wooler and pavement Wooler

Clark, Henry, Hunstanton St Edmunds, Norfolk, Carter. Sept 8 at Pomphry, Alfred, Cardiff, Provision Dealer. Sept 6 at 12.30 at 12 at offices of Beloe, New Conduit st, King's Lynn

the Great Western Hotel, St Mary st, Cardiff. Cousins, Cardiff Collard, Charles Owen, Carmarthen, Hotel Keeper. Sept 12 at 11 at Poole, George Read, St Mary axe, Cigar Dealer. Sept 12 at 2 at offices of Howell, 31, Stepney st, Llanelly office of Beck, East India avenue, Leadenhall st

Copsey, Charles Bruce, Colchester, Farmer. Sept 14 at 3 at offices Pullen, Robert, Sheet, nr Petersfield, Hants, Grocer, Sept 8 at 2 at of Goody and Son, Colchester office of Edmonds & Co, Cheapside. Soames, Petersfield

Crabb, George, Phænix Works, Kingsland green, Builder. Sept 14 Pumphrey, Charles, Upton on Severn, Worcester, Innkeeper. Sep at 2 at the Law Institution, Chancery lane. Rogers and Co, 8 at 11 at offices of Allan & Co, High st, Upton on Severn

Westminster chmbrs, Victoria st Rayner, Charles, Cable st. Whitechapel, Corn Dealer. Sept 16 at Creyke, William Ramsden, Hanley, Stafford, Builder's Merchant. 3.30 at offices of Taylor and Co, South st, Finsbury sq

Sept 14 at 1 at the Hen and Chickens Hotel, New st, Birmingham, Rimmer, Peter, Southport, Lancaster, Plasterer. Sept 8 at 11 at Paddock and Sons, Hanley offices of Morris, Devonshire bldgs, Eastbank st, Southport. Crossland, George, Dove Holes, Farmer. Sept 13 at 3 at SkakeBuck and Co, Southport

speare Hotel, Buxton. Broomhead, Bakewell Robinson, Joseph Coply, Barnsley, York, Insurance Agent. Sept | Dunham, Henry Simes, Bridport, Dorset, Ironmonger. Sept 15 at 3 . 12 at 3 at offices of Nuttall and Son, John Dalton st, Manchester at offices of Gandry, Downė st, Bridport. Lock, Dorchester


Sept 8 at 2.30

thno, Jesse, High st. Soo: New st, Shifnascon.

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Ellen, Franklin, Linden terrace, Fulham, Grocer. Sept 14 at 3 at Simmonds, John, Venner villas, Penge, Builder, Sept 13 at 3 offices of Reynolds, Furnival's inn, Holborn

offices of Robinson and Leslie, Coleman st Follett, William, Sherborne Saint John, Southampton, Farm Smith, John, South Shields, Grocer. Sept 7 at 2 at Traders' Assoeis

Bailiff. Sept 16 at 12 at offices of Chandler and Son, Basingstoke tion, Grainger st West, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Fenwick, Jarrow Fry, Albert James, Southampton, Beer Retailer. Sept 9 at 3 at Tyno offices of Shutte, Portland st, Southampton

Spiers, John, Worcester, Greengrocer. Sept 14 at 11 at offices of Godfrey, James Alfred, and Timothy James Iroton, Tottenham, Salmon, tho Avenue, the Cross, Worcester

Builders. Sept 6 at 2 at offices of Henry, Furnival's inn, Holborn Stanley, Edward, Morpeth, Northumberland, Jeweller, Sept 12 at : Green, Henry, jun, Ellough, Suffolk, Farmer. Sept 13 at 12 at Hall at offices of Gillespie and Co, Cross house chmbrs, Westgaten Quay chmbrs, Great Yarmouth, Dowsett

Newcastle upon Tyne. Webb, Morpeth
Grove, William, Henry, Australian avenue, Barbican, Merchant. Stephenson, Robert, Gateshead, Ironmonger. Sept 13 at 2 at offices of

Sept 13 at 3 at Queen's Hotel, Birmingham. Stokes and Hooper, Robson, Townhall, Gateshead

Stevens, George, Weston-super-Maro, Baker. Sept 13 st 3 st the Hailey, Henry, Newmarket terrace, Kings Cross, Grocer. Sept 23 Merchants' Association, Broad st, Bristol. Smith, Weston-superat 3 at offices of Buchanan and Rogers, Basinghall et

Mare Halstead, Edward Percy, Ross, Hereford, Horse Dealer. Sept 9 at Stock, Charles, Soundwell, Gloucester, Stone Merchant. Sept 13 at 3 at offices of Corner, High Town, Hereford

12 at offices of Evans, Exchange bldgs East, Bristol Halstead, William, Huddersfield, Provision Merchant. Sept 14 at Swift, William Henry, Stoke-upon-Trent, General Denler, Sept 11 11 at offices of Milnes and Swift, New st, Huddersfield

at 10 at offices of Tennant and Co, Cheapside, Haney Hamilton, Archibald, Liverpool, Baker, Sept 19 at 3 at offices of Thompson, James, Handforth, Chester, Saddler. Sept 13 at 12 Kemble, Castle st, Liverpool

offices of Lamb, Bt Peter's sq, Manchester Hannon, John, Twickenham, Licensed Victualler. Sept 9 at 13 at Tranter, Edwin Allen, Trowbridge, Wilts, Bicycle Mannssctuner. offices of Lay, Townhall, Brentford

Sept 12 at 11 at offices of Mann and Rodway, Union st, Trowbrid Harris, Edward Alfred James, Folkstone, Kent, Oil and Colourman, Watson, John, Darlington, Durham, Tailor. Sept 8 at 3 at offices Sept 15 at 1 at offices of Bradley, Sandgato rd, Folkstone

of Clayhills, Coniscliff rd, Darlington Haslam, William, Blackburn, Lancaster, Pawnbroker. Sept 9 at 3 Wheeler, Gervase, Hove, Sussex, Architect. Sept 14 at 2 at Inns at offices of Malam Brothers, Exchange Flags, Blackburn

Court Hotel, Holborn. Reader, Holborn Viaduct Haxeltine, Joseph, Dudley, Worcester, Butcher, Sept 9 at 11 at White, Greenwood, Bingley, York, Stuff Manufacturer. offices of Shakespeare, Ohurch st, Oldbury

3 at Victoria Hotel, Bradford. Tucker, Manchester Hill, Samuel, Landport, 'Hants, Builder, Sopt 12 at 4 at offices of Whitehead, Richard, Audenshaw, nr Manchester, Hat Manufacturer, King, North st, Portsea

Sept 13 at 3 at offices of Sutton and Elliott, 51, Fountain st, Man. Heath, James Wilson, Windsor, Berks, Grocer. Sept 21 at 1 at Inns chester of Court Hotel, Holborn. Smith, Windsor

Whitehouse, William, Kingswinford, Stafford, Brower. Sept 6 st Hill, Thomas, Gravesend, Kent, Grocer, Sopt 15 at 3 at offices of 12.30 at the Queen's Hotol, Birmingham. Duignan and Co, Wal Eves and Son, Mark lano

sall Hughes, George James, Murton, York, Farmer. Sept 13 at 3 at offices Willans, Thomas Benjamin, Rochdale, Lancaster, Flannel Mannof Crumbie, Stonogato

facturer. Sept 20 at 3 at offices of Addleshaw and Co, Norfolk Irons, John William, Harpenden, Hereford, Baker. Sept 6 at 8 at st, Manchester Midland Railway Hotel, Harpenden, Wells, St Albans

Wright, Oates, Rochdale, Lancaster, Joiner, Sept 21 at 3 at offees Isaac, John, Sketty, nr Swansea, Builder, Sept 7 at 11 at offices of of Wiles, Acker st chmbrs, Ackor st, Rochdale Evans and Davies, Wind st, Swanson

Wriley, James, Brighton, Boot and Shoe Makor, Sept 8 at 8 at James, John, Coventry, Cattle Dealer. Sopt 15 at 3 at offices of

Cheapside. Nye, Brighton
Huggins and Mallard, Newhall chambers, Newhall st, Birming-
Jones, William, Botley, Stafford, Grocer, Sept 13 at 11 at officos of SCHWEITZER'S COCOATINA,

Griffith, Lad lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Ketley, Jonathan, Birmingham, Machine Dealer, Sept 15 at 11 at

Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. offices of Price and Co, Paradise st, Birmingham

Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the finest Quality, Fith the Lark, Thomas Bastin, Balham, Surrey, Bootinaker, Sept 13 at 2 at excess of fat extracted. offices of Gibney, Queen et pl, Cannon st

The Faculty pronounce it “the most putritions, perfectly digestible Lawson, John, Carlisle, Plastorer. Sept 12 at 11 at offices of Murray, beverage fcr Breakfast, Luncheon, or Sapper, and invaluable for Scotch st, Carlisle

Irvalids and Children.” Lewis, Elias, Liverpool, Draper. Sept 12 at 3 at offices of Jones and

Highly commended by the entire Medlea 1Press. Pride, North John st, Liverpool

Bning without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palate. Lewis, Evan, Tonypandv, near Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Grocer.

seeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoa. Sept 9 at 12 at offices of Davies, Old post office chbrs, Pontypridd

TRICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHER Morgan and Male, Pontypridd

than such Mixtures. Lord, Sam, Liverpool, Cotton Broker. Sept 14 at 1 at offices of Gib

Made instantaneously with bolling water, a teaspoonful to a Break. son and Bolland, South John st, Liverpool

tast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny. Mackness, Joseph Arthur, Kentish Town rd, Cheesemonger. Sopt 14

COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest at 3 at ofllces of Crouch and Co, Queen Victoria st

Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is prs Mainwood, William James, Richmond, Snrrey, Mineral Water

hibited. Maker Sept 12 at 1 at offices of Lawson, Essex st, Strand

In tin packets at le, 6d., 38., 58. 6d., &c., by Chemists and Grocen, Mooro, Joseph, Redditch, Worcester, Grocer. Sept 13 at 3 at oflicos

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors. of Williams, Prospect Hill, Redditch

A. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. Morgan, Catherine Elizabeth, Lower Uaversham, Oxford, Gentle

woman. Sept 13 at 3 at offices of Jones, Park st, Maidenhead Norris, Thomas Mostyn, Birkenhead, Commission Agent. Sept 12 at 12 at office of Paynter, Cable st, Liverpool

THE ORIGINAL (1876) NON-ALCOHOLIO SPARKLING Orme, Stephen, Rainow, nr Macclesfield, Builder, Sopt 14 at 3 nt the Queen's Hotel, Waters Green, Macclesfield

BEVERAGE. Parker, Thomas, Ulverston, Grange over Sands, Lancaster, Shoo. TIEDOZONE. - MORE REFRESHING THAN maker, Sept 16 at 11 at the Temperanco Hall, Ulverston. Pear

CHAMPAGNE son, Ulverston Pelham, William, Leeds, Hosier, Sept 12 at 2 at offices of Postle.

thwaite, Park row, Leeds Pennington, Albert, Warrington, Lancaster, Farmer. Sept 19 at 3 at offices of Davies and Co, Market pl, Warrington

EDOZONE, -- HEDOZONE IS A GRATEFUL Pike, George, Tarrant Keynston, nr Blandford, Dorset, Wheel.

REFRESHMENT, wright. Sept 13 at 3.30 at the Crown Hotel, Blandford. Dickin.

EDOZONE. son, Poole Potter, William Ero, Liverpool, Merchant. Sept 20 at 2 at 14, Cook $t, Liverpool, Collins and Co, Liverpool

1) EDOZONE. IT WILL SUSTAIN THE WORKER, Ponpard, William, and William John Poupard, Weighing Machine Manufacturers, Blackfriars rd. Sept 14 at 3 at office of Holdor,


INVIGORATE THE FERBLE, Quambusch, John William, Leeds, Wool Merchant. Sept 12 at 3 at

AND RESTORE THE INVALID. offices of Routh and Co, Commercial bldgs, Leeds. Green and

Peake, Leeds Reavey, Henry, and Henry Norbury, Chorlton on Modlock, Manchester, Finishers, Sept 14 at 3 at offloes of Earle and Co, Brown

Of Chemista, Wine Merchants, and Grocers. st, Manchester

Manufacturers : PACKHAM & CO. (Limited), Croydon Rees, John, Trecynon, Aberdare, Travelling Draper. Sept 10 at 11

at offices of Beddoe, Canon st, Aberdare
Richards, Thomas, Whitchurch, Salop, Grocer, Sept 19 at 12 at

Victoria Hotel, High st, Whitchurch, Brooke
Roberts, Evan, and Benjamin Roberts, Shop Carneddi, Bethseda, во в Е

MAKERS nr Bangor, Drapers. Sept 15 at 1 at Queen's Head Cafe, High st, Bangor. Roberts, Bangor

BY SPECIAL APPOIXTXBUT, Robinson, William, Blackpool, Lancaster, Fancy Dealer. Sept 121 To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of th: Judicial Bench at 3 at offices of Ambler, Chapel st, Salford

Corporation of London, &c.
Salier, George, and Frank Saunders Stark, Red Lion 8g. Brush
Merchants. Sept 15 at 1 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Foster,



at offices of Moore, Corn 89, Leominster Sigrist, Richard, Tustin st, Old Kent rd, Tin Plate Worker. Sept 7

ESTABLISHED 1689. at 3 at oflices of Ody, Blackfriars rd



Sorocaster, Shoo / H EDOZONE. -- MOEVERAGE



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many members of the profession-the narrowness of the LONDON, SEPTEMBER 10, 1881. footway on the west side of Chancery-lane--and asks

how it is that the authorities have apparently been

inactive in the matter. Probably this inactivity is CONTENTS.

owing to the great value of the strip of ground which would have to be purchased from the Society of Lincoln's.

inn before the pavement can be widened. The suggesCURRENT TOPICS ..... “BEERHOUSE” OR “BEERSHOP" ...

tion that the new iron railing in front of Lincoln's-inn THE LAW OF LICENSING ..................................... 831 should be removed, and three feet added to the footway, RECTIFICATION OF THE REGISTER OF TRADE-MARKS .......... 833 will not be received with much favour by tenants of CASES OF THE WEEK

ground floor chambers in the new buildings.
Lister v. Pearson ....................................
Terrell v. Oppert ....
Payne v. Jacobs ....

..................... ........... 834 Chambers v. The Managers of the Metropolitan Asylum Dis

A RECENTLY REPORTED CASE before the Master of the Rolls trict ...... Nottage v. Aitken................

834 | In re Warner and Steel (29 W. R. 726, L. R. 17 Ch. THE RAILWAY COMMISSION ......

835 !). 711)-settles a point of considerable importance, DORCHESTER COUNTY COURT ..

836 and one which might fairly have been thought open OBITUARY ...................

838 to doubt. The decision is that, upon a sale LEGAL APPOINTMENTS ...


authorized by the court under the Settled Estates COMPANIES .............

Act, 1877, the charge for succession duty is transCREDITORS' CLAIMS....

ferred from


the land to the and its

future investments. This is the rule upon a sale under LONDON GAZETTES, &c., &c.......... PUBLIC GENERAL STATUTES.

a power, and the court was enabled to escribe the same result to a sale under the Settled Estates Act by

reason of the 22nd section, which provides that the CURRENT TOPICS.

deed of conveyance executed by the persons directed shall take effect as if the settlement had contained a

power enabling such persons to effect the sale, and so as to The SELECTION of Mr. CHITTY for the vacant judgeship

operate, if necessary, by way of revocation or appointwill be received with general satisfaction by the pro

ment of the use. The well-known decision of Dugdale v. fession, as well on account of the leading position which

Meadows (L. R. 6 Ch. 501) (in which land sold under a he has so long filled as of his personal popularity. The

power was held upou a very literal reading of the 42nd appointment is also satisfactory as indicating that

section of the Succession Duty Act, to be freed from the eminent men are still willing to accept “ordinary”

duty to arise upon the determination of a jointure judgeships, and as proving the possibility of reconciling

paramount to the power) was adverted to in the argument, political claims with personal merit. The announcement

but the judgment contains nothing, in language or that the new judge, and not Mr. Justice Kay, will occupy

reasoning, to fortify that case. the Rolls Court and take over the staff of Sir GEORGE JESSEL is probably premature, since by section 7 of the new Supreme Court of Judicature Act the Lord Chan

WE PRINT this week the Solicitors' Remuneration Act, cellor must first make an order directing by which

the leading provisions of which may be thus summarised. judge the Rolls Court and chambers shall be used and

Section 2 empowers the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Chief to which judge the chief clerks and staff hitherto be

Justice, the Master of the Rolls, the President of the Incor. longing to that court shall in future be attached.

porated Law Society, and the president of some provincial law society (to be, from time to time, selected by the Lord Chancellor to serve during his tenure of the presidency),

or any three of them, the Lord Chancellor being one, to IT HAS BEEN Mr. Justice CHITTY's lot to obtain eminence

make and revoke, or alter, any general order prescribing in everything which he has undertaken. At Eton and

and regulating the remuneration of solicitors “in respect Oxford he was known as a first-rate rower and cricketer,

of business connected with sales, purchases, leases, mortand he achieved the unusual distinction of being included

gages, settlements, and other matters of conveyancing," both in the University eight and the University eleven.

and other business not being in any action or transacted He terminated his athletic career by rowing stroke of

in any court, or judges' or masters' chambers, or otherthe winning Oxford crew in 1852, and his academic

wise contentious. By section 3, before any such generel career with a first class, the Vinerian Law Scholarship,

order is made, its provisions are to be communicated to the and a fellowship. During the time of his connection

Incorporated Law Society, who will be at liberty to offer with the Inns of Court Volunteers he was probably one

any observations and suggestions in writing thereon, of the most efficient officers to be met with in the

which are to be taken into consideration, within one Volunteer Service. On his call to the bar he soon

month, by the Lord Chanceilor and the other persons obtained a first-class junior business, and although he

duly authorized to make such order, which may be made did not obtain silk for eighteen years, he became the either in its original form or with any alterations, acknowledged leader in the Rolls Court within a few

additions, or amendments. By section 4, any such months of his promotion. His first attempt to enter

general order may prescribe a mode of remuneration by the House of Commons was successful, although his

commission or percentage (which may be varied in Parliamentary career had been too short to enable him

different classes of business), or a gross sum, or a fixed to establish a reputation as a politician.

sum, for each document prepared or perused (without regard to length); or in any other mode; or partly in

one mode and partly in another; and the amount of re. A CORRESPONDENT of the Times draws attention to al muneration is to be regulated by all or any of the matter which has often been the cause of annoyance to following, among other, considerations":-The position of the client (whether vendor or purchaser, lessor or sheriffs, and the presentation and swearing-in of the Lord lessee, mortgagor or mortgagee, or the like); the place, Mayor will take place before the same division. Sections district, and circumstances at or within which the busi- 25 and 26 give the Lord Chief Justice of England all ness is transacted; the amount of capital or rent to the powers formerly exercised by the other chief judges, which the business relates, and the skill, labour, and re- including that of appointing commissioners for taking sponsibility involved therein; the number and import. acknowledgments by married women. Section 15 ance (without regard to length) of the documents pre provides for the place of the Lord Chief Justice, as pared or perused; and the average or ordinary remunera. | | President of the Court of Criminal Appeal, being filled, in tion paid for like business before the passing of the Act. case of necessity, by some other judge of the By section 5, a general order may authorize the taking Queen's Bench Division. Section 22 relates to the by a solicitor of security for future remuneration, and appointment of district registrars. In cases within sesthe allowance of interest. Although the Act came into tion 60 of the Judicature Act, 1873, and section 13 of force on the 22nd of August, there will be no immediate the Judicature Act, 1875, that is to say, upon a vacancy alteration of the law, for by section 6 no general order | where the district registrarship has been held by the is to take effect until after the lapse of one month from registrar of an inferior court of record, other than a the time of its being laid before each House of Parlia county court, the Lord Chancellor may appoint a solicitor ment; and any such order may be disallowed (wholly, or as district registrar, and every district registrar is proin part) by Order in Council in an address presented to hibited from acting, either by himself or his partner, as the Crown by either House within such month. Section solicitoror agentin any proceeding in his own registry. By 8 reserves the right of solicitor and client to make any section 21, upon any vacancy in any office (other than that agreement for the remuneration of the former (whether of a judge of the Supreme Court, notice thereof is to be a general order under the Act is in operation or not) forth with notified to the Lord Chancellor, and no new by a gross sum, commission, percentage, or salary, or appointment is to be made within one month of the otherwise; but the agreement must be in writing, vacancy without the assent of the Lord Chancellor, giren “signed by the person to be bound thereby, or by his with the consent of the Treasury. Section 27 is intended to agent in that behalf.” It may, or may not, include dis remove doubts as to the extent of the power of making bursements, and it may be sued upon, impeached, or set | rules under the County Courts Act, 1856, and provides aside in the same manner as any ordinary agreenient, | that such power is to extend to all matters of procedure or subject (if, on being relied on by the solicitor, it is ob- | | or practice in any cases within the cognizance of county jected to as unfair or unreasonable) to inquiry and courts, as to which rules of court could have been made report by the taxing officer, upon whose certificate the under the Judicature Acts, and the Appellate Jurisdiccourt or a judge ray either cancel the agreement or tion Act, 1876, for cases within the cognizance of the reduce the amount payable thereunder. Section 9 High Court, and validity is given to all rules already excludes the operation of the Solicitors Act, 1870, in all made under the first-mentioned Act. business to which the present Act relates.

ALThough the Supreme Court of Judicature Act, 1881, A first meeting was held before Mr. Registrar Brougbam has only been published this week, it has been actually under the bankruptcy of William Richard Preston, described in operation since the 27th of August. Most of its provi. as of 7, Mark-lane, solicitor, and of Harold Wood, Hornsions are already familiar to our readers. Section 2 churcb, Essex, market gardener. The adjudication was restricts the Master of the Rolls to appellate duties (sub. | made on August 5, upon the petition of Mr. John Walton, ject to the obligation on future holders of the office to go

of 37, Petherton-road, Highbury, a creditor for about £5,000. circuit), and section 3 reduces the number of the Lords

and the bankrupt has absconded. Messrs. Morley & Justices to five. Section 4 constitutes the President for

Shirreff conducted the proceedings. The liabilities are esti. the time being of the Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty

mated at from £30,000 to £40,000, and proofs of debt

| amounting to £10,000 were admitted, including about £2 200 Division an ex officio judge of the Court of Appeal.

for barrister's fees. Mr. Southcott, accoratant, King-street, Section 5 (under which Mr. Justice CHITTY has been

Cheapside, was appointed trastee, together with the following appointed) authorizes the appointment of a judge of the committee of inspection : Mr.J. Walton (petitioning creditor). Chancery Division to supply the place of the Master of Mr. A. J. Dudgeon, of 10, London-street, and Mr. W. C. the Rolls; and section 6 provides that the power given to Williams, of New Southgate. The meeting for the pablic her Majesty, under the 40 & 41 Vict. c. 9, to appoint an examination of the bankrupt (for whose arrest & warrant has additional judge of the High Court may be exercised been issued) was appointed for Friday, November 13. from time to time, so as at all times to make due pro. A correspondent writes us as follows :-"About eleven vision for the business of the Chancery Division, but no a.m. on Sunday morning Mr. Henry Latham, of London, a such appointment is to be made unless the number of solicitor, a very fine young fellow-who had lately made the judges of the Chancery División (other than the Lord

ascent of the Wetterhorn, and also of the Eiger, which are Chancellor) is reduced below five. Section 7 deals with

respectively 12,000ft. and 13,000ft. high-left Grindelwald the staff of the Rolls Court Chambers, and with the

to ascend the Bourg Mountain, a few miles south-west, and existing Rolls Court. The Lord Chancellor is to direct

a few thousand feet above this village. As he did not return by which judge of the Chancery Division that it and its

in the evening his friends and the landlord of the Bar Hotel

sent two guides in search at eleven p.m., and at six o'clock chambers shall be used, and the chief clerks and other

the next morning they found his dead body. The head was officers now attached to the Rolls Court will be attached sadly broken, and the body was buried in the snow several to the judge named in the Lord Chancellor's order. | hundred feet beneath the precipitous and serrated top of the Other sections, which deal with the Probate, Divorce, and mountain, and the projecting feet and legs alone marked his Admiralty Division, and appeals to the House of Lords, whereabouts. As the body was frozen and lifeles, the gailes have already been noticed by us. Section 9 provides descended for help, and returning with assistance brough: that, subject to any orders made under the Appellate

down the body to the pastor's house. The event has cast a Jurisdiction Act, 1876, all appeals to the House of Lords

terrible gloom over Grindelwald. Mr. Latham had made shall be presented within a month if the House is sitting,

several friends in the hotel-pension where he was staying. and, if not, within fourteen days if after the next

He was of singular affability and simplicity, and had a meeting of the House. Several sections provide

powerfal frame, The day before his death he pointed out

the Bourg Mountain to a gentleman staying in the same for the transfer to the Queen's Bench Division of

hotel, and dwelt on it with admiration. The snow fell up certain functions which belonged to the Common

there for eighty consecutive hours, endiag at noon on the 4th Fleas and Exchequer Divisions. Thus the election instant, but the precipice part of the Bourg is too steep for it judges will be selected out of the judges of the Queen's to lodge. The unfortunate young man is supposed to have Bench Division, which will also have jurisdiction in all slipped from the serrated point on the sammit, either upons registration and election cases, and in the nomination of loose stone or upon the slippery ice.''-Standard.

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