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Brown, William, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Licensed Victualler. Dec 6 CHALMERS-McDONELL.-On Nov. 23, at St. Mary's, Bryan at 2 at offices of Hodge and Westmacott, Union chmbrs, Grainger

stone-equare, Patrick Henderson Chalmers, advocate, Aber st West deen, to Janie, daughter of the late Æneas Ranald MoDonell,

Buckley, Robert Orford, Mincing la, Produce Broker. Dec 7 at 12

at New Exchange buildings, George yard, Lombard st. Trinders of Glengarry.

and Curtis-Hayward IRVINE-RAMSAY.-On Nov. 18, at Whiterashes, near Aberdeen, Butler, James. Glamorgan, Farmer. Nov 30 at 11 at offices of Howell,

Francis Hugh Irvine, of the Inner Temple, barrister, to Mary Stepney st, Llanelly
Agnes, daughter of John Ramsay, of Barra.

Chambers, Joseph, Acton Beauchamp, Worcester, Farmer. Dec 6 at

of 3 at offices Thompson and Taylor, Pierpont st, Worcester RHODES--On Nov. 16, at Newport, Isle of Wight, John Jack Chapple, William Dyson, and Robert Samuel Batterby, Paradise rw,

Cambridge rd, Boot and Shoe Manufacturers. Dec 13 at 2 at ofices 800 Rhodes, solicitor,

of Lousada and Emanuel, Austin-friars Christmas, Charles, Guildford, Surrey, Builder. Dec 1 at 2 at White

Lion Hotel, Guildford. Durbidge, Guildford

Clapham, Thomas, Fenwick, York, Farmer. Dec 2 at 11 at Swan

Inn, Askern, Wright
Clegg, Joseph, and George Crowther, Birstal, York, Common

Brewers. Dec 7 at 2 at the Commercial Hotel, Albion st, Leeds.

Wooler and Wooler, Batley
FRIDAY, Nov. 19, 1880.

Clough, Frank, and Stevenson Shackleton, Wibsey, Bradford, York,

Worsted Manufacturers. Nov 30 at llat offices of Peel and Gaunt, Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Chapel lane Bradford Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Coakley, Joseph, and William Jackson, Manchester, Yarn Do ublers

Dec 10 at 2 at offices of Cobbett and Co, Brown st, Manchester To Surrender in London.

Collett, Frederick Henry, Birmingham, Grocer. Dec 3 at 3 at offices Bradly, William, Naylor rd, Peckham. Pet Nov 18. Hazlitt. Dec

of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham 10 at 11

Coode, William, Croydon, Surrey, Licensed Victualler. Nov 27 at Dowley, Alfred, and William Bayley, Channing's bldgs, Clerken.

10,30 at the Green Dragon Hotel, High st, Croydon. Dennis, well Green, Glass Bevellers. Pet Nov 15. Brougham. Nov 30 at

Croydon Hicks, Samuel, Dulwich rd, Dulwich, of no occupation. Pet Nov

Cooke, Herbert, Woodditton, Cambridge, Innkeeper. Dec 7 at 11.30

at the Rutland Arms Hotel, Newmarket. Fenn 17. Brougham. Nov 30 at 12 To Surrender in the Country.

Cooney, Bernard, Coleman st, Lime and Cement Merchant. Nov 29 Scotson, George Briggs, Holtby, near York, Railway Porter. Pet

at 3 at 15, Finsbury pavement, Moorgate st. Hopkins, Finsbury

pavement Nov 13. Perkins, York. Nov 30 at 12

Corby, William Witty, Northampton, Plumber. Dec 7 at 3 at offices Ibbs, Robert Giles, Littlehampton, Sussex, Schoolmaster. Pet Nov

of Becke, Derngate, Northampton 15. Jones, Brighton. Dec 1 at 11

Derry, Fletcher, Donnington-le-Heath, Leicester, Grocer. Dec 3 at Rooney, Michael, Sydenham rd, Croydon, Retired Merchant. Pet

3 at offices of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester Aug 15. Rowland, Croydon. Nov 30 at 2

Dice, John, Cumberland pl, Brixton rd, Builder. Dec 1 at 3 at the Stabbins, Moses, Worle, Somerset, Farmer. Pet Nov 3. Lovibond.

Mason's Hall Tavern, Mason's avenue, Basinghall st. Gregory, Dec 1 at 11

Cannon st
TUESDAY, Nov. 23, 1880.

Duprat, Ernest, Gresham st, Merchant. Nov 27 at 12 at offices of
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Chapman, jun, Fenchurch st Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Easton, William, Leeds, Engineer. Dec 2 at 3 at offices of Simpson To Surrender in London.

and Burrell, Albion st, Leeds Legg, Albert, East Dulwich grove, Hop Merchant. Pet Nov 18. | Fearnside, Joshua, and Jervis Benn, Leeds, Corn Millers. Nov 30 Hazlitt. Dec 8 at 11

at 3 at offices of Creditors' Association, Park row. Leeds Willington, Henry, Earle Court rd, Kensington, Physician. Pet Fell, Joseph Crosbie, Crook, Durham, Contractor. Nov 30 at 11 at Nov 19. Pepys. Dec 8 at 11

offlces of Proud, Market pl, Bishop Auckland To Surrender in the Country.

Field, William, Carisbrooke Park rd, Burgess hill, Builder. Dec 1 Barons, Henry Lindon, Manchester, Lace Milliner. Pet Nov 19.

at 12 at offices of Champion, Northgate house, Pavilion, Brighton Lister, Manchester. Dec 9 at 12

Foley, Edward, Birkenhead, Beerhouse keeper. Dec 6 at 3 at offices Griffiths, Edwin, Liverpool, Builder. Pet Nov 18. Bellringer,

of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead Liverpool. Dec 6 at 12

Fookes, Eli, Southsea, Military Pensioner. Dec 6 at 3 at offices of Melhuish, Emmanuel, Kentisbeare, Devon, Retired Farmer, Pet

Casey, St George's sq, Portsea. Feltham, Portsea. Nov 18. Daw, Exeter. Dec 9 at 10.30

Gillbanks, William, Barrow-in-Furness, out of business. Dec 4 at Whitley, Richard John, Nottingham, Lace Maker. Pet Nov 18.

11 at offices of Lowe, Mount pleasant, Liverpool Speed, Nottingham. Dec 8 at 10.30

Green, William Henry, Kingsdown, Bristol, Builder. Nov 27 at 12

at offices of Andrews, Nicholas st, Bristol. Ayre. Bristol BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

Hackett, Charles Aquila, Birmingham, Grocer. Nov 30 at 12 at TUESDAY, Nov, 19, 1880.

offices of Hawkes and Weekes, Temple st, Birmingham Lambart, Honourable Oliver George, Southend, Essex. Oct 19 Hadfield, Joseph Edward, Widnes, Lancashire, Greengrocer. c3 Lyons, Benjamin, Edgware rd, Tailor, Nov 16

at 1 at offices of Lowe, Mount pleasant, Liverpool Oliver, Edwin Alfred, and Joseph Campbell, Gilesgate, Durham, Hall. James Ridley, and William Henry Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Ale and Porter Merchants. Nov 16

Merchants. Nov 30 at 1 at offices of Hoyle and Co, Collingwood Page, Robert Everitt, Colebrooke row, Islington, out of business. st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Nov 16

Harrison, Thomas, Golcar, nr Huddersfield, Builder. Nov 25 at 3 at Thomas, Robert, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, solicitor. Nov 11

offices of Ainley and Hall, New st, Huddersfield

Harwood, George Fisher, Wells st, Falcon sq, Collar Manufacturer.
Liquidations by Arrangement.

Nov 29 at 2 at offices of Philp, Walbrook

Haslam, Samuel, Bolton, Lancashire. Beerseller. Nov 24 at 3 at

offices of Rutter and Finney, Mawdsley st, Bolton FRIDAY, Nov. 19, 1880. Abbott, Charles, York, Hotel Keeper. 'Dec 2 at 11 at offices of Lee.

Hawkins, Thomas, Birmingham, Bicycle Manufacturer. Dec 8 at

1.30 at offices of Harris, Moor st, Birmingham man and Co, Coney st, York

Hedge, Marshall, Thetford, Norfolk, Hairdresser, Dec 7 at 12 at the Acton, Thomas, Chester, Farmer. Dec 1 at 12 at offices of Moore,

Anchor Hotel, Thetford. Mason, Methwold, Brandon Upper Bank st, Warrington

Jackson, James Thomas, Carnarvon, Photographer. Dec 3 at 11 at Allen, John, George Gwyn, and Llewellyn Davies, Swansea, Boat

offices of Rees, Castle st, Carnarvon Builders. Nov 29 at 11 at offices of Evans and Davies, Wind st, Jackson, William Samuel, Birmingham, Coal Dealer. Dec 2 at 12 at Swansea

offices of Hodgson and Haigh, Waterloo st, Birmingham John, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, Flour

Kilham, Frederich, Tyd St Giles, Cambridge. Farmer. Dec 3 at IL Dealer. Dec 1 at 1 at offices of Hoyle and Co, Collingwood st, New

at offices of Welchman and Carrick, Crescent, Wisbech castle-upon-Tyne

Kemp, Alfred Mayhew, Love lane, Eastcheap, Commission Agent. Almond. George, White Horse street, Stepney, Confectioner. Nov 27

Dec 1 at 3 at offices of Lea and Brocklesby, Water-lane, Great at 10.15 at 515, Commercial road East. Hicks, Victoria-park

Tower st road Alsop, Fred Negus, Peterborough, Northampton, Rope Maker.

King. William, Southampton, Hotel Proprietor. Dec 1 at 11 a Dec 6 at 12 at offices of Vergette and Buckle, Market st. Peter

office of Whittaker, Sussex rd, Southampton, Staniland, Southborough

ampton Astin, Septimus, Hunslet, Leeds, Provision Dealer. Dec 1 at 2 at Knott, Richard, Manchester, Provision Merchant. Dec 1 at 3 offices of Whiteley, Albion st, Leeds

at the Mitre Hotel, Cathedral yd, Manchester. Stevenson, ManBabb, Frederick John, Wilton, Somerset, Carpenter, Dec 1 at 11 at chester offices of Trenchard and Co, Hammet st, Taunton

Knowles, Robert, Cartmel, Lancaster, Farmer, Nov 30 at 1.30 at the Balme, George, Mile End rd, Butcher, Dec 3 at 3 at offices of Win. Station Hotel, Carnforth. Jackson, Ulverston nett, Lime st

Lewis, Morgan Llewellyn, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Grocer. Dec 6 Beer, William, Penarth, Glamorgan, Grocer. Nov 30 at 11 at offices at 12 at offices of Collins, Broad st, Bristol. Morgan and Scott, of Morgan and Scott, High st, Cardiff

Bentley, Samuel, High Crompton, Elton, Bury, Lancaster, Lindley, Samuel, Manchester, Calico Printer. Dec 9 at 3 at

Farmer. Dec 1 at 3 at offices of Taylor and Son, Mawdsley street, 40, George st, Manchester. Cooper and Son, Manchester

Lister, Thomas, Swinehead. Lincoln, Farmer. Dec 6 at 12 at the Fal.
Bird, William, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. Dec 1 at 3 at offices of con Inn, Boston, Snaith
Duke. Temple row, Birmingham

Lucas, Thomas, Shepperton, Builder. Dec 13 at 11 at offices of Blake, John, Salisbury, Wilts, Coal Merchant. Nov 29 at 12 at St Greenfield and Abbott, Queen Victoria st Pancras Hotel

Manzanos, Pedro, and Miguel Cristobal, Cardiff, Iron Ore Merchants. Bourne, Edward John, Worcester, Builder. Dec 3 at 12 at offices of Dec 10 atl at offices of Tribe and Co, Moorgate st bldgs, MoorCorbett, the Cross, Worcester

gate st. Ingledew and Co. Cardiff Bramley, John Simpson, Rotherham, York, out of occupation, Dec | Maunders, Robert, aring. Herts, Baker, Dec 8 at 11.30 at offices of 3 at 11 at offices of Hoyle, Church st, Rotherham

Bullock and Penny, Great Berkhamstead

biat offices ot Thetford, Mason, Menotographer.

omhof Harris, MO Porfolk, Haircuid, Brandonec 3 at 11 at Thane, Marshall Thetford.Carnarvon,

Vay, John, Exeter, Tea Dealer. Dec 2 at 2 at the Merchants Associa | Wilkinson, Samuel, Leicester, Grocer. Dec 6 at 3 at officer of tion, Broad st, Bristol. Toby, Exeter

Hesilrige, Buckby, Millstone lane, Leicester Maynard, James, Brenchley, Kent, Farmer. Dec 8 at 3 at the Star | Willett, Thomas Grey, Rosherville Gardens, Refreshment Con. Hotel, Maidstone. Gorham and Warner, Tonbridge

tractor. Dec 2 at 2 at offices of Moore and Son, Crosby 89, Meacock, Thomas, Rock Ferry, Chester, Manager. Dec 2 at 2 at Bishopsgate st. Morgan and Co, Coleman st offices of Fowler, Cable st, Liverpool

Wilson, Edwin Christopher, Adderbury East, Oxford, out of business. Michael, Leon, St George st, St George's-in-the-East, Tailor. Nov Dec 8 at 3 at Unicorn Hotel, Deddington. Kinch, Deddington 29 at 3 at offices of Cattlin, Wormwood st, Old Broad st

Woodbourne, James, Kingsley, Hants, Agricultural Engineer. Nov Miller. Joseph, Lancaster rd, Notting hill, Builder. Dec 1 at 10 at 29 at 2 at Swan Hotel, Alton, Hughes and Co, Budge row offices of Mayor Cooke, Gray's inn sq

Woods, Fred, Suffolk, Butcher. Dec 3 at 10.30 at offices of Martin, Neesom. Matilda, Charles William Neesom, Walter Roger Neesom, Church st, Framlingham. Mills, Ipswich

and Samuel Arthur Neesom, Leeds, Provision Merchants. Dec 2 Yilk, Matthew Payne, East Dereham, Norfolk, Seedsman, Deo l at at 3 at offices of Brooke, East paradie, Leeds

11.30 at offices of Chittock and Woods, Bank st, Norwich Nettleton, John, Stanley, near Wakefield, Bricklayer. Nov 30 at 3

TUESDAY, Nov. 23, 1880. at ofices of Barrett and Senior, Wood st, Wakefield Newbury, Edward Walter, Angel lane, Stratford, Coffee house Aitchison, Thomas, and Andrew Walker, Portland yd, St John's

Keeper. Nov 29 at 2 at offices of Hopkins. Finsbury pavement Wood, Builders. Dec 10 at 5 at Tilley and Soames, Finsbury pava Newey, Mary Annie, Dudley, Worcester, Confectiouer. Dec 3 at 11 ment at othces af Whitehouse, jun, Castle st, Dudley

Andrews, James, Kinnersley, Hereford, Farmer. Dec 8 at 11 at Norman, John James, Portsea, Hants, out of business. Dec 3 at 4 | offices of James and Bodenham, St Peter st, Hereford st offices of Whitehall, Union st, Portsea

Appleton, Henry, Bow rd, Grocer. Dec 6 at 2 at offices of Solomon, Norton, Mary Brown, Balsall Heath, Worcester, Beer Retailer. Dec King st, Cheapside 13 at offices of Perry, Ann st, Birmingham

Bartlett, Jeremiah. Coln, St Denis, nr Northleach, Gloucester, Orden, James. Todmorden, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Dec 3 Butcher. Dec 2 at 12 at offices of Potter, Northfield House. North

at 1.30 at Lord Nelson Inn, Cheapside, Todmorden. Hodgson, pl, Cheltenham Burnley

Beatv. Adam, Duffenhood, Northumberland, Shoemaker. Dec 6 at Owens, William, and John Harris, Higher Tranmere, Builders. Dec

2 at offices of Stanford, Collingwood st. Newcastle-upon-Tyne 3 at 11 as offices of Knowles, Cook st, Liverpool

Benson, Thomas Ryton, Chandos rd, Stratford, Shirt Manufacturer. Pain, Thomas, Margate, Kent, Fruiterer. Dec 6 at 4 at offices of

Dec 14 at 12 at offices of Bryce aud Co, Guildhall chambers, BasingParry, Union row, Margate

hall st. May, Bishopsgate st Without Painter, William, Boscomb Park Estate, nr Bournemouth, Builder.

Beresford, William, Birmingham, Brush Manufacturer. Dec 14 at 3 Dec 4 at 3 at offices of Trevanion, Branksome terrace, Bourne

at offices of Marshall, New st, Birmingham | Bezley, James Cadbury, Ives st, Chelsea, Carman Contractor. Dec

1 at 2 at offices of Williams, Bncklersbury Parker, Alfred, Southport, Lancaster, Share Broker. Dec 1 at 3 at Bicknell, Thomas Harrison. High st, Old Brentford, Grocer. Dec 3 31, London st, Southport. Scott and Ellis

at 2 at offices of Creditors' Association, Arthur st East. Carter Parker, Thomas, Whitchurch, Salop, Farmer, Nov 30 at 11 at offices

and Bell, Eastcheap of Roberts, Union st, Crewe

Bonehill, Thomas Lewis, Leamington Priors, Stonemason. Dec 4 at Pattison, Edward. Stockton-on-Tees, Bacon Dealer. Nov 30 at 12

12 at offices of Overell and Son, Warwick st, Leamington Priors at offices of Hunton and Bolsover, High st, Stockton-on-Tees

Boulton, William Henry, East Acklam, York, Farmer. Dec 7 at 3 Pemberton, Edward, Congleton, Chester, Sugar Boiler. Dec 3 at 11

at offices of Dale, Blake st, York at offices of Cooper, Park st, Congleton

Bowcock, Thomas, jun, and Richard Wilde. Birkenhead, Stone. Pickin, James, Wolverhampton, Boot Manufacturer. Dec 1 at 11 at

masons. Dec 1 at 3 at offices of Leeming, Duncan st, Birkenhead. offices of Stratton, Queen st, Wolverhampton

Thompson, Birkenhead Price, Thomas, Crewe, Chester, Poulterer. Nov 29 at 11 at offices of

Bowker, John Thomas, Blackburn, out of business. Dec 8 at 3 at Pointon, Albert chbrs, Church side, Crewe

offices of Holland, Northgate, Blackburn Proctor, Daniel, Horton, Stafford, Farmer, Dec 3 at 11.30 at 12,

Brett, George Richard, Caledonian rd, Fancy Repository Dealer, Cheapeide, Hanley

Dec 1 at 4 at offices of Goatly, Westminster Bridge rd Radcliffe, James, Huddersfield, Packing Case Manufacturer. Dec

Brighton, Richard, Edgware rd, Builder. Dec 3 at 3, at offices of 2 at 3 at offices of Ainley and Hall, New st, Huddersfield

Reynolds, Furnival's inn, Holborn Reynolds, Alfred, Ilford, Essex, Farmer. Dec 3 at 13 at offices of

Broome, John Dark, Greenwich, Provision Merchant. Nov 19 at 4 Crump and Son, Philpot lane

at the Legal and Mercantile Association, 23, Borough High st. Riige, Startin, Jarrow, Durham, Tailor. Nov 29 at 11 at offices of

Harris, Lower Kennington lane Moods, Clayton st West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Brown, Aaron, and Alfred Ingleton, Sheerness, Fruiterers. Dec 7 Rowley (and not Rowland as erroneously printed in last Gazette)

at 2 at the Sun Hotel, High st, Chatham, Winch. Chatham Conolly, Stockbridge, York, Surgeon, Nov 26 at 3 at offices of Brown, George, Bedford terrace, Fulham, Builder. Dec 15 at 3 at Binney and Co, Queen st chbrs, Sheffield

offices of Heathfield and Son, Lincolns's inn fields Russell Charles, Tisbury, Wilts, Blacksmith, Dec 4 at 3 at offices Brown. William Herry. St Neots, Huntingdon. Dec 15 at 11 at of Butter, Bell st, Shaftesbury

offices of Wade-Gery, New st. St Neots Roslell, John Blaylock, and Arthur Joseph, Russell, Crompton rd,

Burrowes, Thomas Robert, Cold Overton, Leicester, Clerk in Holy Penge, Grecers. Nov 30 at 2 at offices of Warmington, Gresham

Orders. Dec 7 at 3 at offices of Owston and Dickinson, Friar lane, bldgs, Basinghall st

Leicester Sadler, Samuel, Burton-upon-Trent, Iron Merchant. Dec 3 at 12 at

Buxton, Maria, Stafford, Grocer. Dec 8 at 12 at North Western offices of Argyle and Sons, Gungate st, Tamworth

Hotel, Stafford. Robinson, Eccleshill Salt, Sidney, Cutthorpe, Derby, Licensed Victualler. Dec 10 at 3 Charlesworth, William, Nottingham, Builder. Dec 17 at 3 at offices of at ofiles of Gee, High street, Chesterfield

Lees, Severn chambers, Middle pavement, Nottingham Shaw. Vero Kenhall, Cecil st, Strand, Gent. Dec 10 at 3 at offices

Clough, Thomas, Leeds, Mill Furnisher. Dec 6 at 2 at offices of of Davis, Conduit st, Bond st

Butler and Middlebrook, Park sq, Leeds Sly, Charles, Gt Quebec st, Marylebone rd, Grocer. Nov 30 at 11 at

Collins, Henry John, Stourbridge, Worcester, Stone Mason. Nov offices of Butterfield, Ironmonger-lane

29 at 10 at offices of Prescott, Stourbridge Smith, George Francis, Tipton, Stafford, Grocer. Nov 26 at 11 at

Cooper, William, Norwich, Watchmaker. Dec 10 at 12 at Guildhall allces of Forrest, Church st, Oldbury

Coffee house, Gresham st. Sadd and Linay, Norwich Sunith, Henry, Mountain Ash. nr Aberdare, Contractor. Dec 2 at 12

Cox, Henry, Maysonle terrace, Battersea, Grocer. Dec 8 at 3 at offices at offices of Beddoe, Canon st, Aberdare

of Daniel, Bedford row Snell, Henry, Laverthorpe, York, Beerhouse keeper, Dec 6 at 11 at Crampton, Archibald Henry, Dorset st, Islington, Wheelwright. offices of Wilkinson, St Helen's sq, York

Dec 6 at 3 at offees of Parkes, Queen Victoria st Stephenson, Milman's st, Chelsea, Builder. Dec 7 at 3 at the Can.

Craven, Walter, Oxton, Chester, Accountant. Dec 1 at 2 30 at offices non st, Hotel, Cannon st. Boxall and Boxall, Chancery lane

of Oliver and Co, Cook st, Liverpool Stratford. Edmund, Kingston-npon-Hull, Corn Factor. "Dec 6 at 3

Crase, Thomas, Liverpool, Builder. Dec 9 at 2 at offices of Davies, at offices of Pickering, Parliament st, Kingston-upon-Hull. Wood

the Temple, Dale st, Liverpool bouse, Kingston-upon-Hull

Crver. John, Ashton-under-Lyne, Cotton Spinner. Dec 7 at 12 at Stroud, Charles, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Japanner. Dec 7 at 11.30 Ola Townhall, King st, Manchester. Cobbett and Co, Manchester at othces of Dent and Son, Darlington st, Wolverhampton

Dixon, Thomas, Harton, York, Schoolmaster. Dec 4 at 12 at offices Strood, Sidney Frederick, York, Hatter. Dec 2 at 3 at offices of of Crumbie, Stonegate, York Jasoline and Co, King st, Cheapside. Crumbie, York

Doig, William, Nicholas lane, Licensed Victualler. Dec 14 at 3 at Sateline, Henry, Bacup. Leicester, Beer Dealer, Dec 2 at 3 at ofilces offices of Shearer, Basinghall st. Proctor and Andrews, Princes of Wright, Newchurch rd. Bacup

st, Spitalfields Tamplin, George Frederick, Newport, Essex, Clerk in Holy Orders. Down, Frederick, High st, Upper Sydenham, Boot and Shoe Maker. Dec 7 at 11 at offices of Wade, Saffron Walden

Dec 14 at 12 at 18, Walbrook. Rumney Thomas, John William, Dowlais, Glamorgan, Gro

owlais. Glamorcan. Grocer. Dec 3 at 11 Durham, Charles, Vernon Cochrane, Barton Grindrod, and William at 48, Glebeland st, Merthyr Tydfil. Lewis

Hector, Manchester, Merchants. Dec 3 at B Committee Room, Thompson, William, Lower Heyford, Northampton, Boat Builder. Old Townhall, King st, Manchester. Sale and Co, Manchester

Dec 3 at 11 at offices of Britten and Brown, St Giles's sq, North ades, Philip, Rushall near Walsall, Stafford, Licensed Victcaller. ampton

Dec 6 at 11 at offices of Stanley, Bridge st, Walsall Thornson, John, Llangollen, Denbigh, Accountant. Dec 2 at 12 at

East. William, jun, Great Gransden, Huntingdon, Farmer. Dec 4 Lion Hotel, Hope st, Wrexham. James, Corwen

at 3 at 9. Benet st, Cambridge. Symonds Tlemson, Robert, Liverpool, out of business. Dec 2 at 11 at offices

Edwards, William, Waterbeach, Cambridge, Farmer. Dec 4 at 12 of Grace and Smith, Cook st, Liverpool

at offices of Ellison and Co, Alexandra st, Petty Cury, Cambridge Vaizhan. Edward Alfred, Middleton rd, Dalston, Commercial

Ellacott, William, Streatham place, Brixton, Job Master, Dec 2 at 2 Traveller, Dec 6 at 4 at offices of Podmore and Harte, Moorgate st

Mullen's Hotel, Ironmonger lane. Wilson and Co, Copthall bldgs Veale, Thomas Faithful, Newquay, Cornwall, Boot and Shoe Man.

Fagg. Joseph, Goswell rd, China Dealer. Dec 2 at 1 at 9, Argyll st, ufacturer. Dec 6 at 12 at offices of Whitefield, St Columb

Regent st. Rashleigh, Borough High st White, Charles, the elder, and Thomas White, Lincoln, Cork Sock

Fairburn, William, Guisborough, York, Wine Merchant. Dec 9 at 1 Manufacturers. Dec 6 at 2.30 at offices of Toynbee and Co, Bank

at offices of Buchanan, Townhall, Market place, Guisborough st, Lincoln

Finney, Samuel, Longton, Stafford, Furniture Dealer. Nov 29 at 11 Whiterpan, Samuel, Molesworth, Northampton, Licensed Victualler.

at offices of Clarke and Hawley, Church st, Longton Dec 7 at 11 at King's Arms Inn, Thrapstone. Hunnybun and

Fox, Edward, Woodville terrace, West Kensington, Stonemason.

Dec 8 at 12 at ofllces of Mote, Walbrook Sons, Huntingdon

Down halfieldseasinghall st

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Fletcher, William, Greenwich, Ripley, Derby, Common Brewer: | Platt. William Henry, Hollinwood, Lancaster, Builder. Nov 29 at 4

Nov 30 at 11.30 at the Bell Hotel, Sadler gate, Derby. Cursham, at the King's arms Hotel, Yorkshire st, Oldnam

Pickerell, Isaac, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Grocer. Dec 4 at 11 at Foyster, James Lee, Attleborough. Norfolk. Wine Merchant. Nov

effices of James, Nelson sq, Newcastle-under-Lyme 29 at 12 at the Norfolk Hotel, St. Giles st, Norwich. Palmer, Puddifer, Joseph, Liverpool, Chair Manufacturer. Dec 7 at 3 at Essex st, Strand

offices of Smith and Son, Newington, Liverpool Franks, Joshua, Leicester, Draper. Dec 7 at 12 at offices of Shires, Radford, John, Clown, Derby , Grocer. Dec 3 at 12 at offices of Market st, Leicester

Whall, Bridge st, Worksop Freer, George, Oadby, Leicester, Milkman. Nov 29 at 11 at offices Raine, Charles, East Park, near Witton Park, Durham, Farmer. of Hunter and Curtis, Halford st, Leicester

Nov 29 at 11 at offices of Maw, jun, Bishop Auckland French, Thomas, Giggleswick, York, Joiner. Dec 4 at 11 at offices Ramsay, John Taylor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Coal Merchant. Dec of Drayshaw, Settle

9 at 11 at the Incorporated Law Society, Royal Arcade, NewcastleFroggett, John, Penrith, Cumberland, Hosier. Dec 13 at 3 at the upon Tyne. Hodge and Westmacott, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Salutation Hotel, Victoria rd, Penrith. Cant, Penrith

Rayner, William, Besson st, New Cross, Carpenter. Dec 3 at 3 at Gibbs, Thomas, Judd st, Euston rd, Provision Merchant. Dec 6 at offices of Marchant & Co, George yard, Lombard st 2 at offices of Bird, Bedford row

Richardson, John, and John Joseph Richardson, Kettering, NorthGill, Thomas Richard Darby, Taunton, Somerset, Whitesmith. Dec ampton, Builders. Dec 6 at 12 at the Royal Hotel, Kettering.

l'at 11 at offices of Edwin Wotton and Co, East st, Taunton. Lamb and Stringer, Kettering Foster and Easton, Taunton

Roberts, David, Ruabon, Denbigh, Innkeeper. Dec 6 at 2 at the Green, George, Overbury, Worcester, Farmer. Dec 13 at 12 at offices Wynnestay Arms Hotel, Ruabon. Hignet, Shrewsbury of New & Co, Evesham

Roberts, John, Waterloo rd, Lambeth, General Ironmonger. Dec 3 Greenhow, Joseph, Maryport, Cumberland, Joiner. Dec 7 at 11 at at 3 at Southampton buildings, Holborn. Cooper, Chancery lane offices of Collin, Kirby st, Maryport

Rotherham, Thomas, Nortoft, Northampton, Farmer. Dec 9 at 12 Haslam, James Nathaniel, Manchester, Veterinary Surgeon. Dec 6 at offices of Macquire and Terry, St Giles st, Northampton

at 3 at Grosvenor Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester. Hill, Man. Lerke, Long Buckby chester

Russell, Robert, Liverpool, Confectioner. Dec 7 at 2.30 at offices of Hemmings, William, Standlake, Oxford, Baker. Dec 7 at 2 at offices

Brabner and Court, Cook st, Liverpool of Kilby and Mace, West st, Chipping Norton

Ryall, William, Rezare, Cornwall, Farmer. Dec 11 at 2 at White Heyworth, Edward, Bradford, York, Stuff Merchant. Dec 6 at 3 at

Hart Hotel, Launceston. Luxton and Johnstone, Tavistock offices of Gordon, Bank st, Bradford

Sanders, John, and Thomas Sanders, May grove rd, Builders. Dec Hibberd, Edwin Henry, Kingsomborne, Hants, Baker. Dec 3 at 2.30

9 at 1 at Ridler's Hotel, Holborn, Goatly, Westminster bg rd at White Horse Hotel, Romsey. Bailey and White, Winchester

Scampton, Thomas, Syston, Leicester, Hosiery Manufacturer. Nov Hinchliff, George, Clifton ter, Clapham, Greengrocer. Dec 13 at 3

25 at 12 at offices of Loseby and Battiscombe, Market pl, Leicester 40. Southampton bldgs, Holborn, Cooper, Chancery lane

Scherzinger, Frank, Colyton, Devon, Watchmaker. Dec 6 at 12 at Holliday, William, Stockton-on-Tees, Beer Retailer. Dec 3 at 3 at

Gandy st chambers, Exeter offices of Tweedy, High st, Stockton-on-Tees

Scott, Joe, Huddersfield, Ropemaker. Nov 25 at 11 at offices of Honer, George, Shrewsbury, Salop, Artificial Manure Merchant.

Milnes and Swift, New st, Huddersfield Dec 6 at 3 at offices of Clarke and Sons, Swan hill, Shrewsbury

Shaw, Daniel, Latymer rd, Notting Hill, Slater. Dec 1 at 2 at Hornsby, Thomas, Weardale, Durham, Grocer. Dec 8 at 12 at Turf

offices of Pannell and Co, Basinghall st. Harrison, Pancras lane, Hotel, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Queen Victoria st

Proud, Bishop Auckland

Silk, Edward William, Ball's Pond rd. Licensed Victualler. Dec 6. Ingleby, John, Burton, Chester, Farmer. Nov 29 at 3 at offices of

at 3 at offices of Boult and Woollan, Newgate st. Furber, Gray's

inn-sq. Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead

Simms, George, Oxford, Bootmaker. Dec 2 at 12 at the Liberal Jackson, Herbert Evelyn, Bishops rd. Victoria pk. Fur Skin

Hall, New Inn, Hall st. Bickerton, Oxford Dresser. Dec 9 at 3 at offices of Munns and Longden, Old Jewry

Simpson, Samuel, Stonham Aspall, Suffolk, Farmer. Dec 3 at 12 ckson, Thomas George, Birmingham, Tobacconist. Dec 3 at 11 at at Pearce's Rooms, Princes st, Ipswich. Hill Ipswich offices of Peet, Colmore row, Birmingham

Smith, Charles, Cropthorne, Þorcester, Farmer. Dec 9 at 12 at Jauch, Charles Albert, Fann st, Baker. Dec 1 at 3.30 at offices of

offices of New and Co, Bridge st, Evesham Eves and Sons, Mark lane. Palmer, Charles sq, Hoxton

Smith, Isaac, St Thomas the Apostle, Devon, Innkeeper. Dec 6 at Jones, Daniel, Llanfairfechan, Carnarvon, Shoemaker. Nov 26 at

11 at offices of Richard Southcott, Post Ottice st, Bedford circus, 11 at offices of Hughes and Pritchard, Bangor

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offices of Martinson, Exchange bldgs, Bowlalley lane, KingstonSt Andrew's st, Cambridge

upon Hull McEune, Robert, and Michael Wright McEune, Gateshead, Durham

Symonds, Erasmus John, Ardwick, Manchester, Milliner. Dec 13 Provision Merchants. Dec 2 at 1 at offices of Hoyle and Co, at 3 at 20, Cross st, Manchester. Lambert Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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and Co, Leadenhall st. Bradley, Mark lane Builders. Dec 9 at 11 at offices of Barrett and Dean, High st, Vernon, George, Newtown, Chester, Butcher. Dec 10 at 3 at offices Slough

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Held on NOVEMBER 18th, 1879.


The Directors have now to present their Report on the operations the end of the financial year was thus raised to £2,759,912 17s. 10d., of the thirty-second financial year of the Society ending June 30th, and together with £65,014 5s. 9d. reserved for the settlement of 1880.

claims outstanding, for the payment of annuities not applied for, During the year 6,205 proposals were made to the Society for and for other purposes specified in the balance-sheet, make up a assuring the sum of £2,319,3 16. Of these proposals 4,717 were total of £2,824,927 3s. 7d., in realized assets, as shown in the second accepted for the assurance of £1,760,326, and policies were issued Schedule appended to this Report. for that amount. The immediate annuities granted during the year The accounts have been duly audited by G. H. Ladbury, Esq., the were for £12,370 4s, 10d.

Public Accountant (a Shareholder of the Society), on the part of The income received from premiums, after deducting the amount the Shareholders; and by the Notary Public, W. W. Venn, Esq. (a paid for re-assurance, was £16,992 10s. 4d., including #56,961 7s. 70. Policyholder), on behalf of the Policyholders. The whole of the in premiums for the first year of assurance.

securities and documents representing the assets of the Society The balance of the interest account amounted to £116.126 17s. 9d., have been verified, both by the Directors and by the Auditors. which, together with the receipt from premiums, raised the income The amount of funds available for investments during the year of the Society to £563, 119 8s. ld. for the year. The accrued interest has been placed so as to yield an average rate of interest of 40 per which had not been received at the date of closing the accounts, is cent. The dividends and interest received during the year comincluded in the item of Outstanding Interest” among the assets. pared with the amount of funds at the end of the year show an

The claims made upon the Society, and admitted during the year average rate of interest of £4 4s. 1d. per cent. under Life Assurance policies, were for an amount of £216,897 10s., The Direct ors retiring on the present occasion are Messrs. Wm. of which sum £3,000 was re-assured, whilst the claims under policies Trego, A. H. Smee, and R. Crawley, who, being eligible and willing for Endowments that had matured amounted to €106,655 2s. 5d. The to serve again, are recommended by the Board to constitute the list sum of £36,696 6s. 8d. was paid for the surrender of policies

for re-election. After providing for these amounts-for the annuities falling due Mr. Ladbury and Mr. Venn retire as Auditors, but, being eligible within the year-for all necessary office expenses, and other they are candidates for election, the former on behalf of the Share charges on the income of the year, there remained a balance of | holders, and the latter on behalf of the Policyholders. £175,330 138. 7d., on the receipts of the year, which augments the The Directors offer their congratulations on the continued prose fund available for the existing policies of the Society. This fund at ! perity of the Society.


2,759,912 17 10







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ON THE 30TH JUNE, 1880. Amount of funds at the beginning of the year .........£2,593,528 4 3 |

LIABILITIES. Premiums-First year £56,961 7 7

Shareholders' Capital paid up ......... £21,712 0 0 Renewals ............ 393,995 0 2

Assurance Fund.

3 - £450,956 79

............... 2,321,707 19 Annuity Fund

.. 411,905 3 6 Less Re-Assurance Premiums ......... 3,963 17 5

Deferred Annuity in Italian Rentes 446,992 10 4 Fund ......

4,587 15 1 Consideration for Annuities granted ........................ 121,278 2 0

Total Funds as per first Schedule Interest and Dividends .... 116, 126 17 9 | Claims admitted but not paid

62,402 7 10 Other Accounts, viz. :

Less Re-Assured

nil, Loan charges and Assignment fees... 10 3 2

62,402 7 10 Profit on Securities realized .... 25,953 17 0

Annuities outstanding

1,871 116 Exchanges

410 1 6

Shares, dividends, and bonus not applied for ......... 740 6 € 26,404 1 8 Other accounts ...... £3,294,383 16 0

£2,824,927 31 Claims under Policies :

ASSETS. Deaths ... £216,897 100

Mortgages on Property within the United Kingdom £183,211 154 Endowments ............ 106,655 2 5

Mortgages on Property out of the United Kingdom...

nil. -- £323,552 12 5

Loans to Corporations and other minor public bodies 160,852 141 Less Re-Assured

3,000 0 0
Loans on the Company's policies ........

193,965 5 £320,552 12 5 Investments :Surrenders 36,696 6 81 In British Government Securities ...

148,599 11 1 Annuities .....

43,456 4 6
Foreign Government Securities

464,613 6 Commission..................

42,157 15 Railway Debentures and Debenture Stocks ... 835,570 19 Expenses of Management:

Railway Shares (preferred and guaranteed) ... 45,404 15 For the Acquisition of New Business :

House Property...

455,473 10 Inspectors, Agency, and Travel.

Loans upon Personal Security...................

39,909 6 ling Expenses ........ £17,617 2 3 Credit Premiums .......

36,362 8 Advertising .........

6,322 9 11

Advances on Reversionary Interests and on Deposit
Medical Fees ...

3,522 13 10
of Securities

33,697 10 Furniture and Fittings

8,574 4 27,462 60 Stamps and Stationery

1,500 0 General Expenses....

40,651 10 1
Agents' Balances .....

67,142 17 Fiscal Expenses :

Outstanding Premiums

84,685 9 Stamps and Income Tax (English

Outstanding Interest and Rent

33,812 4 and Foreign)

4,747 128
Cash in hand and on Current Account........

31,1612 72,861 8 9 Dividends and Bonus to Shareholders .........

18,245 120 Bonus in Cash to Policy Holders............

£2,824,927 3 501 12 5 Amount of Funds at the end of the year, as per second Schedule

. 2,759,912 17 10

(Signed) W. H. THORNTHWAITE, Chairman. £3,294,383 16 0

R. CRAWLEY, Director.

W. TREGO, Director. (Signed) W. H. THORNTHWAITE, Chairman,

F. A. CURTIS, Actuary and Secretary. R. CRAWLEY, Director,

We have verified, at the Bank of England, the inscription of t W. TREGO, Director.

Government Funds in the name of THE GRESHAM LIFE ASSURAN F. A. CURTIS, Actuary and Secretary. SOCIETY, and have examined the books, documents, and securit We have examined the above Statement with the Books of representing the property contained in this Balance Sheet, and here Account, and hereby certify the same to be correct.

certify the correctness of the same. (Signed) G. H. LADBURY, Awit

(Signed) G. H. LADBURY. WILLIAM W. VENN. | Auditors. Dated November 4th, 1880.

WILLIAM W. VENN. Auditors Dated November 4th, 1880.

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