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•was chiefly by hi* long career of nearly a quarter of a century as a judge that ha had acquired the respect and admiration ef his fellow-men, and it is by that that he will, I believe, be remembered to the remotest posterity. He was a man of great natural ability and of vast and varied acquirements. He possessed a grace of manner and a refinement of diction equalled by few, and he used his great intellectual gifts and the ripe fruits of his experience for the public service and ■the furtherance of justice. We cannot forget that he seemed unaffected by the weight of advancing years. With unimpaired, Ot apparently unimpaired, physical powers and with undimmed intellect, he performed to the last day of his life with efficiency the duties of his high office. In lamenting ■his decease, as we all must, we cannot but feel that ia losing turn we have lost, not only an upright and able magistrate, but one of the brightest ornaments that ever adorned the Inslish judicial bench.

Is the Queen's B?nch Division, Mr. Justice Field said : It is villi the deepest regret that I have to announce the sad Ion vhich this Division, the bar, and indeed, England at large, has sustained, in the death of our lamented late Lord Chief Justice. I know the severe less which, not only the publio at large, but every individual who has «ver known and experienced the kindness of heart and also admired the extraordinary talents and energy of Out late Lord Chief .rustic, has sustained in his death. Mr. Powell, Q.C., said: My lord, I am requested by the members of the bar present to express their own feelings and, I am sure, the feelings of the bar of England, npon the great loss we have all sustained, and to which your lord••hip has so feelingly alluded. My lord, even at this painful moment, it is some oonsolation to us to know that with the late Lord Chief Justioe of England the long line of illustrious jndgea who have filled that high office has olosed in fitting splendour, and whatever may be the designation «f the fa tare chief of this court, we presnme to hope that he will bring to the benoh, as the late Lord Chief Justice did, all the qualities—the great qualities—necessary to dignify, and all the accomplishments qualified to adorn, it.


The following letter was addressed by the Lord Chanoellor to the late Lord Chief Justice Cockburn : —

"30, Portland-place, Oct., 1880.

"My dear Lord Chief Justice,—I hope you will agree -with, me in thinking that the question of retaining or consolidating the three ' Common Law' Divisions fas 1 may, for convenience, call them) of the High Conrt of Justice ought to be considered by the proper authority before any appointment is made to supply the vacancy created by the death of the late Lord Chief Baron. A fusion of the offices of these cores divisions has already, to a very great extent, taken plaes|in the Central Office. Under order 36, rule 16, the lists of actions for trial at the sittings in London and Middlesex out be prepared and the actions allotted for trial without referenoe to the divisioo to which each action is attached. The business of the three divisions may be described as fenerally homogeneous; and every judge now may, and does, sit interchangeably in each division. The puisne judges ia the Exchequer Division appointed since the Judicature Act came into operation are no longer called Barons. On the whole, it is difficult to perceive what object necessary or useful for the administration of justice is any longer facilitated by the continuance of the three divisions. I cannot but think that if they were consolidated into one, under the {■residency of the Lord Chief Justice of England, there would be a better economy and more equal distribution of JodicUl power, and greater elasticity as well as regularity in ail the arrangements for tbe transaction of business.

"By the Judicature Act of 1873, s. 32, the Queen may, by Order in Council, npon a report or recommendation of a council of jodges of the Supreme Court, reduce the comber of divisions of the High Court, and give any teceteary consequent directions for that purpose; and may also provide for tbe abolition, on vacancy, of the distinction of the offices and salaries, 4c, of (inter alios) the Chief Justioe of the Common Fleas and the Chief Baron of the Exchequer from the offices, &c, of the puisne

jadges. It has ocenrrod to me that advantage might be taken of the present vacancy in the offioe of Chief Baron for the following purposes:—(1) To reduce the number of the divisions of the High Conrt of Justice by uniting in a Bingle division (whioh might, I think, bear the name of the Queen's Bench Division) the three divisions now called respectively the Queen's Bench Division, the Common Pleas Division, and the Exchequer Division; (2) to abolish the titular and other distinctions between the offioe, now vacant, of Lord Chief Baron and that of a puisne judge, so that the present vacancy shall be supplied by the appointment of an additional puisne judge only ; and (3) to provide for the abolition, in like manner, upon the next vacancy, of tbe distinctions between the offioe of Chief Justice of the Common Pleas and that of a puisne judge. The new consolidated division wonld, of course, be nnder the presidency of the Lord Chief Justioe of England, and would be capable, under his authority, of full and complete unity of administration.

"As these changes, if they should appear to ba desirable, can only be made under the present law upon the request or recommendation of a council of all the jadges of the Supreme Court (whioh oounoil ought, under section 75 of the Aot of 1873, to assemble once at least in every year, on a day to be fixed by the Chancellor, with the concurrence of the Lord Chief Jnstice of England), I should be glad, with your ooncurrenoe, to appoint an early day in November, on whioh the judges may be requested to meet for the purpose of holding suoh a oounoil, and I should feel obliged if you would be so good as to suggest any day on whioh it may appear to you that snoh a meeting may oonveniently be held. No ohange which may be reoommended oan coma into operation till thirty days after the commencement of the next session of Parliament. So far as the assize business is oonoerned, any inconvenience from the continuanoe until that time of a vacancy upon the benoh may be obviated by the appointment of a special commissioner. So far as the business of the Court of Appeal is conoerned, I propose myself to sit in that oourt from the commencement of Michaelmas Term till the meeting of Parliament iu February, except on suoh days as may be oconpied by any appeals which ought at once to be heard in the House of Lords. At present I do not think there will be more than one snch appeal. For the permanent aid of a judge of first instance in the Court of Appeal, in the place of the Lord Chief Baron, as an ex officio member of that oourt, the power given by 38 & 39 Vict. o. 77, s. 4 (the oontinuance of whioh appears to be reoognized by 39 & 40 Vict. c. 59, s. 19), may probably be sufficient.

"I have sent a copy of this letter to Lord Coleridge and to the Master of the Bolls, on account of tbe manner in whioh the offioe held by Lord Coleridge might be affeoted by suoh changes as those suggested, and because the Master of the Bolls holds a position in the Chancery Division resembling that which the present Chief Justice of the Common Fleas would hold during his continuance in office in the division which would be formed, under your lordship as its head, by the union of the present Queen's Bench, Common Fleas, and Exchequer Divisions. To the rest of the judges I should also propose, with your approval, to make a similar communication when I am in a position to appoint a day for the meeting of the oounoil of judges.

"Believe me ever, dear Lord Chief Justioe, yours faithfully, "Selboene. "The Bight Hon. the Lord Chief Justioe of England."

A M'Mahon law studentship at St. John's College, Cambridge, value £150 per annum, and tenable for four years, has been awarded to Eldred John Brook Smith, B.A., scholar of the college.

In a rating appeal before the Queen's Bench Division on the 20th inst., the original order had not been sent by the Clerk of the Peace to the Crown Office, and Mr. Justice Field said it ought to be clearly understood that though now the writ of certiorari was not the only mode which the Legislature had provided for bringing up a cade into this court, it was still necessary that the same steps should be followed as in cases of certiorari to the extent that the original orders, and not certified copies of them, should ba sent up by the Clerk of the Peace to the Crown Office.


Mr. Henrv Bibks, solicitor (of the firm of Stamp, Jackson, & Birks), of Hal), has been appointed UnderSheriff of the Town and Connty of the Town of Kirjgstonnpon Hull, for the ensuing year. Mr. Birka was admitted a solioitor in 1862.

Mr. Frank Broome (of the firm of Cheater, Mayhew, Broome, & Griffiths), has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths, ami a Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Married Women, within the connty of Middlesex, the city and liberty of "Westminster, and the oity of London.

Mr. Guisbppe Carbone, LL.D., has beea appointed Crown Advocate for Malta, in succession to Sir Adrian Dingle, who has been appointed Chief Jnstice of the island.

Mr. Joseph Fbtkt Alexander Cotohing, solicitor, of Horsham, has been appointed Registrar of the Horsham ConDty Court (Circuit No. 50), in succession to Mr. Pilford Medwin, deceased. Mr. Cotohing was admitted a solioitor in 1873.

Sir Adrian Dingle, K.C.M.G., LL.D., has been appointed Chief Jnstice and President of the Court of Appeal for the Island of Malta. Sir A. Dingle was boru in 1817. He haa been Crown Advocate for Malta sinoe 1854, and he was created a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in 1860.

Mr. John Douglas Johnstone, solioitor, of Tavistock has been appointed Clerk to the Tavistock Board of Guardian?, Assessment Committee, and Bural Sanitary Authority, and Superintendent-Registrar for the district, in succession to his partner, the late Mr. Kobert Luxton. Mr. Johnstone was admitted a solioitor in 1872, and is clerk to the Lydlord School Board.


Joint Stock Companies.

Limited Ix Ciiah-ceey.

Anglo-french Bbeweby Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up presented Nov 9 directed to be heard beforo the M.R. on Nov 27. Jay lor and Jacquet, South st, Finsbury sq, solicitors for the petitioner

East Cannock: Colliebt Company, Limited.—By order made by the M.R., dated Nov 8, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Duignan and Smiles, Bedford row, agents for Duignau and Co, Walsall, solicitors for the petitioner

Flagstaff Silver Mining Company Of Utah, Limited.—By an order made by the M.R., dated Nov 8, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Snell and Greenip, George Bt, Mansion House, solicitors for the petitioner

Gbeening And Fardon, Limited.—By an order made bv the M.R. dated Nov 8, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up be continued. Robinson and Co, Lincoln's inn Holds, agents for Rowlands and Co, Birmingham, solicitors for tho petitioner

Huddersfield Quarrying Company, Limited.—By an order made by the M.R., dated Nov 8, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Peace and Co. Grocers' Hall ct, agents for Learoyd and Co, Huddersflold, solicitors for the petitioner

Inoxidation And Platinum Coating Of Metals ComtAny, Limited. —The creditors are required on or beforo Dec 20 to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Trayton Pagden Child, Poultry. Monday Jan 10 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

London And Socthwabk Insurance Corporation, Limited.—Tho crcdirors are required, on or beforo Dec 31, to send their full names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Henry Aste, Charles Kemp Dj-er, and Georgo Reckitt, 7-1, King William Bt. Tilleard and Co, Old Jewry, solicitors for the liquidators

Oldbury Brick Company, Limited.—By an order made by the M.R., dated Nov 8, it was ordered that tho voluntary winding up of the above company bo continued. Robinson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Rowlands and Co, Birmingham, solicitors for the petitioner

Onllwyn And DrLAis Collieries Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Nov 17, directed to be heard before the M.R , on Nov 27. Warrtner, Gt Winchester st, agents for Lloyd, Newport, solicitors for the petitioners

[Gazette,.KoY 19.]

Aston Lower Grounds Company, Limited.—Petition for windingup, presented Nov 18, directed to bo heard before V.C. Hall, on Dec 3. Taylor and Co, Gt James st, Bedford rd, agents for Heath and Blenkinsop, Warwick, solicitors for the petitioners

City Of St. Petersburg New Waterworks Company, Limited.— V.C. Hall has, by an order dated Nov 5, appointed Richard Seymour Guinness, St Clement's lane, and William Thomas Western, Charing cross, to be official liquidators

Heather Colliery Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Nov 20, directed to be heard before V.C. Malins, on Dec 3. Duignan and Smiles, Bedford row, agents for Duignan and Co, Walsall, solicitors for the petitioner

Osborne, Higginu, And Company, Limited.—By an order made by V.C. Bacon, dated Nov 13, it was ordered that the abovo company be wound up. Clarke and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Tweedale and Co, Oldham, solicitors for the petitioners

Steam Tramways Company Of Ireland, Limited.—By an order made by the M.R., dated Nov 13, it was ordered that the above company be wound up. Wilson, Cornhill, solicitor for the petitioner

Sun Electric Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Nov'SO, directed to bo heard before V.C. Malins, on Nov 3. Clarko and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Orford and Milne,. Manchester, solicitors for tho petitioners

William Levktt And Company, Limited.—Petition for windings up, presented Nov 10, directed to be hoard before V.C. Hall, cm Dec 3. Denton and Co, Gray's inn square, solicitors for the petitioner

[Gazette, Nov. 23.]

Unlimited In Chancery. Great Britain Fire Insurance Company,.—By nn order made by the M.R., dated Nov 8, it was ordered that the voluntary windingup of the company l>e continued. Ashurst and Co, Old Jewry, solicitors for the petitioners

[Gazette, Nor. 19.]

London And Eabtebn Banking Corporation.—By direction of V.C. Bacon, notice is given that the V.C. purposes on Feb 7 at 2 to make a call on all the contributories of tho company for £100 par share

Proprietors Of The Kingston-upon-hull And Sculcoates Public Rooms.—Creditors aro required, on or before Dec 29, tosend their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debtsor claims, to William Burkingshaw, Parliament st, Hull. Jan 20* at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon tho debtsand claims

[Gazette, Nov. 23.J

Friendly Societies Dissolved. Old Spread Eagle Friendly Society, Britannia Inn, New st*. Coventry, Nov 15

[Gazette, Nov. 19.]


A Meeting of gentlemen of the legal profession practising ior and near Liverpool was held on Friday in the Law Association Rooms, for the purpose of considering the advisability of establishing, in connection with the proposed University College of that city, a lectureship for the study of jurisprudence and law. The recorder, Mr. J. B. Aspinall, Q.C., occupied the chair, and there was a good attendance of lawyers.

The Recorder, in opening the proceeding, said that the requisition to him to convene the meeting was signed by 134 members cf both branches of the legal profession; and, he need hardly say, he felt proud upon its being presented to him. He proposed, before anything else was done, to read, to them the written answers of some few of the gentlemen, chitfiy of the Northern Circuit, in reply to Mr. Biteson's notice of the meeting. Mr. P. Myburgh wrote enolosing £20; Mr. Collier (Liverpool), £10. Lord Justice Jameswrote wishing all suocess to the proposed institution, and expressing bis desire to become a subscriber to it, at the same time enclosing a small contribution (which was not named) towards the object. Mr. Gully wrote, enclosing £50 ; Mr. G. Little, £50 ; Mr. "W. F. Robinson, £100; and the Solicitor-General (Sir F. Herschell), £20. The lastnamed wrote:—"I need hardly say that my long connection with Liverpool leads me to take a large interest in inch a project, and, as a lawyer, I should feel that the scheme is incomplete unless the systematic teaching of law and jurisprudence were efficientlyprovided for." After some observations tbe recorderconcluded by moving tbe following resolution :—" Tnat thi» meeting of the members of tbe legal profession residing or practising in or near to Liverpool observes with great satisfaction that a University College is about to be established in Liverpool, in which it is intended to fonnd a lectureship of jurisprudence and law; and desire to express its Bympathy with the scheme, and pledges itself to raise ts_ fond in fartberanoe of the several objeots of the proposed college."

Mr. Sqcarey seconded the resolntion, and Baid it gave him great pleasure to do so as president of the Incorporated Law Society. There was one point upon whioh he thought the recorder had not tonohed—namely, the immense benefit that a commercial community like that of Liverpool was likely to derive from having settled amongst them a large body of accomplished scholars and scientific men. He thought that that alone ought to commend the undertaking to all the inhabitants of Liverpool. The solicitors of the town were a large and important lection of the community, and he ventured very earnestly to ask them to come forward in the matter in a liberal and cheerful spirit, and do as much as they could in forwarding the undertaking. He was sure that the appeal would not be made in vain, and that when the time came for !■ «»Wing the contributions from the legal profession to the treasurer of the fond, it would be found that the members were not behindhand in doing their part in the furtherance of such a noble object. [The speech of the president was londly applauded ]

Mr. James (barrister) support the resolution. He said he did so with great pleasure, as he thought the foundation of a chair would be an immense advantage to both branches of the profession.

Mr. Batksos' proposed the appointment of a committee of barristers and solicitors, with power to add to their number, for the purpose of collecting subscriptions for the object in view, fie remarked that there were no doubt, in the legal profession, an immense number of men who would be delighted that their sons should have the benefit of a university education at their own doors.

Mr. Neville (barrister) seconded the resolution, and expressed hearty approval of the movement. He said that the law students of Liverpool had done a great deal by the ewtablishing of lectureships, and they had done their beat to get good lecturers; but if the university were in existence, the great difficulties with which they had to struggle would be removed. The rrsolution wss carried unanimously. Mr. Ratsir (town clerk) proposed that Mr. Bateson should be appointed hon. treasurer and Mr. Morton hon. secretary.

Mr. M'cohseil (barrister) seconded the resolution, and said he concurred most heartily in the objects of the meeting. He was of opinion that it deserved the very best support of all the numbers of the profession.

The resolution was carried unanimously.

Mr. Rattles proposed a vote of thanks to the record er for prtaiJini.', and said that that gentleman had authorized his name to be put down for thirty guineas.

Mr. Iusyet seconded the resolution, which was carried amidst loud applause; and, the recorder having acknowledged the compliment, the meeting terminated.



The weekly meeting of this society was held at the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. J. K. Wright in the chair. The question appointed for the evening debate was the following.—" Is it desirable to establish a system of peasant proprietorship in Ireland by ■ran of Government loans to the oconpierB, or otherwise ?" and was opened in the negative by Mr. Corrie B. Grant. Mr. Lloyd Jones followed in the negative. Messrs. T. W. Williams, Neale, Moore, Pilney, and Nioholts upheld the affirmative, and Messrs. A. £. Ward and Adams the negative. On the question being put to the meeting it was decided in the negative by a majority of one vote.


Mr. Henry England Barren, of 44, Lyndhurst-road, Peckbam, the secretary of the Legal Correspondence Department, writes to us: "I beg you will allow me to call the attention of law student.-, tbrongh the medium of your journal, to the above means of legal education. The object of the department is the discussion of legul questions of

interest, through the medium of an organized system of correspondence. The department is divided into sections. Each question is issued to each section on a large sheet of paper on which is a list of the members in the section. The first member on the list, on receiving the form from the secretary, writes his opinion on it and forwards it to the next member, and so on, till it reaches the last on the list, who returns it to the secretary. He sends it round a second time, so that every member has the opportunity of seeing the opinions of others, of commenting upon them, and of amending or defending his own opinion. It is not obligatory on members to write opinions, though it ia very desirable that all should do so. The advantages of the department are obvious. Firstly, the attention of members is called to questions of doubt or interest; secondly, members acquire the useful habit of expressing themselves clearly and forcibly on legal points. This habit proves of service in the answering of examination questions, as the finals of this and previous years disclose ; thirdly, which is,. perhaps, the chief advantage, law students, in all parts of the country and in London, are brought into friendly intercourse, and become cognizant of one another's reasoning powers and acquaintance with the law. I shall be happy to give any further information to law students, and to forward them specimen papers."

A meeting of this society was held on Wednesday, the 24th inst., at Clement's-inn, Mr. Acland in the cbair. The motion on the paper, "That it is desirable that lagislative measures should be passed for facilitating the acquisition of land in Ireland by the peasant occupiers," was broueht forward by Mr. Owen, who was supported by Messrs. Napier, Spokes, Morice, Clarkson, Harvey, Dowson, and MacLaren, and opposed by Messrs. Jackson, Foy, Derry, Synott, and Edlin, and upon a division the motion was carried by a majority of six votes.


The second meeting of the above society for the present term was held on Thursday, November 18, in the hall of Gray's-inn, under the presidency of Albert Venn Dicey, Beq., before Beveral of the masters of the bench. The question for argument was as follows :—" D., a Pcrtngnese subject, domiciled in Portugal, married in England (in accordance with the rites of the Church of England) M., a Portuguese lady, a subject of Portugal, but domiciled in England. D. and M. are first cousins, and by the law of Portugal first cousins are (except by dispensation from the Pope) incapable of contracting marriage with each other. D. and M. did not at the time of their marriage either apply for or obtain a Papal dispensation. D. has now returned to and is resident in Portugal, where he is domiciled. M. has never left England and continues to reside there. M. has petitioned the Probate Division of the High Court to deolare her marriage with D. on the above state of facts null and void. D. has entered an appearance but has not filed an answer. The case against the petitioner ia argued by oounsel instructed by the Queen's Proctor on behalf of the Crown. The Probate Division of the High Court has delivered judgment dismissing the petition.. The Court of Appeal has reversed the judgment of the Probate Division. The case is now to be argued as on appeal from the judgment of the Court cf Appeal before the Honse of Lords." The appellant was represented by Mr. E. H. Lawrence, barrister, of Linooln'sinn, and Mr. F. B. de M. Gibbons, student, of Gray's-inn Mr. S. H. Leonard, barrister, of Lincoln's-inn, and Mr. E. Robinson, student, of Gray's-inn, appearing for the respondent. The learned president in his judgment reversed the judgment of the Court of Appeal, and affirmed the original decision of the Probate Division. The next meeting of the society will be held in January.

It was stated at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday that the President of the Board of Trade was considering the whole question of the Railway Commissioners with a view to legislation on the subject, and that the question would occupy the attention of the Legislature during the coming session.



LAST DAY OF PROOF. Blytw, Richard, Solihull Lodge, Warwick. Dec 7. Matthews v

Leadbeater, M.R. Mitchell, Birmingham Brooke, Thomas Turner, Huddersfleld. Brickmaker. Jan 1.

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[Gazette, Nov. 16.]



Astlby, Joseph, Dobroyd, Todmorden, Gardener. Dec 20. Nutsey, Shrewsbury

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Garnett, James, Ramsbottom, Lancaster, Contractor. Doc 15. Grondy and Co, Bury

Hargitt, Charles, Liverpool, Gent. Nov 30. Lynch and Teebay, Liverpool

Johnston, Susanna, Ryde, Isle of Wight. Dec 30. Vincent, Ryde Joel, Asher, Plymouth, Jeweller. Dec 30, Pearse, Plymouth Leese, John William, Guildford, Surrey, Esq. Deo 24. Stilwell, Dover

Lindsay, Mabgabbt, Cloudesley st, Islington. Dec 31. Markby and Co, Coleman st

Mitchell, William Woods, Arundel, Sussex, Newspaper Proprietor. Jan 1. Arnold and Cooper, Chichester

Onwhyn, Geobge, Russell st, Coveut Garden, Wine Merchant* Dec 24. Tucker and Lake, Serlo st, Lincoln's inn

Petbbs, Thomas, Mintern st, Holton, Gent Dec 18. Parkes, Queen Victoria st

Sandbman, George Baxteb, Market bldngs, Mincing lane, Colonial Broker. Dec 7. Trinders and Curtis-Hayward, Bishopsgate &t Within

Sheldrake, John, Dedham, Essex, Builder. Dec 30. Goody and

Son, Colchester

Smallpagb, Isaiah, Burnley, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner. Jan 1.

Artindale and Artindale, Burnley Smith, Georgb, Hartley Wintney, Southampton Gent. Dec 15.

Bay ley, Basingstoke Sutton, Louisa, Erskine st. Leicester. Dec 27. Harris, Leicester. Tayloe, Hknby, Hadlow, Kent, Wheelwright. Jan 1. Stenning,


Wacd, William, Bradford, York, Gent. Jan 1. Watson anil

Dickons, Bradford Whitehead, Nathan, Kendal, Westmoreland, Gent. Jan 4.

Thomson and Wilson, Kendal Williams, Anne Maria, Paddocks, Worplesdon, Surrey. Dec 31.

Davis, Usk

IGazette, Nov. 16.J

Abchbald, James Bcbt, Kingston-npon-Hull, M.D. Dec 31. Todd, Hull

Badbage, Susanna, Stoko, Devonport. Dec 31. Gard, Devonport Barling, Rev Charles Harris Alurkd, Brooke, Norfolk. Jan 10.

Whitos and Co, Wymondham, Norfolk Bass, William, Duffield, Derby, Esq. Jan 1, Jennings and Co,


Bingley, George, Weston-super-Mare, Esq. March 31. Pattison and Co, Queen Victoria st

Bower, Rev James Henry, East Sheen, Surrey. Jan 1. Crowder and Co, Lincoln's-inn-flclds

Boyer. Rev John, Milverton. Warwick. Dec 31. Redpath and Holdsworth, Bush lane

Bradley, Patrick, Liverpool, Stevedore. Dec 20. Quinn, Liverpool

Brook, Wtlliam Thomas, Stoke Damcrcl, Devon, Painter. Doc 31.

Whitef ord and Bennett, Plymouth Browne. Geobge, Inner Temple, Barrister-at-law, Q.C. Dec 31*

Pyke and Parrott, Lincoln's-inn-fields Carter, Challis, Little Totham Hall, Essex, Farmer. Dec 20.

Digby and Evans, Maldon Chadburn, Walter, Southwell, Nottingham, Draper. Jan I.

Kirkland, Southwell Chinnery, Alfred, Otten Belchamp, Essex, Farmer. Dec 31.

Andrewes and Co, Sudbury Clive, George. Perrystone, Hereford, Esq. Dec 20. Ingram and.

Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields Cortney, Elizabeth, Whitefleld lane, Liverpool. Nov 30. Oliver

and Co. Liverpool Crept, Isabella, Hill park crescent, Plymouth. Deo 31. GarO.


Dunii, Rebexah Fbitchabd, Newport, Monmouth. Jan 1.

Gwynn and Co, Bristol Dawsost, Joseph, Bedford, nr Newmarket. Trainer of Race-horses.

Bee 30. Ingram and Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields Dis-jt, Aithtb Eowij, Leeds, Oil Merchant. Dec 31. Eider,

Docwba, William, Hastings, Hosier. Dec 25. Davenport and Co, Hastings

East, Jaxbs, Hibaldstowe, Lincoln, Retired Farmer. Dec 31.

Howleu anil Son, Kirton-in-Lindsey FiLBisG, Joseph Bejthet, Chapeltown, nr Sheffield, Farmer. Deo

3D. Smith and Co, Sheffield Falkitfi, Aleiaxdhb, Roscville, Halion, nr Leeds, Gent. Dec 31.

Rider, Leeds

Grasos, lUn, Alverstoke, Southampton. Dec 31. Wilkinson and

Drew, Bennandsey at BiuriiD, Robert, Whitworth, Rochdale, Farmer. Doc 13.

Roberta, Bcchdale Hatoe;, Eliza, Burnham, Eessex. Jan 1. Johnson, Lincoln's-inn


HnronssB, Bobbbt, South Shields, Gent. Dec 1, Blair, South


Holcokbe, Fbatcis, Aberystwith, Cardigan, a Brevet-Major in the

BojBi Artillery. Dec 31. Holcombe, High Holborn Howlao, WuLiiif, Runcorn, Chester, Draper. Dec 21. Davies

and Co, Warrington Iatcoce. Jobs, Rochdale, Lancaster, Farmer. Dec 13- Roberts,


Livt, Cecilia, Mildmay grove, Dec 18. Bentwitch, Moorgate 8t iLiLinr, Mast, Ashfield, Winshill, nr Burton-on-Trent. Jan 1.

Jenninsrs and Co, Burton-on-Trent II>w, Matthew, Manton, Lincoln, Esq. Dec 31. Howlett and Son,

Kirton-in-Lindsey 31n>DLSTov, Nathaniel SOMERSET, Macclesfield, Chester, Slate

Merchant. Dec 31. Barclay and Henstock, Macclesfield Piacocx, Fbajtcks Elizabeth, Highbury New Park, Tobacco

Manufacturer. Dec 18. Smith and Son, Furnival's inn Pestoh, Mabgabxt Elizabeth, Park pi, Southampton. Deo 20.

Ingram and Co, Lincoln's-inn-fields Polticx, Sophia, Vrotham, Kent. Deo 31. Booty and Bayliffe,

Raymond's bldngs, Gray's inn Bawltssos, Gboesb Romhet, Graythwaite, Lancaster, Retired

Lieut.-Col. of H.M.'s Dragoon Guards. Jan 1. Johnson, Lincoln's


Rrx, Josy, wnhy, Norfolk, Farmer. Jan 17. Bignold, Norwich Sbith, Ber William, Weymouth, Dorset. Dec 16. Faterson and

Co. Lincoln's-inn-fields Swift, Sabah, Pemberton, Lancaster, Common Brewer. Jan 1.

He&ld, Wigan

Tillt, Jakes Tuckee, Flax Bourton, Somerset, Stock and Share

Broker, Dec 11. Benson and Carpenter, Bristol Teeloae, Thokas, Macaulay rd, Clapham, Esq. Dec 24, Burrows

and Barnes, Sackville st White. Richabd Thomas, Mollington, Oxford, Farmer. Dec 18.

Kflby and Mace, Banbury WrL&ojr, Agxes, Morland, Westmoreland. Dec 17. Little and

Lamonby, Penrith Weight, Jons, Dringhouses, York, Brickmaker. Jen 1. Holtby,


Tor»G, William, Otley, York. Yeoman. Dec 3. Siddall, Otley

IGatette, Nov. 19.1


At the Central Criminal Court, on Tuesday, Janus George Tedder, described as a solicitor, pleaded guilty to indictments charging him with stealing £900, the money of Messrs. Richard Shaw, Bond, & Co., Fetter-lane, also to stealing cheques. He was sentenced to eighteen months' hnrd labour.

The Daily News nnderstands that the old proposal for amalgamating the departments of Customs and Inland Revenue Lvas again been revived, and that a committee, of which Lord Frederick Cavendish and Mr. John Holms are active member?, is at present engaged in making the necessary inquiries as to the practicability of carrying out at an early date this long-projected scheme of administrative reform.

The Pacific Coatt Law Journal says that a rising young attorney recently filed a petition for divorce for a temale client, and for cause therefor recited a number of acts of cruelty on the part of defendant, closing his declaration as follows: "That each and all of said acta were indulged in by defendant for the purpose of injuring and destroying her peace of mind, and her health and life, and that the same hai done so."

It is stated that a solicitor in Limerick has been warned by a member of the Land League not to take part in proceedings against tenants on pain of being " Boycotted." He justified his professional action on the ground that if the local solicitors did not undertake such duties the business would be transferred to Dublin solicitors, who would not ■pare the tenants; bat the plea was not considered satisfactory, and the warning wa? repeated.

. Hunter & Do woes write to the Times: "We can

frilly bear out what Mr. Greening has Btated with reference to the utter want of system in the custody of affidavits used at chambers. In a case in which we were recently eoncerned the drawing up of an order of considerable importance to onr client was delayed for nearly a fortnight in consequence of the loss of an affidavit which had been filed in support of an application at chambers, and marked as read by the master in the indorsement upon the summons. After waiting two or three days while a fruitless search was instituted, we were ultimately compelled to carry in a further speoial affidavit Btating the facts, which, of course, entailed extra expense. Onr common law clerk informs us that he has frequently wasted hours in seaching for affidavits which have been filed, but whioh for some days afterwards remained in a miscellaneous bundle in the affidavit room at the Royal Courts of Justice."

A proposed etatnte of Oxford University relating to the Yinerian Professorship of English Law was promulgated on the 23rd inst. by the Hebdomadal Counoil. It provides that the professor Bhall be elected by an electoral board consisting of the Chancellor of the University, tbe Lord Chief Justice of England, the Regius Professor of Civil Law, the Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence, and a person nominated on each occasion by All Souls' College. He is to receive the annual proceeds of the trust estate of Mr: Viner's foundation remaining after payment of tbe statutory emoluments of the scholars of that foundation, and he is also to be entitled to the emoluments appropriated tothe professorship out of the revenues of All Souls' College. As long as his total income from those souroes does not amount to £700, it is t be augmented to that Bum by an, annual payment from the university chest.

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