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• subject to the same conditions as is thereby enacted con- be sufficient henceforth that the Lord Chief Justice of

cerning the officers in the Courts of Chancery, Bankruptcy, England shall concur therein. and Admiralty : Provided always, that any order to be made 27. Commissioners for acknowledgments by married by the Treasury as to any officers not heretofore included women.] And whereas under the Act of the third and fourth within that section of the said Act shall be made with the years of King William the Fourth, chapter seventy-four, the · concurrence of the Lord Chancellor, and also in the case of Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas was em. officers who are appointed by any other persons or person powered to appoint such proper persons as he should think than the Lord Chancellor either solely or jointly with the fit to be perpetual commissioners for taking the acknow. Lord Chancellor, with the concurrence of the persons ledgments by married women of deeds to be executed by or person having such power of appointment: Provided them as in the same Act provided, and such commisioners also, that no order made under this Act which would not were made removable by and at the pleasure of the said Lord have been heretofore authorized by the said section or other Chief Justice ; and by divers subsequent Acts provision was wise by law shall without his consent apply to any officer made for further and other duties to be performed by such holding any office at the time of the commencement of this commissioners : And whereas the present Lord Chief Justice Act.

of England was before and down to the time of his appoint22. Notice of vacancies in offices of Supreme Court.] | ment to that office Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, • Upon the occurrence henceforth of any vacancy in any office and after his appointment to be Lord Chief Justice of England of the Supreme Court of Judicature notice thereof sball be | no other person was appointed to be Lord Chief Justice of

forthwith given to the Lord Chancellor and also to the the Common Pleas, and that office bas since been abolished: *Treasury by the senior continuing or surviving officer of the Be it enacted and declared, that every appointment of any department in which the vacancy shall occur, and no ap person to be a commissioner for taking such acknowledgments pointment shall be made to fill such vacancy within the and performing such other duties as aforesaid, and every order period of cne month next after the date of such notice for the removal of any person from such office of commis. without the assent of the Lord Chancellor, given with the sioner, wbich shall have been made by the present Lord concurrence of the Treasury; and the Lord Chancellor may, Chief Justice of England at any time since his appointif it be necessary, make provision in such manner as he ment to that office, shall be and be deemed to have been thinks fit in the temporary discharge in the meantime of valid aod effectual in the law, to all intents and purposes the duties of sucb office. The word “officer" in this Act whatsoever, in the same manner as if it had been made shall not include the office of any judge of the Supreme by a Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas before the Court of Judicature.

abolition of that office. 23. Appointment of district registrars.] And whereas by

28. Powers to make rules for practice of the Judicature Acts, 1873, 1875, and 1877, and the

county courts. ] And whereas it is expedient tbat the Supreme Court of Judicature (Officers) Act, 1879, no pro

jurisdiction of county courts should be exercised as vision is made as to the manner of appoioting district

far as conveniently may be in a manner similar to that of the Tegistrars of the High Court of Justice : Be it enacted, that

High Court in the like cases, and doubts have arisen as to such district registrars shall be appointed by the Lord

the extent of the powers of making rules and orders for reChancellor, with the concurrence of the Treasury.

gulating the practice of county courts cootained in the Act 24. Appointments to keep order, &c., in Royal Courts of

of the nineteenth and twentieth years of her present Maj-sty, -Justice.] The Lord Chancellor may from time to time, with

chapter one hundred and eight, which doubts it is expedient

to remove : Be it enacted, that the power of making rules the concurrence of the Treasury, make regulations with respect to

and orders for regulating the practice of county courts cog(a.) The appointment, removal, payment, and duties of

tained in section two of the said last-mentioned Act shall be

deemed to extend to all matters of procedure or practice, or persons to keep order in the Royal Courts of Justice, provided that no such regulation shall affect any right

relating to or concerning the effect or operation in law of of appointment enjoyed by any person at the time of

any procedure or practice, in any cases within the cogni. the commencement of this Act, without his consent

zance of county courts, as to which rules of court have been thereto:

or might lawfully be made by or under the provisions of the (b.) The appointment, removal, payment, and duties of

Judicature Acts, 1873 and 1875, and the Appellate Jurisdic.

tion Act, 1876, for cases within the cognizance of her persons charged with the care and cleaning of the

Majesty's High Court of Justice ; and any roles beretofore Royal Courts of Justice :

made under the provisions of the said first-mentioned Act, c.) Any other matters necessary or incidental to the use

in the manner and with the concurrecce thereby required, as or management of the Royal Courts of Justice. Any remuneration payable under this section shall be paid

to any such matters as aforesaid, shall be deemed to band

to have been to all intents and purposes valid and effectual out of money voted by Parliament.

in law. 25. Powers as to solicitors.] The powers by an Act passed in the session of the sixth and seventh years of her present Majesty, intituled “ An Act for consolidating and amending several of the Laws relating to Attornies and Solicitors prac LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK. tising in Eogland and Wale," and by section fourteen of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act, 1875, respectively given to and vested in the Lord Chief Justice of the Court of

HOUSE OF LORDS. · Queen's Bench, the Master of the Rolls, the Lord Chief Justice

JULY 7.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. of the Court of Common Pleas, and tbe Lord Chief Baron of the Statute Law Revision and Civil Procedure, Petroleum Court of Exchequer, or any three of them of whom the Master (Hawking). of the Rolls shall be one, shall henceforth be vested in the

BILLS IN COMMITTEE. Master of the Rolls, with the concurrence of the Lord Chan

Local Government Provisional Orders (Acton, &o.), cellor and the Lord Chief Justice of England, or (in case of

Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation difference) of one of them. Provision may be made by the like

(London), Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 1), Tram. authority for the care and custody of the Roll of Solicitors after the abolition of the office of Clerk of the Petty Bag.

ways Orders Confirmation (No. 3), Pier and Harbour

Orders Confirmation. 26. Chief Justice of England to have powers of Chief Justice of Common Pleas and Chief Baron of the Exchequer.] Where

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. by any statute any power is given to or any act is required PRIVATE BILLS.-Swicdon and Cheltenham Extension or authorized to be done by the Lord Chief Justice of the Railway, Rotherham, Parkgate, and Rawmarsh Street Common Pleas and the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer Tramways, Gravesend Railway. or either of them, either solely or jointly, with the Lord Veterinary Sargeons. Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench or the Lord Chief Justice

JULY 8.-BILLS IN COMMITTEE. of Eogland, such power may henceforth be exercised and such act done by the Lord Chief Justice of England only ; |

Wild Birds Protection Act (1880) Amendment, Inoum. and where by any statute the concurrence of the Lord

bents of Benefices Loans Extension, Satate Law Revision Chief Justice of the Common Pleas and the Lord Chief Baron

and Civil Procedure, Petroleum (II *wking). of tbe Exchequer, or either of them, is required for che

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. exercise of any power, or the performance of any act, it shall PRIVATE BILLS.- Manufacturers and Millowners a

Aid Association, St. Jobn's Hospital, Bedford, Exeter of the firm of Sanderson & Holland, 46, Queen Victoria-street, Tramways, Reading Corporation, Midland Railway, Leeds London, E.C., has been appointed & Commissioner to ad Tramways.

| minister Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. JULY 11.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

Mr. WARREN WILLIAMS ARROWSMITH TREE, solicitor, of PRIVATE BILLS.-Edmonton Local Board, Great Northern Worcester, has been appointed Under Sheriff of that city, Railway, London and North.Western Railway (Additional

in suscension to Mr. Harry Caldicott, deceased. Mr. Powere), swanage Railway, Potteries, Shrewsbury, and Tree is an LL.B. of the University of London. He was North Wales Railway, Lea Bridge, Leyton, and Waltham admitted a solicitor in 1876, and is in partnership with stow Tramways.

his father, Mr. Joba Tree.


court-chambers, Old Jewry, has been appointed a Com. JULY 7.-BILL READ A THIRD TIME.

missioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of PRIVATE BILL.-Greene's Patent.


Mr. Thomas WILLIAM WELFORD, junior, solicitor, of B:ll to make Provision with respect to the Navigation of

Hexham and Consett, has been appointed Clerk to the Conthe Solent between the Isle of Wight and the Mainland, sett Local Board. Mr. Welford is the son of Mr. in the County of Hants (Mr. Ashley).

Thomas William Welford. He was admitted a solici.. JULY 11.-BILIS READ A SECOND TIME. tor in 1871, and is in portnership with his father. PRIVATE Bills.-Ellor Trust Estates, Red Castle and Mr. WILLIAM OTTER WOODHALL, solicitor, of Scarborough, Tarradale Estates.

has been appointed Clerk to the Magistrates for that Regulation of the Forces, Turnpike Aots Contin dance.

borough, in succession to Mr. William Edward Woodball, BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

deceased. Mr. W. O. Woodball was admitted a solicitor PRIVATE BILLS.-King's Lyon Dook, Stockton Bridge. in 1850.

BILL WITHDRAWN. Parliamentary Elections (Corrapt Practices).




Brasenose-street, Manchester (Wood, Atkinson, & WilliamPablio-houses (Closing on Sunday).

son), so far as regards the said J. S. H. Atkinso n. July 5. The said M. Bateson Wood and Robert W. Williamson will continue to carry on the business under the style

of Wood & Williamson. LEGAL APPOINTMENTS.

[Gazette, July 8, 1881.]


Mr. GEORGE JAMES WILLIAMS ANDREWS, solicitor, of Dorchester and Cerne Abbas, has been appointed Clerk to the County Magistrates for the Cerne Division, in succession to his father, the late Mr. George James Andrews. Mr. Andrews, jon., was adonitted a solicitor in 1876, and is in partnership

WINDING-UP NOTICES. with Mr. Henry Anthony Huxtable. Mr. SYDNEY BAXTER BENNETT, solicitor, of 1, King's

Joint Stock COMPANIES. Arms-yara, has been appointd a Commissioner to administer

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judioature.


18, at 11, at his chambers, for the appointment of an official Mr. WILLIAM JAMES Cook, solicitor (of the firm of liquidator. Tate & Cook), of Scarborougb, has been appointed a Commis. MIDLAND LAND AND INVESTMENT CORPORATION, LIMITED.-Petition sioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judica

for winding up, presented July 6, directed to be heard before the fure.

M.R. on July 16. Ingram and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, solicitors

for the petitioner. Mr. W. B. CRAVEN, solicitor, of 6, East-parade, Leeds, PATENT AUTOMATIC KNITTING MACHINE COMPANY, LIMITED, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner to take the Ac

Petition for winding up, presented July 5, directed to be heard knowledgments of Married Women.

before the M.R. on July 16. Cox, Salters' Hall ct, solicitor for the

petitioners, RLES

RYE VALE DISTILLERIES COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made Drace & Jacksop), of 10, Billiter-equare, vioe-president of by V.C. Hall, dated July 2, it was ordered that the above company

be wound up. Ellen, Chancery lane, solicitor for the petitioners. the Incorporated Law Society, has been elected President

ST. PAUL's PROPRIETARY COLLEGE, LIMITED.-Petition for winding of that society for the ensuing year. Mr. Druce is the up, presented July 7, directed to be heard before the M.R. on July eldest son of the late Mr. Charles Druce, solioitor, and he

16. Bolton and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Paige and Co., was admitted a solicitor in 1843.

Redruth, Cornwall, solicitors for the petitioner.

[Gazette, July 8.7 Mr. John RICHARD HOLMES, solicitor (Battye & Holmes), | ARMY AND Navy Provision MARKET.-Petition for winding up, of Birstal, near Leeds, has been appointed Clerk to the Drigh presented July 11, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on July 22. lington Local Board.

Stokes, Chancery lane, solicitor for the petitioner.

FASTNEDGE, R. B., LIMITED. By an order made by the M.R., dated Mr. ROBERT NICHOLSON, solicitor, of Morpeth, has been July 2, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up be conappointed Clerk to the Newbiggin Local Board. Mr. tinued. Hindson and Co, Moorgate st, solicitors for the peti

tioners Nicholson was ad aitted a solicitor in 1877.

LONDON AND PARIS DRESS AND MILLINBRY ASSOCIATION, Mr. RICHARD CHARLES OLDFIELD, of the Bengal Civil LIMITED.-By an order made by the M.R. dated Juiy 7, it was Service, bas been appointed Judge of the High Court of

ordered that the above association be wound up. Harrisons,

Fowkes bldgs, solicitors for the petitioner Judicatore for the North-West Provinces of India, on the

MANUFACTURERS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED.--By an resignation of Mr. Justice Pearson.

order made by Fry, J., dated June 30, it was ordered that the

above company be wound up. Wynne and Son, Chancery lane, Mr. Thomas PAINE, solicitor (of the firm of Paines,

agents for Brabner and Court, Liverpool, solicitors for the Layton, & Pollock), of Gresham House, bas heen elected petitioner Vice-President of the Incorporated Law Society for the


-By an order made by the M.R. dated July 2, it was ordered that odgoing year. Mr. Paine was admitted a solicitor in

the voluntary winding up of the above company be continued. 1844. His firm are solicitors to the North London Railway Darley and Cumberland, John st, Bedford row. solicitors for the Company.


ONLLWYN AND DULAIS COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order Mr. ARTHUR PEARCE, solicitor (of the firm of Pearoe & made by Hall, V.C., dated July 5, it was ordered that the comSon), of Portsmoutb, Portsen, and Southsea, has been

pany be wound up. Ditton, Ironmonger lane, solicitor for the pe.

titioners appointed & Commissioner to administer Oaths in the PATENT ENAMEL ADVERTISING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for Sopreme Court of Judicature,

vinding up, presented July 7. directed to be heard before Hall,

V.O., on July 22, Harte Bagot, Moorgate st, solicitor for the pe Mr. CHARLES SANDERSON, solicitor (formerly of Calcutta), 1. titioners

winding up, presented Ju


PETROLEUM STORAGE COMPANY, THAMES 'HAVEN, LIMITED.-Petition Nixox, JOHN, Checkley, Staffordshire, Farmer. Sept 20. Challinor for winding up, presented July 8, directed to be heard before Bacon, and Co, Leek V.O., on July 23, West and Co, Cannon st, solicitors for the peti SELBY, MILLIN, Leigh, Eccles, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner. Aug 20, tioners

Sale and Co, Manchester SCOTCI BANK, LIMITED.-Order made by Bacon, V.C., dated July 2,

STOVOLD, JAMES, Farnham, Surrey, Gent, Aug 1, Potter, Farnham it was ordered that the company be wound up. Bradley, Mark

TUCKER, THOMAS TUDOR, Orchard st, Porman sg, Rear-Admiral in lane, solicitor for the petitioner

the Royal Navy. Aug 31. Davies, Devonshire st, Portland pl YNISCEDWYN COMPANY, LIMITED. – Petition for winding up,

WALTERS, JOHN, Budleigh Salterton, Devon, Gent. Aug 1. Tozer presented July 11, directed to be heard before V.C. Hall on July

and Geare, Exeter 22. Freshfields and Williams, Bank bldgs, solicitors for the peti.

WATERHOUSE, SAMUEL, Halifax. Esq. Aug 1. Emmet and Walker, tioners.

(Gazette, July 12.]


| Gazette, July 5.) TANWWORTH FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Bell Inn, Tanworth, Warwick.

ALLNUTT, JOIN, Charles st. Berkeley sq, Esq. Aug 8. Norton and July 5

Co, Victoria st, Westminster [Gazette, July 12.] BELLBINGER, ANN HARVEY, Penzance, Cornwall. Aug 22. Trythall

and Bodilly, Penzance BROOK, RICHARD, Lower Sydenham, Kent, Gent. Aug 1. Vilnes

and Swift, Huddersfield
CANE, JOHN, Princes rd, Lambeth, Licensed Victualler. Ang 16.

Flavell and Bowman, Bedford row
CABR, CHARLES, Bardsey with Rigton, York, Farmer. Aug 5.

Tennant and Barret, Leeds
CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. | Comen, SAMUEL, Prestonville, Brighton, Barrister at Law. Aug 1.

Willoughby and Winch, Lancaster pl, Strand

Coombs, WILLIAM COLLIER, Norton St. Philip, Somerset, Yeoman, BIRD, WALTER RUDALL, Change alley, Stockbroker. Aug 6. Tafft Aug 13. Cowdry, Bath

v Bird, V.C. Hall. Shirrefr, Palmerston buildings, Old Broad st FRASER, JAMES, Maylands, Hornchurch, Essex, Farmer. Aug 1. BOWEN, HENRY, Landough, Glamorgan, Esq. Aug 6. Bowen v Mary Fraser, Maylands, Hornchurch Birch, V.C. Hall, Morris and Son, Cardiff

FURNESS, JOHN THOMAS, Atherstone, Warwick, Hat Manufacturer, DAY, EDWARD, Durham, Gent. Aug 1. Day v Batty, V.C. Hall. | Aug 15. Fowke, Birmingham Marshall, Durham

GIBBENS, MARY, Merrow, nr Guildford. Aug 18. Van Tromp, ELLIS, ELIZABETH, Bath. Aug 1. Simmons v Collison, V.C. Hall.

Essex st, Strand

HOBBS, CHARLES, East Brent, Somerset. Yeoman. Sept 1. Rus. Hargreaves, Staple inn, Holborn

combe Poole and Son, Bridgwater FISHER, WILLIAM, Lisson grove North, Cab Proprietor. July 25.

KENNEDY, ELIZABETH, 'Windsor, Berks, July 31. Durant, Windsor Fisher v Broad, Fry, J. Saxton, Somerset st, Portman sq

KIRBY, Axos, Scarborough, Yorkshire, Provision Merchant. July HATFIELD, ANN KESTON, Cambridge. July 20. Wilkinson v Teas 29. Calvert and Fowler, Scarborough dale, V.C. Bacon Whitehead, Cambridge

LOCK, WILLIAM, Worthing, Sussex, Gent. Aug 15. Jamieson JONES, THOMAS, Bromyard, Hereford. July 25. Ricketts v Jones, Danes inn, Strand Fry, J. Cave, Bromyard

LUDLAM, Henry, Piccadilly, St James's, Hosier. Miller and Son, MITCHELL, WILLIAM, Hereford rd, Bayswater, Licensed Victualler,

Savile row July 29. Mitchell v Hayman, M.R. Toovoy, Orchard st, Port

METTAM, SARAH, Chesterfield, Derby. Aug 10. Rodgers and Co,

Sheffield man sq MORGAN, DAVID, Morriston, Glamorgan. July 30. Morgan v

PARBURY, GEORGE, Thornbury, Caterham, Surrey, Merchant. Aug

31. Ochme and Summerhays, Gresham house, Old Broad st Francis, Fry, J. Williams, Swansea

PARRY, EDWARD, New Bridge st, Blackfriars, Merchant, Aug 1. PERKINS, CATHERINE CAVENDISH, Aberech, Carnarvon. July 30.

Day and Cather, New Bridge st, Blackfriars Jones y Humphreys, V.C. Hall, Breese and Co, Pwllheli, Carnar

POWELL, Axx, Llanhamlach, Brecon July 30. Thomas, Brecon von

RODDA, JOHN STEPHENS, Central Meat Market, Meat Salesman. RAYMENT, GEORGE HENRY, Brompton rd, Corn Merchant. July 2

Aug 14. Wilson, Bedford row Rayment v Rayment, V.C. Bacon. Emmott, Jermyn st

SANDERSON, EDWARD HENRY, West Brighton, Sussex. Sept 1. Thomson, JOHN, Wilmot cottages, Camden New Town, Gent. July Walker and Co, Southampton st, Bloomsbury 30. Thomson v Milward, Fry, J. Shaen, Bedford row

SHEFFIELD, Isaac, Stratford pl, Oxford st, Dentist. Sept 1. Scott, TULLY, JAMES, South Shield, Ship Surveyor. July 21. Tully v King William st Walker, V.C. Hall. Wawn and Smith, South Shields

SMITH, CHARLES, Woodstock rd, Hornsey, Builder. Aug 16. Boul[Gazette, July 1.] ton and Co, Northampton sg, Clerkenwell

STAFFORD, SARAN WHITTINGTOX, Denman rd, Camberwell. Ang il.

Rodgers, Walbrook CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25

THORNLEY, ROBERT, Glossop, Derby, Butcher, Aug 30. Hibbert, LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

Hyde ALDER, Joux, Chisledon, Wilts, Innkeeper. Aug 12. Copleston Watts, GEORGE, St Cuthbert, Wells, Somerset. Feb 2. Garrod and Townsend, Swindon

Harris, Wells BEDELL, BRYAN, Holderness, York, Farmer. Aug 1, Watson and

WEBB, WILLIAM, Silwood st, Rotherhithe, Builder. Aug 3. Still Son, Hull

and Son, New sg, Lincoln's inn Benton, John, Nottingham, Provision Dealer. Aug 2. Cartwright,

Wells, EMMA, Manningham, York. Aug 1. Gardiner and Jeffery Nottingham


CHARLES, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Farmer. Aug 30. CATER, DUDLEY Frank, Ladbroke grove rd. Ang 31. Burroughs

Oldham and Marsh, Melton Mowbray and Bisdee, Forest Hill CLIFF, JOHN, Handsworth, Stafford, Gent. Aug 9. Clarke and Co,

WRIGHT, THOMAS, Lutheran pl, Upper Tulse hill, Coachmaker. Aug Birmingham

5. Watson, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane COLE, MARY ANN, High st, Notting hill, July 30. Tatton, Lower

[Gazette, July 8.]

BLAMEY, LOUISA, Gwennam, Cornwall. Aug 31. Jenkins, Penryn, Phillimore pl, Kensington

Cornwall CORNWALL, MARIAN, St Alban's rd, Kensington, July 15. Newton,

BRUNTON, GEORGE FREDERICK, Wavendon, Buckingham, Gent. Ang Mecklenberg st

16. Green, Woburn DE PUEDGE, JOHN, Knottingley, York, Vessel Owner. Ang 1. Carter CHALLIS, JAMES, Sunning Hill, Berks, Builder. Aug 1. Crafter, and Atkinson, Pontefract

Blackfriars rd DIGBY, ARTHUR, Sydenham, Kent, Solicitor. Oct 1. Digby and COOKE, THOMAS CHARLES, Captain in the Royal Artillery. Ang 31. Jones, John st, Bedford row

Hall and Co, Manchester ELKINGTON, CHARLES. Warmington, Warwick, Engineer. Aug 2. DONNELLY, PATRICK, Everton, Liverpool, Gent. July 31. Car. Kilby and Mace, Banbury

michael, Liverpool FALKINGHAM, HENRY, York, Currier. July 15. Cobb, York

FORD, JOIN RANDLE MINSUULL, Pantyochin, Gresford, Denbigh, FARRAR, JAMES, Halifax, Gent. Aug 1. Ingram and Huntriss, Captain in Her Majesty's sth Regiment. Sept 10. Humfrys, Halifax

Hereford GILLARD, SAMUEL Frar, Clifton, Bristol, Rope Manufacturer. Aug GURDON, BRAMPTON, Letton Hall, Norfolk, Esq. Sept 7. Collyer1. Benson and Carpenter, Bristol

Bristow and Co, Bedford row HALL, Jonx, Embleton, Northumberland, Labourer. Aug 24. HALE, ELIZABETH ANN, Forest Gate, Essex, Aug 12. Nickinson Hindmarsh, Alnwick

and Co, Chancery lane HENLY, MARY ANN, Inverness terrace, Bayswater. Aug 15. De HARRIS, THOMAS ÅGARS, Birmingham, Gent. Ang 20. Brabant, Jersey and Co, Gresham st

Gray's inn sq IVEY, JAMES, Clifton, Bristol, Gent. Aug 6. Brittan and Co, Harwood, WILLIAM CARR, Blackpool, Lancaster, Builder. Aug 13, Bristol

Costeker, Over Darwen LEE, FRANCES ELIZABETH, Bridlington Quay, York, Gentlewoman. HEALEY, SAMUEL ROBERT, West Bank, Woolton, Lancaster, Gent. Aug 1. Holden and Co, Kingston upon Hall

Sept 1. Clare and McMaster, Liverpool LEE, MARGARET, Bridlington Quay, York, Gentlewoman. Aug 1. JOHNSON, BENJAMIN, Stamford st. Waterloo rd, Artificial Flower Holden and Co, Kingston upon Hull

Maker. Aug 1 Curtis, Old Jewry chmbrs, Old Jewry LEE, THOMAS MICHAEL, Edy baston, Warwick, Gent. Aug 9. Clarke KERRESKY, WALTER, Saxon rd. Bow, Pensioned Inspector of tho and Co, Birmingham

Metropolitan Police. Sept 3. Keane and Storry, Lincoln's inn LE MARR, JOSHUA, Templeton rd, Highbury Vale, Paper Dealer. fields Aug 15. Stuart, Gray's inn sa

LLOYD, Joux WILLIAMS, Brookhouse, nr Denbigh, Gent. Sept 7. LIVERMORE, THOMAS, Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge, Farmer. Oct Gold and Co, Denbigh 1. Palmby, Swaffham Prior

PECHELL, EDWARD RODNEY CECIL, Aldershot, Southampton, MESSENGER, JAMES, Bonhams, Neatham, Southampton, Yeoman. Captain in Her Majesty's Army. Aug 10. Whitehouse, Charles Aug l. Potter, Farnham

st, St. James' sq MILNES, THOMAS, Ley Moor, Golcar, York, Stonemason. Aug 9. PHILPOT, HENRY, Praed st, Paddington, Chemist. Aug 7. Freer Clough and Burk, Huddersfield

Austin, Coleman st NELSON, RICHARD, Shaw, Lancaster, Journeyman Saddler. Aug 3. | THORNELEY, SAMUEL, Godley, Chester, Cotton Manufacturer. sep Jackson, Rochdale

7. Hibbert, Hyde


WIGSTON, JAMES, Bitterne, Southampton, a Retired Admiral in the On the 11th inst., in the House of Commons, Mr. H. Royal Navy. Sept 9. Green and oberley, Southampton

Fowler asked the Secretary to the Treasury whetber the WINNARD, CHRISTIAN, Southport, Lancaster. Aug 31. Scott and Ellis, Wigan

afidavits of executors disclosing the amount of the debts YULL, MATTHEW, Mattisball, Norfolk, Farmer. Aug 10. Brock, of their testators were not confidential documents for the Norwich

[Gazette, July 12.]

exclusive use of the Revende officials, and, if so, whether be would state by whose authority the contents of these affidavits were communicated to the poblic press. Lord 1. Cavendish said that the affidavits referred to in the question are strictly confidential. Their communica

tion to the press would be wholly opauthorized, and if LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY.

made by an official would render bim liable to dismissal.

The subject was under the consideration of the officials Tuesday, July 5.-Annual meeting.–Mr. Bartlett in the

at the Probate Registry, with a view to insure that the chair. Mr. F. Hulman was elected a member. The trea

particulars contained in the affidavits were not allowed to surer laid before the meeting his accounts for the past year,

transpire. and the committee presented their report of the proceedings

On the motion for the withdrawal of the Parliamentary of the so-iety during the past session. The election of

Elections (Corrupt and Illegul Practices) Bill, Sir R. A. officers for the ensuing session then followed : Mr. C. E. Barry was elected treasurer ; Mr. T. B. Napier, secre

Cross asked the Government to pledge themselves to re-intro.

duce the Bill next session. The Attorney-General said that, tary ; Mr. E. G. Spiers, reporter ; Messrs. G. H. Bower, G. Kirk, W. Bartlett, F. J. Green, and W. A. Bilney,

| so far as he was aware, it was the intention of the Govern

ment to bring the Bill before the House at an early date next ordinary members of committee, and Messrs. Lloyd-Jones,

session. and E. A. Hemsley, auditors. Messrs. J. A. Neale and

The Letters of Allotment for the Seven per Cent. “A” Lloyd-Jones were elected to represent the society at the Social Science Association. The society passed resolutions

or Preference Shares of the Royal Conrts of Justice Chambers

Company, Limited, were posted on Wednesday evening. . adopting the proposed new rules, which have during the past month been under consideration. The following particulars are iaken from the committee's report above referred to. The session commenced on the 26th of October last, during which thirty-two ordinary meetings and one special

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. meeting had been held. Nine legal and thirteeu general

July 19.-Mergrs. DEBENHAM, TEWBON, FARMER, & BRIDGEquestions had been discussed, and eight meetings had been

WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Estates, Properties, devoted entirely to the consideration of the society's busi &o. (see advertisement, June 11, pp. 11 and 12). ness, four of which had been occupied in considering the pro July 19.-Messrs. JAMES LEWIS & Co., at the Mart, at 1 p.m., posed new rules. The average length of the meetings had Freehold Building Land and Leasehold Properties (eee adbeen two hours twelve minutes, the average attendance at vertinament, July 2, p. 5). such meetings twenty-six, average number of speakers

July 19.- Messrs. PHILLIPS, LEA, & WHITELEY, at the Mart, eight, and of voters eighteen. The greatest number of

at 2 p.m., Freehold Grould Rents (see advertisement, this

week p. 4). members attending any one meeting was thirty-six, and the

July 20.-Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at lowest thirteen. Forty-eight new members had been elected,

the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Estates (see advertisement, and twelve had resigned. The number of members on the

June 11, pp. 16 and 17). roll was 270. The next meeting of the society will be held July 20.--Mergrs. EDWIN Fox & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart, at on the 25th of October,

2 p m., Ground Rent (see advertisement, July 9, p. 3).


the Mart, at 2 p.m., one-fifth part of certain Fre hold Estates

(see ad vertisement, this week, p. 5). The last meeling of the spring session cf this society was July 22.-Messrs. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY, & Co., at the holden at the Law Library, Bennett's-hill, on Tuesday Mart, at 2 p.m.. Leanebold Properties, Snar-e, and Freebold evening last, C. T. Saunders, Esq., in the chair. After the Ground Rents (see advertisements, this week, p. 5). election of new members, and a discussion on the Report of the Sub-Committee, on a list of books proposed to be sold from the library, having been adjourned, a debate took place on the advisability of the repčal of the Public Worship Regulation Act, 1874. . The speakers on the affirmative were

LONDON GAZETTES. Messrs. Barrows, Huggins, Rowlands, and Steere; and on the negative, Messrs. Cochrane, E. O. Rogers, Sims, and

Bankrupts. Hooper. The point was argued on bistorical and practical

FRIDAY, July 8, 1881. rather than religious grounds, and was sustained with vigour

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. on both sides. The opening speakers baving replied, the Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. chairman put the issue of the debate to the meeting, and the

To Surrender in London.

Hidden, Augustus Edward, Shenton st, Old Kent rd, Shirt Manu votes being equal, gave his casting vote in favour of the re

facturer. Pet July 6. Brougham. July 22 at 11 tention of the Act.

Robinson, Joseph John, Crossley st, Pork Butcher. Pet July 1.

Pepys. Jnly 20 at 12
Smith, George Frederick, Golden sq, Solicitor. Pet July 4, Pepys.

July 20 at 12.30
Stephens, Josias, Lydford rd, Paddington, Builder. Mot June 14
Pepys. July 20 at 12.30

To Surrender in the Country.

Abbott, William Thomas, Torquay, Devon, Bootmaker. Pet July 6. SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

Daw. Exeter, July 20 at 2.30

Burrell, Edward, Faringdon, Berks, Bank Manager. Pet July 4.

Townsend. Swindon, July 25 at 11
Court OF

Clarkson, George, Malton, York, Grocer, Pet July 4. Woodall,

Scarborough, July 22 at 12

Dixon, Thomas Gill, Newland, York, Printer. Pet July 4. Rollit.
Monday, July 18Mr. Ward Mr. Clowes Mr. Merivale Kingston-upon-Hull, July 26 at 3
Tuesday ...... 19 Pemberton Koe

Hartley. Joseph Shedure, William Henry Kaye, and Albert Holgate, Wednesday.... 20 Ward

Clowes Merivale

Southowram, Stone Merchants. Pet July 6. Rankin. Halifax,

July 23 at 11 Thursday .... 21 Pemberton Koe


Isaac, Thomas, Valdon, Essex, Corn Merchant. Pet June 29. Gepp. Friday ...... 22 Ward


Chelmsford, July 21 at 11
Saturday...... 23 Pemberton Koe


Phillipps. John Dennis, and Charles A. Hamilton, Liverpool, Mr. Justice

Ctton Brokers. Pet July 5. Cooper, Liverpool, July 20 at 12
V. C. HALL. Mr. Justice


Slater, Robert Whiteley, Morley, nr Leeds, General Outfitter. Pet

July 4. Tennant. Dewsbury, July 20 at 12
Monday, July 18Mr. Leach Mr. Farrer Mr. Cobhy
Tuesday ......
Latham Teesdale Jackson

TUESDAY, July 12, 1891.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Wednesday.... 20 Leach


Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.
21 Latham
Teesdale Jackson

To Surrender in the Country.
Friday ......


Barber, William, Willingdon, Sussex, Land Agent. Pet July 8, Saturday...... Latham

Teesdale Jackson Blaker. Lewes, Aug 5 at 12



Thursday 92

Buttin, George Henry, Belgrave, Leicester, Brewer's Agent. Pet Hamilton, Frederick, Leadenhall st, Machinist. July 26 a July 7. Ingram. Leicester, July 28 at 12

offices of Vernon, Moorgate st Edgcombe, Richard, Leigh, Churchstowe, Devon, Farmer. Pet Harding, Ida Wilhelnina Georgina. Brighton, Lodging-house July 7. Edmonds. East Stonehouse, July 29 at 12

Keeper. July 16 at 12 at Victoria Hotel, Queen's rd, Brighton, Henser, William Henry, Leicester, Grocer. Pet July 8. Ingram. Grueber and Co, Crosby sq, Bishopsgate st Leicester, July 28 at 11

Harding, Thomas William, Mayall rd, Brixton, Commercial Lloyd, Samuel, Richard, Worcester, Malster. Pet June 3. Beale. Traveller. July 15 at 4 at High Holborn. Staniland, King st, Worcester

Cheapside Macvitie, William, Birmingham, Brass Founder. Pet July 8. Cole. | Hayward, James, Hertford, Jeweller. July 20 at 12.30 at offices of Birmingham, July 28 at 2

Mason, Gresham st. Sworder and Longmore, Hertford Morgan, David Parker, Aberdovey, Merioneth, Clerk in holy orders. Hewlett, Edward James, Clevedon, Somerset, Painter. July 21 at Pet July 9. Jenkins. Aberystwith, July 25 at 11

12 at Merchants' Association, Broad st, Bristol, Woodforde, Price, Thomas, Crewe, Chester, Grocer. Pet July 9. Broughton. Clevedon Nantwich, July 25 at 10.30

Hickinbotham, Trussell, and Edmund Hickinbotham, Upper St. Pritchard, John, Pantyrheol, Britonferry, Glamorgan, Hotel Keeper. Martin's lane, Auctioneers. July 25 at 2 at offices of Graham, Pet July 7. Jones. Neath, July 27 at 12

Chancery lane Stephenson, William, Darfield, nr Barnsley, York, Grocer. Pet Hollingsworth, James, Greetham, Lincoln, Blacksmith, July 19 at July 7. Bury. Barnsley, July 28 at 11

12 at offices of Tweed, Manor-house st, Horncastle Wadsworth, John, Elland, Halifax, Slater. Pet July 5. Rankin. Holroyd, John Jackson, Leeds, Chemist's Assistant. July 31 at 3 at Halifax, July 21 at 11

offices of Weston ard Postlethwaite, Park row, Leeds Williams, Howard, New Barnet, Herts, Clerk in the Bank of Eng Hooper, James, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Grocer. July 18 at 11 at land. Pet July 6. Boyes. Barnet, July 26 at 11

offices of Reed and Cook, Paul st, Taunton BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

Hopkins, John, Bristol, Bird Dealer. July 21 at 2 at offices of FRIDAY, July 8, 1891.

Hobbs, Clare st, Bristol Ker, Charles John Innes, Windsor, of no occupation. June 29

Hyde, James Henry, Leeds, Tailor. July 20 at 2.30 at offices of Metaxa, Richard Bethel Parkyns Warmingham, Norland sq, Notting

Ford and Warren, Albion st, Leeds hill, of no occupation, June 30

Ivory, George, Hertford, Cattle Dealer, July 21 at 1 at White Hart

Inn, Hertford, Croft, Union crt, Olá Broad st
Liquidations by Arrangemont.

Jarvis, John, Cuckney, Nottingham, Miller. July 22 at 12.30 at

offices of Short, East parade, Sheffield. Gratton and Marsden, FRIDAY, July 8, 1881.

Armes, Charles, Stratford, Essex, Baker. July 27 at 3 at Masons'
Hall' Tavern, Mason's Avenue, Basinghall st. Gregory, Cannon

Jewell, John, Romsey Extra, Hants, Carpenter. July 19 at 1 at street

offices of Parker, Portland st, Southampton Asser, Daniel Gotchel, Bush lane, Cannon st, Commission Agent.

Jones, John Albert, West Gorton, nr Manchester, Beerhouse July 18 at 2 at offices of Hill, 105, Cheapside. Philp, Walbrook

Keeper, July 20 at 2 at offices of Chew and Sons, Swan st, ManHouse

chester Bacon, Henry, Daleview rd, South Tottenham, Manufacturing Up Kinsman, Levi, Salisbury, Innkeeper. July 21 at 12 at offices of

holsterer. July 18 at 10.30 at offices of Shakespear, Budge row, Nodder and Gater, City chmbrs, High st, Salisbury Cannon st

Lacy, John, Liverpool, Baker. July 22 at 3 at offices of Quinn, Bagaley, William, Knutsford, Chester, Tea Dealer. July 21 at 11 at South John st, Liverpool offices of Green and Dixon, Castle chmbrs, Northwich

Lines, James, Oldbury, Worcester, Licensed ¡Victualler. July 19 as Bagshaw, Robert, Buxton, Derby, Joiner. July 23 at 11 at offices of 11.30 at offices of Wright and Co, Church st, Oldbury Brown and Ainsworth, Hardwicke Mount, Buxton

Lusty, Charles, Bedminster, Bristol, Soap Dealer. July 18 at 2 at Bakewell, George, Nottingham, Grocer. July 20 at 3 at Assembly offices of Sibly, Exchange West, Bristol rooms, Low pavement, Nottingham. Stevenson, Nottingham

Maidwell, William, Ovington, Norfolk, Farmer. July 1 at 2.30 at Baylis, Thomas, Malvern Link, Worcester, Carpenter, July 25 at offices of Grigson and Robinson, Watton, Norfolk

il at Beauchamp Arms Inn, Malvern Link, Trey and Son, Mann, Alfred, Brighton, Auctioneer, July 20 at 12 at 12, Serjeants' Worcester

L inn, Fleet st Nye, Brighton Bayliss, William, Edward Bayliss, and Thomas Allart, Small Heath, Morgans, Thomas Rees, Rhiwbryfdir, Merioneth, Grocer. July 20 Birmingham, Copper Rivet Mannfacturers. July 18 at 11 at Royal

at 2.30 at Albion Hotel, Chester, Ellis, Four Crosses, Festiniog Hotel, Temple row, Birmingham, Wilson, Birmingham

Morley, James, Seecombe, Chester, Tailor. July 20 at 2 at offices of Beake, Alfred, Canton, Cardiff, Boot and Shoe Maker. July 16 at 12 Fildes, North John st, Liverpool

at offices of Munn and Kennard, 19, Queen's st, Crockherbtown, Morris, John, Coleford, Gloucester, Licensed Victualler. July 21 at Cardiff. Price, Cardiff

1 at offices of Goldring, Cinderford Bellhouse, Thomas Taylor, Manchester, Solicitor. July 25 at 3 at Morris, William James, Brant Broughton, Lincoln, of no occupation.

offices of Rowley and Co, 2, Clarence bldgs, Booth st, Manchester July 25 at 1 at Clinton Arms Hotel, Newark-upon-Trent. Bescoby,
Bonwell, John Edward, Bradford, York, Commercial Traveller. East Retford
July 25 at 11 at offices of Hutchinson and Son, Piccadilly chmbrs. Nash, Charles Samuel, Great Hallingbury, Essex, Farmer.
Piccadilly, Bradford

July 22 at 11 at offices of Gee, Water lane, Bishop's Stortford Briggs, Thomas, Bradford, York, Confectioner. July 21 at 11 at Nash, Edward Barrington, Old Bond st, Fan Maker. July 25 at 3 at offices of Wilkinson, 15, Kirk gate, Bradford

offices of Cooper and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Carp, James, Clement rd, Bermondsey, Builder. July 22 at 3 at 133, Oddie, Arthur, Bolton, Lancaster, Outfitter. July 20 at 11 at offices Holborn

of Grundy and Whowell, Mawdsley st, Bolton Carpenter, William Brown, Newport, Monmouth, Innkeeper. July O'Neill, John, Southerndown, near Bridgend, Glamorgan, Far. 20 at 11 at offices of Tomlinson, 139, Commercial st, Newport

mer. July 25 at 3 at offices of Tribe and Co, Cardiff. Ingledew Cheetham, Thomas, and William Eaton Cheetbam, Nottingham, and Co, Cardiff

Hosiers. July 22 at 12 at Assembly Rooms, Low pavement, Not Parker, John, Burton-on-Trent, Builder, July 18 at 11.30 tingham. Thorpe and Thorpe, Nottingham

at the Midland Hotel, Burton-on-Trent. Mears, Burton-00Clement, Joseph, and Clifford Shepherd Clement, Bath, Tailors. Trent July 18 at 3 at 5, Union s', Bath. Clark

Parkinson, Benjamin, Dewsbury, York, Fish Dealer. July 22 at 1 Coe, David, Rattlesden, Suffolk, Innkeeper. July 21 at 12 at offices at offices of Ridgway and Ridgway, Únion st, Dewsbury of Hayward and Sons, Stowmarket

Pilling. John, Millwood, near Todmorden, York, Plasterer. Cohen, Abraham Mark, Portsdown rd, Maida Vale, Builder. July July 11 at 3 at offices of Stansfield and Luger, Todmorden. Sager, 28 at 2 at 58, Finsbury pavement. Solomon

Todmorden Cole, Benjamin, Bushby st, Bethnal green, Cabinet Maker. July 18 Price, Joshua Charles, Caerleon, Monmouth, Grocer, July 21 at 11 at

at 11 at Unicorn Tavern, Vivian rd, Old Ford. Hicks, Grove rd, offices of Dauncey, Albion chbrs, Newport Victoria park

Pritchard, Owen, Penhyndeudraeth, Merioneth, Grocer. July 29 at * Court, Arthur Byron, Bristol, Plumber, July 22 at 11 at offices of at offices of Jones, High st, Portmadoo Atchley, 3, Clare st, Bristol

Proctor, Robert, Gateshead, Durham, Grocer. July 22 at 11 at once Crossley, Charles, Northgate, Elland, Halifax, Innkeeper. July 22 of Keenlyside and Co, Grainger street West, Newcastle-uponat 11 at offices of Garsed, 2, Barum Top, Halifax

Tyne Davies, John William, Carmarthen, Rope Maker. July 25 at 10.15 Richards, Joseph Gordon, Warrington, Clerk in Holy Orders. July at offices of Morris, 3, Red st, Carmarthen

26 at 11 at offices of Ashton and Woods, Horsemarket st, War. Dowdeswell, Daniel, New Oscott, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, Cattle rington

Dealer. July 21 at 11 at offices of Taylor, Colmore row, Birming Rickerby, George, Caledonian rd, Islington, Ironmonger. July 25 ham

at 2 at 175, Fleet st. Bassett Farrer, James, Caledonian rd, Commision Agent. July 23 at 11 at Seddon, Emma Eliza, Flint, Licensed Victualler. July 18 at 3 st offices of Fraser, Billiter House, Billiter st. Webb, Euston rd

Albion Hotel, Chester, Evans, Holywell Forth, Joseph Edwin, Kingston-upon-Hull, Hatter. July 20 at 2 at Sheridan, John, Metropolitan chambers. New Broad st, Actuary. Rayment's Hotel, London wall. Jackson

July 25 at 2 at Cannon st Hotel, Cannon st. Sweetland, Umar Freeman, William, Four Crosses, Festiniog, Merioneth, Grocer. ct, Old Broad st

July 21 at 1 at the Albion Hotel, Chester. Ellis, Four Crosses Smith, John Henry, Kyrwick's lane, Highgate, Birmingham, Pub. Garside, Joshua, West Vale, nr Halifax, Shoddy Manufacturer. lican. July 19 at 3 at offices of Jagnes. Temple row, Birmingham July 21 at 11 at offices of Garsed, Barum Top, Halifax

Smithurst, Henry, Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, ITU George, William, High st, Poplar, Tea and Coffee Urn Maker. July Dealer. "July 22 at 3 at offices of Stevenson, Weekday Cross, Not 25 at 3 at offices of Cooper, Lincoln's inn fields

tingham Goodison, Leeds, Brush Manufacturer July 21 at 3 at of

Spencer, Abel, Bridlington, York. Licensed Victualler. July 2013 Walker, South parade, Leeds

at offices of Wray, Queen st, Bridlington Quay Goodman, William Cammever, Aberdeen pl, Maida Hill, Cattle Stevens, John, Bristol, Hairdresser. July 16 at 128 Dealer. July 18 at 3 at offices of Pain, Marylebone rd

Benson and Carpenter, Bank chmbrs. Corn st, Bristol Grinberg, Morris, Brighton, Watch Manufacturer. July 25 at 3 at Stickings, Harry Harper, Ashford, Kent, Auctioneer.. the Guildhall Coffee house, Guildhall

at offices of Duncan and Co, Bloomsbury sq. Hallett

sa. Hallett and Co, Haigh, Joseph, Barnsley, York, Provision Dealer. July 20 at 11 at Ashford, Kent offices of Gray, Eastgate, Barnsley

Strugnell, Richard, Shaftesbury, Dorset. Innkeeper.
Halstead, Lawrence William, Heckenhurst, nr Burnley, Lancaster, at Crown Hotel, Shaftesbury, Davies, Sherborne .

Cotton Manufacturer. July 26 at 3 at ottices of Sutton and Co, Swaine, Alfred, Hilderthorpe. York, Painter. July 20 at
Fountain st, Manchester

of Wray, Queen st, Bridlington Quay

es of


July 16 at 12 at offices of

July 23 at 11

, Dorset, Innkeeper.

, Tork, Painter. July 20 at 12 at oalices

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