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stations shall not exceed one mile. That it causes great inTHE RAILWAY COMMISSION.*

convenience to a large population that there is no through

communication by the loop line is admitted, and it appears May 3, 13.-James and others v. The Taff Vale Railway by the answers of the two companies that negotiations have

Company and The Great Western Railway Company. long been pending between them for the Taff Company to Passenger traffic-Continuous line of railway-Forwarding

work over the loop line and to use the Great Western station. traffic-Railway and Canal Traffic Act, 1851, s. 2.

As yet, however, they have not been able to agree upon the

terms, and if the public cannot have the accommodation to Two railway companies ran trains to C. and each had a station

which the Aet entitles them by means of an arrangement there. The stations were fifty-five chains apart from each other, but were connected by a line of railway belonging to one

between the companies, they can only ask that the general of euch railway companies. Upon complaint by the inhabitants

powers of railway companies to grant facilities to traffic shall of the district that no passengers were conveyed on the railway

be exercised as far as necessary. The responsibility for the between the two stations, although there was a continuous line | working of a line rests primarily with the company who of railway, the Commissioners made an order enjoining both the are the owners of it, and were each company to work its own companies to afford a continuous communication for passengers lines in this case, the place at which one would deliver, and by means of their continuous lines, and to afford due and the other would receive, through traffi, requiring to be forreasonable facilities for forwarding through passenger traffic warded, would be the junction of the loop line with the Taff arriving by one of the lines at C. by the other.

Vale Railway. But that line has no sidings, and there are no This was an application by certain inhabitants of sheds or platforms at the junction, and passengers could not Merthyr Tydfil under the 2nd section of the Railway be set down and taken up at a point where there was no and Canal Traffic Act, 1854, for tbe purpose of obtaining provision of that kind for their transfer. It is the opinion due facilities from the Taff Vale and Great Western also of Mr. Grierson and of Mr. Fisher, representing the two Railway Companies for forwarding passenger traffic companies, that traffic by the loop line between their stations between places situated on their lines of railway.

ought to be worked through by a single company, and that The Great Western Company and the Taff Vale Company an exchange at the junction would be dangerous. had each a station at Cardiff, in the county of Glamorgan.

The Great Western station at Cardiff is sitoated between The stations were fifty-five chaios apart, and were connected the Taff Vale Railway and the Penarth Railway, of which by a continuous line of railway made by the Great the Taff Company are lessees, and by an agreement dated Western Railway Company ander 14 & 15 Viot. c. liii. the 23rd of Dotober, 1876, the Great Western Company

Sach line of railway was used for the transit of goods bave given the Taff Company ropping powers, and the use only from places on the one company's line to places on of their Cardiff station for passenger traffio between Cardiff the other company's line, and consequently passengers

and Penarth. These powers, however, do not apply to had to walk or drive between the two stations.

traffic between the Great Western and the Taff Vale RailWilliam Evans appeared for the applicants.

ways, nor does such interchange traffic, which would be the Pope, Q.C., and Sutton, for the Taff Vale Railway Com. | particular kind of traffic to wbich the present complain pany.

has reference, come any more-80 we understand the two Webster, Q.C., and R. S. Wright, for the Great Western companies to say-within the scope of another agreement, Railway Company,

dated the 24th of April, 1866, under which the Taff ComThe ComMIESIONERS delivered the following judgment :

pany have permission to rua their engines and trains, with This is a complaint that the Great Western Railway Com

their own local traffic, over the loop line in conjonction pany and the Taff Vale Railway Company do not inter.

with other parts of the Great Western system. But these change passenger traffic at Cardiff with all due and reason

agreements are sufficient to show that the relative position able facilities. The Great Western and Taff Vale Railways of the lines of the two companies at Cardiff makes it, as cross at Cardiff, and traffic is able to pass from one rail far as the exercise of running powers is concerned, more way to the other by a junction line belonging to the Great natural or convenient that the Taff Company should work Western Company, and constructed under the powers of the over the Great Western, than the Great Western Com"South Wales Railway New Works Act, 1851.” This line pany over the Taff Vale, and so we find also the negocommences by a junction with the Great Western Railway at a tiations to which we have referred as so long pending, to point about eighteen chains from the Great Western (Cardiff) contemplace the Taff Company using the Great Western station, is fifteen chains in length, and ends by a junction stations and running over the Great Western line with with the Taff Vale Railway at a point twenty-two chains passenger-trains to and from their own station at Crockfrom the Taff Vale (Cardiff) station at Crockherbtown, the herbtown to connect with Great Western main-line trains, distance the two stations are apart being about fifty-five and to have had for their object to fix the terms and the chaing. The junction line, however, is not used for passen.

Avar is not used for paggen. I extent of the uger. ger traffic, and a passenger, part of whose route is Taff Vale Tbe distance between the two stations at Cardiff does not, and part Great Western, has to go across by road from the as already stated, exceed one mile, and over this distance station of ope company at Cardiff to the station of the other. there is a continuons railway communication which the The applicants who reside at Merthyr, and travel frequently Taff Vale Company is entitled to age upon payment of between Merthyr and London through Cardiff, complain of tolls under section 92 of the Railway Clauses Aot, 1845, it as a public inconvenience that there is no other service for whiob is incorporated with the “ South Wales Railway the transfer of passengers at Cardiff. They observe that the New Works Act, 1851," and with the South Wales railways of the two companies form a continuous line of com Railway Consolidation Act, 1855, which repeals munication, and that the distance between their stations at earlier Acts, including the “New Works” Act, Cardiff does not exceed one mile, and they ask for the en. 1851, but makes “ The Taff Vale Railway Janotion," forcements of their rights, under the Traffic Act, 1854, and as it calls the railway between the South Wales main for an order granting the public reasonable accommodation. line and the Taff Vale Railway at Cardiff, part of the The 2nd section of the Traffic Act provides, amongst other andertaking to which its provisions apply. The Traffic things, that every railway company having or working rail. Act, 1854, provides that where there are two railways ways which form part of a continuous line of railway accom which have stations as pear as the stations at Cardiff are, modation, or which have the terminus or station of the one the companies having the railways sball give all reasonable near the terminus or station of the other, shall afford all due facilities for a through service, and as far as circumstances and reasonable facilities for receiving and forwarding all the will allow and the powers of each company go, combine traffic arriving by one of such railways by the other without the working of their railways for the accommodation of any unreasonable delay, and so that no obstruction may be the public. It appears to us in this case to be a reasonablo offered to the public desirous of using such railways as a thing, so long as the required accommodation is not given continuous line of communication, and so that all reasonable in any other way, that the Taff Vale Company should accommodation may, by means of the railways of the several

exercise the statutory powers they possess to convey by companies, be at all times afforded to the public in that be

their own engines and carriages passenger traffic to and half. As to when a station or terminus shall be deemed to

from the Great Western passenger stations at Cardiff, be near another station or terminus, the Act provides that it

payiog toll for the use of the railway, and carrying all shall be deemed to be so when the distance between such

passengers willing to pay them any special transit cbarge

of reasonable amount they might make, and that the * Reported by W. H. MACNAMARA, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. I Great Western Company should afford all reasonable and

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proper facilities and conveniences for the Taff Vale trains up; but this period will be liable to extension so far g® to PAES into and out of their station, and to may be actually necessary, in cases in which the accounts receive and deliver passengers and their luggage in the cover a period of more than two years. Transcripts station, and should give the aid of their staff for the arrival reqaired for the use of chief clerks and other officers of and departure of Taff Vale passengers, and for the working the court will bave precedence. the junctions at the Great Western end of the loop line.

All transcripts will be marked with an office stamp or We think not less than four of such trains should run each die as evidence of authentication. way on week days, and that their trains should be 80 When so requested, the prices at which securities arranged as to give the Taff Vale main line trains & con have been purchased or realized will be inserted iu sach Dection with the Great Western main line trains.

transcripts. The toll it would be lawful for the Great Western Com Solicitors are requested to leave all transcrip's of pany to demand appears to be regulated by the South Wales | accounts at tbo office to be completed at least once in each Railway Consolidation Act, 1855, which fixes the toll per

year. passenger at a sam not exceeding twopence per mile, and Jalg, 1881. authorizes a charge to be made as for six miles where a passenger is conveyed a shorter distance. These are wide toll limits, and the toll the Great Western Company could charge

QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION. the Taff Company under them would, we think, be fully

SITTINGS IN BANC. sufficient to remunerate the Great Western for any trouble or expense they might be put to, and with this provision in

All opposed motions are to be pat into a list, and will be favour of that company, and the qualification as to the

taken in their order in the list. Notice of the motious to passengers the Taff Company would be under obligation to

| be put in the list must be given to the officer in charge of carry, the requiring that, if the companies should not have Tecourse to other means for that purpose, the means that have been mentioned for facilitating traffic should be afforded, involves nothing that is incompatible with the fair interests

CREDITORS' CLAIMS. of either company. But in showing that it is practicable for the two railways to be worked as a continuous line, merely by each company exercising its separate powers for the benefit of CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. the public, we do not wish or intend to impose that or any

LAST DAY OF PROOF. particular mode of working on the companies. The train HINE, FRITI, Leek Frith, Stafford, Farmer. July 9. Hine v Hine service, for instance, that was contemplated in the agreement V.C. Hall. Allen, Leek the companies proposed to enter into in the early part of this KEMPSELL, JOAN, sen, Winkfield, Berkshire, Builder, July 9. year would bave been perfectly satisfactory, and they are

Haydon v Kempsell, Fry, J. Davies, Basinghall st free under the Traffic Act, as they may think it in their

RADFORD, JOSEPI, Delph, Brierley hill, Stafford, Licensel

Victualler. June 27. Cartwright v Radford, Registrar, Dadley. common interests, to set aside any particular way of giving

Homer, Brierley hill accommodation such as that to which we have referred as | UNDERWOOD, SAMUEL NEWBY, Regent st, Silk Mercer. July 5. beiog in their power, and to adopt instead any other way of Underwood v Underwood, V.C. Bacon. Peed, Cambridge not less effect which they may prefer. We are, however, of

(Gazette, June 14.] opinion that at present through passenger traffic, arriving by CLARKE, WALTER GRIMWOOD, Regent's Canal, Limehouse, Biscuit one of the main lines at Cardiff, is not afforded due and

al Manufacturer, July 15. Clarke v Starnes, M.R. Bastard, Bru

bant ct, Philpot lane reasonable facilities for being forwarded by the other, and I CLAY. JAMES, Waterbeach, Cambridge. Farmer. July 30. Camps that the applicants have established their claim to have an v Mason, V.C. Hall. Wayman, Cambridge order made by us in the terms of that part of section 2 Jones, Joux, Bronwion, Cardigan, Farmer. July 14. Davies of the Act of 1854 under which their application comes.

Jones, M.R. Roberts, Aberystwyth, Cardigan The applicants are granted costs, and we tbiok the measures

LAW, PAULINE, Edwardes sq, Kensington, July 19. Jones v LAW,

V.0. Hall. Jones, Lancaster pl, Strand to be taken to afford the necessary facilities should be in

Lowe, Thomas Philip, Nantwich, Chester, Gent. July 8, Absolom operation within one month from this day.

v Norcop. V.C. Hall. Brooke, Nantwich Solicitors for the applicants, Bell, Brodrick, & Gray, for POOLE, GEORGE WALTER, Paradise walk, Chelsea, Proprietor of Lewis & Jones, Merthyr Tydfil.

Panoramas. July 15. Webb v Poole, Fry, J. Mead, Jermyn st,

St James's Solicitor for the Great Western Railway Company, R. R. SUTHERLAND, WILLIAM, Glenville Bitterne, Southampton. July 16. Nelsun.

Sutherland v Sutherland, Fry, J. Vallance, Essex st, Strand

[ Gazette, June 17, ! BOWLEY, WILLIAM, Gonalstone, Nottingham, Farmer. July 19.

Bowley y Thompson, M.R. Latham. Melton
ELLIS, CHARLES CYDWELLYN, Albany courtyard, Piccadilly, Solici-

tor. July 19. Ellis y Swan, M.R. Munday, St Swithin's lane FREER, RICHARD, Rugeley. Stafford, Surgeon. July 15. Freer

Freer, M.R. Armishaw, Rugeley
COURT OF APPEAL, WESTMINSTER. GARVEY, John, Tabard st. July 14. Macey v Garvey, V.C. Hall.

Saffery and Huntley, Tooley st Interlocutory appeals from the Queen's Bench Division LANGHAM, STEPHEN, NATHANIEL, Castle st, Leicester sq, Licensed will stand over until next sittings, onless, on application

Victualler. July 26. Langham v Langham, M.R. Thomas,

Martin's lane, Cannon st to the court at Lincoln's-ipo, in urgent cases they are

SAYER, MATILDA, Wyke House, Isleworth, July 20. M'Clellan v ordered to come into the paper there.

Clarke, Fry, J. Phillips, Old Jewry chambers
TAORNE, JOHN King, Warwick st, Pimlico. July 21. Thorne v

Thorne, V.C. Hall. Nazer, Castle st, Holborn

[Gazette, June 21.]

GOODLAKE, HENRY Cox, Gt Malvern, Worcester, Surgeon. July 25. NOTICE OF OFFICE REGULATIONS.

Tyrrell v Goodlake, V.C. Hall Whatley, Gt Malvern 1. Delivery of Cheques.-The office will be open for the

GUDGEX, ALEXANDER, Newton Blossomville. Bucks, Yeoman.

July 8. Simco v Gudgen, V.C. Hall. Powell, Newport Parnell delivery of cheques from 10.30 till 3.30 daily, except | HALL, JOSEPH, Halifax, Farmer. July 20. Parke v Hall, V.C. Hall, Saturdays, when the hours will be from 10.30 till 2.

Sutcliffe, Hebden Bridge, nr Halifax 2. Powers of Attorney.--The form of power of attorney

PENNELL, MARY, Dorset cottages, Old Kent rd. July 20. Jassaume

v Wheeler, Fry, J. Brewer, City rd, Finsbury 89 bitherto in use bas been revised. In future no affidavit of

ROBERTS, HOWLAND, Lee Park, Blackheath, General in H.M. India execution will be required. The new forms are to be ob Army. July 20. Roberts v Mackintosh, V.C. Bacon. Blaxland, tained at the Office of the Distributors of Stamps and

Lincoln's inn fields

USSHER, HERBERT TAYLOR, Governor of the Gold Coast. Oct 1. CU Forms.

v Davenport, Fry, J. Davis, Cork st. Burlington gardens Powers of attorney will be ready for delivery on the WALTON, Joux, Birmingham, Coal Merchant. Sept 1. Cpton third day following that on which they have been left.

Walton, Fry, J. Reeves, Birmingham 3. Certificates of Funds in Court.—These will be issued

(Gazette, June 24.) on the third day following that on which they have been

BLUNT, EDMUND, St Peter's rd, Mile End, Watchmaker. July 16.

Burrett v Burrett, V.C. Bacon. Champion, Whitechapel re bespoken.

CLARK, FREDERICK ARTHUR, Oppidans rd. Hampstead, StoCKOUR 4. Transcripts of Accounts.- Transcripts of accounts | Aug 1. Wright y Clark, 'v.o. Hall, Tucker, Serle st, Lincolo * will in ordinary cases be completed within one week of the day on which they have been bespoken or left to be made

CLAY, RICHARD, Rose Bank, Hampton Court. Esc. July 26. Vai

Sandau y Tindale, M.R. Taylor, Essox st, Strand



54. Harwood, Cannon store Somerset. July 16. Gregory and

GOSDEX, CHARLES, Carlisle, Gent. July 25. Gosden v Scott, V.C. Walton, THOMAS, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Gent. July 30 Hall. Wannop, Carlisle

Morgan, Birmingham JACKSON, SHADRACH, Brook mews, Berkeley sq, Licensed Victualler. WHEATLEY, THOMAS, Calverley, York, Innkeeper. Aug 1. Wigin, July 26. Jackson v Jackson, V.C. Hall. Thomson, Cornhill

Leeds PAINE, RICHARD Bishop, Budleigh Salterton, Devon, Gent. July 30. WHITR, PETER, Hollywood rd, Brompton, Gent. Aug 2. Cox, Paine v Bisney, V.C. Hall, Ford, Exeter

Salter's Hall ct, Cannon st POTTER, WILLIAX, Walthamstow, Essex, Publican. July 20. Potter Wilson, ANNE HEWITT, Ebury st, Belgravia. July 15. Deane and v Potter, V.C. Hall. Harries, Coleman st

Co, South sq, Gray's inn RANDLESON, ANN, Carlisle, July 30. Leach v Slack, Fry, J. Wisk, Horatio JAMES, Fulham rd, Brompton, Retired Colonel, Brown, Carlisle

July 31. Marsden and Co, Old Cavendish st RHODES, ROBERT, Gomersal, York, Land Surveyor. July 20. Rhodes YEARDLEY, EDWIN DAVIES, Woodville, nr Sheffield, Gent. Aug 30. v Wroe, V.C. Hall. Walker, Halifax

Fretson and Son, Sheffield SICHER, SYLVESTER EMIL, Bradford, York, Merchant. July 30,

[Gazette, June 21.] Sichel v Sichel, V.C. Hall. Killick, Bradford WEBSTER, Rev JOSIAL GARDINER, Brighton, Clerk, July 24, Wigden

| BAINBRIDGE, LILY MATILDA, Grenville pl, South Kensington. Aug v Mello, V.C. Hall. Brown and Woolnough, Lincoln's inn fields WILLIAMS, EDWARD, Maesygarn, Brecon, Farmer. July 21. Griffiths

BENNETT, HESTER, Congresbary, So v Webb, V.C. Hall, Grifliths, Hay

Son, Bristol [Gazette, June 28.]

BUCKLEY, JOSEPH, Gorton, nr Manchester, Cotton Spinner. Aug 1.

Stead, Manchester

SEDLEY, Shrubhurst, Surrey, Lieutenant CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25 Colonel in the Coldstream Guards. July 22, Taylor and Co, LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

Furnival's inn

CABLYLE, THOMAS, Gt Cheyne row, Chelsea, Esq. July 3. Farrer ADAMS, MARY, Bath. July 30. Bowker and Co, Bedford row

and Co, Lincoln's inn fields BALDWIN, GEORGE, Wolverhampton, Esq. Aug 1. Corser and Co, CHADDOCK, HENRY DOUDNEY, Bristol, Smith, July 16. Gregory Wolverhampton

and Son, Bristol BARROW, GEORGE, Grafton st, Soho. July 20, Waynforth, High CORDERY, ALICE, Seymour villas, New Hampton. July 24. Patey st, Shoreditch

and Warren, London wall Biss, JOIN, Bath, House Decorator. July 27. Gibbs, Bath

Dawson, ROBERT JOHN, Conisbrough, York, Gent. Sept 1. Parkin JOHN, Leicester, Gent. July 29. Stevenson and Son, and Co, Doncaster Leicester

EVERARD, PROSPER LEOPOLD, New Coventry st, Haymarket, Picture COWDRY, SARAH PAYNE, Wood lane, Shepherd's Bush. Aug 1. DealerJuly 11. Beyfus and Beyfus, Lincoln's inn fields Newman and Co, Clement's inn

FRECKLETON, John, Derby, Whitesmith. Aug 11. Hextall, Derby DAVIS, ELIZABETH, Poole, Dorset, Draper. Sept. 1. Dickinson, GALT, JOHN JAMES, New Wootton bridge, Isle of Wight, Esq. Aug Poole

1. Ford, Howard st, Strand Ewens, RICHARD, Yeovil, Somerset, Glove Manufacturer. Aug 1. GRIFFITHS, Samuel, Cannon st, Iron Broker. Aug 1. WarmingWatts, Yeovil

ton, Gresham bldgs GALE, CHARLOTTE, Bockhampton, Southampton. July 13. Lamb, HARNEW, John, Levels, nr Thorne, York, Farmer. Sept 1. Parkin Andover

and Co, Doncaster HARRIS, LAVINIA, Plymouth. Sept. 21. Wilson, Plymouth

Harrison, Mary, Sawley, Derby. Aug 6. Burton and Co, NotHERMON, EDWARD, Berkeley sq, Esq, M.P. Aug 15. Garrard and tingham Co, Suffolk st, Pall Mall East

HARVEY, SUSANNA, Greenway, Devon. July 30. Smith and Paul HOLLIS, FRANCIS JOSEPH, Winchester, Solicitor. July 1. Adams Truro and Co, Winchester

HONE, NATHANIEL, jun, Rosemount, Booterstown, Ireland, Esq. HOLLOWAY, RICHARD Henry, Redruth, Cornwall, Solicitor. Aug Aug 6. Rooke and Sons, Lincoln's inn fields 10. Daniell, Camborne

HUTCHINGS, ELLEN, Liverpool, July 21. Goffey and North, Liver. JONES, JAMES, Upton, nr Chester, Gent. July 9. Mason, Chester pool LLOYD, ELIZABETI HENRIETTA, Hazelcroft, York, July 20. Ellis LEE, Joan, Thorne, York, Farmer. Sept 1. Parkin and Co, Donand Boulton, Sunderland

caster MORKILL, Jorn, Killingback Lodge, nr Leeds, Gent. July 31. MACLEAN, GEORGE HENRY, Lime st, Merchant. Aug 31. Maples Clarke and Son, Leeds

and Co, Frederick's pl, Old Jewry PEDLEY, MARTHA, Northampton, Grocer. July 15. Jessopp, Bed. MAWE, FREDERIC Eustack, Belsize pk gdns, Solicitor. Aug 6. ford

Rooke and Sons, Lincoln's inn fields PEELIPS, MARIA, Weymouth. Aug 1. Newman and Co, Clement's MCKINNON, Jorn, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester, Manufac

turing Chemist. Aug 1. Stead, Manchester PITMAN, Thomas, Woolston, North Cadbury, Somerset. Aug 1. MICHAUX, JAMES, Guildford, Surrey, Hotel Keeper. Aug 1. Day, Newman and Co, Clement's inn

Godalming SPEDDING, ADEL,' Whitehaven, Cumberland, Butcher. July 18. O'BRIEN, DONAT JOIN HOSTE, Eastwick, Hertford, Esq. Aug 16. Webster, Whitehaven

Hunt, Ware STRANGE, CHRISTOPHER, Westleigh, Lancaster, Yeoman. July 4. PAYNE, SABAH LETITIA, Enville, Stafford. Ang 15. Hall, Ashton. Marsh and Son, Leigh

under-Lyne TRASDALE, GEORGE, Milnthorpe, Westmoreland, Yeoman. July 18. PEDLEY, MARTIN, Northampton, Grocer. July 15. Jessopp, BedLittle and Lamonby, Penrith

ford WAITTLE, HENRY, Liverpool, Coal Merchant. July 20. Smith and POWELL, EDWARD BUNN, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Gent. Aug 1. Grim. Son, Liverpool

wade, Hadleigh WIGLEY, CHARLES, Sheldon, Warwick, Farmer. Aug 16. Whateley ROBSON, ROBERT, Richmond, York, Gent. Aug 1. Tomlin, Richand Co, Birmingham

mond [Gazette, June 17.] SMITH, WILLIAM JOHN BERNHARD, Eaton pl, Barrister-at-Law.

Aug 31. Maples and Co, Frederick's pl, Old Jewry Bext, EDWARD, Lowesby, Leicester, Grazier. July 2. Mee and Co,

WATTS, HENRY, Islington green, Licensed Victualler. Aug 31. Leicester

Harcourt, Moorgate st BLUNT, EDWARD, Bury, Lancaster, Rag Dealer. July 16. Grundy, WEBB, EDWIN HENRY, Eccleston, Chester. Aug 30. Rye and Eyre Bury

Golden sq Brooks, MARIA, Queen's rd, Dalston, Aug 1. Mathews, Billiter st WHITAKER, HENRY, Stewardstone Lees, Anerley rd, Esq. Aug 6. BURDITT, David, Leicester, Letter Carrier. July 2. Mee and Co,

Rooke and Sons, Lincoln's inn fields Leicester

WOOLHOUSE, Mary, Egham, Surrey. July 21. Farrer and Co, CANTERBURY, EDWIN JOIN, Milton st, Chiswell st, Carman. July I incoln's inn fields 18. Yarde and Loader, Raymond's bldgs, Gray's inn

YEOMANS, HENRY WILLIAM, St Martin's ct, St Martin's lane, Tailor. COLLINS, JAMES THOMAS, Harrow rd, Gent. July 17. Hudson,

Aug 4. Roberts, South sq, Gray's inn Furnival's inn

[Gazette, June 24.] COOMBS, ISAAC BRENT, Bradford, Wilts, Auctioneer. Aug 1. Beaven, Bradford

ATKINS, GEORGE Jonas, Cheltenham, Hotel Keeper. Aug 4. Jessop CB00KS, JAMES, Black Lion lane, Hammersmith, Gent. July 17. Cheltenham, Hudson, Furnival's inn

BERRY, ZEPHANIAH DEACON, Regency st. Westminster, Gas FOSTER, GEORGE Jones, Half Moon st, Piccadilly, Gent. July 17. Engineer. Aug 10. Holcombe, Great James st, Bedford row Hudson, Furnival's inn

BYARD, GILBERT, Great Marlborough st, Licensed Victualler. July HEMINGWAY, JOSEPH, Potter's Bar, Coal Merchant. July 20. 24. Indermaur and Clark, Devonshire terrace, Portland pl George, Barnet

CARRINGTON, WILLIAM TOWNSEND, Croxden Abbey, Stafford, HENDERSON, John, Lauriston, Edinburgh, Gent. July 21. Smith Farmer. Sept 1. Brown, Ashby de la Zouch and Son, Liverpool

CATTERALL, WILLIAM, Blackpool, Lancaster, Gent. Aug 13. DickKILNER, JOHN, Eccles, Lancaster, Grocer. July 31. Polding, son, Blackpool Blackburn

COUPLAND, PETER, Eccles, Manchester, Silk Merchant. Sept 24. MAY, MIRIAM, Topsham, Devon. Aug 27. Roberts and Son, Exeter Allen and Co, Manchester MILLIDGE, WILLIAM HENRY, Newport, I.W., Chemist. Aug 16.

Cox, MARY ANN, Lower Porchester street, Paddington. July 14 Eldridge and Sons, Newport

Walker, Fitzroy st, Fitzroy sa PIILLIPS, ROBERT, Cockspur st, Charing cross, Jeweller. July 30. CRESPIN, ELIZABETH, Sidcot, Winscombe, Somerset. Sept 29. Spyer and Son, Old Broad st

Bakers and Co, Weston super Mare ROBSON, JAMES TURNBILL, Stockton, Durham, Canvas Manufac EDWARDS, DAVID, Rathin, Denbigh, Seedsman. July 20. Lloyd turer. July 31. Dodds and Co, Stockton-on-Tees

and Roberts, Ruthin STAGLAND, JAMES RICHARD LEAR, Dalling rd, Hammersmith, Gent. FARBALL, WILLIAM, Great Saughall, nr Chester, Farmer. July 27, July 17. Hudson, Furnival's inn

Bridgman and Co, Chester STEPHENS, ROBERT, Green st, Paddington, Ladder Manufacturer. Grant, Thomas, Birmingham, Builder. Aug 7. Cottrell and Son Aug 10. Boydell, Warwick ct, Gray's inn

Birmingham THOMPSON, ELEANOR, Tonsley hill, Wandsworth, July 25. Mathews, GRANTHAM, JOHN HOTCHIN Water, Burgh le Marsh, Lincoln, Billiter st

Farmer. Aug 22. Bell and Ingoldby, Louth WADE, ROBERT WRIGHT, Wimbotsham, Norfolk, Schoolmaster. HEALY, GEORGE, Grantham. Lincoln, Solicitor, July 21. Latham Aug 1. Reed and Wayman, Downham Market

and Puddison, Melton Mowbray


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HORE, WILLIAM THOMAS, Springfield, Upper Clapton, Wine and

BILLS WITHDRAWN. Brandy Merchant. Aug 31. Baddeley and Sons, Leman st

Merobant Shipping, Thames River (No. 2). HOYLE, JOHN, Haithwaite, York, Cotton Spinner, Oct 1. Bottom.

JULY 6.-BILL READ A FIRST TIME. ley, Huddersfield HUNTER, JOIN, Sheffield, Glass Cutter. Aug 1. Binney and Co, Bill to continue certain Turnpike Acts, and to repeal Sheffield

certain other Turnpike Aots, and for other Parposes conNELSON, Rev. JAMES, Luddenden, Halifax, Clerk. Aug 25. Nelson

nected therewith (Mr. Hibbert). and Co, Leeds ORCHARD, THOMAS, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicester, Ironmonger. July

10. Brown, Ashby de la Zouch
PEASCOD, GEORGE, Čarlisle, Gent. July 12. Wannop, Carlisle
Potts, GEORGE, Cramlington, Northumberland, Joiner, Aug 15.

Mather and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne
RICHES, WILLIAM, Crescent pl, Clapham Common, Gent. Aug 3.
Green, Verulam bldgs, Gray's inn

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. RYGTT, WILLIAM HALL, Thirsk, York, F.R.C.P. Aug 1. Richard. son, Castlegate, Thirsk


COURT OF Richardson, Castlegate, Thirsk


MASTER OF THR V. C. Bacox. SHAW, SUSANNA, Marquess rd, Canonbury. July 28. Lovell and


ROLLI. Co, Gray's inn sq

Monday, July 11Mr. Clowes Mr. Cobby Mr. Farrer SMITH, FREDERICK, Brighton, Leather Cutter. July 31. Freeman

Tuesday ......


Jackson Teesdale and Freeman-Grell. Brighton



Farrer STANESBY, GEORGE, Exmouth st, Stepney, Aug 1. Sydney, Cole

Thursday .... man st

Jackson Teesdale SWAIN, DAVID, Birmingham, Gas Maker. Aug 7. Cottrell and Son,


Farrer Birmingham

Saturday...... 16 Koe


Teesdale THOMAS. JENKIN JONES, Weston super Mare, Esq. July 25. Jones,

Mr. Justice

V.O. HALL Llandyssul

Mr. Justice FRY.

ΚΑΙ. VIPAN,SELINA EDITA, Gateby rd, Brixton. July 28. Wallingford and Co, St Ives, Hunts

Monday, July 11Mr. Merivale Mr. War: Mr. Leach WARD, MARY BUSSEY, York, July 6. Cooper, Bridlington

Tuesday ...... 12 King

Pemberton Latham * Gazette, June 28.7 Wednesday.... 13 Merivale Ward

Leach BADENACI, WALTER TIOMPSON, Seaforth, Lancaster. July 15. Thursday .... 14

Pemberton Lathap Evans and Co, Liverpool

Friday ......
Merivale Ward

Leach BAILDON, JOSEPH, Southport, Lancaster, Cent. Aug 1. Paley Saturday...... 16

Pemberton Latham Baildon, Mitre ct, Temple BOTHAMLEY. GBORGE, Sutton Bridge, Lincoln, Beerhouse Keeper.

NORTHERN CIRCUIT. July 15. Mossop and Mossop, Long Sutton Cotton, Thomas Boot, Brighton, Esq. Aug 15. Newbald and The commissions for holding these assizes will be opened Falkner, Newark

at Lancaster, on Saturday, July 9; at Manchester, on DUNLEAVY, Joux, Brook st, Ratcliffe, Cooper. Aug 2. Barfield,

Wednesday, July 13; and at Liverpool, on Tuesday, Finsbury pavement ELDER, ROBERT, Kingston upon Hull, Master Mariner. July 16. July 26. In pargnance of “The Rules of the Supreme Thompson and Co, Hull

Court, December, 1879," causes may at any time after GALT, JOSEPI JAMES, New Wootton Bridge,

notice of trial bas been given be entered for trial in the Aug 1. Ford, Howard st, Strand GOODWIN, WILLIAM HENRY, Albert rd, Kilburn, Licensed Victualler distriot registry of the city or town where the trial is to Aug 1. Fox, St Mary's sq, Paddiugton

be had, or with the associate at the assize town as hereHOLLINGS, EDWARD, Kingswinford, nr Dudley, House Steward.

tofore. The general entry of causes at each assize tono Aug 22. Fluker, Serjeant's inn, Chancery lane MACLEOD, RODERICK, BANNATYNÉ, Golden Manor, Hanwell, Major will commence immediately after tbe opening of the General in Her Majesty's Army, Aug 6. Gamlen and Son, Gray's respective oommissione, and will close at nine o'clock the

inn sq Moss, JAMES, Ashton under Ryne, Farmer- Aug 2, Taylor Hamp

same evening. Solicitors are requested to indorse very son, Ashton under Lyne

shortly on the pleadings the patare of the action-e.g., OLDHAM, Maria, Highbury quadrant, Highbury. Aug 1. Hewitt, « Slander,” “ Breach of Contract,” “Goods Sold," and to Nicholas lane

omit the agual indorsement of notice of trial. The court OTWAY, FRANCES AUGUSTA, Eaton terrace. July 31. Richardson and Sadler, Golden sq

will sit for the dispatch of bosiness on the day after the SSAVELEY, MARY ALICE, Long Sutton, Lincoln. July 15. Mossop i commission day at each place (omitting Sunday) at eleven and Mossop, Long Sutton

o'clock. The trial of special jary causes will commence at STEELE, MARY SARAN, Blomfield rd, Maida hill. Aug 1. Humphreys and Son, Giltspur chmbrs, Holborn Viaduct

Manchester on Friday, the 15th of Jaly, at the sitting of WELANDS, MARGARET, North Shields. Aug 20. Dale, North Shields the coart, and at Liverpool on Friday, the 29th of Jaly, WILLMOT, JOSEPH, High st, Stratford, Saw Mill Proprietor. Aug 15

at the same hour, unless the court shall otherwise order. Sherrard, Lincoln's inn fields WINTER, ROBERT, Jamaica st, St George's in the East, Gent. July |

A list of causes for trial each day (except the first) at Man. 30. Brewer, City road, Finsbury sq

chester and Liverpool will be exhibited in the corridor of VIGOR, RICHARD Nugənt hill, Bristol, Gent. July 28. Brittans and

the court and in the library. Where a cause in the list has Co, Bristol

(Gazette, July 1.]

been settled, immediato notice thereof must be given to the deputy Associate by the party who entered it. The associates' fees must be paid in jadicature stamps.

sle of Wight

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Gas Provisional Orders.

At a pension held on July 4, his Royal Higbpess the BILL READ A THIRD TIME, Charitable Trusts,

Duke of Connaught was called to the bench of the Hon. JULY 1.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

Society of Gray's-inn. PRIVATE BILLS.-London, Chatham, and Dover Railway

A well-known Wisconsin lawyer, says the Western Jurist, (Farther Powers), Holland (Parts of) and Satton Bridge

against whom Matthew Carpenter was once trying a case,

persisted in asking his witness leading questions. Carpenter JULY 4.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

dryly suggested whether it would not contribute to the PRIVATE BILL.-London and South-Western Railway.

orderly administration of justice if his friend would at least Incumbents of Benefices (Loans Extension).

filter the evidence through the witness.

On the 23rd alt, the Queen's Bench Division took cases HOUSE OF COMMONS.

in the Crown Paper. When the first case reported was JUNE 30.-BILL IN COMMITTEE.

called on, it appeared that the copies of the " special case," Metropoiitan Open Spaces Aot, 1877, Amendment. required by the rules to be sent to the judges, had not been JULY 1.-BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

received ; and the solicitor for the appellant being called Bill for farther amending the Acts relating to the upon to account for it, stated that he had left them at the Raising of Money by the Metropolitan Board of Works, Central Office with one of the clerks, whom he named, and for other Parposes relating thereto (Lord F. ( but who, it appeared, had not conveyed them to the Cavendish).

judges. The clerk, who had been sent for, rrived, JULY 4.-BILIS READ A SECOND TIME.

and was interrogated by Lord Coleridge. He admitted Private Bill.-Sectional or Block Buildings Manage- | receiving the papers, but said there was some confusion ment.

I at the office. Lord Coleridge said, “Confusion at the

office! What confusion can there be to prevent your de

TUESDAY, July 5, 1881. livering to the judges copies of papers delivered to you for

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. that purpose? It is a very simple matter so far as affects

To Surrender in London, yourself. These papers are delivered to you to be delivered Ranger, Alfred Edward, St John st, Clerkenwell, Stationer. Pet to us ; why were they not so delivered ? What did you do June 30. Hazlitt July 20 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. with them?The clerk said he had given them to the

Betjeman, S J , East Cowes, Isle of Wight, Licensed Vicmessenger to take to the judges. Lord Coleridge then sent

tualler. Pet June 30. Blake. Newport, July 18 at 12 for the messenger, who admitted receiving papers from the Coombe, Christopher, Pershore, Worcester, Licensed Victualler.

Pet July 2. Beale. Worcester, July 19 at 2.30 clerk, but could not identify them, and on further inquiry it

Hovell, Benjamin, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, Smack Master. Pet June appeared that there was no personal manual delivery of the 30. Worlledge.' Gt Yarmouth, July 19 at 11 papers by the clerk to the messenger, but they were left on a Wells, Thomas, Banham, Norfolk, Miller. Pet July 2. Cooke. Normantlepiece for bim. On the whole his lordship said to the wich, July 16 at 12

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. clerk that there had been neglect, and the court bad been

FRIDAY, July 1, 1881. put to great inconvenience, and if it happened again he James, Charles Burnard, Ludgate hill, Picture Dealer. June 23. wonld see what could be done to punish such neglect. In Phillips, Joseph, and John Phillips, Mynyddysllwyn, Monmouth, the meantime solicitors had better attend to his lordship's

Farmers. June 29.

Strachan, John, City chambers, Bishopsgate st, East India Mer. announcement of the arrangement to leave the copies of cases

chant. June 24. deposited at the Crown Office at that office—that is, copies

TUESDAY, July 5, 1881. for the judges as well as the cases themselves which are de. Appleyard, Robert Prescot, Connaught sq, Hyde pk. June 30

Liquidations by Arrangement. posited or delivered there.


FRIDAY, July 1, 1881.
Aldrich, George, Watford, Hertford, Tailor, July 12 at 11 at offices

of Chilcott, 98, St Martin's lane

Archdeacon, John, Liverpool, Plumber. July 14 at 2 at offices of

Steinforth, Dale st, Liverpool July 12.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, Tewson, FARMER & BRIDGE Armitage, Richard Augustus, Leeds, York, Grooer. July 20 at 3 at WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see adver Bull and Mouth Hotel, Briggate, in Leeds. Wilson, Mirfield tisement, June 11, p. 12).

Atkinson, William Thomas, Great Tower st, Wine Merchant. July Jaly 12.-Messrs. E. & H. LUMLEY, at the Mart, at 2 p.m.,

13 at 3 at Masons' Hall Tavern, Mason's avenue, Basinghall st.

Collens, Gresham bldgs, Guildhall Freehold Property (see advertisement, July 2, p. 4).

Bailey, Henry, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham, Boot Dealer. July 18 July 12.-Messrs. WORSFOLD & HAYWARD, at the Mart, at 2

at 11 at offices of Stevenson, Nottingham o.m.. Ground Rents (see advertisemeat, this week, p. b) p.

at, this week, p. 5). Bald

Baldwin, Robert William, Eastbourne, Suss ex, Clothier. July 16 at July 13.-Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK & Co., at 12 at 12, Serjeants' inn, Fleet st. Nye, Brighton Horsham, Freehold Properties (see advertisement, June 11,

Bennett, John Robert, Lorne terrace, Stoke Newington, Trimming p. 16).

Manufacturer. July 13 at 3 at offices of Bryant and Joseph, 71,

Finsbury pavement July 13.-Messrs. Edwin Fox & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart, at

Beveridge, James, Gateshead, Durham, Grocer. July 14 at 3 at 2 p.m., Shares (see advertisement, this week, p. 5).

offices of Marshall Dix, Wellington chambers, Gateshead July 14.-Messrs. BEADEL & Co., at the Mart, at 1 p.m., Bingham, Robert Sykes, Sheffield, Provision Merchant. July 12 at Freehold Properties (see advertisement, June 11, p. 7).

12 at offices of Rodgers and Co, 30, Bank st, Sheffield July 15.-Measis. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK & Co., at the Black, James Cochrane, Manchester, Ladies Underclothing Manu. Mart, Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement,

facturer. July 14 at 10.30 at offices of Sale and Co, 29, Booth st,

Manchester June 25, p. 6).

Bloomer, David, Aston-juxta-Birmingham, Painter. July 11 at 2 July 15-Messrs. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY & Co, at the at Great Western Hotel, Monmouth st, Birmingham. Simmons,

Mart, Freehold Ground Rents, and Copyhold Property (see Birmingham advertisement, June 11, p. 18; and June 25, p. 5).

Bowditch, Henry, the younger, Pulham, nr Dorchester, Farmer.

July 18 at 11 at Antelope Hotel, Dorchester. Howard, Melcombe

Bramwell, John, Alfreton, Derby, Grocer. July 20 at 3.30 at offices

of Briggs, Commercial Bank chmbrs, Albert st, Derby BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. Brockleback, William, Anfield, Liverpool, Wool Merchant. July 15

at 2 at offices of Knowles, 5, Cook st, Liverpool

Brooke, Charles, John, Brooke, and Benjamin, Brooke, Batley Carr, BIRTHS.

Dewsbury, York, Dyers. July 15 at 2 at Black Bull Hotel, MirLUSH-WILSON.-June 27, at 8, Chester-place, Regent's-park, field. Ibberson, Heckmondwike

N.W., the wife of Herbert Lush-Wilson, barrister-at-law, of Brooks, John, Hughenden, Bucks, Farmer. July 19 at 3 at Lion a daughter.

Hotel, High Wycombe STEWART.-June 24, at Grassendale, Liverpool, the wife of

Brown, James, Liverpool, Draper. July 15 at 2 at offices of Stewart,

25, Stafford st, Liverpool. Brighouse and Brighouse, Ormskirk W. J. Stewart, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.'

Brown, James, Bristol, Hat Manufacturer. July 11 at 12 at offices MARRIAGE.

of Andrews, Nicholas st, Bristol. Ayre, Bristol FISHER-SPOONER.-June 23, at Tixall, near Stafford, Clement Bullen. Arthur Brackenbury, Brockhurst, Gosport, Hants, ManuIreby Fisher, Esq., barrister-at-law, to Florence Lucy,

facturer of Preservative Anti-fouling Compositions for Ships' daughter of the late Isaac Spooner, Esq., J.P., formerly

Bottoms. July 16 at 1 at Totterdell's Hotel, St George's sq, Port

sea. Simpson and Palmer, Three Crown sg, Southwark Stipendiary Magistrate for South Staffordshire,

Burston, Walter, Farndon, Chester, Grocer. July 14 at ll at offices DEATHS.

of Walker and Co, Chester ANDREWS. — June 12, at his residence, Dorchester, George Buxton, John, West st, Hackney, Beerhouse Manager. July 21 at 2 James Andrews, solicitor, aged 67.

at offices of Neave, Cheapside MARSLAND. - June 19, at Dalston, George Marsland, formerly

Buzzacott, Eliza, Crediton, Devon, Carrier, July 14 at 3 at Castle

Hotel, Castle st, Exeter. Orchard, Exeter of Manchester, and of Bolton-le-Moors, solicitor, aged 55.

Carlyon, Joseph, Mylor. Cornwall, Innkeeper. July 14 at 12 at office

of Jenkins, the Square, Penryn. Torrill, Penryn Chapman, John Joseph, Nicoll rd, Willesden, of no occupation,

July 16 at 3 at Guildhall Coffee-house, Gresham st. Nicholl
Churchill, Joseph, Exeter, Tailor, July 14 at 3 at Bude Haven

Hotel, St Sidwell. Jerman, Exeter
Claridge, Samuel Church, Park-walk, Fulham rd, Cheesemonger.

July 11 at 3 at 45, Chancery-lane. Roberts, Thanet pl, Strand

Dakin, William, Birmingham, Retail Brewer. July 12 at 11 at officos FRIDAY, July 1, 1881.

of Eaden, bennett's-hill, Birmingham Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Devis, John Johnstone, Leamington Priors, Warwick, Ale MerCreditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. chant. July 11 at 3 at offices of Overell and Son, Warwick st, To Surrender in London.

Leamington Priors Davies, James Penrose Hart, New Bridge st, Blackfriars. Pet June Dent, Matthew Benjamin Edwards, Bournemouth. Hants, Licensed 28. Murray. July 15 at 11.

Victualler. July 16 at 1 at offices of Wade, Christchurch rd, Mutch, Charles L ', Jermyn st, Piccadilly, of no occupation. Pet Bournemouth June 2. Hazlitt. July 11 at 12.30.

Drage Henry, Bozeat, Northampton, Shoe Manufacturer. July 15 To Surrender in the Country,

at 3 at offices of Andrew, Mark sq, Northampton Beedie, George, Manchester, Wine Importer, Pet June 27. Lister. Dudley, James, Luton, Bedford, Butcher. July 13 at 3 at offices of Manchester, July 18 at 12.

Millar, John st, Luton Compere, Thomas Bond, Llangenney, Brecon, Millboard Manu. | Dyball, Thomas Walter, Ipswich, Chemist. July 18 at 12 at offices facturer. Pet June 27. Shepard, Tredegar, July 16 at 12.

of Pearce, Post Office chmbrs, Ipswich, Aldous, Ipswich Einsley, Matthew Henry, Heckmondwike, York, Rag Merchant. Pet

Forster, Peter, Gorton, nr Manchester, Smith. July 13 at 2.30 at June 29, Tennant. Dewsbury, July 14 at 3.

the Thatched House Hotel, New Market pl, Manchester. BatterLee, John, Leeds, Brush Manufacturer. Pet June 29. Cautherley. worth, Manchester Leeds, July 13 at 11.

Gleave, Henry, Manchester, Ladies' Underclothing Manufacturer. Molyneux, Henry H , Maidenhead, Berks, Gentleman. Pet June

July 14 at 10 at offices of Sale and Co, Booth st, Manchester 2. Darvill. Windsor, July 23 at 12.

Gobbett, John, Edith rd, Stratford New Town, Provision D aler. Wilkinson, William, Lower Addiscombe rd, Croydon, Draper. Pet July 11 at 2 at offices of Morphett, King st, Cheapside. Terry, June 24. Rowland. Croydon, July 12 at 2.

King st


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