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an equity draftsman and a conveyancer. He was, however, and Coatham, bas been appointed a Perpetual Commigebest known as a politician. He warmly espoused the cause sioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by of Polish liberty, and in 1864 took a leading part in the Married Women for the North Riding of Yorkshire. reception of Garibaldi, on his visit to London. He was also Mr. John ROLAND PHILLIPS, barrister, has been appointed president of the Reform League. In 1868 he unsuccessfully

Stipendary Magistrate for the district of West Ham. Mr. contested the Tower Hamlets in the Radical interest. Mr.

Phillips was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 'Trinity Beales was for several years revising barrister for the county

Term, 1870. He had practised on the South Wales and of Middlesex. In 1870 he was appointed by Lord Flatberley to

Chester Circuits, and at the Glamorganshire Sessions, and he be judge of county courts for Circuit No. 35 (comprising

was formerly one of the staff of the WEEKLY REPORTER. Cambridge and the surrounding district), and be filled the post till bis death. Mr. Beales was married to tbe daughter

Mr. LINDSEY WILLIAM WINTERBOTHAM, solicitor, of of Mr. James Marsball. He was buried st Brompton

Stroud, has been elected Clerk to the Stroud School Board.

Mr. Winterbotham was admitted a solicitor in 1848. Cemetery on the 30th ult.

Mr. JAMES ANSTEY WILD, solicitor (of the firm of Wild, Barber, & Wild), of 10, Ironmonger-lane, has been elected

solicitor to St. Luke's Vestry. LEGAL APPOINTMENTS.


John ATKINSON and George Fenwick Boyd, solicitors, Geant-DUFF, barrister, M.P., who has been appointed

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Griffith, Atkinson, & Boyd). May Governor of Madras, is the eldest son of Mr. James Grant.

| 20. George Fenwick Boyd will continue the business carried Daff, of Eden, Aberdeenshire, and was born in 1829. He

on by the late firm.

Thomas TAYLOR BELLHOUSE and WILLIAM ALMOND, was educated at Rugby and at Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated second class in classics in 1850. He was

solicitors, 17, Lickinson-street, Manchester (Bellhouse & called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas Term,

Almond). June 22. William Almond will continue the 1854, having previously obtained an open studentship, and

said practice on his owo account. he was formerly a member of the Midland Circuit. He

John GEORGE WILSON and WILLIAM CHARLES LANGLET, was elected Lord Rector of the University of Aberdeen in

solicitors, Durbam (J. G. Wilson & Langley). June 14. 1866, and he bad been M.P. for the Elgin Boroughs in the

[Gazette, June 24, 1881.] Liberal interest since 1857. He was Under-Secretary of Stare for India from 1868 till 1874, and in April, 1880, he was appointed Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, and was made a Privy Councillor.

Mr. ROHARD BARTRAM, solicitor, of No. 5, The Ter.
race, Green Lanes, Highbury, N., bas been appointed a
Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court

WINDING-UP NOTICES. of Judicatore.


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Mr. JOSEPH BA8Sitt, solicitor, of Wainfleet and Spils. CARRIAGE CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.--Creditors bury, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer

are required on or before July 22 to send their namns and ad.

dresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Frederick Oatus in the Sopreme Court of Jadicature.

Bertram Smart, Cannon-street. Aug 5 at 11 is appointed for bear. Mr. EDGAR ALEXANDER BAYLIS, solicitor, of 6, Fore-street, ing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims. has been appoiuted by Mr. Alderman Hanson, sberiff elect,

LAGER BEER BREWERY, LIMITED.-The M.R. has fixed July 5 at 11

at his chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator. to by one of the Under-Sheriffs for London and Middlesex | LONDON AND PARIS DRESS AND MILLINERY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED. for the ensuing year. Mr. Baylis is the son of Mr. -Petition for winding up presented June 21, directed to be heard Alexander John Baylis, solicitor, and he was admitted in

before the M.R. on July 2. Harrisons, Fowkes-buildings, Great

Tower-street, solicitors for the petitioner 1864. He is in partnership with his father, and with Mr.

PATENT COMPOSITE FIRE LIGHT COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order Robert Pearce. Mr. Baylis is vestry clerk of St. Giles', made by V.C. Hall, dated June 3, it was ordered that the above Cripplegate, and ward clerk of Cripplegate Ward. His company be wound up. Bradley, Mark lane, solicitor for the

petitioners firdi ara solicitors to the Commissioners of Sewers for the

SCOTCH BANK, LIMITED.-Petļtion for winding up presented June City of London.

21, directed to be heard before V.C. Baon, on July 2. Bradley, Mr. JAMES BEAUMONT, solicitor, of 8, East-parade, Leeds,

Mark lane, solicitor for the petitioner

[Gazette, June 24.] has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicatore.

AVONSIDE ENGINE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up,

presented June 25, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on Mr. WILLIAM Bennett, solicitor of Bruton and Gilling. July 8. Clarke, Woodcock. & Ryland, Lincoln's-inn-fields, solici. bam, has been appointed Clerk to tbe Magistrates for the Lators for the petitioners

COUNTERSLIP SUGAR REFIXERY COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for Wincanton Division of Somersetshire, in succession to Mr.

winding up, presented June 27, directed to be heard before Fry. J. Jobn Messiter, resigned. Mr. Bennett was admitted a on July 8. Clarke, Woodcock, & Ryland, Lincoln's-iun-fields, soli. solicitor in 1868,

citors for the petitioner.

ELECTRIC WRITING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by the M, FREDERICK F. BONNEY, solicitor, of 39, St. James's. M.R., dated June 18, it was ordered that the company be wound Street, Piccadilly, London, has been appointed a Com- up. Shum, Crossman & Co., Theobald's rd, Gray's inn, solicitors

for the petitioner. missioner to administer Vaths in the Supreme Court of

INDIAN MAMMOTH GOLD MIXES, LIMITED.-By an order made by Judicature.

the M.R., dated June 18, it was ordered that the Mines be wound Mr. William CHARLES CRIPPB, solicitor, of Tunbridge up. Cole and Son, Church ct. Clement's lane, solicitors for

the petitioner. Wells, has been elected Presideot of the Kent Law Society

LLANDRINDOD WELLS FREEHOLD LAND AND BUILDING COMPANY, asuing year. Wir. Cripps is registrar of the Tan LIMITED.-Hall, V.C., has fixed Friday, July 8 at 12 at his bridge Wells County Court. He was admitted a solicitor in chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator.

MIDLAND LAND AND INVESTMENT CORPORATION, LIMITED.-A peti.. 1852, and is in partnership with his son, Mr. William

tion for winding up presented June 28, directed to be heard before Charles Cripps, jud.

the M.R. on July 9. Burton and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, soliciMr. MATTHEW Bowser Dodds, M.A., of the firm of tors for the petitioner.

SKEGBY COLLIERY, LIME, AND BRICK COMPANY, LIMITED. By an Messrs. Dodds & Co., of Stockton-on-Tees, has been added

dated June 18, it was ordered that the to the Commission of ihe Peace for the borough. Mr. Dodds voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Torr and Co, was admitted in 1877.

Bedford row, agents for Wells and Hind, Nottingham, solicitors

for the petitioner. Mr. JOHN GREENFIELD, of the firm of Greenfield & SUNBURGI MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up Abbott, 37, Queen Victoria-street, City, has been ap- | presented June 28, directed to be heard before the M.R., on July 9. pointed to take Affida vits, or solemn Affirmations or

Munns and Longden, Old Jewry, solicitors for the petitioners

[Gazette, June 28.7 Declarations in all Suits, Matters, and Proceedings in the High Court of Justice, at Fort William, in Bengal, and


MADRAS IRRIGATION AND CANAL COMPANY.--Creditors resident in Acknowledgments of Married Women in respect of Property Great Britain and elsewhere than in India are required on or before in India,

Sept 12, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of

their debts or claims to Samuel Lowell Price, Gresham st, and Mr. JAMES MATHEW MEEK, solicitor, of Middlesborough creditors resident in India are required to send their names and

the petition. Baon, on Pn presented June

for t

o u or ibe Kent Law Socis

or the ensuing year V


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addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to John NICHOLLS, RICHARD, St Erme, Cornwall, Merchant. Jaly 16 Herbert Latham, Kurnool, Madras' Oct 28 at 12 is appointed for Plomer, Helston hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

POOLE, ELIZABETH, Farthingstone, Northampton, Aug 1. Dennis [Gazette, June 24.] and Faulkner, Northampton

SUTTON, STEPHEN, Albert villas, Peckham, Gent. July 11, Wastell, COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER, WELLS AND GALLOWAY, LIMITED.-By an order made by the V.O

Queen st, Cheapside dated May 30, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of

TAYLOR, ARTHUR, Garforth, York, Gent. July 1. Barker, Leeds Wells and Galloway be continued. Bateson and Co. Liverpool,

TAYLOR, WILLIAM, Twiston, Lancaster. July 1. Holden and Holden,

Bolton solicitors for the petitioners

[Gazette, June 24.]

TILLOTSON, SAMUEL BOLD, Halifax, Carpet Manufacturer. Ang 1.

Emmet and Walker, Halifax
WAINE, GEORGE, Guilford st, Russell sq, Esq. July 30. Hill and

Co, Old Broad st
WASSELL, HENRY NORTON, Shardeloes rd, Deptford, Engineer. July

31. Sarah Anne Moore. 41, Shardeloes rd, New Cross WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, St Keverne, Cornwall, Gent, July 16. Plomer


Norwich ARXIT, EUPHEMIA MARIE ELEANOR, St John's Wood Park. July

Gazette, June 10.1 11. Girdlestone v Armit, V.C. Hall. Lumley and Lumley, Con

BEADEL, FREDERICK, Boundary rd, St John's Wood, Estate Agent. duit st, Regent st

July 28. Morris, Bedford row BANKS, WILLIAM (William Banks and James Banks, the executors BILLINGTAM, JOSEPH, Kimberworth. York, Gent. July 30. Haigh, of), Selby, York, Timber Merchant. June 28. Banks v Banks,

Bradford M.R. Bantoft, Selby

BLACKBURN, Ann, Skipton, York. July 16. Brown, Skipton Bush, CHARLES THORNTON, Norwich, Confectioner. July 1.

BLUNT, CATHERINE JANE, Íghtfield Rectory, Salop. July 1. Wade Copeman v Bush, Registrar Norwich District Registry. Francis,

and Thomas, Shrewsbury Norwich

CLEEVE, Herry, Cholsey, Berks, Farmer. July 18. Beale and CUNLIFFE, JAMES, Newton Heath, nr Manchester. Licensed

Martin, Berks Victualler. July 1. Chadwick v Cunliffe, M.R. Evans, Man.

COPLAND, CHARLES, Angell Park gdns, Brixton. Aug 1. Copland, chester

Mitre st, Aldgate FINLAY, JAMES, Epping, Esq. July 5. Duckworth v Finlay, Fry,

CULLING, GEORGE Robert, Norwich, Commercial Traveller. July J. Rawle, Bedford row

16. Clabburn, Norwich HILL, PASCOB GRENFELL, Plymouth, Solicitor. June 28. Bolitho v

DUNN, EMILY, South wick st, Hyde pk. July 28. Golding and Lander, V.C. Hall. Curteis, East Stonehouse

Mitchell, Southampton st, Bloomsbury JACOBSON. NATHAN WOODE, Oxford st. Diamond Merchant. June

FISHER, JOIN, Sheffield, Gent. Aug 10. Brown and Son, Sheffield 30. Jacobsou v Jacobson. M.R. Lewis, Ely pl, Holborn

FISHER, SARAH Axx, Sheffield. Aug 10. Brown and Son, Sheffield TWYFORD, AUGUSTUS SAMUEL, Southdown, Wimbledon, Surrey.

FORSTER, ANN, Bordesley Green, Birmingham. July l. Suckling July 4. Arding v Twyford, V.C. Bacon. Walker and Co, South

and Edge, Birmingham ampton st, Bloomsbury

GORE, ANNESLEY Knox, Brompton sq. Major-General, Madras Star WOOD, ELIZABETH, Wood Hill, nr Woking. July 1. Wood v Bourne,

Corps. June 20. Eardley and Co, St James' 89 Hall, v.c. Walker, New sq. Lincoln's inn

GOWLAND, JANE, Kingston-upon-Hull. Aug 1. Peach, Harrogate

(Gazette, June 3.] HAMES, WILLIAM, sen, St Dunstan's, nr Canterbury, Gent. July $1. BENOY, JOHN, Morice Town, Devonport, Shipwright. July 11.

Sankey and Co, Canterbury Benoy v Gard, Fry, J. Gard, Devonport

HEBDEN, EDWARD HOPPER, Scarborough, Esq. June 18. Woodall JONES, OWEN, Maentwrog, Merioneth, Hotel Keeper. July 4.

and Woodall, Scarborough Hughes v Jones, M.R. Jones' Four Crosses, Festiniog

HONYMAN, ANNIE JOHANNA, Cambridge terrace, Hyde pk. July KIRKPATRICK, Sir THOMAS, Grove Villa, New Southgate, Bart. June

22. Martineau and Reid, Raymond bldgs, Gray's inn 30. Kirkpatrick v Kirkpatrick, Hall V.C. Meynell and Pember.

HUYFFREYS, FRANCES ANNÉ, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, July 15. ton, Whitehall pl .

Wade and Thomas, Shrewsbury Mason, HENRY, Burton-on-Trent, Builder, July 11. Turner v JOBLING, JOSEPH, Morpeth, Northumberland, Wine Merchant. Mason, M.R. Goodger, Burton-on-Trent

Aug 1.' Nicholson, Bridge st, Morpeth MILLS, CHARLES SAMUEL, Holland rd, Kensington, Gent, June 30. KIRK, JOIN, Worcester, Gent. July 30. Stallard and Son, WorcesMills y Mills, V.C. Hall. Bockett and Son, Lincoln's inn fields

ter SMITY, JACOB, Bath. Butcher, July 5. Pyatt v Smith, M.R. Rooke,

MAN, WILLIAM, jun, Woodford, Essex, Gent. July 15, Randall Bath

and Son, Tokenhoú e yd SYMONDS. RICHARD KNILL, Braunton, Devon, Gent. July 1. NORMINGTOX, JAMES HENRY, Southwick, Wilts, Army Pensioner. Symonds y Symonds, Fry, J. Steward, King's Bench walk,

July 30. Mann and Rodway, Trowbridge Temple

REID, LOUISA, Hyde pk terrace. July 31. Freshfields and Williams, THOMPSON, MARY, Gloucester ter, South Kensington, July 1.

Bank bldgs Thompson y Milward, Fry, J. Shaen, Bedford row

ROBERTSON, EMMA MARY, Upper Grosvenor st, Park lane. July 30. Wood, WILLIAM HARP, Albion rd, Shepherd's Bush. June 30,

Nisbet and Daw, Lincoln's inn fields Watson v Wood, V.C. Bacon. Swaffield, Chesterfield

SAUNDERS, JOSEPH, Piddlehinton, Dorset, Gent. July 20. Symonds Gazette, June 7.]

and Son, Dorchester ARMIT, EUPHEMIA MARIE ELEANOR, St John's Wood Park. July 11. | SLACK, JOHN, Queen's rd, Surbiton, Esq. July 15. Few and Co, Girdlestone v Armit, V.C. Hall. Lumley and Lumley, Conduit st,

Surrey st, Strand Regent st

SMITH, JAMES, Pexwood, Todmorden, Lancaster, Factory Operative. COPLEY, GEORGE EDWARD, Potto, Cleveland, York, Esq. July 11. July 11. Stansfield and Sager, Todmorden

Copley y Thompson, V.C. Hall. Smithson and Teesdale, York SMITH, THOMAS, Wednesfield, Stafford, Farmer, July 23. Stirk, HAYNES, GEORGE THoras, Crich, Derby, Gent. July 11. Haynes

Wolverhampton v Haynes, M.R. Harris, Crich

[Gazette, June lu.]

Taylor, Thomas George, St Thomas' sq, Hackney, Gent. July 14.

Mrs. Taylor, St Thomas' sg CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25

WAGHORN, SUSANNA, York villas, Lewisham. July 16. Layton

and Co, Budge row LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

WALKER, Joun, Over, Chester, Gent. Aug 10. Cooke, Winsford. · BRODUAG, JULIUS CHRISTIAN FREDERICK, Newgate st, Importer of

[Gazette, June 14.]
Fancy Goods. July 15. Vallance and Vallance, Essex st, Strand
BUSHELL, CAROLINE MARSH, Dover. July 23. Claris, Dover
CHARLTON, FRANCIS, Tynemouth, Northumberland, Civil Engineer.

July 16. Leadbitter and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne
CHITTY, THOMAS Burridge, Shaftesbury, Gent. "July 30. Burridge, LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK,

COBHAM, NATHANIEL, Ware, Hertford, Solicitor. July 25. Hunt,

CULLING, GEORGE ROBERT, Norwich, Commercial Traveller. July

HOUSE OF LORDS. 16. Clabburn, Norwich

Dixon, Anne, Crescent pl, Mornington crescent. Aug 15. Copping, Newspapers.
Godliman st, Doctors' commons

Dixox, Francis, Crescent pl, Mornington crescent, Gent. Aug 14.
Copping, Godliman st, Doctors' commons

Veterinary Surgeons, Consolidated Fund (No. 3), Post
EMMET, CHARLES ALEXANDER, Essex st, Strand, Solicitor. July 18. Office (Land).
Vallance and Vallance, Essex st, Strand

Fox, THOMAS, Dover, Gent. July 9. Mowll, Dover
HOCKLY, THOMAS HENRY, Tufneli Park rd, Holloway, Gent. Aug 1,

PRIVATE BILLS.-London, Chatham, and Dover Railway Cattell, Great James st, Bedford row

(Maidstone and Faversham Junction), Maidstone and Asbe HOLLAND, AYNIE, Knighton, Leicester. July 19. Wright, Leicester ford Railway, London, Chathar, and Dover Railway (City HOPPER, GEORGE, Hackness, York, Farmer. June 22. Wellburn, Scarborough

and Suburban Traffic Station), Beverley Water. HULLOND, Amos, Cross Smithfield, Sheffield, Grocer. Aug 0.

JUNE 24. - BILLS IN COMMITTEE. Branson and Co, Sheflleld

Gas Provisional Orders, Newspapers.
Moon, John ROBERT, Broadway, Ealing, Cook. July 22. Miller and

Wiggins, Copthall ct, Throgmorton st
MORRIS, GEORGE WILLIAM, Beechfield, Doncaster, York, Merchant.

Private BILLS.-Ellon Trust Estates, Seacombe, Hoy. Sept 5. Parkin and Co, Doncaster

lake, and Deeside Railway, London Sea Water Supply, MOYLE, Matthew PAUL, Helston, Cornwall, Surgeon. July 7. Ipswich Tramwaye.

Walker Tyacke, Helston
NEALE, WILLIAM, Woolwich, Kent, Chemist. July 15. Nicol and

Consolidated Fund (No. 3). Local Government l'roCo, Lime st

visional Orders (Birmingham, Tame, and Rea, &c.).


CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES. The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the follow. 1 Northern (Lord Coleridge, C.J., and Lopes, J.)-Carlisle, ing Bills : Consolidated Fand (No. 3); Land Tax, &c., Wednesday, July 6 ; Appleby, Friday, July 8; Lancaster, Commissioners ; Tramways (Ireland) Amendment; Petty Saturday, July 9 ; Manchester, Wednesday, July 13 ; Liver: Sessions Clerks (Ireland); Local Government Boards Pro- pool, Tuesday, July 26. South-Eastern (Bramwell, L.J., visional Orders Confirmation (Berwick-upon-Tweed); Local and Denman, J.)-Lewes, Taesday, July 5; Maidstone, Government Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation (Poor Monday, July 11 ; Hertford, Monday, July 18; Chelmsford, Law No. 2); Local Government Boards Provisional Orders Wednesday, Jaly 20; Huntingdon, Tuesday, July 26 Confirmation (Brentford Union, &c.); Education Depart. Cambridge, Thursday, July 28; Bury, Monday, August 1 ment Provisional Orders Confirmation (Clay Lane); Local | Norwich and City, Thursday, August 4. Western (Lusb, Government Board (Ireland) Provisional Orders Confirma- | L.J., and Manisty, J.)-Salisbury, Wednesday, Jaly 6; tion (Bandon, &c.); Local Government Boards Provisional Winchester, Saturday, July 9; Dorchester, Saturday, July Orders Confirmation (Halifax, &c.); Local Government | 16 ; Exeter and City, Wednesday, July 20; Bodmin, WedBoards (Gas) Provisional Orders Confirmation ; Local nesday, July 27 ; Wells, Saturday, July 30; Bristol, ThurgGovernment Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation day, August 4. North Wales (Baggallay, L.J.)-Newtown, (Birmingham); Local Government Board (Ireland) Pro Monday, July 4 ; Dolgelly, Thursday, July 7; Carnarvon, visional Orders Confirmation (Ballymena, &c.); Local Monday, July 11 ; Beaumaris, Friday, July 15; Ruthin, Government Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation Monday, July 18; Mold, Thursday, July 21'; Chester and (Cottingham, &c.) ; Irvine Burgh; Leicester Improvements; City, Saturday, July 23; Swansea, Saturday, July 30. Aberdeen Corporation ; Cheltenham Corporation ; Dudley South Wales (Pollock, B.)-Haverfordwest and Town, Gas; Matlock Waterworks ; Ryton (Parish) Local Board Thursday, July ? ; Cardigan, Monday, July 11; Carmar(Water); Cleator Moor Local Board; Glencairn Railway then and Borough, Wednesday, July 13; Brecon, Monday, (Abandonment); Goole and District Gas and Water ; West July 18; Presteign, Thursday, July 21, Chester and City, Ham Local Board (Extension of Powers); Moffat Railway ; Saturday, July 23; Swansea, Saturday, July 30. North Colne and Marsden Local Board ; Bingley Water and Im. Eastern (Sir H. Hawkins and Kay, J.)-Newcastle and provement; Burntisland Harbour; Metropolitan District Town, Thursday, July 7 ; Durham, Wednesday, July 13 ; Railway; Charnwood Forest Railway ; Dumbarton Harbour ; York (North and East Riding and City), Tuesday, July 19; City of London Commissioners of Sewers (Artisans' Leeds (West Riding, York), Monday, July 25. Midland Dwellings); Witbam Drainage ; London, Chatham, and I (Stephen, J., and Williams, J.)- Aylesbury, Monday, July Dover Railway (Maidstone and Faversham Junction); 4; Bedford, Thursday, July 7; Northampton, Monday, Maidstone and Ashford Railway; London, Chatham, and July 11 ; Leicester and Borougb, Friday, July 15; Oakham Dover Railway (City and Suburban Traffic Station); Hull and Town, Tuesday, July 19 ; Lincoln and City, WednesCorporation Loans ; Lancashire County Justices; Watford day, July 20; Nottingham and Town, Tuesday, July 26; and Rickmansworth Railway Transfer and Dissolution); Derby, Saturday, July 30 ; Warwick, Thursday, August 4. and Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland,

Oxford (Mathew, J., and Cave, J.)- Reading, Thursday, BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

June 30; Oxford, Saturday, Julo 2 ; Worcester and City, Local Government Provisional Orders (Askerne, &c.), Wednesday, July 6; Stafford, Monday, July 11 ; ShrewsLocal Government Provisional Orders (Horfield, &o.), Post bury, Thursday, July 21; Hereford, Monday, July 25; Office (Land), Newspapers.

Monmouth, Thursday, July 28 ; Gloucester and City, Mon-JUNE 28.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. day, August 1. Private Bills.-Brighton and Hove Gas, Standard Bank · Field, J., and Huddleston, B., will open the commission of South Africa (Limited).

for Surrey, at Croydon, on Monday, July 25. Wild Birds' Protection Act, 1850, Amendment, Sammary Grove and Field, JJ., Huddleston, B., and Lindley and. Jarisdiction (Process).

Bowen, JJ., will remain in town.
Veterinary Surgeong.

PRIVATE Bills.-Barrow-in-Farness Corporation, Woking July 4.-Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at the
Water and Gas, Aylesbury and Rickmansworth Railway. Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Estate (see advertisement, June 11,


| July 5.-Messrs. JAMES Lewis & Co., at the Mart, at 1 p.m., JUNE 23.—BILL READ A SECOND TIME.

Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, this Fagitive Offenders.


July 6.-Mesers. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARK, & Co., at the PRIVATE Bills.-Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 1),

Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (800

advertisements, June 11, p. 15, and June 25, p. 6). Tramways Orders Confirmation (No. 2). BILL READ A FÌRST TIME.

July 6.-Mr. EDMUND W. RICHARDSON, at the Mart, at 2

p.m., Freehold Ground Rent (see advertisement, June 11, Bill to amend the Canal Boats Aot, 1877 (Mr. Broad

p. 19). burst).

July 7.-Mesers. MARSH, MILNER, & Co., at the Mart, at %. BILL WITHDRAWN.

p.m. () Reversions (see advertisement, this week, p. 5). Distress for Rent.

July 7. Messrs. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY & Co., at the

Mart, Freebold Estates and Building Sites (800 advertisement, June 11, p. 18).

July 8.-Messrs. Norton, Trist, WATNEY, & Co., at the COURT PAPERS.

Mart, Freehold and Leasehold Properties and Ground Rents

(see advertisements, June 11, p. 18, and June 25, p. 5).

The directors of the West Lancashire Railway Company

invite applications to a subscription of £100,000, part of

$232,500 Five per Cent. Perpetual Preterence Shares, in Monday, July 4Mr. Cobby Mr. Leach Mr. Ward shares of £10 each at par. Interest at the rate of five per Tuesday ...... 5 Jackson Latham Pemberton cent. will be paid upon the shares until 1st of July, 1882, the Wednesday.... 6 Cobby


Ward time fixed for the completion of the railway. The subscrip. Thursday .... 7

Latham Pemberton

| tion list will close on Saturday, the 9th of July,

Tenders will be received by the National Bank of Australasia Saturday...... 9 Jackson Latham Pemberton

up to the 5th inst. for a South Australian Government Four Mr. Justice Mr. Justice V. C. HALL.

per Cent. Loan for £977,000 and £388,300 in Bonds of ΚΑΥ.

£1,000, £500, £200, and £100 each, with interest commencing Monday, July 4Mr. Farrer Mr. Clowes Mr. Merivalo

from 1st of April last. The principal is repayable at par on 5 Teesdale Koe

Wednesday.... 6

1st of April, 1916.

The minimum price is £102 per cent., .
Teesdale Koe


payable five per cent on application, and the balance on 2nd Friday ...... 8

Clowes Merivale of Angast next. The loan is required, it is stated, for rail, Saturday...... 9 Teesdale Koe


I ways and for other public purposes.


...... 8

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Tuesday .......

Thursday ...,

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Saturden "..



, Somerset hame July 12 at the hant, Pet June

Croft, John, Farnham, Surrey, Baker. July 4 at 11 at offices of

Potter, Borough, Farnham
Dormer, John, Desford, Leicester, Farmer, July 6 at 3 at offices of

Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester

Dutton, William, Nantwich, Chester, Shoe Mannfacturer. July 7 Bankrupts.

at 11 at Albert chmbrs, Church Side, Crewe, Pointon, Crewe

Ellison, Joseph, Chester, Beerhouse Keeper, July 8 at 11 at offices FRIDAY, June 24, 1881.

of Mason, Bridge st row East, Chester Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Essery, Henry, Barnstaple, Devon, Builder, July 5 at 2 at offices Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

of Messrs. Chanter, Finch, and Co, Bridge Hall chibrs, BarnTo Surrender in London,


Evans, Thomas, Brecon, Grocer, July 8 at 12 at the offices of Green, Harry Stephen, Shardeloes rd, New Cross, Auctioneer. Pet

Edward Griffith Scale, Victoria st. Merthyr Tydal June 20. Pepys. July 5 at 11

Forrest, James Bennet, Lancaster, Bobbin Manufacturer. July 15 Steel, Henry, Manor pl, Walworth, Grocer. Pet June 22. Broug.

at 11 at the offices of Mr. J. B. F. Whiteside, Fishergate, Preston ham. July 6 at 1

Gaze, William, sen, Norwich, Wholesale Manufacturing Confec. To Surrender in the Country.

tioner. July 5 at 2 at Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn, W. Gaze. Dare, George Thomas, Bridgwater, Somerset, Butcher. Pet June 30,

Norwich Lovibond. Bridgwater, July 6 at 10

Gerring, Charles, Oxford, Bookseller. July 18 at 12 at offices of Howgate, George, Ossett-cum-Gawthorpe, York, Skewer Maker.

Mallam, High st, Oxford Pet June 21. Tennant. Dewsbury, July 12 at 3

Giblett, Peter James, Farnborough, Southampton, Buthher. July Marley, Albert Snell, Putney, Public Accountant. Pet June 17.

5 at 4 at offices of Mr. W. E. Foster, Victoria rd, Alderehot

Gilbert, Jeremiah, Horncastle, Lincoln, Grocer, July 6 at 1 at Bell. Kingston, July 8 at 3 Norton, Charles Edmund, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Postmaster. Pet

Registrar County Court, Bank st, Lincoln. Stead and Sibree, June 21. Wilson. Salisbury, July 7 at 11

Kingston-upon-Hull. Sherrington, Job, Wigan, Lancaster, Grocer. Pet June 21. Wood

Gleave, Henry, and James Cochrane Black, Manchester, Ladies' cock. Wigan, July 7 at 11

Underclothing Mauufacturers. July 13 at 3 at offices of Mossrs. Winterborne, William, Isleworth, Engineer. Pet June 21, Ruston.

Sale, Seddon, and Co, Booth st, Manchester Brentford, July 12 at 10

Goddard, William James, Great Yarmouth, Cattle Food Commission TUESDAY, June 28, 1881.

Agent. July 14 at 12 at office of Mr. F. W. Ferrier, Hall plain,

Great Yarmouth
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Goldsmith, George Samuel, Whepstead, Suffolk, Brickmaker. July Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

5 at 3 at Evered's Hotel, Bury St. Edmunds. Samuel Hall, To Surrender in London,

Ely Dockery, J F , Somerset House, Strand, Clerk in the Civil Grosty, John, Chester, Printer. July 6 at 2.30 at the Queen's Hotel Service. Pet June 21. Brougham Jnly 12 at 11

Chester. Moss and Sharpe, Chester Máson, Benjamin William, Fulham rd, Corn Merchant, Pet June Griffiths, Thomas, St Philip and Jacob, Bristol, Butcher. June 30 23. Hazlitt. July 11 at 12

at 12 at offices of Essery, Nicholas st, Bristol Parsons, Caroline Fanny, Jamaica rd, Bermondsey, Ham Dealer, Gritton, William Henry Ryder, sen., Glass Manufacturer, SouthPet June 23. Hazlitt. July 11 at 12.30

wark st. July 2 at 11 at offices of Jones, Mark-lane Velde, Edward Van de, South st, Finsbury, Cigarette Manufacturer. Guest, David, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Pottery Manufacturer. July 1 Pet June 27. Brougham. July 11 at 12

at 12 at offices of Home, Vaughan st, Llanelly To Surrender in the Country.

Guest, Thomas Wilden, Wordsley, Kingswinford, Stafford, Licensed

Victualler. July 5 at 3 at offioes of Homfray and Holberton, High Barnes, John, Crayford, Kent, of no occupation. Pet May 19. st. Brierley hill Hayward. Rochester, July 11 at 2

Harecourt, Henry, Birmingham, Hardware Merchant. July 7 at 11 Cressey, Mary Clayton, Kingston-upon-Hull, Butcher. Pet June 21,

at Midland Hotel, New st, Birmingham, Eaden, Birmingham Rollit, Kingston-upon-Hall, July 13 at 3

Harris, Herbert, Aston-juxta, Birmingham, Geueral Draper. Garbutt, John, Ampleforth, York, Innkeeper. Pet June 24. Jeffer

July 5 at 11 at Nowhall st, Birmingham. Robinson and Son, Birson, Northallerton, July 11 at 11

mingham How, Samuel, Manchester, Dealer in Art Pottery. Pet June 23.

Harrison, Stephen, Tyldesley-cum-Shackerley, Lancaster, ProLister Manchester, July 14 at 12

vision Dealer, July 6 at 3 at offices of Grundy and Whowell, Medd, Thomas, Jarrow, Durham, Pawnbroker. Pet June 3

Mawdsley st, Bolton Daggett. Newcastle, July 11 at 11

Hickton, John, Crewe, Chester, Grocer. July 12 at 11 at offices of Reeve, Lewis, Greasley, Nottingham. Pet June 24. Patchitt.

Hill, Market st, Crewe
Nottingham, July 14 at 3
Skirrow, William, Leeds, Beerhouse Keeper. Pet June 22. Mar-

Holmes, Edmund Benjamin, Swavesey, Cambridge, Grocer.

July 11 at 3 at offices of Symonds, Benet st, Cambridge shall. Leeds, July 13 at 11

Holmes, Joseph, John Holmes, and Jonathan Hoimes, Keighley, Smith, William, Stroud, Licensed Victualler. Pet June 22,

York, Ornamental Wood Turners, July 6 at 3 at offices of Cottam, Riddiford. Gloucester, July 9 at 11

Market st, Bradford

Honywill, John Bickington, Devon, Cordwainer. July 9 at 11 at Liquidations by Arrangement.

offices of Firth, Fast st, Ashburton FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

Hope, Jabez, Eastbourne, Sussex, Builder. July 7 at 3.30 at 40, Ter

minus rd, Eastbourne. Champion and Co, Ironmonger lane, FRIDAY, June 21, 1880.

Cheapside Allard, George, Tewkesbury, Chemist. July 11 at 10.30 at offices of Howells, John, Cwmbach, Aberdare, Grocer. July 6 at 12 at offices of Moores and Romney, Tewkesbury

Linton and Kenshole, Canon st, Aberdare Astwood, Edwin Gray, Brighton, House Furnisher. July 14 at 3 at Hughes, Henry Charles, Portsmouth, Licensed Viotualler. Jaly 6 at

the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Helmore, Bishopsgate st 12 at 145, Cheapside. Cousins and Burbidge, Portsmouth Within

Hughes, Martha, Pwllheli, Carnarvon, Licensed Victualler. Jaly 9 Barton. Oswald Mozart, and Thomas Greenall, St Helen's, Lancaster. at 1 at Crown Hotel, Pwllheli. Jones and Jones, Portmadoe

Joiners. July 8 at 2 at offices of Mather, Harrington st, Liver, James, James, Carnarvon, Draper. July 19 at 12 at Queen's Hotel, pool

Railway Station, Chester. Williams and Hughes, Carnarvon Billups, Robert, Chatteris, Cambridge, Carrot Salesman, July 12

teris, Cambridge, Carrot Salesman, July 12 | Jones, David, Bryncelyn, Penygraig, Glamorgan, Tailor. July 7 Bs at 1 at offices of Ruston, Chatteris

12 at offices of Morgan, Mill st, Pontypridd Birch, John, Fadsworth, nr Manchester, out of business. July 12 at Jones, William, Connah's Quay, Flint, Joiner. July 7 at 2 st 3 at offices of Brett and Craven Kennedy st, Manchester

1, Old Post Office pl, Foregate st, Chester, Tibbits and Sons, Bolton, William, Warrington, out of business. July 1 at 3 at offices Chester of Boote and Edgar, Booth st. Manchester

Key, Edward, Runcorn, Chester, Carpenter. July 7 at 12 at offices of Bootman, Henry, Parker's row, Bermondsey, General Draper, July Day and Lake, Bridge st, Runcorn 14 at 3 at offices of Reader, Holborn viaduct

Kite, Henry Thomas, and Edward Thomas Shaw. Maria st. Kings. Bower, Walter, Moreton st, Pimlico, Upholsterer., July 8 at 2 at land rd, Čarman. 'July 8 at 3 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. offices of Myer, New Bridge st

Ricketts, King's Cross rd Bradshaw, Ebenzer Joseph Newton, Piccadilly, Baker, July 12 at Leigh. Mark, Altrincham, Chester. Corn Dealer. July 13 at 3

2 at the Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Beswick, Bedford at offices of Nicholls and Co, Market st, Altrincham row

Livesley, Joseph, Aeton. nr Nantwich, Cheshire, Farmer, Jaly 7 at Brown, Albert Scott, Cheltenham, Cabinet Maker. July 6 ut 3 at 3 at the Lamb Hotel, Nantwich. Martin, Nantwich offices of Stroud, Clarence parade, Cheltenham

Lodge, John, Shaftesbury, Dorset. Boot Maker. July 11 at 12 25 Brown, George, Goole, York, Innkeeper. July 14 at 2 at Thackray's offices of Nodder and Gater, City chmbrs, High st, Salisbury

Railway Hotel, Knottingley. Carter and Atkinson, Pontefract Mellor, John, Butterton, near Leek, Stafford, Farmer. July 13 26 11 Brown, John, Coventry, Builder, July 7 at 12 at offices of the at offices of Cooper, John st, Tunstall

Registrar of the Court, Little Park street, Coventry, Davies, Miles, Josiah, Llanfairwaterdine, Salop, Nurseryman. July 6 at 12 Coventry

at offices of Green and Peters, Knighton Burston, William, and Alexander Hughes, Farndon, Chester, Nicholls, Thomas, Cam, Gloucester, Coal Merchant. July 8 st 3 at Grocers. July 6 at 11 at offices of Walker and Co, Abbey gateway, offices of Witchell, Lansdown, Stroud Chester

Norrington, Arthur, St Helen's pl. Bishopsgate st, Metal Merchant. Canfield, Bernard Sacville, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Tailor. Ju

July 7 at 2 at Cannon st Hotel, Cannon st. Elmslie and 00 at 3 at offices of Thomas and Co, Brown st, Manchester. Rycroft, Leadenhall st Manchester

Nutland, William, Portobello rd, Notting Hill, Refreshment house Champion, Caleb, Saint Anne's terrace, Stamford Hill, Builder. Keeper, July 8 at 3 at offices of Brook, Coleman st. Colicin, July 5 at 12 at offices of Honey, Aldermanbury

Gresham bldgs, Guildhall Clapham, Charles, Cheshunt, Hertford, Farmer. July 5 at 2 at 1 Oliphant. David, Liverpool. Grocer. July 8 at 9 at offices of Knowi,

County Court, Waltham Abbey Duffield and Bruty, Token. Cook st, Liverpool house yard

Palmer, 'Enoch, Prestwich, Lancashire. Miller, July 8 * Clements, Frederick John Ring, Bristol, Haulier. July 4 at 11 at 10.30 at the Queen's Hotel, Manchester, Robinson, Longton. offices of Nurse, Bristol

Parker, Alexander Joseph, Shefheld, out of business. July Clippingdale, Samuel Dodd, Wapping Wall, Corn Merchant. July 5 at offices of Parker and Brailsford, Talbot chmbrs, North Chan at 12 at offices of Young and Sons, Mark lane

st, Sheffield

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Davies, Thomas, Tongwynlais, Eglwysilan, Glamorgan, Butcher.

July 9 at 12 at offices of Rosser, High st, Pontypridd Davis. William, Rock. Worcester, Coal Master. July 11 at 11 at office

of Whitcombe, Load st, Bewdley Drinkwater, Thomas, Great Malvern, Worcester, Confectioner.

July 8 at 4 at offices of Frank Tarleton, Beauchamp ter, Great Malvern Duttson, William Henry Jones, and Walter Rosebrook Duttson,

Mincing lane, Colonial Brokers. July 13 at 3 at 111, Cheapside.

Stopher and Rundie, Coleman st Eaton, Benjamin, Sheffld, Stationer. July 6 at 3 at offices of

Pierson, Queen st, Sheffield Edwards, William, Stafford, Stationer. July 9 at 12 at offices of

Bowen, Martin st, Stafford Ellis, Thomas, Leeds, Woollen Merchant. July 8 at 3 at offices of

Messrs. Dunn and French, East parade, Leeds Evans, Lewis, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Grocer, July 13 at 3 at

offices of Williams, Penuel sg, Pontypridd Flint, Joseph Mercer, Seddlescombe, Sussex, Farmer. July 9 at 2

at offices of Langham, Robertson st, Hastings Freeman, Edward, Howard st, South Hornsey, Wheelwright. July

11 at 3 at offices of Cooper, Lincoln's inn fields Gardner, George John, St. George's pl, Knightsbridge, House

Decorator, July 11 at 3 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Furse

Neave, Cheapside Gilbert, Thomas, Small Heath, Birmingham, Gun Implement Maker.

July 19 at 3, at offices of Messrs. Rowlands, Bagnall, and Co,

Colmor row, Birmingham Giles, William, Fletton, Huntingdon, Coal Merchant. July 11 at 11

at offices of Deacon and Wilkins, Cross st, Peterborough Gray, Edward Henry, Woolwich, Labourer. July 6 at 2 at offices of

Hope, Chancery lane Haigh,' William, Golcar, Huddersfield, Builder. July 14 at 3

at offices of Ramsden and Co, John William st, Huddersfield Hall, John Samuel, Bath st, City rd, Furnishing Ironmonger. July 18

at 3 at offices of Phippos, Farringdon st Hancocke, William, Talke, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. July 13

at 11.30 at the Assembly Rooms, Kidsgrove. Sherratt, Kids

grove Hanson, Henry, jun, Stockport, Chester, of no occupation. July 14

at 2 at offices of Newton. Bank chambers, Market place, Stock

port Harlow, John, Birmingham, Licensed Victualler. July 8 at 3 at

Harlow, John, Birnato sod, Bennett's hill, Birming


Parker, Lydia, Sheffield, out of business. July 4 at 11 at offices of

Parker and Brailsford, Talbot chmbrs, North Church st, Sheffield Petter, Lewis, Rogate, nr Petersfield, Sussex, Builder, July 8 at 3

at the Red Lion, Petersfield Phillips, Thomas, Balsall Heath, Journeyman Chandelier Maker.

July 7 at 11 at offices of Huggins and Mallard, Newhall chmbrs,

Newball st, Birmingham Poppleton, William, Huddersfield, Engineer. July 8 at 11 at offices

of Dransfield, Ramsden st, Huddersfield Rees, Llewellyn, Dinas, Glamorgan, Draper. July 5 at 12 at offices

of Rosser, High st, Pontypridd Rust, Frank, Gloucester, Fruit Merchant. June 28 at 3 at offices of

Champney, College court, Gloucester Schofield, Amos, Salford, Lancashire, "Bricklayer, July 6 at 11 at

offices of Preston and Young, Norfolk st, Manchester Schofield, Matthew George, Morley, Batley, York, Tailor. July 7 at

3 at offices of Wells, Cookridge st, Leeds Seal, Arthur George, Birmingham, Hook and Eye Manufacturer.

July 15 at 3 at offices of Rowlands and Co, Colmore row, Birmingham Sedgwick, John, Croydon, Surrey, Fruiterer. July 15 at 3 at

Mullen's Hotel. Ironmonger lane. Hare Smith, William, Birmingham, Coal Merchant. July 7 at 3 at offices

Huggins and Mallard, Newhall chmbrs, Newhall st, Birmingham Spooner, John, Northchapel, near Petworth, Sussex, Copse Dealer.

July 8 at 2 at the Railway Hotel, Haslemere. White, Guildford Stephenson, William, Darfield, York, Grocer, July 6 at 4 at offices

of Gray, Eastgate, Barnsley Stockwell, George, Britonferry, Glamorgan, Labourer. July 6 at

11 at offices of Davies, Alma pl, Neath Sutcliffe, David, Rochdale, Lancaster, Saddler, July 7 at 3 at offices

of Molesworth, Central chmbrs, the Walk, Rochdale Sutcliffe, Jonas, Queensbury, York, Outfitter. July 7 at 4 at the

Creditors' Association, Southgate, Halifax Sutcliffe, William Greenwood, Dulwich road, Surgeon. July 2 at 12 at Mullen's Hotel, Ironmonger lane. Hare, Pinner's court, Old

Broad st Tebbutt, Joseph, Belgrave, Leicester, Iron Moulder. July 7 at 11 at

offices of Loseby and Battiscombe, Mark pl, Leicester Thomas, John Owen, Bethesda, Carnarvon, Quarryman. Jnly 6 at

1 at Station Commercial Hotel, Bangor. Hughes and Pritchard, Bangor Vaughan, William, Pontefract, York, Contractor, July 6 at 3 at

offices of Kaberry, Ropergate, Pontefract Walker, William, Bradford, York, Potato Merchant. July 5 at 11 at

offices of Peel and Co, Chapel lane, Bradford Weaver, Joseph, Kempsey, Worcester, Builder. July 7 at 11 at

Offices of Tree and Son, High st, Worcester White, Joseph Samuel, Leicester, General Dealer. July 7 at 3 at

offices of Burgess and Williams, Berridge st, Leicester Whitemore, Samuel, Taunton, Somerset. Milliner. July 4 at 10 at

offices of Foster and Easton, Cheapside, Taunton Williamson, Henry King, Leicester, Grocer. July 11 at 3 at ofices

of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester Wright, Ephraim, Dise, Norfolk, Hawker. July 11 at 12 at Ridler's

Hotel, Holborn. Walpole, Beyton Lodge, near Bury St Edmunds Young, Frank, Troy Town, Rochester, Grocer. July 6 at 3 at Bull

Hotel, Rochester. Greathead, Eastgate Young, John Greenfield, Bradford, York, Butcher. July 6 at 11 at offices of Greaves and Taylor, Cheapside, Bradford

TUESDAY, June 28, 1881. Abbott, George, Finsbury-circus, Opthalmic Surgeon. July 13 at 12

at 202, Bishopsgate-st. Jackson Appleyard, Martin, Holbeck, Leeds, Dyer, July 8 at 3 at offices of

Pullan, 11, Albion-st, Leeds. Dann and French, Leeds Arnold, Lewis, Sparkbrook, Warwiok, Painter. July 11 at 12 at

44, Cherry-st, Birmingham. Jagger Atkin, George, Boston, Lincoln, Boot Maker, July 11 at 2 at Peacock

Hotel, Boston. Spurr, Hull Aylott, James Matthew, Poland-st, Oxford-st, Cheesemonger. July

12 at 3 at offices of Moore, 71, Great Queen-st, Lincoln's-inn-fields Bear, Henry, Clapham-park-rd, Grocer. July 12 at 2 at offices of

Creditors' Associatior., 5, Arthur-st East, London-bridge. May

& Co, Adelaide-place Biggs, James, Johnson-st, Commercial-rd, Wholesale Clothier. July

8 at 12 at 40, King-st, Cheapside. Swaine Bosher, Thomas, Middlesex, and Bosher, Thomas Henry, Hounds

ditch, Fancy Warehousemen, July 12 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st, Spyer and Son,, Old Broad-st Bristow, John, Liverpool. Tobacco Agent. July 13 at 3 at offices of

Ivey, 4, Church-st, Liverpool. Lupton, Liverpool Carter, Samuel, Huddersfield, Boatman, July 11 at 2 at Lord-st,

Huddersfield. Armitage Clarke, Lydia, Brighton, Fancy Repository Keeper. July 12 at 2 at

5, Guildhall-cbmbs, Basinghall-st. Pittman Cockshott, William Henry, Blackburn, Innkeeper. July 12 at 3 at

offices of Malam Brothers, Exchange ags, Blackburn Comber, John, Cuckfield, Sussex, Builo June 13 at 12 at Terminus

Hotel, Brighton. Hillman, Lewes Corson, James, Liaerpool, Watchmaker. July 13 at 3 at offices of Gibson and Bolland, South John st, Liverpool. Blackhurst end

Fretson, Liverpool Coward, George, Barrow-in-Furness, Grocer. July 23 at il at Imperial Hotel, Cornwallis st, Barrow-in-Furness. Thompson,

Barrow-in-Furness Cumby, Perry, Norton Subcourse, Norfolk, Butcher. July 13 at 3 at

offices of Sayer, Hall Quay, Gt Yarmouth Da Costa, Isaac. Cambridge rd. Mile End, Butcher. July 13 at 12 at Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons' avenue, Basinghall st. Fulcher,

Horton rd, Hackney Dalton, William, jun, Ulnes Walton, nr Preston,, Lancaster, Farmer.

July 13 at 11 at offices of Whitfield, Townhall, Chorley Davey, William, Dudley, Photographer. July 11 at 11 at offices of

Whitehouse, Castle st, Dudley Davics, Joseph, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Grocer. July 9 at 12 at

offices of Morgan, Miil st, Pontypridd,

Harris, Charles, Broughton, Lancaster, Skirt Manufacturer.

July 13 at 3 at offices of Marlow and Dixon, Cross street, Man

chester Heys, William Henry, Crackenedge, Dewsbury, Tanner. July 12 at

10.15 at offices of Scholes and Son, Leeds rd, Dewsbury Hider, William, and Charles Truefoot Mead, Liverpool, Commission

Agents. July 14 at 12 at offices of Carruthers, Lord st, Liver

pool Hooper, Richard, Strand, Licensed Victualler. July 12 at 3 at offices

of Bolton and Mote, Gray's inn sq Houldershaw, William, Heckmondwike, York, Pork Butcher.

July 9 at 11 at offices of Peel and Co, Chapel lane, Bradford Howarth, Samuel, and Thomas Gorst, Ancoats, Manchester, Chair

and Sofa Manufacturers, July 14 at 3 at offices of Rylance, Essery

st, Manchester Humphreys, James, Clapham rd, Licensed Victualler. July 7 at 3

at Mullens' Hotel, Ironmonger-lune. Holland, St Swithin's-lane,

King William st Jobbins, Henry Thomas, High st, South Norwood, Baker. July 8

at 4 at Cannon st Hotel, Hoyle, Throgmorton st Johnson, Joseph, Birkenhead, Chester, Florist July 8 at 2.30 at

offices of Hannan and Pugh, Duncan st, Birkenhead Katch, Albert, Atderinanbury-postern, Commission Merchant,

July 21 at 2 at offices of Goldberg and Langdon, West st, Fins. bury-circus Kefalas, Mary Jenet, Liverpool, Outfitter. July 9 at 1 at offices of

Nordon, Victoria st, Liverpool Kitchen. Job. Fairfield, nr Buxton, Licensed Victualler. July 9 at

12 at offices of Brown and Ainsworth, Hardwicke Mount, Buxton Lake, Henry, and Henry Spurgeon, Delorne st, Fulham, Builders.

July 15 at 3 at offices of Cooper, Lincoln's-inn-fields Langlands, William, Quebec, Durham, Grocer. July 15 at 2 at office

of Salkeld, Elvet-bridge, Durham Letheren, George, Iddesleigh, nr Oakehampton Devon, Farmer.

July 12 at 11 at offices of Square and Co, Bank of England chmbrs

Plymouth Lewis, Francis, Stockton-on-Tees, out of business. July 11 at 11

at offices of Dodds and Co, Finkle street, Stockton-on-Tees Martin, Andrew, Castleford, York, Tea Dealer. July 11 at 3 at

Commercial Hotel, Upper Albion st, Leeds. Last and Betts, Brad.

ford Martin, John, Brighton, Wine Merchant. July 12 at 3 at offices of

Finch, Borough High st, Southwark Matthews, Esther, Southwark Park rd, Cheesemonger, July 12 at

3 at offices of Saffery and Huntley, Tooley st, Southwark Maver. William, Kentish Town rd, Timber Merchant. July 4 at 3

at Tower chmbrs, London Wall, Woodfin and Wray Molyneaux, Henry Hearn, Maidenhead, Berks, Engineer. July 15

at 2 at offices of Ashurst and Co, Old Jewry, Norbury, Alfred Brown, Widnes, Lancaster, General Draper.

July 14 at 3 at Grosvenor Hotel, Victoria rd, Widnes. Nuttal and

Son, Manchester Norcross, Smith, James Norcross, and John Norcross, C'horlton

upon-Medlock. Masons. July 14 at 3 at Dog and Partridge Hotel, Fennell st, Corporation st, Manchester, Brett and Craven

Manchester Osborne, John, Leek, Stafford, Fruiterer. July 12 at 10.30 at offices

of Bloor, Stockwell st, Leek. Redfern, Leek Powell, Christopher Henry, Aston, Warwick, Corn Dealer. July 13

at 3 at offlces of Horton, Colmore row, Birmingham Powell, William, Birmingham, Blacksmith. July 9 at 10 at offices

of Duke. Temple row, Birmingham Rankle, George, Halesowen, Worcester, Carpenter. July 8 nt 3 at

offices of Waldron, High st, Brierley Hill

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